Desparing Alice Springs reader responds to black anarchy in Darwin

Letter to the Editor

This is the government causing this crap. I live in Alice springs, I’m sick of this BS. Police don’t do anything, kids running wild as their parents are useless druggies or drunks.

I feel for the kids they need to have people looking after them who care what’s happening. I know it’s a generalization which I hate but there is nothing else to describe it but these people don’t give a sh.., are so entitled and do what ever they want. Thanks to government they hate us whites. They live in filth. They leave rubbish everywhere.

If someone tells me they care about country I’ll go spare! They care about money end of story. If we didn’t come here they would still be tribal. They wouldn’t have evolved. All of us here in this generation are Australian and not one person deserves more than another.

What we work for personally is what we deserve and the government need to stop causing division! We all need to be accountable for our actions. I’m as indigenous to this country as the next Australian. I don’t care what colour you are!


Alice Springs