No coincidence as Silicon Valley Bank collapse heralds total failure and makes way for the ‘Great Reset’

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One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. lyndesymonds: “Ha Ha. Even Jews got jewed in the SVB collapse. Big Jew to the rescue.”

    Ha Ha, the Jews are laughing at you!

    The Kikes all over the world control the Financial System.

    Brother Nathanael, real name Milton Kapner, is telling us at the 4 minute mark of the video to buy gold and silver. “Gold is the Achilles heel of the Jewish Financial System”, he says.

    So true, that is why Jewish US President Franklin D Roosevelt seized all gold bullion and coins via Executive Order 6102, forcing citizens to sell at well below market rates TO PROTECT THE JEWS.

    “Immediately after the “confiscation”, the government set a new official rate for gold that was much higher as part of the Gold Reserve Act 1934.

    “Many gold owners were understandably unhappy about the gold seizure, and some fought it in the courts. Ultimately, however, the government could not be stopped, and gold ownership remained illegal in the US until the 1970s.

    “This intervention was not unique, even in contemporary history. In 1959, Australia’s government put a law in place that allowed gold seizures from private citizens if “expedient to do so, for the protection of the currency or of the public credit of the Commonwealth [of Australia]”. And in 1966, to stop the decline in the pound, the UK government banned citizens from owning more than four gold or silver coins and blocked the private import of gold. This was only lifted in 1979.”

    More on:

    The one lesson from history is that all investors need to bear in mind that in times of crisis, anything goes and governments could again confiscate the gold of its citizens. Governments, of course, protecting Jewish interests, acting on behalf of the Jews.

    Roosevelt was surrounded by 73 Jewish advisors, amongst them Jewish Banker Bernard Baruch.
    He drew up the basic plan for the Federal Reserve banking system in 1912 and 1913 and drafted the Federal Reserve Act.

    Rabbi Stephen Wise (Communism = Judaism) was a friend of Roosevelt.
    The Jews Stephen Wise, Louis D. Brandeis and Felix Frankfurter drafted the Balfour Declaration, Israel’s Birth Certificate.
    Of course, Rothschild fathered Israel.

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  2. Ha Ha. Even Jews got jewed in the SVB collapse. Big Jew to the rescue.

    The Jews Behind SVB’s Collapse

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  3. Bottom of the Harbour Schemes. Simple story, no secret to it. They’re not the product of the economic climate. They CREATE the economic climate.


  4. Han Barkmeyer,
    One way out of a world mismanaged by Jew power brokers – Take One broker: Henry Kissinger, is to TAKE the JEW out of ALL financial positions.

    Hitler managed to do this and the result was Germany prospered at the Chagrin of another Jew Churchill who declared war on Germany.

    Then when the previous is done, take all the Jews out of politics, followed by the world returning to a real money system, not FIAT.

    And yes “Real money could have several different security backing, commodities, precious metals, energy…”

    Weapons of destruction do NOT work the JUWSA tried this for the last 75 plus…

    And is NOW self-destructing like the Roman Empire…

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  5. Han so what I understand from your post the markets and companies in them are highly overvalued relative to their assets or real worth and really they can kick the can down the road to save them today but the collapse is inevitable for Western society.
    My left field scenario on the reset is with the evolving movement of having a Multipolar Global economy the Western nations will have to collapse economically to compete against labour rates and trade of say the BRICS Nations. Should our banks and currencies collapse the West is ready to use all the mass migration that has been entering their countries to re-rate cheaper labour contracts and existing currencies. Now how do you peg a fair universal reserve currency in a Multipolar economy that may be divided in 2 to 3 superpowers, don’t think it will be gold but more so a system or basket of universal labour rates. A doctor anywhere in the world has a salary of X$ so to an Engineer down to any other profession. This basket would form the new dollar $1 value whether in US, AUS, EUR, NZ, HK. etc.
    Could this happen ? Competition for trade would force you to adjust. Failing sanctions are proof of a plan B. to the detriment of the West. Could this be the 2030 plan.


  6. The Looming Quadrillion Dollar Derivatives Tsunami
    “Financial Weapons of Mass Destruction”
    By Ellen Brown
    Global Research, March 13, 2023

    “On Friday, March 10, Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) collapsed and was taken over by federal regulators. SVB was the 16th largest bank in the country and its bankruptcy was the second largest in U.S. history, following Washington Mutual in 2008. Despite its size, SVB was not a “systemically important financial institution” (SIFI) as defined in the Dodd-Frank Act, which requires insolvent SIFIs to “bail in” the money of their creditors to recapitalize themselves.

    “Technically, the cutoff for SIFIs is $250 billion in assets. However, the reason they are called “systemically important” is not their asset size but the fact that their failure could bring down the whole financial system. That designation comes chiefly from their exposure to derivatives, the global casino that is so highly interconnected that it is a “house of cards.” Pull out one card and the whole house collapses. SVB held $27.7 billion in derivatives, no small sum, but it is only 0.05% of the $55,387 billion ($55.387 trillion) held by JPMorgan, the largest U.S. derivatives bank.

    ““Financial Weapons of Mass Destruction”

    “In 2002, mega-investor Warren Buffett wrote that derivatives were “financial weapons of mass destruction.” At that time, their total “notional” value (the value of the underlying assets from which the “derivatives” were “derived”) was estimated at $56 trillion. Investopedia reported in May 2022 that the derivatives bubble had reached an estimated $600 trillion according to the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), and that the total is often estimated at over $1 quadrillion. No one knows for sure, because most of the trades are done privately.

    “As of the third quarter of 2022, according to the “Quarterly Report on Bank Trading and Derivatives Activities” of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (the federal bank regulator), a total of 1,211 insured U.S. national and state commercial banks and savings associations held derivatives, but 88.6% of these were concentrated in only four large banks: J.P. Morgan Chase ($54.3 trillion), Goldman Sachs ($51 trillion), Citibank ($46 trillion), Bank of America ($21.6 trillion), followed by Wells Fargo ($12.2 trillion). A full list is here. Unlike in 2008-09, when the big derivative concerns were mortgage-backed securities and credit default swaps, today the largest and riskiest category is interest rate products.”

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  7. Gesara is coming, no reset.


  8. The world of money majic and its inherent DEBT regime is imploding and was always going to implode. Ya simply cannot use money ya don’t have to pay off DEBT that was created from USURY in the first place;

    “We need to ramp up our war effort”, “the war machine will get our money back”;

    Numbers on screens and printed on paper does not equate to real wealth; The Jews know this which is why they used the Funny Money to “buy” up any tangible asset they could get their grubby lucerferian paws on; Then those assets get sent to “market” where speculating Jews tell the gullible public where they should “invest” next; That “investment” inevitably fails at some point and the “money” just magically disappears into the ether; But don’t worry, we have another fail proof investment opportunity right here…..

    This failure is soon to be here in Oz; All Fiat “money majic” dollars are soon to be as worthless as the paper they are printed on; Watch the SHTF when people can’t get their “money” off of the bank tellers screen;

    People won’t riot and take down the murderers who stabbed them with poison, poison their skies, water and food but watch what happens when they can’t get “money”;

    Best hold onto your bread basket tight Granny

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  9. As for Stephen Greer, the UFO community is still divided as to his role: many assume he is a government asset.

    Werner von Braun’s former assistant and confidante, Dr. Carol Rosin, explained what her boss told her in 1974. He said that when it all goes bottoms up, the U.S. Government will introduce the UFO threat. But it’s all lies.


  10. One positive outcome of the SVB collapse, is that it reinforces the global dominance of Chinese banks: U.S. banks are now playing second fiddle.

    At the same time, Jewish controlled U.S. asset management companies, eg, Blackrock, Vanguard, etc, are now losing their leading market cap dominance.

    All good news really.

    This should also provide further support for the fast emerging gold backed BRIC reserve currency, currently in the making. The so called ‘BRICS bucks.’

    As the BRICS buck will consist of five currencies, if one country experiences economic rumbles, the other four currencies, and the gold backing, should provide the stability required for a global currency.

    The Washington banksters know their days are numbered, – and good riddance.

    When the BRICS buck finally emerges, Westerners would probably be wise to convert their dollars into this new global currency. Unless of course, they enjoy queuing outside of their empty bank.

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  11. The stakes are very high. I think the world Secret Government may pre-empt and pull the plug on the financial system because their stupid CoVID Pandemic Hoax has outed so many of their Assets, the CoVID vaxx has exposed their Mad Plan and made too many counter revolutionaries.

    Dr Steven Greer maps out the stakes – especially the secret advanced (v advanced) technology now being disclosed.

    Dr Steven Greer – Mystery Behind UFOs / UAPs , Alien Phenomenon and The Secret Government. He covers both the ERV (extra terrestrial vehicle) technology and the ARV – alien reproduction vehicles (simulating the energy propulsion capabilities of what has been reverse engineered by the Secret Government).


  12. Been on holidays Richard? Good to see your comment. Editor 3


  13. One bet I will never make is that the SVB spontaneously found its vault empty and one billion in debt. The Rothschilds will be sniggering their slimy smiles as they pause over the global insolvency red button.

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  14. The banks collapsed in America in 1988/89 and were propped up by the American Treasury, then to the tune of trillions of US$, emptying the gold reserves of America and Fort Knox and now with the trillions Biden has been sending over to the Ukraine, the loss of the Saudi’s Petrodollar deal with America and nothing to support the failing US Dollar economy, here we have Biden spending even more trillions of US $ America simply has not got or the assets to support the mounting debt, which America can never repay, to prop up the american banks once again – on top of Trump and Biden’s vaccines which appear to be about depopulation and not putting back into the public purse, to recover the mounting costs of trying to bankrupt Russia and Putin again, which seems to be the purpose of Ukraine’s financial support.
    Like Duh!!

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