Qld LNP has no chance of taking government at next election

One Nation, KAP, UAP and a string of independents will be ousting the ALP, LNP duopoly in 2024

The Queensland Liberal National coalition has no chance of winning the next election due in 2024.

The LNP has been the most inept, rudderless opposition for a decade, unable to land a punch on the withering and corrupt Labor Party Corporation.

The only thing that will save the Qld Labor Corporation at the 2024 election will be QEC voter fraud

It has had numerous opportunities to show some balls and initiative by supporting bills put forward by Katters Australian Party or introducing their own but for reasons known only to the Liberal back room boys it refused to support KAP’s crocodile management bill in spite of a public crescendo to remove man-eating crocodiles from northern waterways.

The LNP also failed to back KAP’s lauded Relocation Sentencing bill which would take many hundreds of repeat juvenile car thieves and house breakers off the streets and send them to remote rehabilitation facilities to learn respect for others and a basic work ethic.

The aimless LNP refused to support a cry from most indigenous communities to update the loathed Blue Card system which prevents drink drivers or petty thieves from applying for hundreds of jobs, presently vacant in remote communities.

Cairns News cannot find any recent parliamentary bills put forward by the LNP to ease the damaging woke policies of the Queensland Labor Party.

It goes on and on while the LNP think they will simply fall into government by default as the federal Labor Party did with just 32 per cent of the national vote thanks to the corrupt two-party preferred system..

The electoral elephant in the room for the Liberals is the state fallout from the federal Liberal’s draconian policies of no jab – no social security payments for kids never mind the fascist-styled Covid mandates, lockdowns and the ridiculous compulsory mask wearing which medicos warned was more dangerous to health than the psychological damage caused from being locked up at home for weeks on end.

Small business went down the chute, many never to recover in spite of huge inflationary payments made by the federal government trying to keep business afloat.

These inflationary WEF policies are now coming home to roost as the alternative media yesterday reported massive runs on some American banks and the collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank in California.

Run on SVB in California, soon to translate across the US and Australia thanks to LNP and ALP policies Pic NY Times

The federal Liberals were electorally decimated over their WEF, WHO-inspired policies of mandatory mRNA gene altering inoculations which have caused an 18 per cent rise in the national death rate over the past year and more than 150,000 recorded vaccine damaged victims.

In spite of the world’s best medical advice from microbiologists, epidemiologists, vaccination experts and specialist practitioners the LNP ignored the spiraling death and injury rate from Pfizer and Moderna jabs.

But there could be no connection to then Liberal PM Scott Morrison’s personal wealth climbing to $52m in a few months or the NSW former Liberal Premier Gladys Berejiklian copping a reported $10m bribe from Pfizer?

The Queensland LNP supported Labor in punishing those wary of the jab. Thousands of public servants who lost their jobs for refusing the deadly jab, would be foolish indeed to support the fascist duopoly at the ballot box.

However the ALP has both the dishonest Australian and Queensland Electoral Commission and Konnech China to fall back on if the numbers don’t look like going their way.


About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. One Nation spoofs the TEALs. They will play their one pony trick at the next jiggy jiggy.

    The TEAL Housewives. Pauline Hanson Please Explain


  2. isaac731: “The non religious bozos on this page are at it again sprouting their religion.
    Leave the crocs alone! What genius brains it takes to think that way.
    Just remember, “It’s appointed unto man once to die and after this the judgement” Hebrews 9:27. NOTHING is surer.”

    I am a Happy Atheist and in awe of Mother Nature. I believe that we should live in harmony with Her and it will be to our own detriment not to do so.

    Hebrews on the other hand love blood sacrifices, they slaughter innocent animals to atone for their sins.
    Even Christ was once offered to bear the sins of many.
    So, Christ died for my sins?

    “And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:” So Christ was once offered to bear the sins of many.

    Hebrews 9:27 Context

    24 For Christ is not entered into the holy places made with hands, which are the figures of the true; but into heaven itself, now to appear in the presence of God for us:

    25 Nor yet that he should offer himself often, as the high priest entereth into the holy place every year with blood of others;

    26 For then must he often have suffered since the foundation of the world: but now once in the end of the world hath he appeared to put away sin by the sacrifice of himself.

    27 And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:

    28 So Christ was once offered to bear the sins of many; and unto them that look for him shall he appear the second time without sin unto salvation.

    Hebrews also cut off the foreskins of baby boys to please their god.

    Circumcision, a Symbol of the Jews’ Covenant With God
    Abraham was commanded to undergo circumcision (brit milah) at age 99; Jewish males since then have been circumcised at eight days old.

    God also commanded Abraham to sacrifice, to kill, his son for him.
    Yet another blood sacrifice.

    WHAT A WHACKY BLOODTHIRSTY RELIGION. Glad to be a Happy Atheist!


  3. Reply to Jeff 1944…After reading Morrison’d history before politics, I am amazed that he was even allowed to stand.
    Fraud followed him like a pet dog in each tourist job he had.That is there for all to read.
    There were also other nasties which I can’t mention.
    He is the biggest hypocrite I have ever seen in Aussie politics.


  4. comeinspinner said – “I thought it was Julia Gillard who brought in abortion up till birth .”

    While I have no doubt whatsoever that Julia Gillard is a baby-killing monster just like (apparently) a major faction of the Australian political elite, it was that utter oxygen thieving Satan-worshipping piece of dogshit Dicator Dan who rammed the legislation through the Victorian parliament to make killing a human baby by sucking its brains out at the point of birth a perfectly legal “medical procedure” right here in Australia.

    Since that slimy arsehole Dicator Dan forced this horror onto the Victorian population, the precedent has spread to every other Australian state and territory. Australia is now Satan-central, and stands with Ukraine as the baby-killing, child trafficking, organ harvesting capital of the world.

    Just so we don’t forget, refugee from a horror movie Deadly Dan also BLOCKED legislation to require pain killers for the children during their murders, including during the “procedure” and afterward if the baby somehow survived for a few minutes. The logic behind STOPPING that humane legislation was that any pain killers would CONTAMINATE the baby’s body and render the baby’s organs UNSUITABLE FOR SALE. And BTW, the baby isn’t referred to as a “baby”, it’s written up as MEDICAL WASTE.

    This f*cking demonic monster F*ckface Dan is SOMEHOW still walking around among the living, and in fact has RESUMED his throne of mastery over the rest of us. Feeding this bastard to a pack of crocodiles would be WAY too good a fate for him.

    Are we getting the picture yet? This is what one might call an “elephant in the room” (there are so very MANY of them). This is the REALITY in Australia – has been for YEARS now, and no-one seems to give a flying rat’s arse.

    Anyone horrified at what has REALLY been going down in Ukraine (and it’s worse than even the most well-informed among us might dare to think), what has been happening and is INCREASING in Australia is JUST AS BAD. Jesus spoke about the blind leading the blind – it really seems that Australia is occupied by a clueless herd of WILLINGLY blind sheep on a terminal trip to the abbatoir (and most of them are headed to the OTHER place after that).

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  5. Queensland use Scytl software technology to finalise counting in elections.
    Scytl originated in Switzerland…went bust and Bill Gates bailed them out to the tune of 24 MILLION dollars.They now operate from Germany.
    I think this will explain to people why we are losing unlosable elections…we haven’t got a hope in hell, especially after the Federal Electoral Commission stated that Get Up had NOTHING to do with Labor! Draw your own conclusions!
    The FEC also run our referendums!!!!!!!!

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  6. The non religious bozos on this page are at it again sprouting their religion. The post 1972 environmentalism is nothing more than a state sponsored religion as in the pagan days of old with sacred crocodiles, flying fozes, sharks, snakes, lizards and what have you. And these good old codgers always have the solution to today’s problems. Evolution and its consequences is what is responsible for all the problems today. Wake up to your sacred Evolutionary Environment Religion. Some of your environment worshipping mates should get their heads stuck in the jaws of a crocodile, or kiss a taipan. Go play with wind farms and cover the desert in solar panels. Buy yourself a Tesla. Vote ALP or Green. And don’t forget the booster.
    Leave the crocs alone! What genius brains it takes to think that way. Just remember, “It’s appointed unto man once to die and after this the judgement” Hebrews 9:27. NOTHING is surer.


  7. To all you crock lovers I think your hearts in the right place as long as you dont have to live with them or if you do I dont care , they are taking over every freshwater swimming hole in THE CAIRNS AREA NORTH SOUTH EAST OR WEST THE BASTARDS ARE LIKE FLIES ON A TURD ALONG WITH CORRUPT POLITICIANS ,THEY HAVE INFILTRATED EVERY WAY OF LIFE AND IF YOU LIKE CAMPING WATCH YOURSELF THEY HAVE BOTH F/CKED EVERYTHING ELSE IN THIS GREAT AREA AND STATE , im an old fart now and was born in 1957 and have had a great life in Cairns and me and my mates swam in every creek in Cairns and didnt have a worry in the world about CROCKS we were more worried about a shark grabben ya . {YOU CANT EVEN SWIM IN LAKE PLACID ANYMORE EVERYONE IN CAIRNS USED TO SWIM THERE PEOPLE HAD PICNICS THERE FOR YEARS TILL THE DO GOODERS F/CKED IT WITH THERE CROCK CRAP } The Aboriginal blokes used to spear the juvinile crocks in the freshwater creeks as well as the young salties good chewen them bulla they would say great blokes to know real men tough bastards and really good blokes we were only about 9/10 or eleven bit of old timers memory setten in there folks I know we were really young kids at the time , the bigger crocks might have been there but a bit gun shy with a few 303 bullets flyen around them days I reckon but luckily we never got taken , my mates place backed onto a salt water creek and during the floods back in the 60s they would get little salties swimming in the laundry down about three stairs , they were probably 3 to 4 foot long and the laundry was closed in with a small gateway to go out to the clothes line and it was about three foot deep and his father would go down the stairs in the water up to his knees and push them out with his old girls broom and we swam in that creek for as long as I can remember , it might not have been safe but we swam and canoed right out to the mouth of these creeks in the tidle water nearly to smiths creek and as I said we were more worried about sharks then crocks , CROCKS ARE LIKE CORRUPT POLITICIANS THEY ARE SNEAKY SLIMY BASTASTARDS AND WILL TAKE EVERYTHING YOU HAVE AND SHOULD BE REMOVED WITHIN THE BUILT UP AREAS THEY HAVE THERE PLACE .The creeks and our STATE are full of these DANGEROUSE BASTARDS and have no PLACE IN SOCIETY AND ALL HAVE TO GO Yes the Crocks have a place in the food chain but not in our creeks and swimming holes , they have been seen right up in the Goldsboura vally / orchard valley at little mulgrave , this one was over 4 meters long and people with little kids ride tubes down that creek its just a matter of time ,thats just not on and as for Corrupt Politicians THEY have no place in society either get rid of them as well before they kill all of us with there POISON .CROCKS HAVE A PLACE BUT THIS HAS JUST GOT OUT OF HAND NOW and dont bullshit and say people have to be crock wise what a load of crap most of you dickheads got jabbed how f/cken wise was that sorry back to my rant so as long as you are not the one getting eaten its all right but for most long term locals we are aware of how out of control these crocks are and how bad the politicians have got but the systems rigged the same as it is with the poor crocodile it has priority over you stupid people and you all fall for it , its called devide and concor and you are all falling for it over a crock and a deadly poxy politician making up all this bullshit and they couldnt give a stuff about any of us or the crocks as long as they keep lying to the public about how much they care and making big bucks for themselves , but the real locals are like rocking horse shit if there not dead most of them have moved away , the tourist cant read half the signage they wouldnt have a clue just look at BONDI BEACH IN N S WALES THEY COULDT GIVE A SHIT ABOUT THE SIGNS THEM POOR YOUNG LIFESAVERS SAVING THESE DUMB TOURISTS , BUT AS LONG AS THEY CAN TELL THERE FRIENDS BACK OVERSEAS I SWAM AT BONDI JUST LIKE THEY CAN SAY I SAW A SALTY THE POLITICIANS COULDNT GIVE A F/CK ABOUT THEM GETTING CHEWED UP BY A CROCK OR DROWN AS LONG AS THEY HAVE GOT THERE MONEY. Crocks in the esturies yes but not in our freshwater creeks its not on people will die and I just hope its not one of your crock loven crowds that prefer crocks over some poor persons pet / or someone they love getting killed on a day out with there families up in our freshwater rivers and creeks and I know of three one meter plus so where is the mumma hiding in a swimming hole up in the upper regions of the Mulgrave river at what used to be a safe swimming area around Cairns and district . So dont bother slaggen me of because im to old and I couldnt care less, I love my pets and humanity Crocks are way down the list as far as im concerned they have there place but not in our place and to be honest I dont mind a bit of crockadile stew either .Thank you Cairns News You are the best

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  8. Brian Johnston

    Here we go again. Fascist duopoly, this time. Mussolini got rid of the Mafia. The Allies brought them back – to hunt down the Nationalists.
    The monarchies of the world were destroyed to create Republics. That got in the two party system termed a democracy.
    The democracies are contrived and controlled by a hidden master.
    The two party democracy is actually a one party communist system.
    It is not hard to work out who is behind all this.
    Fabian socialism at work in Australia changing legislation.

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  9. My friends from Sydney or Europe staying with me in Cairns always wanted to see the crocs. So, I took them to Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures on the way to Port Douglas or to the Daintree River for a river cruise. They were in awe seeing the crocs! We are so blessed having crocs in our environment.

    Leave the crocs and the sharks alone. Concentrate instead on the Human Vermin wanting to genocide 8 billion of us. Kill them before they kill all of us.

    Don’t vote. Just show up at the polling station and tell them that you don’t like any of the candidates and therefore you will not vote. Speak loudly so that others can hear you too.
    That is what I did and it’s OK with them.

    Same with the Census. I refuse to take part in the charade and was visited twice by Census officers. I told them: “I am an old-age pensioner. They can put me in jail, I don’t care.” Never heard from them again.

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  10. “Oh but if i don’t vote i will get a fine”…Wontbedenied,

    I have already proven empirically that if you don’t open the “fine letter”, (if you did, you would then be holding the res), but return it inscribed on the envelope, “no contract, return to sender” you will hear no more about it. They know that they need, but have not got, a contract with ANYBODY.
    Besides all of that, the letter is addressed to the setui que trust, (ny name which includes the “sir name”, since YOU are a living man or woman you cannot be the trust, and to open it would be postal fraud (opening a letter addressed to someone else).


  11. I read the bit about Morrison long before covid came around, and there was speculation about how he had that much then….and yes, in msm


  12. tonyryan43 http://oziz4oziz.com/

    You are spot on with the Crocs mate;

    The last of the dinosaurs were here way before Man started encroaching on Their Territory and as such, man should take responsibility for his own actions and stay away from potentially deadly waters IF they cannot be well aware of the environment and dangers that surrounds them;

    Crocs do not Murder humans; Crocs see us as nothing more than another potential source of sustenance; When river holes have been fished out our native Dinosaurs still need to eat; If one is STUPID enough to dangle a toe in the water then they should consider them self to be fair game;

    Just like swimming in the Ocean; No sea creature seeks to Murder or Harm a human; They are either seeking a feed or protecting their territory; Most times a Shark will not ingest human flesh…..we are too toxic so they spit us out;

    Man is more likely to be killed by another man than any of Gods other creatures; Leave nature alone and focus on the ones who are most likely to kill you


  13. Ed; The only way to Educate the sheeple is to keep on keeping on, not encourage them to “vote” for any so-called independents or any other Political Party;

    ANY wannabe politician is just joining the circus that keeps the masses under their spell while the Pretend Corporation “Government” steal the ground and anything else from beneath the very feet of the masses;

    “Your Vote does not matter…..he who counts the Vote matters”


  14. We have to start somewhere with the sheeples. Most of them have no understanding of what you wrote and any attempt to
    educate them is futile. Until you get 51 per cent of them to accept there is no government we can all go flying kites. Ed

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  15. Ed… I’m always ready to consider other evidence but certain anomalies disturb me. The first is that I fish in an area 165 Ks from any town or village, with my nearest neighbour 40 Ks away and no croc hunting in this region. I have not seen a croc for several years and I was familiar with croc environments during the legal hunting era. And I have been attacked by a three metre croc when I was in the water, 100 M from the shore, so I have no compelling motivation to protect them. Only simple commonsense.

    So what I ask is, why are Arnhem Land croc populations in apparently perfect balance yet in north Queensland the human population feels besieged? This makes no sense to me.

    An immediate notion is, are you over-fishing the region? Are the crocs so starved that they are turning on humans?

    The other notion that occurs to me flows from periodic Darwin calls for culling and trophy hunting, citing too many crocs threatening humans. But, every time, I challenge these backwoods bozos because they are straight out talking shit. The very worst thing to do is trophy shooting because this reduces the genetic pool, resulting in inferior crocs who cannot compete and then attack humans. These guys just want to take Yanks with little dicks out bush to feel like a real man by killing a big croc or a large horn buffalo. I present the evidence to the appropriate Minister and it dies a natural death. Could this be the same situation in Queensland?

    A third factor might be public hysteria. A decade back, people swore they saw a croc in the Mary River, north of Noosa. It was a goanna. That did not stop the Greenies from shrieking about global warming heating the seas and forcing crocs to move south and devour everybody in Brisbane.

    Your thoughts?


  16. Pat from Vic;

    You are the Voice of reason my Friend


  17. Fair Dinkum…….

    When are any of you going to wake up to the fact that ANYONE or ANY POLITICAL PARTY that wants to “sit in parliament” is abiding by the Corporate Pretend Government, AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT, and is not their to serve YOUR interests;

    Why you would “Vote” for anybody to rule over you is beyond me;

    Until such time as “Government” is returned to The Constitutional Commonwealth Of Australia, Whereas The People and is By The People, Of The People, For The People, no right minded man or woman would EVER “vote” to put anyone in that Masons Lodge;

    “Oh but if i don’t vote i will get a fine”……Why would you pay a “fine” to a Corporate Entity because they say you should? Let THEM take you to court and ATTEMPT to prove that you MUST vote; Voting is a Right; It is not Compulsory regardless of what the Corporation states;

    Stop with the MADNESS…Please, Just Stop


  18. Pat I am amazed you and others did not read the last para. Please check the breech before you reload. Ed


  19. Tony being isolated in Arnhem land with its static colony of crocs bears no relation to the Gulf or Cape York and south crocodile numbers. If it was me I would shoot out 60 per cent of estuarine crocs. Katter has never gone to that extreme but they do support thinning them out as most of the Peninsula murris agree there are far too many and fish stocks are being affected in some places and their kids or adults cannot go near any water, anywhere. They too would shoot many of them because the croc breeders do not want crocs over 2 metres long and the zoos are overflowing. I have heard native title holders have a right to hunt crocs and they have already started.
    Theres no mystical dreamtime connotations here everybody wants to get rid of them – there are far too many. And I am very familiar with far northern ecosystems – it is out of balance. Editor 3.


  20. Did you read it in MSM? Ed


  21. You’re forgetting that the duopoly has control of the voting system, so no chance of any other party getting in. And Morrison’s worth was $53m before covid came along, maybe from his previous career. [so I read]


  22. Nobody who is familiar with northern ecosystems in general, and crocs in particular, supports a croc cull. There is a certain fundamentalist mindset that is absolutist, can’t listen, and cannot bend, who clutches a list of evil entities in his soul and wants these destroyed. No amount of evidence will lever his eyes open.

    No matter what is considered problematic, he has his own take on everything and his list of hatreds is invariably identical to that of other bigots. Spawn of Satan are: blacks, communists, socialists, Catholics, Jesuits, crocodiles, snakes, taxes, employees, and unionists. All his perceived enemies are cast into one or more of the above roles.

    The Greens are identical in psychological profile but they have matching albeit different bigotries: Buffalo, cattle, exotic trees, timber cutters, coal miners, oil and gas users, whites, heterosexuals, families, sheep, and even dingoes because they have only been here 3500 years and therefore are not indigenous.

    Their neurotic beliefs are exploited by the globalists and we pay the price. Bob Katter has personally hated crocs since 2007 to my knowledge. He just can’t accept a democratic difference of opinion. His opinion outweighs all other considerations. And, just like Pauline Hanson, he has never replied to a letter. So much for representing the people.


  23. Hey, Pat from Victoria, I thought it was Julia Gillard who brought in abortion up till birth .Some body set me straight. A baby is formed at conception, it is a living being with a will and spirit to live. Yes there is talk of killing after a month or two or three or four. Oh why not do it any time. I am thinking of a few people the world would be better off without, or so it seems to me. But the bible says. ” Thou shalt do NO MURDER .” So that is good enough for me.

    I believe a day of justice will come. This world sure needs it.


  24. The article headline says it all – “Qld LNP has no chance of taking government at next election” (!!!)

    … and kevmudskipper stated the bleeding obvious – “So how are you going to stop the cheating…”

    kevmudskipper is spot on, absolutely 100% correct. Logic has no place showing it’s face on this particular issue, the track record here in Australia speaks for itself.

    Dictator Dan, our very own home-grown King of the Arseholes and professional baby killer (yes, folks, Dangerous Dan single-handedly institutionalised the practice of FULL-TERM ABORTIONS here in Australia, and he’s on record saying he’d like to be able to kill babies up to 30 days AFTER birth) ALSO had no chance of taking government – yet there he is back on his self-annointed throne.

    That’s right, folks, no-one even VOTED for Deadshit Dan, in fact MOST people in Victoria would quite literally rather see him DEAD just like all the THOUSANDS OF BABIES he’s killed and CONTINUES to kill, and yet there he is BACK IN GOVERNMENT.

    Who would have thought?

    So how exactly do we presume to have any say AT ALL in who gets to run the fake Queensland “government”?

    You think you’re going to “vote them out”? Good luck with that.

    Maybe start up a petition to let them know how very displeased we are. Just as much use as “voting” – they wipe their arses on ALL of it and fart in our general direction as they continue to go ahead and do whatever the Hell they want.

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  25. So how are you going to stop the cheating THE VOTING SYSTEM IS SO RIGGED HOW DO YOU INTEND TO STOP IT

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  26. @


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