Bank collapse in US could cause bail-ins in Australia

(Natural News) Three US banks collapsed last week (Silvergate, Silicon Valley Bank and Signature). Contagion took hold and quickly began to spread to other banks.

The entire US banking system would have collapsed starting today if not for the FDIC jumping in and offering to rescue even non-insured depositors at SVB. Normally the FDIC covers only $250K in deposits per person or institution. To try to avert a total systemic collapse, they announced in an emergency session yesterday that they would cover all deposits for these banks.

The problem is that the FDIC only had slightly over $100 billion in funds to carry this out.

Yet the total bank deposits held across America are approaching $10 trillion. (Nearly 10,000 billion.)

In effect, the FDIC only has enough funds to cover about 1% of bank deposits in America.

Even worse, banks in America have over $300 trillion in derivatives liabilities. That’s thirty times larger than the $10 trillion in deposits. The FDIC has only a tiny fraction of a fraction to even think about covering these losses, should derivatives begin to unwind.

The claim that the FDIC is bailing out depositors without using “taxpayer money” is a lie

Mathematically, what all this means is that the Treasury and Fed are going to have to print money to prop up failing banks, especially as contagion spreads and more banks crater as the Fed raises interest rates — a kind of “controlled demolition” of the US economy and stock market.

This is going to dilute the value of dollars and cause huge inflation increases across all the products you normally buy, such as groceries, housing, clothing, fuel and so on.

All this printed money is created as debt on the shoulders of US taxpayers, and the government will move to confiscate more and more money from the American people to try to shore up the financial nightmare that it created. Joe Biden is already pushing much higher taxes, even as the USA is on track (with new spending programs) to hit over $50 trillion in national debt by 2030.

Let there be no illusions about how this ends: The total collapse of the dollar, the banking system and the USA as we know it.

Perhaps that was the plan all along.

Hear today’s Situation Update podcast for full details (and an action plan to financially survive all this):

– Janet Yellen announces Treasury “backstop” of deposits for THREE failed banks
– FDIC says it will use its Deposit Insurance Fund (DIF) money
– Claims “no taxpayer money” will be used for bailout – but it’s A LIE
– FDIC only has $100 billion max, and bailouts will cost MORE
– After FDIC burns through cash, Fed will PRINT money for bailouts
– Banks encouraged to act recklessly, running risky bets that fail
– We’ve entered the chapter where Fed prints money to bail out all the failed banks
– This will cause #inflation and dollar devaluation – currency collapse
– There are nearly $10 TRILLION in bank deposits across the USA
– Over $300 trillion in derivatives exposures among banks
– FDIC has already burned through all its cash as of today
– How will FDIC cover the NEXT bank collapse?
– Rational people will pull money out of banks to reduce risk of exposure to collapse
– More people will move to gold, silver, crypto, ammo and other hard assets
– As Fed raises interest rates even higher, more banks will fail
– Controlled demolition of the banking sector and the US economy



About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Han Barkmeyer,
    You have to give credit to many Jewish-controlled criminal organisations.
    The big military complex, the CIA, FBI, Big Tech, Big Media – Hollywood. Big Criminal Banksters starting with the Federal Reserve in the USA, the CDC, Big Pharma, Blackrock, and Vanguard. Not to forget the W E F, U N, International Court in The Hague. Then Bill Hell Gates with his W H O, and even Rome the Papal city and its inhabitants…

    Resulting in the Gullible Goyim being attacked from many different angles…
    No wonder the Goyim is losing on all sides,
    Mentally, medically, physically, and now also religion or what is left of it…
    Please note below link from Lifesite with various articles to choose from.

    For starters,
    Dr. Robert Malone: The influence of George Soros on American politics ‘cannot be underestimated’
    By going back to the home page, many current articles are available…
    Be careful makes the mind Boggle…


  2. Han Barkmeyer, Thanks,
    Liked your comments and the link supplied by the ( website.
    How amazing it is after many British parliamentarians in history always wanted to get rid of the Jews, (Balfour, etc) now Britain is flooded with the Jews and its Proxies. Of course, we now can really see who is ruling Britain! Rothschild and all its little Lackeys…


  3. The collapse of the financial system could cause bail-ins in Australia, but what ever happens the Agenda rolls on. And that Agenda is CBDC and financial control grid.

    A Communist state must capture the population and get them onto the control grid with state control of agriculture and all financial transactions.

    North Korea (a communist colony of China) has opted for a concentration camp approach to the North Korean population.


  4. aapkoning, thank you for the interesting Unz article ‘The Trouble with Trans-Westernism: How Men Can’t be Women and Jews Can’t be American.’

    Here an article about the British Jews who can’t be British:

    The Jewish Board of Deputies has welcomed (Jewish) Boris Johnson’s new Cabinet, saying there are “many firm friends” of the Jewish community among them. After officially becoming prime minister on Wednesday afternoon, Mr Johnson embarked upon a total reorganisation of Theresa May’s Cabinet.

    His appointments include former Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab as foreign secretary — the son of a Jewish refugee who fled the Nazis from Czechoslovakia. During his bid for the Tory leadership, he produced a video telling his father’s story, in which he said of Labour’s antisemitism crisis: “Every one of us in politics must always stand against antisemitism in all its forms. It’s not just political. For some of us, it’s personal.”

    Grant Shapps replaces Chris Grayling as Transport Secretary.
    In an interview with the JC [Jewish Chronicle] in 2010, Mr Shapps said: “I feel totally Jewish; I am totally Jewish. I don’t eat pork, we only buy kosher meat and we don’t mix meat and milk. I like being Jewish and I married a Jewish girl.

    It’s like a way of life and it’s good to be able to instil some of that sense of being in your kids. All of that makes me seem as though I am quite observant but actually the flipside of this is I don’t know if there is a God or not. But one thing I am absolutely certain of is that God wouldn’t care if you were Jewish or Christian or Muslim [i.e., so long as you serve only Jewish interests].”

    Grant Shapps’ comments about God are disingenuous, because at heart Judaism is about worshipping Jews, not about worshipping God. Or you could say that, in Judaism, Jews are God: not so much the Chosen Ones as the Self-Chosen Ones.

    And note that Grant Shapps and his colleague Dominic Raab do not count as “ethnic minorities” in Johnson’s cabinet. As I’ve pointed out before, Jews can be described as Schrödinger’s Tribe.

    In quantum physics, Schrödinger’s cat is simultaneously alive-and-dead until the universe decides one way or the other. In Western politics, Jews are simultaneously a minority and not-a-minority, switching between the two identities according to whether they want to claim victimhood or make a Western organization seem more “White” than it actually is.

    If Shapps, Raab and Johnson himself were counted as minorities, the new cabinet would look even more like a government of occupation, disconnected from and antagonistic to the White and historically Christian majority of the British Isles.

    It’s certain that we will see no reduction in Third-World immigration under Johnson. He has abandoned even the pretence of trying to reduce the flood. And he is a long-standing advocate of amnesty for illegal immigrants.

    You can explain Johnson’s career by these lines from Rudyard Kipling: “Down to Gehenna or up to the Throne, / He travels the fastest who travels alone.” Johnson does indeed travel alone, unburdened by principles of any kind, least of all conservative ones. He is more intelligent than Tony Blair, but is made in the same amoral and self-centred mould.

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  5. Lets have a look at the latest: “Banking crisis worsens: Swiss bank is first “Too Big to Fail” bank to bail out as Saudis withdraw aid.” Oh Boy…
    The Saudis almost single-handedly crashed the US stock market (and stock markets around the world) when they announced this morning that they would no longer put money into the bankrupt Swiss bank.

    Switzerland’s second largest bank, Credit Suisse, which has suffered bank runs and plummeting stock prices since late 2022, is today the first SIFI (systemically important financial institution), or “too big to fail” bank, to crash and forcing the regulators to step in and arrange for a bailout, writes Brian Shilhavy .

    The troubles at Switzerland’s second largest lender are rocking stocks around the world and reigniting fears for the banking sector.

    On Wednesday, Credit Suisse’s largest shareholder said in an interview with Bloomberg that he would not invest any additional money in the Swiss bank. Ammar Al Khudairy, chairman of the Saudi National Bank, told the media that taking a stake of more than 10% in Credit Suisse would lead to regulatory complications.

    That pushed Credit Suisse shares to a new low on Wednesday. The stock closed 24% lower in Zurich and the company’s American Depository Receipts (CS) fell 25% in US trading.

    And yes if you have been following all the wars from the past, you know by now, “THIS IS ALL PLANNED…”

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  6. Han Barkmeyer, Had to watch this one (Love – it) and – my opinion should compulsory viewing at our house of learning… Pigs will fly?

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  7. Han Barkmeyer,
    Hope viewers who take the time to watch this video and listen, I say good on YOU, but how MANY…?
    And how many will comprehend? 4 Million? Like the 4 million UN-jabbed here in OZ ?

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  8. Han Barkmeyer, This will be hard for most people* to swallow, let alone think about it. As always most people* might wake up after it is to late… The believe system in the Bible and books like it, is LIKE an security blanket and most people WILL NOT step in to the unknown…
    Let alone think and act by themselves…

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  9. Han Barkmeyer,
    I also like to see what the Jew Unz has been doing and currently and what he is writing makes sense.

    Please take time to read this large article from Unz, and you will realise the Goyim is attacked from all FRONTS…

    Resulting the Goyim is killing/depopulating itself…

    The Trouble with Trans-Westernism: How Men Can’t be Women and Jews Can’t be American.

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  10. Han Barkmeyer, “Below your line I liked, spot on…”
    Yes, it was the plan all along. The plan was hatched 3,300 years ago.

    Like with the Covid Crap – Spellbound – Angst, — it is the People* who are helping the controllers! People* 21 Million that is…
    Without the help of the Goyim the Jew will never win…
    Been told by Clive Palmer, “4 Million Australians” did not get jabbed, so from this quantity – how many are really totally Awake? I had to guess.

    But one thing is true: “Accidental Banking System Failure?
    Don’t Believe It…”
    Yes, Han your line again: The plan was hatched 3,300 years ago.

    The Jew’s financial control sits always in the Background.

    Ah, the Banksters are at it again. It all makes sense now.

    Do you really believe that any of this is by accident?
    And no one saw this coming? NO…

    Yes, Han your line again: The plan was hatched 3,300 years ago.
    NO CASH NO FREEDOM… So 4 million will use Cash, and the other say 21 million will have money digital tokens, here we go again helping the Jew in our own demise…

    In truth, it’s NOT the banks who are in trouble, but as always—We the People.

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  11. ROTHSCHILD control BRICS. ROTHSCHILD control the Worlds Banking System.

    Jair Bolsonaro, who recently “lost” the election in Brazil, the Selection Committee appointed Lula, wanted “Braxit” from BRICS.
    Bolsonara is also a conservative Christian and loves Israel, like all the Evangelicals in America.

    Bolsonaro was completing the process, started by previous President Michel Temer, taking Brazil back to the North-West axis controlled by the U.S.
    Now we can clearly see why Bolsonaro had to go. They tried to kill him, but he survived the assassination attempt.

    BRICS is a ROTHSCHILD smokescreen. They have sucked the West dry and now want to transfer their wealth to BRICS to create ever bigger profits.

    ROTHSCHILD are moving out of the US Dollar, the global reserve currency, into gold and ‘other currencies’. They are looking to get ahead of the downward trend curve, and cash out before a global collapse, and use gold to pick up the pieces.

    In recent decades more and more Chinese economists and budding entrepreneurs have closely studied the Rothschilds.
    At the same time, members of the Rothschild family have looked to a rising China for new business opportunities.

    China is fascinated with the Rothschilds and Jewish business practices.
    Chinese books on Jewish business practices with titles such as ‘How do Jewish People win?’, Jewish Business Bible’, ‘Jewish Businessmen’s Wisdom’, ‘Jewish Business Teachings’, ‘The Legend of Jewish Wealth’, ‘Jewish Family Education’, ‘The Illustrated Jewish Wisdom Book’ can all be found in the business sections of bookstores across China.

    With the increasing interest in business education in China, and a rise in sales of self-help literature, the production of business guides to the TALMUD has exploded. The guides are like the Chinese equivalents of books such as ‘Sun Tzu and the Art of Business’.

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  12. Tony

    Yet again you hit the nail on the head while all others, i presume Australians, are too busy, read distracted, with how the house collapsed; “Why did it fall”? “Who did what”?…..All while Australia is a ship that is sinking fast under its own weight of :DEBT: and Excess printing of Funny Money to “fund” all manner of schemes that NEVER come to fruition; Just have a peek at how much “money” has exchanged hands for Submarines that we will NEVER own and actually have yet to reach the drawing board; Or how about the amount of “money” and ADF assets that have been sent to Ukraine in “foreign aid” while there are tens of thousands (if not more) of Australians who can not afford to keep food on the table, let alone a roof over their heads;

    AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT, All STATES and TERRITORIES and all the Bureaucracies within them, are listed within as Corporate entities, REGIS-STERED with USSEC and are TRADED on the STOCK-EXCHANGE; American (Jew) Financial market says boo, Australia runs and hides hoping THEIR DEBT won’t get called in;

    Who owns this :DEBT:?

    Not only is the RBA a PRIVATELY owned Rothschild subsidiary of the BIS, but the ATO is also a PRIVATE CORPORATION owned by a majority shareholder, BLACKROCK;

    AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT owns this DEBT, not you, The People Of Australia; Do you have a CON-TRACT with the Corporation AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT that allowed you a vote at the Board Meeting to decide if the Company should borrow (print) more “money” when it is already over 3 Trillion Phoney-Dollars in the Red?

    Are you prepared to keep paying TAX for a DEBT that it is not yours to a Company, ATO, that is NOT Australian owned?; Are you a Shareholder in the Company ATO that is supposed to use your TAX to build and maintain Australian Owned assets?; Are you happy to see your TAX sent to a Foreign Corporation so It can decide the dividends to be shared, if any?;

    Australians NEED to start looking in their own backyard instead of looking over the fence to spy on the neighbours


  13. The deep integration of the Western banking system means that any major problem within one sector will rapidly turn systemic.

    The leaders of the BRICS bloc, must be casting a few knowing nods to each other, as any dollar weakness, will only strengthen their long orchestrated usurpation of the current global reserve currency.

    At present, BRICS nations account for 30% global GDP, but by 2030, this will have increased to 50% (IMF forecast).

    At the same time, there are now twenty more countries signing up to the BRICS initiative.

    As Iran and Saudi Arabia are rapidly gravitating towards the BRIC orbit, Tehran and Riyadhi have just restored bilateral ties.

    This restored alliance between Iran and Saudi Arabia is extremely important due to their respective seats of the Shia and Sunni factions of Islam. This new partnership may well lead to a corresponding regional stability.

    This will go right against Washington’s existing divide and rule policies, and may well inspire more U.S. created terrorism in the ME. Most probably directed against their former regional ally – MBS.

    This increasing gravitation towards the Sino-centric economic sphere, clearly conforms to the laws of physics, – whereby the larger a physical body becomes (BRICS), the greater it’s gravity becomes, – which in turn, draws smaller bodies (nations) of a lesser gravity into its orbit.

    As this process increases, which it will, America’s economic size and gravity will diminish accordingly.

    As always, it’s think ahead, and act now with the future in mind.


  14. From: Babylon’s Banksters by Joseph P. Farrell, 2010

    The basic methodology of the banksters, both in ancient and in modern times, has been to substitute one notion of money for another, and thereby to usurp the power of the state to create and issue money and substitute a private monopoly for its creation.

    In the former instance, the idea of money is that of a receipt for goods and services on the productive output of the state itself. In other words, money is “real” money and is a unit of information, of exchange, based on the creative activity of a whole state. It is thus issued by the state itself, and free of any interest-bearing debt.

    In the latter case, money is “false” money, or what we have called a facsimile of money, issued by a private monopoly and bearing debt interest, and circulated as money. The facsimile of money, in other words, is a debt-bearing note, and debt, under such a system, can only increase and never be repaid.

    In the first instance, it is to be noted, money represents the creation of information, i.e., units of exchange, issued in proportion to the productive output of a state, and as such, the unit of exchange represents real information in the physical world. In this instance, the connection between finance and physics is direct and overt, and easily perceived. It is therefore an analogue of the actual alchemical and transmutative properties, ultimately, of the physical medium itself.

    In the second instance, however, money represents almost the exact opposite, since it represents not production but an interest-bearing debt, a kind of “negative information” that can only and must inevitably grow at a rate exponentially faster than the productive output of the state. It bears, in other words, no relation to physical reality. It is a kind of false alchemy, a financial black hole into which the productive output of a state is inevitably sucked, and from which it can never emerge, unless the very underlying idea of the facsimile of money is clearly repudiated and rejected.

    The system of the facsimile of money is, in other words, deliberately designed to enhance and enrich only those who control its issuance, and can never serve the broader public good because it is not designed to do so.

    a. In the methods pursued to replace money by the facsimile of money, the bankster class, as we have seen, has invariably and throughout the centuries consistently followed a well-worn playbook, namely, the creation or counterfeiting of the real money of a state to undermine public confidence in it, or, in some cases, it has purchased the state’s money issuance and taken it out of circulation, leaving only its own debt-bearing notes to circulate as a medium of exchange.

    b. As we have seen from the historical examples presented in preceding pages, whenever a leader or a state has attempted to reject the principle of the facsimile of money, the international bankster class has mobilized those states it does control through that practice to make war against such “breakaway” states, or alternatively, the leaders of states advocating such policies of return to state-issued money as credit, are curiously murdered with a consistency that belies mere coincidence.

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  15. It’s extremely interesting to note one specific fact about Joseph Gentile, the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB).
    Gentile seems to have a history of being at the helm of ships that sink in a very dramatic fashion. In fact, his job before SVB was at…Lehman Brothers. Yes. That Lehman Brothers.

    Prior to joining SVB in 2007, Mr. Gentile served as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for Lehman Brothers’ Global Investment Bank where he directed the accounting and financial needs within the Fixed Income Division.

    Who is Joseph Gentile, the link between the SVB and Lehman Brothers’ collapses?

    From esquireme who is joseph gentile:

    “Well, well, well, it seems the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) has brought a certain individual back into the spotlight. Joseph Gentile, the bank’s Chief Administrative Officer, has been making headlines due to his past involvement with Lehman Brothers, the global finance firm that famously went bankrupt during the 2008 financial crisis.

    “Yup, you read that right, the same guy who used to be Lehman Brothers’ Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is now at the center of attention in the SVB debacle.

    “SVB, once the premier financial institution for tech and health startup businesses in the US, has been in a rapid downward spiral since Friday, with customers starting to withdraw their deposits due to the bank’s investments being adversely affected by recently hiked interest rates.”

    Natural News:
    “Let there be no illusions about how this ends: The total collapse of the dollar, the banking system and the USA as we know it. Perhaps that was the plan all along.”

    Yes, it was the plan all along. The plan was hatched 3,300 years ago.

    Mr. Gentile is obviously working for those who want to destroy America and the West.

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  16. there is no lack of money it was never there never existed or exists except as numbers in some computer ledger { there is no debt … its fiat … make believe money …. monopoly money … the super intelligent evil pshycopaths have bought the world with intrinsically wortless paper and digital money… good God help us return to goodness and truth


  17. Forget the three failed banks in the US. Keep your eye on the ball in our own game in Australia. Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia, Philip Lowe does not work for Australia. His employer is the Bank for International Settlements in Switzerland, which is 100% owned by the Rothschilds. Through their other main bank, the Bank of England in the City of London, they recently stole a few hundred million in gold from Australia and it has disappeared. We need to know who it was in Australia that sent our gold reserves to London, because that trail leads to Australia’s worst enemy. You other mob, start building the gibbets.

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  18. Yeah that’s what happens when you have fractional reserve banking.

    Also, those fleeing the collapsed banks are now transferring their money into the ‘big banks,’ – who’d have thought that would happen?

    Gold should have been bought and stored around fifteen years ago to hedge against this.

    Nonetheless, fine art is where the smart money is now active. This sector is up 30% last year, whilst regular sectors are all down. Banksy being the best performer.

    Follow the smart money, do what they do, not what they say.


  19. David A, Victoria

    “Perhaps that was the plan all along?” It was/is their plan 100%. That’s how they’ll get their great reset and one world govt


  20. I forget where I heard it in the last couple of days but my memory is Biden said something to the effect deposits would be covered up to the limit of the insurance guarantee and could be withdrawn when needed. Seems all depositors have to do is prove they ‘need’ their money for some yet-to-be govt sanctioned list of reasons and not ‘want’ it for some unspecified purpose. Without saying as much, it seems people with funds on deposit over the guarantee are sitting ducks. I don’t have much confidence in what the gatekeepers are saying either way.


  21. Brian Johnston

    I should have added to my previous comment.
    The world derivative market is 20 times bigger than the world’s total GDP.
    Go figure that one.
    How did we get correct they get us into this mess.


  22. Brian Johnston

    The world derivative market is something like $2 quadrillion, therein lies the problem. They are not trading in the physical economy. They are highly and dangerously leverage. The whole thing has to be closed down.
    It is long overdue for the bankers to be exposed.

    The bail out money does not have to be debt. Just print it.
    It does not need to be inflationary.


  23. Epstein’s money cartel = pedophilia and blood money under prosecution


  24. Epstein’s money cartel = pedophilia and blood money under prosecution


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