April 2. Northern Territory Police are investigating after a wild night of property crime in the Greater Darwin region that involved ram raids on businesses and the car-jacking of a family.

Key points:

  • NT Police say a group of people broke into, or attempted to break into, six businesses and stole three cars
  • They have not yet found the people involved
  • In an unrelated incident, a man allegedly car-jacked a vehicle from a family before the vehicle was involved in a crash on Tiger Brennan Drive

Police say that between 10:30pm Saturday and 5am on Sunday, a group of five to eight people were involved in a string of incidents in Palmerston and in the Darwin rural area.

The group, police say, was involved in five unlawful entries and one attempted entry, targeting petrol stations, licensed venues and commercial premises.

It is also alleged the group stole three vehicles, only one of which has been recovered.

In an unrelated incident, police say that, just after 5am on Sunday, a 39-year-old man car-jacked a vehicle parked at a Palmerston petrol station with a family inside, before kicking the family members out and fleeing in their car.

Driving erratically, the man was allegedly travelling in the wrong direction on Tiger Brennan Drive when the vehicle collided with another car.

It’s alleged the man fled the scene before later being found and arrested by police, while the 29-year-old driver of the other vehicle escaped with minor injuries.

Police are still working to find the people involved in the string of unlawful entries, who they say are all young adults.

Extra police have been sent to Darwin to support the investigation.

“She initially heard a thud against the window, and then, within about 20 seconds, the door [caved] in, and she saw people trying to get in the door,” Ms Whitley said.

“She did the right thing and she headed straight back to the office and shut the door.”

Ms Whitley said the incident had left the employee “very shaken” and all of the business’ staff on edge.

“In this area, we’re very aware at the moment of all the incidents that have been happening up in Palmerston and Berry Springs, ” she said.

“We’re on a heightened alert state.”