From ABC

The Liberal Party has announced its formal opposition to the federal government’s model for an Indigenous Voice to Parliament, after a party room meeting in Canberra.

Liberal Party leader Peter Dutton will not support the Voice referendum. A positive step, but to make further amends he must start reparations for millions of vaxx-damaged Australians and apologise for vaxx mandates. Such a move would not placate families of those who died from the Covid vaxx. Probably it would not save the languishing Liberals either.

Key points:

  • Opposition Leader Peter Dutton says the party does support constitutional recognition
  • He says the Liberals will advocate for the policy of regional and local voices they took to the election
  • At least one Liberal MP has confirmed they do not agree with the party’s position

Australians will vote later this year on whether an independent advisory body for First Nations people should be enshrined in the constitution.

Opposition Leader Peter Dutton said while the Opposition supported recognition of First Nations people in the constitution, it does not support a constitutionally enshrined consultative body. 

“The Liberal Party resolved today to say yes to constitutional recognition for Indigenous Australians,” he said.

But Mr Dutton said the party had issued a “no” to Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and his government’s proposal.

“It should be very clear to Australians by now that the prime minister is dividing the country and the Liberal Party seeks to unite the country,” he said.

“We went to the last election with local and regional voices, that is essentially the policy we continue on with, it has been well worked through.”