Member of German Parliament warns ‘something big’ is coming on Sept 24

by columnist Lyndesy Symonds

Save the date – another glitch in the schmo-screen along the lines of the WTC7 Effect. Alert sheeple will not be just standing there chewing the cud and listening to the BBC.

When Vlad invaded Ukraine Feb 24 2022 (officially) he quoted a speech made in the Russian Duma months before the Russian blitzkrieg to the effect the world would see Russia’s power on Feb 22 2022. The exact words and just two days out of the exact date. Nothing says power quite like artillery and missiles raining down on cities East and West of the Dnieper. I am sure everyone got the memo.

And now on the floor of the German Bundestag another Zhironofsky moment has dropped. “Dear colleagues this 24 of Sept 2022 will be a day remaining in our memories as a day we will say: ‘I remember exactly where I was’.”

What the fuck are they planning on 24 september 2022‼️⚠️

— .. (@Xx17965797N) September 2, 2022

Judging from the response, the dear colleagues are not pleased to reminded. They know. And what they know is for them to know and the German nation to find out – on Sept 24. The German legislator who has the lectern definitely has faux pas’d the dear colleagues – only in Deutsche.

Acting Pope No. 2 Francis I has flown to Khazakstan subsequent to his orders at the end of August that all Vatican entities world-wide were to move all financial instruments and all assets to Vatican Bank by Sept 30 2022. Francis I has not just jetted over to Astana for his health or to make one of his ‘all religions show us the path to God’ kumbaya speeches at Nur Sultan or have an ecumenical kissy-kissy with KGB Agent Cyril. He is there on business regarding an event – which date or near date has now been dropped.

Meanwhile in Australia, there will be nothing to see here. Look for the doubles of our leading politutes to present themselves around that time. I think the WEFies and BRICies will be extracting their political assets. Can hardly wait to see the Palchuck and D’ath and Albanese doubles. They might even be metaverse bots. The CHOs may even be pleading: ‘take us with you’ .

Editor: Han Barkmeyer has offered an explanation of what possibly happened in the German Bundestag:

“If only people watched the entire speech of Friedrich Merz, the German opposition leader and head of the CDU/CSU (Christian Democratic Union/Christian Social Union) they would realise that he simply misspoke.

He meant to say “24th of February” and not “24th of September”. Putin, of course, started his “Special Operation” against Ukraine on the 24th of February.

Friedrich Merz’s speech was in support of the German government’s support for Ukraine. That is why he started his speech with:

“This 24th September, 2022, is going to be a day which we will remember and we’re going to say about this day in the future that I remember where I was when I got the news of the WAR IN UKRAINE.”

He was applauded 33 times and one standing ovation during his 20 minute pro-Ukrainian, anti-Russian speech.

The Jews, ruling Germany and the all the EU countries, must be laughing their heads off now that Germany is close to economic collapse.”

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. what a load of crap trying to say he meant the start of ukraine war, who gives a fook where they were the day war started??? no one will have a clue or care where they were!! stop trying to make nothing of his quote.


  2. Hi Blisskitt, Me neither – or bother with Apps – but just stumbled across it. Now I have just found the video version which is heaps better anyway haha.


  3. DJ. Sorry I cannot comprehend TikTok. I don’t do fullstop. I may shoot myself in the foot some days for not but so be it . Is there another format ?


  4. Hi Blisskitt, Yeah well sumthin better happen or I want my money back lol.


    call it satire tiktok- predictive programming? hidden messages thru entertainment? fear mongering? conspiracy theory? warning? #marchfortruth #clintisstillhere

    ♬ Powerful cinematic orchestra [war] – Sino


  5. I figured out what is happening on the 24th September. It’s the AFL grand final. Ha ha ha ha!!!!!!


  6. Hi Brian Johnston, re: “The lady who is standing in Italy today name? is Mussolini-ish and popular.
    It will interesting to see how she goes.” Well Brian, here follows a brief résumé. The “lady” is Giorgia Meloni. She had Socialist Party roots leading on to National Alliance and also member of the Aspen Institute (think tank) funded by none other than the Rockefeller Brothers and the Bill Gates Foundation. Meloni is a huge supporter and no doubt at all, a protegé of NATO – and has pledged to continue sending arms to Ukraine if elected. NATO will ensure she is – just as the UN ‘installed’ Ardern in NZ. And contrary to MSM reports, is not nearly as popular as they would like you to believe. Being overtly and pathologically xenophobic, she abhorrently exploited an Italian rape victim for her own political gain. This caused massive outrage – even from her supporters. So overall, just another evil to the core, duplicitous and manipulative minion of the proposed NWO.


  7. Brian, I’m not commenting on the pros or cons of Mussolini. I’m stating that fascism included strong nationalism and authoritarianism and that it was not known for its lack of ruthlessness in crushing its political and intellectual opponents, especially the socialists. Paramilitary formations, Black Shirts (squadristi), run by the Fascist Party were not running promos for democracy as Mussolini’s power grew.

    Whether Fascism was good or bad alternative for the Italians (or anybody else) is a separate question.


  8. daviddd2.
    Whereas in 1930s Italy the government mostly sided with business interests it came to be seen as a merger of government and business interests, the government effectively becoming an authoritarian enforcer disregarding the will of the people.

    Mussolini got rid of the mafia. They were allowed or encouraged back after WWII.
    Mussolini did not disregard the will of the people. He was popular and if he was their today he would still receive votes.
    He created jobs through infrastructure projects such as the hi-way.
    The lady who is standing in Italy today name? is Mussolini-ish and popular.
    It will interesting to see how she goes.

    Mussolini was murdered by the partisans and we know who they were.


  9. Brian Johnston: “Please exercise a little care with the term fascist”

    To an extent you have a point. Fascism originally was a socio-economic ideology which had at its core the tenet that business and the workers unions should work out a national economic market place free of government interference. Government’s role was to step in where an impasse or an emergency could not be resolved.

    Whereas in 1930s Italy the government mostly sided with business interests it came to be seen as a merger of government and business interests, the government effectively becoming an authoritarian enforcer disregarding the will of the people.

    Ironically, fascism, nazism and communism were all ideologies pursued by authoritarians with leftist backgrounds. It is the authoritarianism which extended the meaning of each of the ideologies beyond their original significance and which today has become one of the focal identifiers of each.

    Western authoritarianism came to be referred to as fascism or nazism while eastern authoritarianism was known as communism. Hence the reference to today’s Ukraine government as fascist or nazi in view of its celebration of figures such as the uber nationalist Bandera, a collaborator of Nazi Germany, and the renewed attempts at the de-Russification of The Ukraine region.

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  10. daviddd2. Please exercise a little care with the term fascist[fascism.
    Mussolini a fascist and Hitler a National Socialist both had WWI & WWII forced onto them. They went up against the same enemy we do today.
    Hitler went on to be the most maligned man in history.
    Fascism is a term applied to Italian politics between WWI and WWII.
    Fascism is really an alternative to democracy and our democracies have been well and truly hi-jacked.
    Mexico has a president and he switched off the wind turbines while we continue to be looted. So much for our democratic leaders.


  11. So the fascists are planning to hit the nuclear power station and the Russians will retaliate with a tit for tat? Oh, ok.


  12. Riccardo Bosi’s latest 20 September 2022 message – “It will ALL be exposed. Treason, Sedition and morally worse by those at the highest levels of power in Australia”.

    A Serious Message To All Australians – Riccardo Bosi – Flushing The Sewers! – JUST ONE FOCUS – TRUTH


  13. everything happening at this time is going to be of historical note . we are living in interesting times. That is if we should survive these events.


  14. Sept 24 2022 could be nothing – The Owners / The Money Pyramid (however you wish to style them) love to fake us out cutting their stupid signs and dropping there predictive programming.

    But I am now coming round to the idea this is a ‘winds of change’ signal such as was issued by PM Harold Macmillan to the SA Parliament in Cape Town 3 Feb 1960. This was the signal for the Communist invasion of Africa.

    Something has disturbed the Great Eye. The destruction of the West has not proceeded according to Plan. The Official Narrative has tanked. And the people both vaxxed and unvaxxed are resisting the Great Reset in the West and the Eurasia Project in the East. The next phase calls for the roll out of CBDC for the social credit system / total control grid of their world soviet. But given the state of the Official Narrative, CBDC can not be made to appear as the ‘sustainable’, ‘carbon friendly’, CoVID Safe and build back better solution to the social chaos The Owners have created through their WEFies and their BRICies. No matter how it presents it looks like lipstick on the pig.

    What to do? An event/s will have to occur that will ensure CBDC – absolutely essential to the world soviet and its Control Grid – is universally perceived as ‘the solution to all our problems’ – as caused by the Usual Suspects.

    If this is so, then Anthony Migchels called it back in March 2020.

    According to Migchel’s analysis, The Money Power is at war with the West and all Western economies went into free fall starting SEPT 27 2019 when the Fed started quantitative easing (QE) with no end in sight. Australian Reserve Bank decided to just print money for the CoVID Operation that was in Nov 2020.

    So. If after years of just rolling the printing presses for debt currency, the Central Banking Cartel were to decide, hypothetically, to correct the freefall of the past three years with something like ‘return to the Gold Standard’ – the austerities and severities that would follow world-wide would cause the sheeple on the goy plantation to bleat in unison for CBDC.

    That is where I now think The Owners are going with this.

    Outside chance, they are going to Full Disclosure as there is now a Bill before the US Congress on that. This is actually their true End Game but I don’t think they are ready to open on Disclosure just yet.

    Tucker Carlson has been advancing Disclosure on what now must be called ‘Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon’ very discretely right through the UN manufactured CoVID Crisis The evidences are now so mounted from official sources and so compelling the Pentagon has had to go on the record before Congress with the full Genesis 6. This is (of course) what the entire tranz push world-wide has always been about. It is moving steadily to center stage, but I don’t think it will arrive by Sept 24 2022.

    It would make more sense to me for the financial collapse they started in Sept 2019 to hit the ground in Sept 2022. This is what I now expect. I took my Commonwealth Bank Passbook into the branch last week and demanded that the bank stamp it and sign it. I got a lovely, helpful sheeple after I created a scene at the counter.

    They will so glad to do away with personal and branch banking and NWO retards who aren’t going to use internet banking.


  15. Hi CATACLYSMIC DUCK, Spot on! And re: “9/24, misspoke, no, more likely a Freudian slip.” My thoughts exactly. Strongly suspect the “misspoke” bs excuse which is far fetched and nonsensical, is simply an attempt at damage control.



    Steel mills closing in Europe are a bad sign.

    Has Europe met their quota for railcars and shackles? 😱

    The German economy is imploding like The Towers of Rockefeller.

    The banksters will act at a time and place of their making, setting their henchmen onto the sheeple.

    Freewill, wisdom and knowledge are lacking in the present crop of political plants; particularly in Germany, where they have unashamedly sworn their allegiance to feudalism over and above the people.

    9/24, misspoke, no, more likely a Freudian slip.

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  17. And neglected to mention…numerologically, 9 represents ‘completion’. For the biblical scholars out there, 9 marks numerous auspicious events/dates throughout scripture.


  18. For a numerological simplification (and my initial thought) : 2+4 = 6, 9 is an inverted 6, 2+0+2+2 = 6.


  19. Jo, Agreed. My ancestors migrated from the old Prussia, now Poland, and as I listened to the German Bundestag session not all in attendance were happy with it, as many of us also have been saddened by Germany’s present state.
    Still, the Illuminati are known to speak in advance of their plans. They use symbols and dates, etc. to forecast their works – black magic, and prophecies of men. See even how this date has risen up in people’s imagination and it propels the actions of people…some to be carried away to do their will.

    Isaiah 17:13

    The nations shall rush like the rushing of many waters: but [God] shall rebuke them, and they shall flee far off, and shall be chased as the chaff of the mountains before the wind, and like a rolling thing before the whirlwind.

    Hosea 8:7

    For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind: it hath no stalk: the bud shall yield no meal: if so be it yield, the strangers shall swallow it up.

    The Australian Alert Service, 14 September 2022, has also reported that the “German Industrial Association head Siegfried Russwurm warned that “the substance of industry is threatened” by rising prices. Gas consumption by industry in July was 21 per cent lower than last year, signifying “a dramatic plunge in production”. German Economy Minister Robert Habeck called the situation “alarming”, noting that some firms “have completely ceased to produce”.

    As well, “In addition to Habeck’s warning in July of an “energy Lehman”, the Finnish Economic Affairs Minister Mika Lintila on 4 September said the crisis has all the makings of “a kind of Lehman Brothers of energy industry”. Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto warned 29 August that Western Europe is headed for an “energy collapse”. (AAS,14 September 2022)

    Jeremiah 2:24

    A wild ass used to the wilderness, [that] snuffeth up the wind at her pleasure; in her occasion who can turn her away? all they that seek her will not weary themselves; in her month they shall find her.


  20. Industrial Germany and Europe shut down the steel industry, something Mr Merz would never mention because he and other proffessional career politicians are part of it.

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  21. Thanks for the comment Han and Editor. Sept 24 2022 is almost here. So we will know soon enough if the Sept 24 2022 was a signal or not. All these people speak in codes. And the program / timetable of their sh*tf*ckery is interactive.


  22. Allison, all German media has become a total hoax. Deutsche Welle is the best example of “anti German propaganda”. All is filtered, carefully worded, censored and “signed off” morally by the Zentralrat, that guides German moral, truth and the press. All words used are political correct and at times Babylonbee would be green for envy claiming to be the best fake news source in the world, especially in regards to journalism.

    As Germany claims to be a democracy, please try to find ANY media in Germany that truthfully reports what “extremist Left or right wing MP’s” say in their mostly blackout/silenced speeches during parliament sessions or in interviews.

    Sarah Wagenknecht is a perfect example and so are ALL members of the “EXTREME political right site” the AFD, for instance. Russia today has more internal German political information than the “Deutsche Welle” or any other government stooges that claim official political correct state journalism.

    The older generation are slowly dying off and the younger ones are as brainwashed as any other generation ANYWHERE in the prison world. Green, gender and hatred against the “traditional old farts” that have destroyed Germany and the rest of the world is the only agenda. Germany does not really matter at all under the profitable golden rainbow.

    If truth gets censored and foreign propaganda rules a nation over decades, than there is no nation. It is a faceless colony without identity, just like the land of OZ.

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  23. Just a slip of the tongue? An error of speech? I don’t think so. Friedrich Merz’s speech is so carefully worded. His clearly futurist words, “this 24th September 2022 is going to be a day which we will remember”, at 37:35 mark, “and we’re going to say about this day in the future…”. Deutsche Welle’s commentary revolving around this German Bundestag session included “re-thinking the foundations”, peace in Europe, pushing for peaceful solutions. On the other hand, however, “the world is different now”. Germany is talking spending billions in investments and upgrading the military. NATO allies have been pushing for that for years. America has been waiting for this too. Melinda Crane, DW’s chief political correspondent opined that this is “a very big step for a social democratic chancellor to take. Extraordinary times indeed.”
    Michaela Küfner highlighted this turnaround on German policy to strengthen NATO and the Green Party. “It’s a paradigm shift in German security, defence, and foreign policy”, she said, “from over the last 24 hours and a unity not seen before between the opposition and the governing social democrat coalition opposition leader talking about a common path seen as unity amongst Germany’s main political parties.”
    The commentary concluded with the words, “Unity is the strength of the West. It’s a historic moment; we live in a new era. That unity to be carried forward.
    A very unusual step here.”
    This has been a loaded Bundestag session and it sounds like it’s an intentional reference to 24 September 2022.


  24. I thought that date (23rd Sept) had something to do with the Jewish Calendar.
    The end of their Jewish year.

    There was also talk of a controlled financial crash on the 23rd (being a Friday) and they were saying it would happen on a Friday.

    But it’s probably none of the above reasons.
    They, whoever they are, probably just throw out dates so that the non-QAnons have something to look forward to…


  25. You’re welcome, Ed.


  26. Hi Han, “OMG!!!” is right… because if that is true, then it is utterly shameful and repugnant. We will see who has the last applause and standing ovation……


  27. OMG!!!

    If only people watched the entire speech of Friedrich Merz, the German opposition leader and head of the CDU/CSU (Christian Democratic Union/Christian Social Union) they would realise that he simply misspoke.

    He meant to say “24th of February” and not “24th of September”. Putin, of course, started his “Special Operation” against Ukraine on the 24th of February.

    Friedrich Merz’s speech was in support of the German government’s support for Ukraine. That is why he started his speech with:

    “This 24th September, 2022, is going to be a day which we will remember and we’re going to say about this day in the future that I remember where I was when I got the news of the WAR IN UKRAINE.”

    He was applauded 33 times and one standing ovation during his 20 minute pro-Ukrainian, anti-Russian speech.

    The Jews, ruling Germany and the all the EU countries, must be laughing their heads off now that Germany is close to economic collapse.


  28. You would have never heard of body doubles AI etc 2years ago, of course unless you were in the know. Just how long will it take for all this to be exposed if ever?


  29. Hi Betty Mac and for all who have trouble with my choice of words and grammar, I will try to tone down some of these expressions. Some terms you have called to my attention:

    A ‘schmo’ is a Yiddish expression for a clueless person. The ‘schmo screen’ is therefore the stage setting and blind that our (Ashkhenazi / Yiddish) Owners and Overlords put in place to screen out what they are really doing. Biden , for example, is an actor and part of the schmo screen. He does not perform any executive or presidential function in the the US gov’t. He can sign a document he is told to sign – I’ll give him that. But conducting the business of the presidential office of the US gov’t is not what he does. All of that is run behind the scenes by persons unknown / un-elected – behind the schmo screen. In other words a schmo screen has been set up for us to watch because we are the people who are to be kept clueless.

    ‘WTC-7 effect’ is an expression that I think sounds better than cognitive dissonance – illustrated by the facial expressions of the people standing in front of the BBC reporter live streaming from NY on 9-11. Watch the expressions of the people as they listen to the live report that WTC-7 has been destroyed. However, the camera records that WTC-7 was still standing behind the reporter as she read from the teleprompter telling the world it had been blown up along with WTC-2 and WTC-2. The crowd gathered in front of the BBC crew is laughing and pointing out the WTC-7 still standing. Eventually the reporter pulls up and turns to look where everyone is pointing. As she watches, the WTC-7 falls into its footprint. Eerie.

    A bot is artificial intelligence. Metaverse is the company of Mark Zuckerburg and Dustin Moscowitz – it is right into trans-humanism. In my opinion Mark Zuckerburg is himself ‘a bot’. I speculate that whoever or whatever is programming and controlling Zuckerburg may not even be of this world.

    A CHO is the chief health officer – frequently seen in front of a teleprompter working the ‘CoVID Crisis’ for the National Cabinet. These poncy CHOs were scripted to scare the B-Jesus out of the sheeple with their bogey stats and cases and rules. Who could forget NSW CHO Kerry ‘we know lockdowns work’ Chant.

    Acting Pope No. 2 Francis I. On the Vatican website it states that Benedict XVI abdicated only from the papal ministry – not the office of the papacy itself (from which he can not abdicate). Benedict therefore holds the actual office of the pope. As a 2IC Francis is therefore acting pope no. 2. In my opinion all of this is part of the schmo screen.


  30. The “Global Crisis. USA.” Online Conference on September 24th, 2022
    Quotes from the website state:
    “This is a secret that the 1% doesn’t want us to know!”
    “Every person who is ready to peacefully transition from the current society format to one that will guarantee “The American Dream” to every citizen is invited to this conference.”
    “Taking this evolutionary step will allow us to solve all problems once and for all. All of us will be able to live the life we deserve.”
    “It is our goal to build the Creative Society of mutual benefit, not just for the benefit of 1%. Our example will be followed by the entire world!”

    Source: “Global Crisis. USA.” Online Conference To Take Place on September 24th, 2022 – A Historic Moment for Americans – EIN Presswire (

    Readers, please note the symbols in the logo for Creative Society USA
    # the snake eating its tail
    # the triangle inside a circle
    # number 8

    Revelation 17:11 And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition.

    Perdition means complete loss; eternal damnation

    And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. Revelation 18:4


  31. Reckon this guy (who is always good value) puts the ‘sheeple fear mongering’ right into perspective…


  32. L Symonds. I managed to get through this crypto article with back to front grammar.
    The Whitehats? have said something big in September.
    It is allegedly being set up for the US mid-term elections.
    We wont know until it happens.
    Thanks for the story
    Whoa! Act pope No. 2 Francis I??


  33. “The idea that we are punishing Putin by impoverishing millions of families in Germany and destroying our industry while Gazprom is making record profits – how stupid is that?” Sarah Wagenknecht MP Germany


  34. Getting a quote from a true German member (not a puppet) of parliament censored here on CN is interesting!

    Merz (quoted by Hal Turner), a christian democrat/socialist and German long time numb career MP did talk about the 24th of February in late Feb early March. No conspiracies here!

    Interesting is the American critic on Germany for not sending enough weapons to Ukraine and at the same time the Ruskies warning towards D not to send any more weapons eastwards. The rest is only clickbait for some proffessionaly funded “activists”.


  35. Lyndsey, Please forgive me but I am an oldie and try to read and understand your blogs.However, your language is so puzzling I can’t make head or tail of it.
    “Schmoo screen, along lines of WTC7 Effect, metaverse bots,CHOs”.
    Could you please simplify it in future because I enjoy reading your articles in general?


  36. Of course there are wonderful things in store for us. Georgio Bergoglio alias Francis , could be declaring the New World religion. CHRISLAM. It has been decided and sealed with a mouth to mouth kiss with the Imam in Saudi Arabia, on the common ground.The three Abrahamic religions .With a Mosque, a church and a synagogue.I believe no crosses in the church ?

    But it is probably worse than that. They have declared war on us. Like it or not,Are we ready for battle ? I do not believe they are going to give up.So get ready for battle.Actually we are already in the fight of our lives.
    Prepare for anything and everything,
    I recall an old saying. “There are no atheists in a foxhole.


  37. He made a mistake in saying September 24 2022.
    What he was actually referring to was February 24 2022 or the date Russia invaded Ukraine.
    Nothing more sinister than that.


  38. He made a mistake in saying September 24 2022. What he was referring too was the start date of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24 2022!
    Nothing more sinister then that.


  39. Maybe they will tell NATO and the US to take a flying jump ,,,, If they have seen the Rand document then they know that the US is trying to take them down as well as Europe..! Wishful thinking?


  40. I have heard before that something so significant would happen
    on September 24, that we would remember where we were when it happened.
    I think most of us would remember where we were with the death of
    Diana and 9/11.

    It can’t be good. Hopefully not nuclear.

    Sent from my iPad


  41. Sent from AT&T Yahoo Mail for iPhone


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