Reserve Bank and ALP/LNP duopoly will soon get rid of legal tender notes and coins as promised by WEF operative Scott Morrison

Reserve Bank of Australia logo

The Reserve Bank is collaborating with the Digital Finance Cooperative Research Centre (DFCRC) on a research project to explore use cases for a central bank digital currency (CBDC) in Australia.

Considerable research has been undertaken by central banks, including the Reserve Bank, into the feasibility and possible technical design of CBDC, in particular exploring the potential use of new technologies such as distributed ledger technology. A question that has received less attention to date, especially in countries like Australia that already have relatively modern and well-functioning payment and settlement systems, is the use cases for a CBDC and the potential economic benefits of introducing one.

Until the people revolt the next loss of freedom will be Australian legal tender. Tell the RBA and its unelected minions…NO!

The project with the DFCRC will help address this gap by focusing on innovative use cases and business models that could be supported by the issuance of a CBDC. The project will also be an opportunity to further understanding of some of the technological, legal and regulatory considerations associated with a CBDC.

The project, which is expected to take about a year to complete, will involve the development of a limited-scale CBDC pilot that will operate in a ring-fenced environment for a period of time and is intended to involve a pilot CBDC that is a real claim on the Reserve Bank. Interested industry participants will be invited to develop specific use cases that demonstrate how a CBDC could be used to provide innovative and value-added payment and settlement services to households and businesses. The Bank and the DFCRC will select a range of different use cases to participate in the pilot, based on their potential to provide insights into the possible benefits of a CBDC. A report on the findings from the project, including an assessment of the various use cases developed, will be published at the conclusion. The findings will contribute to ongoing research into the desirability and feasibility of a CBDC in Australia.

The Australian Treasury is participating as a member of the steering committee for the project, as part of its joint work with the Reserve Bank on exploring the viability of a CBDC in Australia.

A paper will be published in the next few months that will explain the objectives and approach of the project in more detail and how industry participants will be able to engage.

‘This project is an important next step in our research on CBDC. We are looking forward to engaging with a wide range of industry participants to better understand the potential benefits a CBDC could bring to Australia,’ said Michele Bullock, Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank.

Dr Andreas Furche, CEO of the DFCRC, said ‘CBDC is no longer a question of technological feasibility. The key research questions now are what economic benefits a CBDC could enable, and how it could be designed to maximise those benefits.’

About the Digital Finance Cooperative Research Centre (DFCRC)

The DFCRC is a 10-year, $180 million research program funded by industry partners, universities and the Australian Government, through the Cooperative Research Centres Program. The DFCRC’s mission is to bring together stakeholders in the finance industry, academia and regulatory sectors to develop and harness the opportunities arising from the next transformation of financial markets – the digitisation of assets that can be traded and exchanged directly and in real-time on digital platforms. The Reserve Bank is an industry partner of the DFCRC, and is using its involvement in the DFCRC to support work on its strategic focus area on supporting the evolution of payments, including through research on CBDC.

Enquiries: Reserve Bank of Australia

External Communications
Secretary’s Department
Reserve Bank of Australia

Phone: +61 2 9551 9720

Enquiries: Digital Finance Cooperative Research Centre

Steph Manefield
Chief Operating Officer
Digital Finance Cooperative Research Centre

Phone: +61 478 220 277

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Good point Editor. People will be checking back in with this post and Alison’s excellent post of Sept 23 and threads today, I expect. Yesterday my local Commonwealth branch was closed due to ‘CoVID’. And the local post office closed due to Day of Mourning Sept 22 which they extended to Sept 23. So we have an Aust Post that is sitting shiva.

    We will stay tuned and see what develops.


  2. Hi Lyndesy Central bank site has a 404 notice cant be found. Ed


  3. Australia’s Central Bank Says It Is Bust, Real Money new, Sep 21, 2022.
    After the Australian fiscal year ended in June, the Reserve Bank of Australia marked its bond holdings to market – wiping out all its reserves.

    The central bank of Australia on Wednesday made the astonishing admission that it is, basically, bust. Its entire equity has been wiped out by pandemic-related bond buying.

    Of course, the Reserve Bank of Australia is a central bank, and can print money. So it can work its way out of a situation that would bankrupt a conventional bank or company.

    Still, as the U.S. Federal Reserve meets today on interest rates, it’s an interesting insight into the challenges other central bankers face as they attempt to reconcile Covid stimulus with post-Covid inflation and economic emergence.

    The RBA began its bond-purchase program in November 2020 as a second stimulus package in response to the pandemic. The first round of measures saw it slash rates to record lows, and set up a term funding facility offering cheap three-year funding to banks. For the bond buying, the central bank bought Australian government bonds and semi-government securities in the secondary market to lower interest rates on bonds maturing between five and 10 years out.

    The program was extended, and extended, and extended yet again. Ultimately, the RBA bought A$281 billion (US$188 billion) in national, state and territory government bonds.

    Now the bill has come due.

    The RBA will announce its full-year results for the Australian fiscal year through June 30 in a month or so. But they won’t be pretty.

    The central bank has had to mark the value of its holdings to market, resulting in a A$44.9 billion (US$30.0 billion) valuation loss. Offset by A$8.2 billion (US$5.5 billion) in underlying earnings from the central bank’s holdings, and it is posting a net loss of A$36.7 billion (US$24.5 billion).

    That has exhausted the bank’s A$15.4 billion reserve fund and A$8.4 billion in other reserves, and then some. So the RBA is in negative equity to the tune of A$12.4 billion (US$8.3 billion).

    “If any commercial entity had negative equity, assets would be insufficient to meet liabilities, and therefore the company would not be a going concern,” RBA Deputy Governor Michele Bullock explains in outlining the central bank’s situation. “But central banks are not like commercial entities.”

    The RBA has a government guarantee against its liabilities, meaning “there are no going concern issues with a central bank in a country like Australia,” she says by way of reassurance. And of course the central bank can simply print more money, so “the Bank can continue to meet its obligations as they become due and so is not insolvent. The negative equity position will, therefore, not affect the ability of the Reserve Bank to do its job.”

    A license to print money to get out of that kind of problem is never, however, going to be good news for your currency. And indeed, the Aussie dollar has lost 13.6% of its value against the U.S. dollar since early April. Look back 18 months, and the decline in what some Aussies joking call the “Pacific peso” is 19.5%.

    It’s a far cry, with US$1 now buying you A$1.50, from 2013, when the Aussie dollar briefly rose above parity to become stronger than its U.S. counterpart. However, the Australian government was forced to inject cash into the central bank in 2013 because it had suffered losses on its foreign-currency reserves. The RBA notes it’s not requesting any cash injection now.

    With interest rates rising in Australia, the RBA is in the unenviable position of having to pay out higher interest on its liabilities than it is able to earn on the bonds and other assets it has been buying. “In other words, underlying earnings are negative,” Bullock says. “It is difficult to be precise about how long this situation will last or how big these negative earnings will be.”

    On the plus side, having marked to market at June 30, the central bank finds that its bond holdings are now valued below their face value at maturity. As a result, it should be making capital gains as the bonds come due. The RBA is now going to run its bond portfolio back down.

    The RBA slashed rates to a record low of 0.1% in November 2020. The Aussie central bank has now hiked three times, bringing the current interest rate to 2.35% as of its September 6 meeting. It is next due to meet on rates on October 4.

    As of the end of the June quarter, the RBA held A$356 billion (US$238 billion) in Australian government bonds, and also has another A$188 billion (US$125 billion) in assets connected to the term funding facility. Across the entire government, the entity that issues the Aussie government’s debt – the Australian Office of Financial Management – will be reporting a significant gain on the liabilities it has issued, equivalent to the losses that the RBA has had to write down.

    The RBA notes that other central banks would be in a similar position but use different accounting methods. The Bank of England and the Reserve Bank of New Zealand both have an indemnity from the government on any losses. So their governments would essentially bail them out, something the RBA stresses it is not asking the Australian government to do.

    However, the RBA typically contributes its profits to the government coffers as a dividend. The government likely should expect a hole in its budget where that dividend contribution used to be, for “the next few years,” Bullock says. The last bonds mature in 2033.

    Similarly, the Swiss National Bank reported a first-half loss of 95.2 billion Swiss francs (US$98.7 billion), its largest since the central bank was set up in 1907. Falling bond prices and the appreciation in the Swiss franc ate into its huge foreign-currency holdings, but like the RBA the loss is on paper until the bonds mature.

    The bottom line, Bullock says, is that central banks had to spend their way out of the pandemic crisis if their economies were going to stay afloat. In that sense, the RBA’s bond buying “broadly achieved its aims,” she concludes.



  4. Watch:

    23 September 2022
    Riccardo Bosi gives his latest update.

    – Reserve Bank of Australia
    – AustraliaOne update in South Australia
    – Western Australia State of Emergency
    – Russia
    – FBI, CIA
    – Vax Injuries
    – What’s going to happen in September


  5. Malcolm Roberts, Gerard Rennick and Bob Katter support getting a Public Bank, a People’s Bank.

    “The greatest power in a country is to raise currency.”

    Senator Roberts, Senator Rennick and Kennedy MP Bob Katter are taking a stand for accountability against the Big Banks who are interested in control and whose interests lie with the globalists who want to control the people.

    This is such an important topic.

    Watch – In support of a People’s Bank in Australia

    The Big 4 banks have been ripping Australians off for decades. Taking all the profits, they’re leaving regional communities in the dust, closing branches and strangling small business capital. We need a people’s bank in Australia.

    Watch at: Public Post Office Bank Forum – Parliament House Canberra – 7 September 2022


  6. Dandy – “People need to wake up and see it for what it is.
    If they don’t, then there will be more of the same.”

    100% correct.

    I am getting to the stage where I will have to admit that the majority of present day Australians are very stupid cowards, who gladly stand by and watch and even participate in allowing self elected elites from the other side of the world cause us harm and kill us and our kids, or at best make us slaves.
    What sort of slaves will the kids be?

    Aussie spirit, Anzac spirit, Aussies looking after their mates, does any of that still exist? If it does, it would be in the thousands not millions of people.

    Many times on Cairns News and other alternate media sites I have seen the same question asked “where are our men, those who should be protecting us?

    They have not joined the police – they violently bash us during peaceful protests.
    They have not joined the military – they assist the police and protect the NWO grubs.

    In just a few years we now have a totally different country, police and military.
    Anzac spirit, I think that will cease being part of us in the very near future. I very much hope that I am proven wrong about that.


  7. blanx14 – ” Would love to say Australians are going to protest against this and make significant moves against the nwo but I seriously doubt that..”

    Sadly I have to agree with you, the sheeple still support and vote for the b……s who are preparing for total control of how we will live in the near future.

    No cash, means no personal control of our finances or our way of living.

    Digital social credit points / tokens or whatever they will eventually be called, will certainly help them obtain total control over all of us – excepting for our treasonous elite, they will have privileges that will no longer be available to the rest of us. Such as owning cars and exclusive shopping – no bugs for them.

    I still live in hope that before the end of this year the sheeple wake up in time to save themselves or at least stop supporting the grubs who are harming and killing us.

    At this time probably the best we can hope for is to be an obedient slave to the NWO – dried crickets and worms, do you get sauce with that?


  8. Looks like the GFCollapse 2022 is ready to roll during CIII’s decree of global sitting shiva for QEII after her funeral Sept 19. Today on the official day of mourning Vlad puts the nuclear option on the table over Ukraine. Big Jew MSM all in a tizz.

    Meanwhile back at the printing presses:

    And Russia – which has it from Klaus that Moscow will be the centre of the 4IR has their new gold exchange ready to back their roll-out of CBDC 2023

    By plain reasoning, the financial freefall to allow the UN CoVID Regimes to seize power in the Western nations and finance the building of their CoVID Semashkos and police states can not continue. The Central Banks have just been printing money since before the Fake Pandemic was declared by Tedros [former Ethiopian Gook Communist ‘liberator’] . No one knows when the financial free-fall is going to hit the ground, but it looks to me like they have all the ducks lined up including all the world news distractions while the banks pull the plug.


  9. Would love to say Australians are going to protest against this and make significant moves against the nwo but I seriously doubt that..


  10. The cycle of abuse:

    Standover phase: Threats… verbal attacks…the abused feels under the abusers control and will likely experience a degree of fear.
    Remorse phase: Justification is given by the abuser after the event by denying and playing down their actions. The abused may go along with the excuses otherwise they would have to admit to the situation they are in.
    Pursuit phase: the abuser may try to buy back the abused with gifts and promises. If the abused does not cooperate, the abuser may revert to further threats and more violence. The abused may feel helpless and just go along with it.
    Honeymoon phase: the abused and abuser come together denying any previous difficulties.
    Build up phase: Tension builds again.

    Standover phase……the cycle is repeated….

    Source: An old Fact sheet Department of Family Services “the nature of domestic violence”

    Did we not just experience a standover phase of abuse by ‘public servants’ who tried to force (through loss of job or freedoms) an experimental injection on their own people?

    ..and they are still covering their tracks.

    Meanwhile people have been hurt and injured, if not dead, and this will continue for many months to come (as predicted)
    Who doesn’t know somebody who has been damaged?
    We all do.

    People need to wake up and see it for what it is.
    If they don’t, then there will be more of the same.

    If this is supposed to be the honeymoon phase, I’m not in it.


  11. Now if my ageing memory serves me correctly, back in the early days when there was a lack of physical currency they [ our Colonial masters] bought up a [couple?] of year[s] issue of the Spanish Pieces of 8 ( Rials) & punched a slug out of the middle & created a currency as ” the Dump [slug] & Holey Dollar”.

    Now that the Queen has shuffled off & KC3 [ the comedian formerly known as Prince] has taken the Chair; all those QE2 coins weighing down our purses are out of date.

    Perhaps if the Left Wing & the Right Wing* of the Globalist Sycophant Lackeys Chorus are hell bent on enslaving us for their Masters in Switzerland [ BIS & WEF]; the people ought to round up those 50c coins & institute a reprise of the Holey Dollar & Dump & further;
    run them as local Post Code [ stamped] Currencies exchanged into the Slavery System in a Post Office Bank System.

    [ i.e. as a banking system for the people without the Casino Derivative / New Financial Instruments that substantially foreign owned Big 4 play in:-



  12. The Australians absolutely have to ‘hold the line’ against the Certificate of Vaxx IDentity and against the Communist state. We are in the ‘buy back’ phase now of our abusive relationship.

    We should all notice that the signals have all changed on their covid messaging. We are undergoing a phase of ‘normalisation’ – Yuri Bezmenov’s stage 4 of Communist subversion. Of course there is a whole policy swag the Polituburo intends to implement for ‘normalisation’ and all of it will have to be resisted with non-compliance. CoVID passports, CBDCs, social credits and building the DNA database etc. I see at my local shopping precinct that on either side of the electronic doors the Chrome Posts have appeared one night on either side of the door. This will be for the phone and then the palm scan.

    Meanwhile the casualties of the vaxx and its transmission continue to roll in. As one of local police women told me last month – “we are taking people to the emergency room now when the ambulance can’t make it”. And frequently the QAS stretched to the limit can’t make it. Too many call outs.

    Clearly the Politburo has to have a migrant roll-tide or be forced to hire back all the people they sacked over their vaxx mandates and stop discrimination against Australians who are able and qualified to work. Remember Mandelson’s Immigration policy which is part of an EUSSR policy framework of social engineering. “We sent out search parties to process the migrant tsunami overseas” and then fly them in. The second part was “We made it hard for the Britons to get work”. Those planeloads were landing at Heathrow and Gatwick right throughout ‘CoVID’ when the UK was locked down by order of the Communist state.


  13. Hi Spoogla, Well the smartest way to at least weaken the “link” is to not submit to a vaccine passport in the first instance.


  14. And joined to this cbdc will be digital ID that will also link to your vaccine passport, giving the central banksters all the power over your social credit score, be a good little commi and shut the F### up and own nothing and be happy.


  15. A concise and astute presentation posted by Stacey Rudin, as regards Central Banking, et al…
    “Really good short video on why permanent solutions to temporary problems are messing up our lives and our health.” (Stacey Rudin)
    The GMO Republic via


  16. Cancel Civilization is the Game in Play


  17. Time for the EMPs!


  18. This is interesting — The USA’s National Arms displays as its central figure, the American bald eagle with a shield of 13 red and white stripes banded across the top with a blue chief [band]. From the eagles beak flutters a scroll bearing, in 13 letters, the motto, “E.Pluribus Unum.” In the eagles right talon is an olive branch with 13 leaves and 13 berries. In its left talon is carried 13 arrows fledged with 13 feathers [ Baal-hatzim, Lord of arrows.]

    General Epistle of Barnabus chapter 9 “………wherefore it is not the command of God that they should not eat these things; but Moses in the Spirit spake unto them, …….neither says he, shalt thou eat the eagle, nor the hawk, nor the kite, nor the crow; that is thou shalt not keep company with such kind of men as know not how by their labour and sweat to get themselves food; but injuriously ravish away the things of others; and watch how to lay snares for them; when at the same time they appear to live in perfect innocence………so these birds alone seek not food for themselves, but sitting idle seek how they may eat of the flesh others have provided; being destructive through their wickedness…..…”

    The American eagles perpetual wars to loot other nations resources, the installation of Rothschild’s Central Banks to bind nations in perpetual debt with the Bank itself not producing anything of value – comes to mind

    Luke 16:13-14 “….You are not able to serve God and Mammon [god of wealth]. And the Pharisees being money lovers also heard all these things and they derided Him. And He said to them, You are those justifying yourselves before men; Yes, God knows your hearts; Whoever of the inner man is possessed by that highly prized thing is detestable before God.”

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  19. To Old Kodger
    Goods and services mate, real ones, trade and barter, you dont need all this consumer crap, its designed to make you needy on the system, there will be more people willing to do this than you think.
    believe it or not we do have choices we can choose to say no to their crap WEF system I for one will be.


  20. And the best part of all, instead of our earning interest we can all PAY THEM “NEGATIVE INTEREST” for the PRIVILEGE of having our accounts maintained! Wonderful, the more you earn the bigger the share they get.


  21. Would you like money with an expiry date?

    People have continually thwarted central bankers by saving money when they were supposed to spend. But a new digital currency means the government can decide if you should save.

    When word first arrived that the People’s Bank of China tested expiration dates to encourage users to spend it quickly, for times when the economy needs a jump start, Western monetary policymakers – who struggled for years to use negative interest rates to stop people from saving – probably spat coffee all over their monitors.

    The implementation of a central bank digital currency (CBDC) could represent the single greatest expansion of totalitarian power in human history. Never has there been any regime with such omnipotent insight into and control over its people’s every transaction as what CBDC’s may soon make possible.

    As we enter the era of digital programmable money China has now started introducing money that expires, and it can be used to stimulate the economy or just make activists penniless.

    Programmable Money: China’s Digital Yuan Models Historic Technocracy By Embedding An Expiration Date


  22. HI probably goods and services. Ed


  23. Hi ron, My initial and remaining sentiments exactly. Re: “I have now put the sheeple in with the grubs – the WEF, WHO, UN, corrupt corporate governments, sheeple, etc.” Absolutely. As is said: “If you’re not a part the solution – then you’re a part of the problem.”


  24. “Does Australia need an online digital Aussie dollar?
    A Digital Aussie Dollar trial starts soon – What do you think?

    This is an easy two-minute, ten-question survey about the Reserve Bank of Australia’s proposed trial of a “Central Bank Digital Currency” – an online version of the Australian dollar.

    “The RBA says it “would be a new digital form of money issued by the Reserve Bank. It could be designed for retail (or general purpose) use, which would be like a digital version of banknotes.”

    Find on-line survey at link below:
    Does Australia need an online digital Aussie dollar? Survey (

    Please share the link and encourage others to complete it.


  25. “Looks like the black economy will boom”

    Without doubt, but what will be the medium of exchange?


  26. Globalism is the term for all Western nations targeted for social / economic destruction as per The Earth Charter [Gorbachev and Strong]. On the Grand Chessboard, the Western nations [Bad Guy Script] with the carbon footprints supposedly the size of a Yeti are designated: the Globalists. The UN has outsourced their demolition to UN ‘multi-lateral’ partner the WEF. And our WEFies here in Australia are on the mark with the getting the population injected with a bioweapon and tranzed through the spike protein transmission of the vaxx, breaking supply chains of primary production, destroying jobs, businesses. Naturally migrant tsunamis are now being organised for all those essential job vacancies created by the Australian CoVID Regime and its policies of social carnage.

    All remnant of freedom, law, civil and human rights in our post Christian societies [such as it is] much be eradicated before we too can build back better. Our CoVID Regime WEFies have this solidly in hand.

    The Central Bank Digital Currency is part of the emergent world soviet / 6uild 6ack 6etter side of the picture. The BRICies are already streets ahead of us in their social credit system. They got to use their CoVID Crisis to link up their social control grids. But then the BRICies have already built their gulags, labor collectives and implemented their CoVID Regimes, mandatory vaxxes etc. A key component of this grid is the digital currency which will tax, track and ultimately enable the control of all transactions.

    The social credit score would not be possible without CBDC. For example, the latest from The Owners is their ‘co-incidence theory correctness’ mandate. UNESCO, the European Commission and the Anti Defamation League have all gotten together (secretly), decided and decreed in unison that “The World is NOT governed by a secret global elite”. Conspiracy theorizing is WRONGTHINK. If you are a sheeple who is not onboard with ‘co-incidence theory correctness’ in your social media you will not be paying your bills this week. Your bugburger delivery is cancelled.
    #ThinkBeforeSharing and stop the spread of conspiracy theories.

    Let us hope Cairns News will have a lot of fun with this caper.

    The Digital Rouble is going to be rolled out in 2024. That is when the Central Bank of Russia will connect all their banks / credit institutions to the digital platform. This platform will integrate DNA database, surveillance, Certificate of Vaccination ID, social credit score etc. The Soviet Union has already worked this out in the secret cities.

    The Central Bank of Australia is owned by the same International Judenstaat which owns the Central Bank of Russia. Central Banking is a cartel. No one should imagine that the Central Bank of Russia is owned by a sovereign and independent ethnically Russian people and their Russian state ( upward of 60,000,000 of which genocided by the Ashkhenazi Yiddish /Jewish Bolsheviks). The Central Bank of Russia is owned by the financial arm of the Judenstaat which has its praesidium for goy nations in the UN, its financial arm in the central banking cartel with its apex in the Bank of International Settlements, its militaries in its US government, its Russian government, its PRC government as well its Gooks [proxy, rogue forces for the Revolution]. Then there are all their manufactured billionaires and their foundations which finance the Revolution [the permanent, world-wide Revolution of the Fourth ComIntern]. The Crime Cartels are all franchises of this structure. And the pyramid we are looking at also has its ‘multi-lateral’ partners, stakeholders and NGOs. Huge operation. All co-ordinated through vertical integration from a covert Apex.


  27. Looks like the black economy will boom

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  28. QUESTION: When did the guardians, the public servants, of our Australian democracy determine that banning “CASH” is the will of the people?

    ANSWER: “Will of the people”? What’s that?


  29. None will escape. Social Credit will rid the country of the useless eaters. Every cent of the new taxes will be collected. Till finally ‘you will own nothing and you will be happy’… and dead ! Pure Evil !!

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  31. The grubs are not asking us what we the people want, because they are corporate governments and private banks.They owe us no loyalty or consideration and they do not have to represent the Australian people.

    The WEF, WHO, UN, corrupt corporate governments,etc, tell us well in advance how they are going to harm and kill us, how they will enslave us, and the sheeple just shrug their shoulders and do nothing to push back to defend themselves their families and fellow Australians.

    The sheeple keep voting for the grubs, so deserve what they get from their masters.
    I have finally lost any faith I had in the brain dead sheeple.

    We may do much better if the sheeple just get it over and done with – follow each other over the cliff. Why prolong the agony.

    I have now put the sheeple in with the grubs – the WEF, WHO, UN, corrupt corporate governments, sheeple, etc.

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  32. As a previous small business owner, and the constant problems with internet and digital access to my money, I strongly oppose this move. This is just another step to control the way we do things. It will take away independence and choice from the Australian people. We should always have the choice to pay in cash if we prefer.

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