Prince Charles just another WEF operative

by Alison Ryan

Leaders from a number of the largest and most influential global insurance firms have formed an Insurance Task Force as part of the Prince Charles’ Sustainable Markets Initiative. Prince Charles, now King Charles 3rd, formed the SMI in January 2020 at Davos.
See: The Prince of Wales’s Sustainable Markets Initiative launches #TheGreatReset | The Royal Family)

Prince Charles later launched his SMI Insurance Task Force on June 24 2021 during a visit to Lloyd’s, the world’s leading insurance and reinsurance marketplace. The SMI ITF is comprised of executives from many of the world’s largest insurance and reinsurance companies.
See: HRH The Prince of Wales launches new partnership with the global insurance industry to drive action to tackle climate change (

Prince Phillip said he wants to be ‘reincarnated as a virus’ ‘and clean up the excessive population.Like father, like son?

The SMI ITF’s purpose…”to drive progress as a group and accelerate the pace of industry transitions towards a more resilient and sustainable future, putting Nature, People and Planet at the heart of global value creation” and to “provide innovative new insurance products and services, and critical financial and risk management support across a number of industries and geographies to drive positive change”.
See: Insurance Taskforce | Sustainable Markets Initiative (

In collaboration with EY and freuds, the SMI Sustainability 30 Forum has members representing companies with a total market capitalization of $6.7t, revenue in excess of $2.3t and more than 5 million employees.
See: S30 | Sustainable Markets Initiative (

Prince Charles, King Charles 3th, has stated – “The insurance industry is exceptionally well placed to understand the impact of climate change and the damage it can cause to us all if we don’t take action now. This is why I am so pleased that a large number of the world’s leading insurance companies have joined together to identify how the insurance industry can help put Nature, People and the Planet at the heart of our entire economy.”
See Quote: Insurance Taskforce | Sustainable Markets Initiative (

Europe is moving backward over energy. German Industrial Association head Siegfried Russwurm warned that “the substance of industry is threatened” by rising prices. Gas consumption by industry in July was 21 per cent lower than last year, signifying “a dramatic plunge in production”.
German Economy Minister Robert Habeck called the situation “alarming”, noting that some firms “have completely ceased to produce”. In addition to
Habeck’s warning in July of an “energy Lehman”, the Finnish Economic
Affairs Minister Mika Lintila on 4 September said the crisis has all the makings of “a kind of Lehman Brothers of energy industry”. Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto warned 29 August that Western Europe is headed for an “energy collapse”. (See Australian Alert Service 14 September 2022)

“The treasuries of numerous European governments are bailing out energy providers with loans or credit guarantees, and measures to assist industry and households: Sweden €33 billion, Finland up to €10 billion, Austria €2 billion, Switzerland €4 billion, and Germany some €80 billion. British banks are considering an extension of credit lines to energy operators. While incoming British PM Liz Truss is promising £150 billion in aid for business, household and local government bills (over several years), much of the overall expenditure is not going to people, industry, or purchase of actual power, but to fund the insurance racket overseeing the liquidity of power companies on the hook for price hedging.” (See AAS 14 September 2022)

“Don’t blame Russia. Russian President Vladimir Putin can’t be blamed for high prices: He is on the record opposing the abandonment of long-term contracts in favour of “gas exchange trading”.
(See: “Leaders demand end to speculation driving energy crisis”, AAS, 20 Oct. 2021). Furthermore, working with other nations, Russia is proposing to fix stable commodity prices for trade, including by the exclusion of speculation. (See “Days are numbered for US dollar order”, AAS, 7 Sept.)
Speaking at the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok on 7 September, Putin said Moscow is ready to “switch on” the new pipeline to deliver gas to Europe, and to restore flows in Nord Stream 1 if a new turbine is provided.” (See AAS 14 September 2022)

It appears that the climate warfare against Nature, People and Planet are strongholds of the monied powerful world leaders but their time is short, on God’s scale. In the meantime, let’s hope and pray Europe is delivered out of their crisis, and takes Russia’s out stretched hand

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Yeah it was the old man sometimes we get a bit overwhelmed. Ed


  2. Hi Bev P, Yeah well ‘six of one half a dozen of the other’ as they say.


  3. I believe it was Prince Phillip who made the remark about wanting to come back as a virus, not Prince Charles. I could probably find it on the internet, but will let you do the research.


  4. Hi lindesymonds, Nearly as good as this amusing imitation of King Chuck (then still Prince Chuck) by Johnny Depp.


  5. Hi D Johnston. The Ardern / durex meme is a good one and very funny. I tend to think a lot of the WEFies are actually bots or hybrids. It occurs to me that Ardern might actually be from a gestation pod on a mother ship. He /it should be investigated for crimes against the NZ population.

    The Ardern does not have the right to speak with a NZ or Kiwi accent. Apologies to any Kiwis who might be offended by Paul’s take-off.


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  6. Yeah Dandy the sheeples only care about the next football match, thanks in part to TV and Iphones. Ed


  7. Please don’t insult our intelligence with a Bill Gates owned so called fact checker or any other. Thank you. Ed

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  8. Have no idea how that posted twice.


  9. Hi Blisskitt, A bit off topic but…


  10. Hi DJ, I have never been a fan of the not so royal family. History shows they have done little for the ‘commoners’. Diana wasn’t a commoner, nor Katie. Fergie well ??? Megan actress. Who admires these people is what has me intrigued? I note David Beckham supposedly stood in a queue for hours to pay his respects. Yeah sure. If he did he is a dope or highly paid to be interviewed? Poor innocent people who think she did something good in her 96 years. What? I still waiting to hear. Her coffin if she in it is reported to be lead lined (preserves the body for up to 12 months) apparently. But also means heavy as. I told my girls last Thursday when it was announced AUS time, it will be on repeat, radio, Tv, etc etc etc. Everyone will be crying over someone they didn’t know. Faaark . Between that and the AFL finals, what else is going on behind our backs?

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  11. Hi Blisskitt, Yep. Although they are trumped in the wealth stakes by the Rothschild’s. I have never forgotten finding that the Queen was the only person on the planet who could not be arrested/convicted/imprisoned for murder. And she had quite a few under her belt! No doubt this also extends to the rest of the inbred degenerate parasitic clan.


  12. Crisscross, on remembering the America’s Cup victory in 1983, perhaps Klaus guaranteed Bobby a continual carton. Just saying.!!! Or perhaps Bobby was pissed in the first place. NFTGG either of them.


  13. I don’t know who this lady is but she gives a summary of what the British (not so royal) family actually may own. If correct it is staggering (all 15 Commonwealth nations). Charlie has immunity against prosecution, so did Lizzie. Guess they really are above the law.


  14. Says it all…


  15. [×412.jpg] Did Prince Philip Say He Wanted To Be Reincarnated as a Deadly Virus? – Snopes.com “In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, to contribute something to solving overpopulation.” In those reports — and on various lists of notable quotes …


  16. “How did Klaus Schwab get so powerful in the first place?”

    He obviously has “mentors” in higher places, they groom them as servants for their roles and then put them in place to carry out their instructions. Was Hawke any different? 🙂


  17. Video: The King nobody wants: 20 Reasons Why Some British Don’t Want Prince Charles To Be King
    16th September 2022

    Prince Charles is the heir in line for the British Throne, but he’s the future king that NOBODY wants. Prince Charles would not get to the throne if some British people had it their way. Why is there so much dislike for him? We will examine some facts about Prince Charles and what he did to disappoint the British.

    Here’s the video:


  18. How did Klaus Schwab get so powerful in the first place?


  19. “If you do an online search for Natural Asset Companies”, writes Sandra Myers, “there isn’t a lot of available information beyond what is shown in the graphic on this page [on link below] and only just a couple of other articles, one being by the Children’s Health Defense (Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.).”

    “The statement by the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) introduces you (or, rather their investors) to a new kind of asset investment: Natural Asset Companies (NACs).

    “The Intrinsic Exchange Group (IEG) reveals that in 2021 regulatory approval was being sought to convert natural assets into financial capital. Let me point out the obvious: Although this brainstorm has been in the works for a decade, the conceptualizers didn’t start pressuring for approval until Joe Biden’s presidency and under the hot new campaign for the Green New Deal.

    “This program isn’t just about buying up physical farms, ranches and grazing lands like Bill Gates, Ted Turner, John Malone and other elite have done who now own more land than would cover the entire state of Florida. This is about commoditizing the very ground you walk on, the ocean or lake you swim in, and even the very air that you breathe. This is about making financial assets of the portions of nature you wouldn’t think could be valued in a monetary sense: perhaps a coral reef off the coast of Florida or an uninhabitable mountain top in Alaska. Where there’s a will to make money and exert control over the people, a way will always be found.

    “To give you a clear picture as to why this is happening, the current economic asset value is estimated at $512 Trillion dollars. The projected asset value of these NACs is in excess of $4,000 Trillion (4 Quadrillion) dollars. You can see why the eyes of the elite are glazed over with the possiblities of even more wealth, power and control.

    “On the surface we are told these NACs are about “investment philanthropy” and are better than traditional philanthropy which they have deemed a failure. I’m sure that traditional philanthropy isn’t reaping enough financial return nor control and social direction of humans. One of the key early investors is the Rockefeller Foundation, but the line of investors is just starting.

    “According to the IEG’s website there are three areas which the NACs are divided into: Natural, Working and Hybrid. From the IEG website we read:
    • Natural NACs focus on protecting, expanding and restoring natural terrestrial and marine ecosystems—for example, forests, grasslands, wetlands, coral reefs. (How do you assign a dollar value to the asset of a coral reef?)
    • Working NACs revolve around agriculture as it sits at the intersection of critical environmental and social issues—water, energy, climate, human health, the economy, and biodiversity.
    • Hybrid NACs A hybrid area project could connect conservation areas with wildland corridors to facilitate biodiversity and healthy wildlife populations as well as for recreation. Agricultural lands within the perimeter of the protected areas could be included so that production practices could be converted to regenerative methods or facilitate the conversion to alternate crops that better serve the region’s ecosystem and local farm economy. (Meaning: If your farm is within a perimeter of an NAC’s control, you can be forced into changing what you grow, how you grow or even if you can grow your crops.)

    “Of course, the World Economic Forum (WEF), in partnership with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) is in on the act with its Nature Risk Rising: Why the Crisis Engulfing Nature Matters for Business and the Economy report in 2020. I encourage you to research the following:
    The WEF’s 36 page report at WEF_New_Nature_Economy_Report_2020.pdf; also from the IEG: IEG ( ; and from the NYSE Natural Asset Companies (NACs) | NYSE. If you couple these reports to the elite’s intent to control and depopulate the earth you will be horrified. These NACs will exercise control over any pre-existing ownership of private and federal lands and other locations (like coral reefs or the ocean)… The elite will use their monetized, commoditized natural assets to oppress the lives of you, me and our generations and force control over all creation for their benefit.”
    Source: Turning God’s Creation Into a New York Stock Exchange Commodity (


  20. Hi Blisskitt, Re: “Have any of you seen the pomp and ceremony associated with this whole masquerade?” Hell no! having always avoided the bodily function of vomiting whenever possible.


  21. Requiem for a Figurehead
    E. Michael Jones • September 11, 2022

    ” ………… In his eulogy, Boris Johnson described Queen Elizabeth as “the woman so globally trusted that her images should be on every unit of our currency.” In addition to that Elizabeth was “the figurehead of our entire system, the keystone in the vast arch of the British state.” Only the queen “could be trusted to fulfill” that role “because only she could be above any party or commercial interest. . . to incarnate impartially the very concept and essence of the nation.” Elizabeth “created the modern constitutional monarchy.” Like Charles III, who is now King of England, Elizabeth was “Defender of the Faith.”

    At this point things become a bit more complicated because Elizabeth was the head of the Anglican Church during a time in which that Church abandoned the sexual morality which characterized the English people from the rise of Methodism in the 18th century through the Victorian era until the Lambeth Conference of 1929, when the Anglican church admitted the liceity of contraception among married couples. Elizabeth was three years old at the time, but she was queen and head of the same Church which ordained first women and then homosexuals. Presumably she could have stopped that, but she didn’t, ensuring England’s spiritual decline…………….”


  22. So the ‘Insurance Industry’ is well placed according to Charlie.
    Aka Vanguard…?
    The ‘secret’ board of you know who.

    Maybe Charlie doesn’t know his history.
    Kings have been dispensable through the ages…when they got in the way.

    Power brokers will use whoever they think are convenient prey and he just doesn’t give the impression of being up for the challenge.
    Like a play out of MacBeth one might ask who is servant to who?

    Meanwhile the serfs go about their business, as they always have oblivious to it all.


  23. WTF, you turn on the fwit box for over a week and it’s still wall to wall coverage of dingbats standing in line for kilometers to view an empty coffin.

    And the cretin shills fronting the show, the ones we consider household celebrities, are STILL desperately attempting to make it very very personal for me… “It’s like losing your own family member, your own granny”.

    Yeah, right. Next please… WTF!!


  24. Have any of you seen the pomp and ceremony associated with this whole masquerade? Whether she died 3 years ago, 1 month ago. The money these buggers waste and people fall for it. In my lifetime of fifty years I still don’t know one thing she did for all her fame and inherited protected fortune. Lay person does a lot more like raising their children with out a nanny. Mostly unable to afford a month’s holiday with 3 kids. Whilst paying her and the rest. About time the British people woke up, then again about time the world woke up. Someone enlighten me as to one thing this person did, who accepted so much fame and adulation and guaranteed money. All hidden away in castles not privy to the public.


  25. Let us hope that as King Charles III, both HRH and Camilla will strive for fewer Greenhouse Gas emissions.


  26. The Charlie could lead by example and take himself out first. Jumping from Big Ben ought to do it He has spent the last 10 years ingratiating himself around the world, that is groveling.

    He doesnt and wont cut it as King.

    Walking around with the floozy he had before he married Diana is not a good look.

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  27. Sue: “Prince Charles did not say that about coming back as a Virus; it was Prince Phillip, get your facts right.”

    So? Like father, like son.

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  28. Maybe The Charlie can lead by example and take himself out first.
    Jumping from Big Ben ought to do it.

    He doesnt and wont cut it as King.

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  29. “Prince Charles said he wants to be ‘reincarnated as a virus’ ‘and clean up the excessive population”

    No problem, he can speed things up by knocking himself off, today rather than tomorrow.

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  30. so he wants to come back as a virus sure phyzer would be pleased to help him out.who in their right mind would want a consortium of insurance companies actually running the world..with his good mate ” anal swab” standing behind him, saying goot goot goot, charlie as each insurance company pays up the half a million joining fee..

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  31. Prince Charles did not say that about coming back as a Virus; it was Prince Phillip, get your facts right.


  32. So Charles is going to see that Rothschilds and their front companies are going to make fuel, fertilizer and machinery available to farmers at sensible prices so farmers across the globe can stop mining out the mineral content of their soils because they are caught in the cost price squeeze which is artificially created by the multinational corporations of Rothschilds and a handfull of other criminal corporations.

    Farmers are forced into replacing only about 10% of the soil minerals removed by cropping because of ” market forces”. Charlie talks glibly of sustainability. He hasn’t a clue, just like his stooge Klaus Slob. Farce and deception are the golden rules for our “elites”.

    Queen Ann was the last Monarch that cared. The Jesuits gave her a bait. Charlie will never suffer that fate, unless I have made a major error of judgement. With the occultist Mountbatten and child serial rapist Saville as mentors it will take a miracle of God to change Charlie’s course in his careeras a Rothschilds boot licker.

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