Make Australia Healthy Again ( ), is developing a Class Action in the Australian Federal Court, free for all 26 million plus Australians, to claim compensation for harm through the unnecessary and unlawful and enormously destructive ‘Covid’ Emergency announced and implemented and supported by all Australian Governments both Federal and State

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The task of obtaining signed affidavits from Expert Witnesses evidence from all over the World is quite a daunting task as you can imagine

It is even more difficult (and potentially costly) to obtain expert witnesses willing to appear during the court procedure, even via AVL (AudioVisualLink)

However, we are having success in our initial research and communication

In discussing Affidavits and rules with the Australian Federal Court, a much simpler system appears to be within the rules

That is, Sol the Plaintiff, submitting signed Affidavits with attachments, each of which is expert evidence from a reliable source. Of course, each attachment will describe the qualifications of the expert as well as describing the evidence

MAHA will appreciate any legal comment on this approach by any ‘legal eagles’ amongst our readers

Evidence will be categorised as follows:

Sarscov2 ‘virus’ not isolated
Covid ‘disease’ is colds and flu renamed
PCR test failure – cannot test for a disease
Biowarfare – disguised as Covid Plandemic
TGA Malfeasance – hiding death by ‘covid vaccine’ statistics
Covid injection – Death and Injuries
Grand Jury of Public Opinion Trial – Corona Investigative Committee – Dr Reiner Fuellmich
Easy to Understand – evidence clearly and simply presented

‘Easy to Understand’ since the Class Action will be Trial by Jury and we need to initially present expert evidence in a way that is easy for the Jury to understand as much of the further detailed evidence as you may imagine is highly scientific