Cashless system not going well for besieged Cairns council

Cairns Regional Council is under fire from ratepayers for introducing cashless payments for some council services.

A petition containing 1500 signatures has been presented to the council CEO demanding cash payments be restored.

Mooroobool ratepayer Frankie Hogan who gathered the signatures told the Cairns Post the decision to go cashless was discriminatory, impacts the vulnerable and was controlling.

“A lot of people are not happy about it. I meet elderly people who tell me ‘I only use cash,’” Ms Hogan said.

“Council need to realise we the people want to keep cash in society.”

A separate online petition to keep using cash for council services has gained 1000 signatures.

Cairns councilor Brett Olds said the decision to go cashless was made by un-elected operational staff and had nothing to do with the council.

“It beggars belief that a controversial move like this would be made at operational level and not voted on by the elected council, without proper community consultation,” he said.

“ We work for the people of Cairns, we don’t lord over them.”

This saga, removing legal tender from the hands of the people, does not augur well for the federal Labor and Liberal parties which have been manouvering in the background for several years to get rid of cash.

So-much-so that the former LNP government instructed the Reserve Bank to investigate the implementation of CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) in line with World Economic Forum policy to introduce digital currency world wide.

The RBA, as previously reported in Cairns News will soon release a paper detailing how best to remove legal tender to be replaced by plastic transactions for all commercial activity.

Deposed  Liberal PM  Scott Morrison introduced the cashless transaction bill in 2021 but it did not make it to the floor of parliament after extremely nervous Liberal and National backbenchers refused to support it.

The Labor government has said it will examine the RBA investigation’s finding with the view of re-introducing the cashless transaction bill later this year.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Ron if you stop inserting asterisks your comments will publish automatically. Editor


  2. G’day Pat from Vic,
    Yep, we live in a kleptocracy
    Governments collude with private banks to pretend that banks, not the Treasury, should issue Australia’s money.
    Federal governments impoverish Australians by authorising privately owned banks to create and emit Australia’s money supply at their sole discretion, and at unconscionable PRICES, by charging grossly excessive interest rates for that inexpensive service which the Treasury should perform in any event.

    Banks unilaterally and unlawfully vary the volume and PRICE of the ersatz ‘money’ (electronic fiat debt tokens called currency) they issue. Bank manipulation of the volume of the ‘money’ supply issued and its PRICE, extracts exorbitant wealth from Australians via unnecessary fluctuations in the PRICE of the electronic debt token currency they issue and the BOOM/BUST cycles that causes. Thus bank policies cause poverty, scarcity and want in Australia.

    If Australia’s national Treasury fulfilled its primary responsibility, namely emission of adequate amounts of asset backed, interest free money and currency, Australians could experience consistently full employment, adequate wages and prosperity, and governments could fund all necessary services. Poverty would cease.


  3. Paul Steele said – “According to our constitution, should not the governor general, the true financial/ treasury controller in this country, step in and tell the RBA to mind it’s own business?”

    Good luck with that.

    IMO anyone speculating on recourse to Constitutional measures might gain some insight from Riccardo Bosi’s observation – “In Australia, there IS NO LAW”.

    All of our governmental institutions, from the highest level to the lowest – ALL OF IT – has been hijacked and is now LITERALLY the property of a bunch of psychopathic Satan-worshipping Globalists and their hordes of willing stooges.

    That’s not hyperbole, BTW. All of our governing structures, from top to bottom, have been displaced and replaced by CORPORATIONS. They OWN it – ALL OF IT.

    The RBA isn’t going to stop doing what it’s doing until someone stops it – and I don’t see any “White Hats” riding over the hill to save us. Maybe Gandalf is out there somewhere on his white steed galloping to the rescue, but I’m not holding my breath.


  4. Use it or lose it. WEF , WIN,S


  5. Dear Editor,

    With regard to this story, I would like to point out that the RBA (Reserve Bank of Australia) is not a government organisation – it is a private company.

    This is something I’m sure you’re aware of, however, the point I’m making is that this private company has no more right than McDonald’s to interfere in the running of this country.

    Why are we allowing the RBA to dictate to our parliament that it’s time to ditch cash, and replace said cash with digital currency?

    According to our constitution, should not the governor general, the true financial/ treasury controller in this country, step in and tell the RBA to mind it’s own business?

    Which companies are the largest shareholders in the RBA, and who are the ones in control of the shareholder companies?

    Regards from Paul Cairns (No, I don’t live in Cairns)

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  6. Han Barkmeyer, Well Han ONE thing the Jews are Very Good at: “LIES – LIES – and More LIES…
    And when things get too difficult create another news series of UFO sightings and release MORE Jew LIES… And Jo Blow will fall it again and is glued on Hollywood Crap with Netflix as desert, while holding the Not so Smart Mobile, counting how many boosters he managed to get…

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  7. Han Barkmeyer, — The Jews are THE Masters in Corruption and Organised Crime.
    Sorry forgot this one that dropped in my lap: ” The full-time Jew Winston Churchill famously said, ‘In wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies’. That was true in the Second World War, and it’s no less true today.

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  8. aapkoning, not only are the Jews THE Masters in Corruption and Organised Crime, they also excel in HYPOCRISY.


    Their claim that:
    “Cashless technologies are a tool to fight corruption and could be some of our greatest assets in the fight against corruption and organised crime.” reeks of utter hypocrisy.

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    Since the introduction of the transparent ‘security’ stripe, these all now say “THIS AUSTRALIAN NOTE IS LEGAL TENDER IN AUSTRALIA”
    Why the change?

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  10. Han Barkmeyer,
    The Jews are THE Masters in Corruption and Organised Crime.
    The only way to make money is to belong to the club, the Mafia knows all about it.

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  11. As i see it, a petition is just another way of saying “I have the gun, now where is my foot?”
    The Bills of Exchange Act 1909 makes it clear that if a bill is tendered, payment is then refused. the obligation is null and void.

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  12. I can only echo what Pat, Tony and the last few have stated; Petitions, just like Protests, are instruments that let the Enemy know they have The Power and you NEED their permission to move forward; Wakey Wakey; Stop playing games with these bastards;

    STOP paying them “Rent” on your Private Property; who made them Landlord? No-One; And yet you continue to pay them just because they say you need to;

    It’s one thing to be paying for services that you actually receive, but to help pay for the Mayors nice new driveway, a footpath with decent guttering and a well maintained road that leads to his house while your street floods regularly and you NEED a 4×4 to navigate the potholes in your streets is entirely another;

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  13. It is actually a criminal offence not to accept the “legal tender” of the Commonwealth, for payment of debts or to pay someone if they request it.
    Klaus Slob and his acolytes wouldn’t understand this, or that the only Legal tender of the Commonwealth of Australia, remains The Pound.
    Two questions to ask anyone who pretends that the Parliaments and Courts that enforce the Zionist/Papal/ Marxist /Globalist are legitimate are:-
    1/. Show where our Constitution of 1901 was Repealed in the British Parliament.
    2/. Show where we the people of The Commonwealth of Australia, voted at Referendum to Request such, and to agree under Contract to join Whitlam and Hawke’s Marxist republic.
    We have NO contractual agreement with them to legitimise their “laws” “parliaments” “courts” or “police”.
    All debts incurred by them are the property of the political parties alone. They are not to be paid by Australia. Ever.


  14. Petitions are a waste of time and resources. It is better to distribute an explanation as to what the staff are up to, including a date and time of public intervention, and then all charge into the council office and explain the facts of life to the petty dictators who work there. Ensure they understand they have exceeded the law and that you are about to exceed civil response levels if they do not desist. If necessary, call an ambulance, just to show we are compassionate… to a point.

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  15. Pat From Vic: petitioning also is a surrendering one’s power..
    I am more of a mind to hold councilors to their commercial liability than to plead for them to be nice, because they never are anyway.

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  16. Well said Pat from Vic…!!


  17. Editor cairnsnews said – “A petition containing 1500 signatures has been presented to the council CEO demanding cash payments be restored.”

    Why are people wasting time PETITIONING the frigging Cairns “city council”?

    The track record demonstrates conclusively that petition recipients wipe their arses with them before flushing them down the toilet. That’s all petitions are good for. After having a good old laugh when they receive your petitions, the politicians and beauracrats fart in your genral direction and just keep right on doing whatever they want.

    Meanwhile, the “city councils” are NOT government institutions, they are PRIVATE COMMERCIAL ENTITIES that have no more legal authority over anyone than your local Coles or Woolworths, or for that matter your local IGA supermarket.

    If they’re so insistent on rejecting cash payments, then they’d better reconcile themselves to getting NO PAYMENTS.

    In any case, any bills that the “city councils” issue have no legal authority or basis, seeing as how they are invoicing people for UNSOLICITED and UNCONTRACTED services unilaterally imposed by the PRIVATE COMMERCIAL ENTITIES which the “city councils” actually are.

    So how about we STOP cringing and crawling on our knees PETITIONING these illegitimate “city councils” and LAY DOWN THE LAW to them instead. Thet don’t rule over us, they are nothing but PRIVATE COMMERCIAL ENTITIES with delusions of power and grandeur.

    I think it would be ABSOLUTELY APPROPRIATE for every single one of these “city councils” to ALL be thrown in the back of a pickup truck and RUN OUT OF TOWN – PERMANENTLY.

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  18. I live in cairns but I near saw a petition… if I had, I would definitely have signed it.


  19. I’ll go one better, how about we go without Labor & Liberal governments in our society. Till Cash is legal tender they have no choice but to accept it.


  20. A centrally controlled CBDC will allow the government to track and manage every financial transaction. It is also programmable enabling the government to restrict what you can buy, and where you can buy it as long as it is a government-approved purchase. It can be used to reduce your carbon footprint by only allowing you to spend money within a defined distance from your home. It will be used to control social behaviour. Any perceived breach such as anti-government comments on social media could see your mobile phone locked and credit access frozen. Conversely, to stimulate the economy the government could add a time limit for you to spend your money. Governments are well aware, following Covid lockdowns, that they can successfully impose their draconian will on the public. CBDC and plans for a cashless world are nothing short of an insidious plan to undermine civil liberties and control the masses.

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  21. “A separate online petition to keep using cash for council services has gained 1000 signatures.”

    Only 1,000 signatures? Pathetic. How many people live in Cairns? They should all sign the petition, but, of course, so many love the cashless society, just ask the Scandinavians, even the Thais. They have taken to it like a fish to water.

    Those Sheeple in favour of a cashless society are playing right into the hands of Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum.


    “A tool to fight corruption
    Cashless technologies could be some of our greatest assets in the fight against corruption and organised crime, too.”

    The Jewish WEF and their NWO fighting against “corruption and organised crime”? The Jews are THE Masters in Corruption and Organised Crime. Always have been throughout history to the present. Just look at our world today, what is it that they DO NOT CONTROL?

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