Australian 3RAR soldiers training at Townsville to control Australians

The right to peaceful assembly and protest is protected by the Commonwealth Constitution, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948), International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights – Article 12 and Article 21 (Freedom of Movement), Section 83:4 of the Commonwealth Criminal Code Act 1995, and the Summary Offences Act Section 6(5) which states that people cannot be directed to move-on if they are: picketing a place of employment; demonstrating, holding banners or signs or speaking in public.

Throughout 2020 and 2021 in Victoria we witnessed numerous instances of terrorism by elite cops incl: CIRT, SOG, PORT and private UN cops wearing Predator badges, including harassment, violent assaults, kettling, depravation of basic human rights, and the indiscriminate use of pepper spray, battons, tear gas, rubber bullets, bean bag rounds, pepper balls, foam baton rounds, smoke bombs and stringer grenades.

Indeed the IBAC investigation last year found “ongoing misconduct issues and risks with the CIRT” and found that CIRT members “acted inconsistently with the Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities”. Now they want to throw kerosine on the fire by bringing in the ADF???

From David,


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Personnel from the 3rd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (3RAR), with the support of the 1st Military Police Battalion (1MP), conducted PPC training at Lavarack Barracks.
The course focused on soldiers’ individual PPC training while ensuring the ready battle group met the qualifications required of the ADF’s contingency operational response element.

Infantry sections integrated closely with military police arrest teams, detainee processing capabilities, and military working dogs to enhance security and crowd dispersion.
Captain Nicholas Crosbie, from 3RAR’s Alpha Company, said PPC was a non-lethal combat technique to maintain control, detain and “protect populations”.

Not ONLY the government have betrayed us, so have the police and military.


From Han Barkmeyer


About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Too many in the Australian Police have lost the stomach for enforcing CoVID Correctness and Communist tyranny upon the Australian population – being genocided by the gov’t btw.

    We have seen this action.

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  2. This world is ruled by deceit. What do you expect?

    This is not reality, you’re dreaming it all up…a nightmare NOT of GOD’S making.

    We are the Luciferian consciousness that turned away(tuned out) from Truth.
    This is “Never Never Land”.
    For those with ears that hear…(The Spirit).

    (…that ain’t no way to have fun…son…!)

    That is why and how; The Truth Shall Set You Free. It’s not of this world. And It leads out of this world.


  3. Han Barkmeyer, I’m surprised that your above article is displayed, so readers can read and comprehend what the hell is going on.
    Because often news about controlled opposition (In most worldwide blogs) has a habit of being deleted very quickly. By “Whom” I don’t know.

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  4. Han Barkmeyer, Yes I know about and like the above Quotes: Benjamin Franklin, but like tonyryan43 wrote: We need patriots who understand the people,” Fine, but how many have stayed clear of the Killer Vaxx? If the majority have all been Vaxxed & boosted until eternity, yes we are f**ked… One of the side effects of the killer Vaxx is it destroys any Sprite – Guts – Backbone – Patriotic energy to stand up for yourself and for your country,
    (What’s left of it)… The number of people that still wear face nappies, “If they change camp we will have a lot more, so that can wake up others…?

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  5. Senator Rennick wants to know: “How do you go about pressing charges against public servants who have been reckless and negligent with the AFP?”

    We have a standard issue communist genocide being conducted against the Australian people with a depop shot and bioweapon by government mandate and especially coercion of employers and gov’t agencies, so perhaps this thought may have occurred to the officers of the court (who are exempt from the vaxx btw).

    I know I tend to bang on about this, but heart attack and stroke for teen-agers playing sport is being normalised. People are getting used to it. The hospitals and medical profession is covering it up.

    Now Senator Rennick has raised the question.

    Federal Police Slammed Over Vaccine Deaths by Senator Rennick

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  6. Frequencies, energy and vibration are the main gig, as Tesla said.
    As this video shows, frequencies have healing abilities. And the opposite is true too:

    I witnessed a friends session on one of these-it was amazing.
    It picked everything that was wrong with him and did some good healing by inputting frequencies into him.
    Another friend who I went to the same clinic with, but did not witness her session, told me that the clinician said that she had had an African parasite living in her for 20 years.
    When asked where she had been at that time, she said: In a pool in Bali. And that was probably it.
    Lesson being: frequencies are a big deal.



    Regarding the use of non – lethal WEAPONS by Australian Forces, Private Contractors, UN or other non – State actors on the people that share equally the Commonwealth of Australia, whether they be Long Range Acoustic DEVICES causing injuries to ears by continuously firing sound waves at 160+ dB, way above WHS/OHS industries’ standard pain threshold of 130db or high energy microwave/radio frequencies from Directed Energy WEAPONS causing burns and brain trauma, if 25 million fingers point at our Federal or State Representatives, it is worth noting the findings of the International Criminal Court of which Australia is a ratified member, stating in Prosecutor v. Gbagbo and Blé Goudé, “Moreover, it is important to determine whether the violence can be traced to the State apparatus, either because it financed, provided weapons to or coordinated attacks together with these non – State actors or simply did not stop them.”


  8. It should also be noted that the reason peaceful protestors were not allowed to peacefully assemble and protest during the Covid lockdowns, and many were arrested and fined was on the basis of allegedly breaching CHO Directives based on powers granted by State-based laws such as the Victoria Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008. When these fines were challenged correctly in Court, most fines were ultimately dismissed or withdrawn before being heard in Court.

    In order for an individual to be required to comply with quarantine requirements in relation to a listed human disease (eg: wearing a mask), that individual must have been issued with a Biosecurity Control Order issued by a Court under the Federal Biosecurity Act 2015 (refer Section 60, 61) with full right of appeal, naming that Individual in the Order and stating that they have one or more signs or symptoms of a listed human disease; or have been exposed to a listed human disease; or another individual who has one or more signs or symptoms of a listed human disease. Without a Biosecurity Control Order naming you in the Order, you are not required to comply with any Public Health Order in relation to a listed human disease which is a Quarantine matter that falls under Federal law.

    Also, following the 1946 National Referendum it was voted that no MEDICAL CONSCRIPTION could be imposed upon “we the people” and is tabled in Section 51, 23a. Section 109 ensures any State ratified laws, directions, orders and restrictions not in “harmony” and in contrast to the Constitutional Guarantees of the Commonwealth of Australia are immediately and 100% INVALID and cannot be relied upon by those individuals at a State level attempting to impose such restrictions and controls on the public. Thus the Commonwealth Constitution does provide protections for people their right to peaceful protest (including during a declared pandemic).

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  9. The High Court, in a series of cases in the early 1990s, implied the existence of a number of rights from the democratic and representative framework of the Constitution. In Australian Capital Television Pty Ltd v Commonwealth, the Court held that Australians had the freedom of political communication.

    In a number of other subsequent decisions, numerous judges have held that the freedom of association is a necessary incident of the freedom of communication, given that the ability to communicate is contingent upon people being able to gather together (Mulholland v Australian Electoral Commission).

    In 2016, the Tasmanian centre-right Coalition government attempted to pass a harsh anti-protest law, making it a crime to protest in forests which were going to be logged, among other places. The law was ruled unconstitutional by the High Court of Australia after a challenge was brought by former Green Party leader and environmental activist Bob Brown. The High Court ruled the laws unconstitutional because the breached the right to political communication, which is implicit in the Australian Constitution.

    The High Court has expressly noted that implied freedoms can be limited, but only if restrictions are “reasonably appropriate and adapted” to serve a legitimate objective in a manner consistent with representative and responsible government.

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  10. lyndesymonds, that is an excellent video of Avi Yemini reporting from Alice Springs!

    There wouldn’t be a problem at all in Alice Springs if only the Aboriginal teenagers misbehaving would be properly dealt with. Of course, that is not going to happen because they, the authorities, want to deliberately create tensions.
    Jewish billionaire George Soros funding Black Lives Matter comes to mind fanning the flames of a Race War in America.
    That’s where Jewish Rebel News and Avi Yemini exploit the tensions in Alice Springs AND ASKING TWICE for donations in his 12 minute video. Rebel News does make a lot of money from gullible people donating to them.

    Here Max Igan’s video ‘The Great Collapse Ordo Ab Chao’, 1 October, 2022

    Watch Avi Yemini from REBEL NEWS Melbourne at the 1:05:00 hour mark boasting how he shot “Palestinian children in the face and the heart” when he was a sniper in the Israeli “Defence” Force (IDF).
    Yemini is Australian born, but as a proud Jew got Israeli citizenship and “fought” against the Palestinians, especially against children armed with stones.

    Jewish Rebel News’ Ezra Levant and his Australian Chief Correspondent in Melbourne Avi Yemini, are clearly controlled opposition and ALWAYS asking for donations.

    From the Times of Israel, June 13, 2016: Avi (real first name Avraham) Yemini: Why I’m proud to be a “F**king Jew”
    “Growing up in an ultra-Orthodox, “Chabad” family in Melbourne, Australia, where I always wore a kippa (skull cap), I know what anti-Semitism feels like…. Our mission was to show Australian Jews that being a proud Jew, being a proud Zionist, can work for you.”

    From the Melbourne Age November 1, 2015:
    “The Melbourne gym (owned by Avi Yemini) that offered to teach its members to use firearms like elite Israeli army snipers in April is now offering to help Australians join the Israel Defence Forces.
    IDF Training, a private gym in Caulfield, is best known for its courses in Krav Maga, a form of combat training used by the IDF and popular abroad as a form of self-defence.”

    From the HeraldSun 30 July, 2019:
    “Avi Yemini’s ex-wife reveals personal toll of his assault and harassment
    Activist and former (Israeli Army) soldier Avi Yemini has been convicted of the brutal harassment and assault of his ex-wife, whose harrowing victim impact statement said he had “broken her spirit” and “destroyed her self-worth”.”

    Yes, the ultra-Orthodox Chabad Avi Yemini is a nice POS.

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  11. aapkoning: “…even in The Juwsa, they are not waking up that their OWN ZOG is killing their own people…”

    So true! The American population armed to the teeth, many ex-military, have the means to overthrow their government.
    But, that will never happen all thanks to the Jewish twins of Christianity and Cultural Marxism totally mind controlling the American people and the rest of the Western world. They all have become Sheep.
    The American Founding Fathers must be turning in their graves.

    Benjamin Franklin:
    “I fully agree with General Washington, that we must protect this young nation from an insidious influence and penetration. The menace, gentleman, is the Jews.

    “If you do not exclude them, in less than 200 years our descendants will be working in the fields to furnish them substance, while they will be in the counting houses rubbing their hands.

    “I warn you, gentlemen, if you do not exclude Jews for all time, your children will curse you in your graves.”

    If only the Americans had listened to the prophetic words of their Founding Fathers, they would still be the land of the Brave and Free.

    In this short video the Jewish Rabbis can be seen salivating at the thought of destroying Western civilisation and America in particular:

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  12. The last thing the Cop Shop (militarized or otherwise) is going to do is reign in crime and chaos against the Australian population. Check out the Black Teens who ‘own’ the streets in Alice Springs. Australian Law doesn’t touch them, Aboriginal Law doesn’t touch them unless Crips and Bloods gang code is part of Aboriginal culture and therefore subject to Aboriginal law.

    No wonder their Senator is opposed to ‘The Voice’.

    All this ‘youths’, ‘teens’, ‘youngsters’ and ‘children’ business is a lot of BS.

    For the best combat soldiers in the world are from about 17 – 20, the exact age of these ‘youths’ who own the streets of Alice Springs. This is the age group that can do and will do pretty much anything.

    The young Rhodesians in this age group just doing their Nasho were tremendously admired by the American veterans of Vietnam and they had many pictures of the Rhodesian Counter Insurgency in the veterans retreats. I remember seeing a photo of two of the young lions in their canvas shoes (tackies) and webbing with their FNs that had made its way to the States and was tacked up on the Rhodesian Wall. The actual number today escapes me, but if memory serves, the admiring caption read: ‘9 low altitude jumps in one morning in their motorcycle helmets. 9 contacts / 15 kills.’ Somebody had scrawled ‘and in those shorts’ arrow pointing to what the Australians would call stubbies. Somebody else had scrawled: ‘the girls jump in just the webbing’. And underneath: ‘That settles it. I’m going’.

    That’s the age group that controls the streets of Alice Springs.

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  13. Traitors turn on their own People. Whoever ordered this needs to be named, also whoever supports or trains these soldiers to carry out violence on fellow Australians should be put in the brig.

    What the hell are you people doing to this once peaceful land ? I am sure you fellas are enjoying the fun of training. But, what if you come up against your mum or dad, your sister or brother, or you child Are you going to follow orders then ? When the communists took over China they set every one against even those people closest to them was this very successful.

    My father and brother, both were members of our defence forces. They must be turning in their graves.

    I am ashamed

    When you get to the Pearly Gates, saying you were just following orders will not be the right answer.

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  14. Han Barkmeyer: Just read this one and I’m sure it will boggle your mind…
    America the Worthless…
    Or get direct from: below…


  15. Han Barkmeyer, Like the comments, – ONE comment from me: “Stockholm Syndrome…”
    Han even in The Juwsa, they are not waking up that their OWN ZOG is killing their own people…
    Here the latest: Ohio Derailment More Deadly Than Chernobyl, Experts Warn
    Learn the true scale of the toxic hazmat situation in East Palestine.
    “Train Derailment in Ohio a Sign of Economic planned Domestic Warfare.”

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  16. tonyryan43: “If we do not have soldiers on our side, we are fucked. Can I put it more plainly than that?”

    Why are people always waiting for a Saviour? Christians are waiting for Jesus Christ their Saviour and wait for him until the cows come home.
    People electing politicians hoping that they will save them, while the elections are in fact Selections and completely rigged.

    No one is going to save us, but ourselves.

    I have said it so many times before… Massive non-compliance and civil disobedience!

    But the Sheeple wouldn’t dare to think of it. They rather comply and act like Sheep: Meek and Obedient being led to the Slaughterhouse.

    Don’t rely on the Soldiers, they are Sheep in uniform: Meek and Obedient Following Orders.

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  17. No party with a vote of 27% has a mandate to do ANYTHING! It does NOT have the vote of 73% of the population.

    And it certainly has no right to sic the national army against ANY of its people.

    A select minority will always lord it over the majority. Empower the majority and the minority falls into the proper role it is assigned by the majority.

    People power is now a foreign concept in Australia. It seems it only works in banana republics scheduled for regime changes by minority interests.


  18. tonyryan43: “If we do not have soldiers on our side, we are fucked. Can I put it more plainly than that?”

    Given that we face the imminent Chinese Communist threat (so we are told) it must be time to establish a well equipped civilian militia reserve like they have in Switzerland. The regular army can then worry about military matters and repelling enemies instead of police work against the population.

    That should keep the Kommie bastards a lil more honest, eh?

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  19. How corny!
    What if it RAINS. They are going to get WET.


  20. Let me say this once again…

    Our most urgent need is to identify soldiers who are patriots and who understand the people they are supposed to protect are we, the people, not the crooked politicians and traitors.

    If we do not have soldiers on our side, we are fucked. Can I put it more plainly than that?

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  21. Pat From Vic: the jury is out with me on Riccardo Bosi. Do you think he had any idea that the emp weapon was going to be used in Canberra?


  22. rhonda emerton: “its routine training,they have been doing it for years”

    Yeah, don’t worry, go back to sleep. She’ll be right.

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  23. Hi Editor

    Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act

    1901 as Proclaimed and Gazetted.

    Part V – Powers of the Parliament

    51 Legislative powers of the Parliament

    The Parliament shall, subject to this Constitution, have power12 to make

    laws for the peace, order, and good government of the Commonwealth

    with respect to:

    (vi) the naval and military defence of the Commonwealth and of the

          several States, and the control of the forces to execute and maintain 
          the laws of the Commonwealth; 

    These idiots create themselves as the Terrorists Dick

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  24. PM Scott Morrison, on returning from his overseas holiday taken while the country was burning and the ‘covid’ psyops was getting under way, said there was the need for legislation that allowed defence forces personnel be used during national disasters. And so we later saw their deployment in Sydney’s working class suburbs to jab everyone – so we could get back our Freedoms…
    Seems that that states heavily armed and armored riot squads may need back-up to break-up protest gatherings…

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  25. its routine training,they have been doing it for years


  26. It just re-inforces my observation that all the weapons of war have been deployed against the people by the government in recent times.

    Military/militarised police on the borders/in the streets
    War emergency control of the economy
    Identity passes/checks/controls

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  27. Helpful comment from that UselessTube video – “Just scream “they, them, she her” and they’ll lose their minds.” Megaphones are not a weapons.


  28. And from the very beginning Australian Mums and Dads have been calling for our Military to help. Are you starting to understand why they didn’t listen yet?

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  29. That is very bad news in itself. All those soldiers will be breaking Australian Laws and International laws if they do in fact attack the very people they are employed to protect. The sad part about all this is that the people of Australia dont want to know anything about this. They think its fine. So bloody wrong on so many levels. These same people will probably cheer on the Soldiers making themselves complicit to a crime against the nation. Remember, only MORONS know nothing about whats really happening. Untill we wake these people up to the severity of whats really happening, nothing will change, nothing will get back to “normal”.

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  30. They are readying for the main event.


  31. Get read of th


  32. brucebrod said – “You left out that sound weapon they used in Victoria.”

    FWIW, I believe the sound weapon you’re speaking of, was actually used by the hired brain-dead mercenaries posing as the “Australian Federal Police” at the million-man march in Canberra last year (actually, closer to 2 million).

    They overtly – clearly visible to the public – employed a military-grade dual-use acoustic device against the crowd, ostensibly in “public announcement” mode, although that system also has a weaponised capability.

    The insidious side to the story is that many men, women and children at the Canberra protest suffered radiation burns and associated illness during and after the protests – something absolutely NOT attributable to any acoustic system. That was clearly the effect of military-grade electromagnetic directed energy weapons deployed covertly by the AFP scum against the unarmed peaceful law-abiding protestors.

    Ergo, there was no longer any doubt – the same rule of thumb applies to the arseholes pretending to be Australian Fedral Police as to every other private hired mercenary army in every state in Australia – there ARE no “good cops”, just treasonous anti-Australian arseholes all too ready to do whatever their fascists masters tell them to do.

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  33. Always has been since the first satanic lodge was built. You ought to look into the two years that Albert Pike spent here, especially Victoria, establishing lodges.
    He fled here after he was convicted of unspeakable crimes his band of Confederate Guerillas committed against women and children behind Union lines.
    He attempted to hide them as “Indian” attacks, but was identified by survivors of one bloody slaughter.

    A price was put on his head so he fled to Canada. The British establishment and Jesuits brought him here for safety.
    He was the Grand Sovereign Master of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.

    He was a lawyer and a business partner of George Bushes grandfather. The same evil Jesuit networks continue right into the paedophile masonic high ranks of our Army.

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  34. I read and watched elsewhere, didn’t feel inclined to share here. Whilst I found it disturbing, I also felt it was too conveniently available across the internet. Govt dept spreading their cheer or fear. From my perspective my enemy starts with thy neighbour, even family. They are doing their bidding. Those who fight back are the antagonist. I think to use an old expression Blind Freddy can see it.

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  35. You left out that sound weapon they used in Victoria.


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