The United States is preparing Australia to go to war against China

By John Lander, retired Diplomat

Pearls and Irritations

February 16, 2023

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Thank you for inviting me to address the Salon. I am greatly honoured and somewhat daunted, given the long list of eminent scholars, analysts and writers who have preceded me.

I am not a “writer”, although I have written a lot during my thirty-year diplomatic career, much of it in relation to China. None of it published and most of it buried in government archives. All I can bring to the table is my personal interpretation of current developments regarding US and China, in the light of my past experience.

One of your previous speakers, Patrick Lawrence, advocated putting the main point first. So here goes:

The United States is not preparing to go to war against China.

The United States is preparing Australia to go to war against China.

“The Alliance”, has been elevated to an almost religious article of faith, against which any demur is treated as heresy amounting to treachery. The ANZUS treaty actually provides no guarantee of protection

The Anzus Treaty

A look at the ANZUS Treaty and the way it has been manipulated over time will explain why I have come to this conclusion.

Originally defensive in concept, the ANZUS Treaty was seen by Australia from its very beginning as a means to “achieve the acceptance by the USA of responsibility in SE Asia” (Percy Spender) to shield Australia from perceived antagonistic forces in its region. It has, however, developed into an instrument for the furtherance of US ability to prosecute war globally – previously in Iraq and Afghanistan, currently against Russia and potentially against China.

The ANZUS Treaty, usually referred to in reverential tones as “The Alliance”, has been elevated to an almost religious article of faith, against which any demur is treated as heresy amounting to treachery. Out of anxiety to cement the US into protection of Australia, the Alliance has been invoked as justification for Australia’s participation in almost every American military adventure – or misadventure – since WW II.

Unlike NATO or the Defence Treaty with Japan, the ANZUS treaty actually provides no guarantee of protection, merely assurances to consult on appropriated means of support in the event that Australia should come under attack.

On the other hand, the Alliance has facilitated the steady growth of American presence in Australia, to the point that it pervades every aspect of Australian political, economic, financial, social and cultural life. Australians fret about China “buying up the country”, but American investment is ten times the size.

They are unaware or uncaring that almost every major Australian company across the resources, food, retail, mass media, entertainment, banking and finance sectors has majority American ownership. Right now US corporations eclipse everyone else in their ability to influence our politics through their investment in Australian stocks.

2500 US Marines stationed in Darwin

The transfer of Australian assets to American ownership has continued unabated: In the second half of 2021 then Treasurer Josh Frydenberg approved the transfer of $130 billion of Australian assets to foreign private equity funds, benefiting Goldman Sachs who facilitated the transactions, by multimillions of dollars. Josh Frydenberg now is employed by Goldman Sachs:

The USA and the UK between them represent nearly half of all foreign investment. China plus Hong Kong represents 4.2%. The 4 big “Aussie” banks are dependent on foreign capital which dictate local banks’ policies and operations.

Defence and military weapons manufacturing industries in Australia are now largely owned by US weapons corporations – Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Boeing, Thales, NorthropGrumman. The deep integration of Australia’s defence industries and economy into the US military-industrial complex greatly influences Australia’s foreign/defence policies.

That, plus US capture of Australia’s intelligence and policy apparatus through the “Five Eyes” network and ASPI (which has lobbyists from American arms manufacturers on a Board headed by an operative trained by the CIA) means that the US is able to swing Australian policy to support America in almost all its endeavours.

Despite the fact that it contains no guarantee of US protection of Australia, the Treaty and further arrangements under its auspices, such as the 2014 Force Posture Agreement and now AUKUS, have greatly facilitated US war preparation in Australia. This has accelerated exponentially in the past few years. The US now describes Australia as the most important base for the projection of US power in the Indo-Pacific.

Indicators Of War Preparations

  • 2,500 US marines stationed in Darwin practicing for war with the Australian Defence Forces, soon to include the Japanese Defence Forces
  • Establishment of a regional HQ for the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command in Darwin
  • Lengthening the RAAF aircraft runways in Northern Territory at our expense for servicing US fighters and bombers
  • Proposed stationing of 6 nuclear weapons-capable B52 Bombers at RAAF Tindal in NT
  • Construction of massive fuel and maintenance facilities in Darwin NT for US aircraft
  • Proposed acquisition of eight nuclear-propelled submarines at the cost of $170 billion for hunter-killer operations in the Taiwan Strait
  • Construction, at the cost of $10 billion, of a deep water port on Australia’s east coast for US and UK nuclear powered and nuclear missile-carrying submarines
  • The long-established satellite communications station known as Pine Gap in central Australia has recently, and is still being, expanded and upgraded. It is key to the command and control of US forces in the Indo-Pacific (and even as far afield as Ukraine)

The Government and right wing anti-China analysts and commentators, whose opinions dominate main stream media, accept the Defence Minister’s contention that this militarisation enhances Australia’s sovereignty by strengthening the range and lethality of Australia’s high-end war-fighting capability to provide a credible deterrent to a potential aggressor.P/2

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Plan to Wreck America. ‘The Globalist Billionaires’

    February 26, 2023 — I was reading a document that was authored by George Soros over 10 years ago in which he talks specifically about this all-out war that would ultimately come against Russia because he said this ‘was the last nationalist state that rests on a foundation of orthodox christian culture with Russian identity at its core. That has to be removed. So I think that the people who are in charge in the west and the people in charge in Washington think they have successfully destroyed the identities of the European and American peoples, that we have no sense of ourselves, our borders are undefended, we present no resistance to the incoming migrants from the developing world who essentially roll over us as though we owe them a living and that our laws do not count. Thus, far I would say that is an accurate evaluation of what we’ve been doing. And I think that’s a great victory for George Soros and the globalists, the anti-nationalists; those who want open borders what they call it an “Open Society” because you end up with nothing, an amorphous mass of people struggling to survive who are reduced to the lowest levels of subsistence . . . (Soros) even goes so far as to talk about how useful it would be if it was east Europeans whose lives were expended in this process and not west Europeans who simply won’t take the casualties. This is not a minor matter. This is the kind of thinking that is so destructive and so evil, in my judgment, that that’s what we’re really dealing with in our own countries and I think Putin recognizes that.”

    Macgregor discusses this phenom in relation to Russia which Soros sees as “the last nationalist state that rests on a foundation of Orthodox Christian culture with Russian identity at its core.” But the same rule could be applied to the January 6 protestors, could it not? Isn’t that the real reason the protestors were rounded up and thrown into the Washington gulag. After all, everyone knows there was no “insurrection” nor were there any “white supremacists.” The protestors were locked up because they’re nationalists (patriots) who are the natural enemy of the globalists. Elites don’t believe that nationalists can be persuaded by propaganda. They must be eradicated through incarceration or worse . . .

    The other underlying message of January 6, is that ordinary people are no longer allowed to challenge the authority of the people in power. Again, political legitimacy in the US has always been determined by elections. What January 6 indicates, is that legitimacy no longer matters. What matters is power, and the person who can have you arrested for questioning his authority, has all the power he needs . . . “Klaus Schwab, a student of the war criminal Henry Kissinger, is a mentor to power-hungry and narcissistic sociopaths. The WEF “Great Reset” is designed to turn the world into an impoverished social concentration camp, where destitute serfs “own nothing” and this, in true Orwellian fashion, will set them free . . . Full story:
    http s://


  2. lol I suppose if we can have Multiculturalism then we might allow for the possibility of Multiconfessionalism too? After all, the Borjas were masters at it.

    The only catch was that they had to shell out heaps, particularly on setting up their Spanish secular “Army of Christ” in order to quell any voices of truth and to keep them safely entrenched on the papal throne. But the rewards on their investment were obviously quite fantastic. lol


  3. Do you mean Cory is a RC and a Jew? Ed


  4. To Davidd2

    Well noted.
    Sky News (MSM) is another example of a different looking fruit but from the same tree.
    I stopped watching it eons ago.
    When Bernardi had an ‘I love Netenyahu’ day with his little skull cap and Sharrie was hailed
    a hero because she had breaking news (months later) about a virus leak from a China lab necessitating writing a book about, you could see, among other things, where the Sky News focus lay.

    What MSM fails to take into account is that Australia is a multicultural Nation now.
    Very multicultural.
    We have friends from all walks of life in this Country.
    Including Chinese people who have lived here for generations.

    MSM has literally become a scourge on our Society.
    It has lied and tainted truth for it’s own purposes.
    Turn it off.


  5. And of course our patriotic MSM plays its part in the propaganda campaign.

    “Murdoch Propaganda Pushes Australia to Double Its Military Budget for War with China”

    By Caitlin Johnstone
    Asia-Pacific Research, February 21, 2023

    “In the latest escalation in Australia’s increasingly forceful campaign to manufacture consent for war with China, the Murdoch-owned Sky News Australia has aired a jaw-droppingly propagandistic hour-long special which advocates a dramatic increase in the nation’s military spending.

    “Australians are uniquely vulnerable to propaganda because our nation has the most concentrated media ownership in the western world, the lion’s share of it by Rupert Murdoch, who has well-documented ties to US government agencies going back decades. The propaganda campaign against China has gotten so aggressive here in recent years that I’ve repeatedly had complete strangers start babbling at me about the Chinese threat in casual conversation, completely out of the blue, within minutes of our first meeting each other.

    “The Sky News special is one of the most brazenly propagandistic things I have ever witnessed in any news media, with its opening minutes featuring footage of bayonet-wielding Chinese troops marching while ominous cinematic Bad Guy music plays loudly over the sound of the marching. In its promotional clip for the special, Sky News Australia tinged all footage pertaining to China in red to show how dangerous and communist they are. These are not decisions that are made with the intention of informing the public, these are decisions that are made with the intention of administering war propaganda…”

    much more incl video …


  6. Howard Millar you maybe multi skilled but it doesn’t make you intelligent, America are not your friends!!!! What do you think the zogs want three nuclear subs paid for by you for??? It’s not for your protection mate! It’s to protect Israels interests in Australia. Let’s hope you are not drafted for another America’s war whores Australia war!! It’s never worked out, never will. Those that forget history will repeat it.


  7. To Han

    The first half of your comments were something which on some level I also question.
    The land grab of a Country based on historical text more than 2000 years old would require extensive genetic testing as to the rightful owners.
    For example, I believe I could be Aboriginal from way back but only a genetic test will prove that I’m wrong.

    The second half of your comments are based on your views of the biblical God.
    Without a long explanation which you are not interested in, one must realise that the Old Testament and the New Testament in the one Bible are from different eras.
    They just highlight the old Covenant and the new Covenant.

    As far as the focus on blood goes, the God of Abraham, Isaac etc as in the Old Testament used the shedding of the blood of a lamb sacrifice (not every day) as an ‘atonement’ for their sins/wrongdoing, and this was performed by their Priests.

    The NewTestament however, is about the shedding of the blood (on the cross) that occurred when the Jews who hated Jesus, and didn’t believe he was their Moshiach (Messiah) had him crucified and hung him on a cross.
    This symbolism and the shedding of blood by Jesus meant for those who believed, that they no longer needed Priests to do those animal sacrifices.
    Jesus would be the final sacrifice, the lamb.
    The shedding of blood had symbolic meaning.

    Many Jews refuse to accept any role that Jesus might have had and follow only the old Testament and the historic old Testament laws and also have some other ones along the way (Talmud) which seem to be focused heavily on what to do with believers of Jesus.
    This is where the Talmud comes in.

    Other religions such as the Muslims believe Jesus was a prophet but not God.
    There are the religions that like some of the teachings and wisdom of Jesus but that’s all.
    Catholics accept that Jesus died on a cross but keep him on the cross and don’t focus on his resurrection, and atheists tend to get the message of the Bible all a bit muddled and for some reason take great offence to it.

    Let’s not forget that the shedding of blood plays a big part in the Luciferian religions too.
    Satan demands it.
    Religions that worship Molech sacrifice babies (and their blood).

    I think sacrificing lambs is a bit different to sacrificing babies.
    If this world would prefer to follow that way of behaving then it will be a darker place.

    All things aside, best to leave it at that. Readers of CN don’t like to go round in circles.


  8. The Western ZOGs and Israel are owned by the same Apex as the Communist Eastern Bloc, its Eurasian BRICs and Israel. The same Apex. In the latter the world system for the goy plantation is essentially built. The Eurasian Project has the Pax Judaica.

    The Western ZOGs on the other hand were assigned to facilitate the armed aggression of the Communist Revolution (the Judaic imperium) – especially in the 20th century and the SIG wars for regime change in the ME 21st century. The ZOGs are still under intense Communist subversion. It will be ‘satanisation’ before sovietisation for the ZOGs. But their script for the Judaic imperium is now essentially concluded as that Imperium has now acceded to world power through the United [Communist] Nations.

    If they do math [which is, of course, racist], rur dumbed down Western schools focus on critical race theory ‘math’ like:
    If we divide 150 unicorns by White Supremacy [ which is very bad ], how much climate change does poor Lovemore Sibanda in Zimbabwe suffer.

    So it is a good thing that the water rights of the Upper Zambezi have been sold to the CCP and its ‘stakeholder’ , ‘ethnical capitalist’ manufactured billionaires.

    Instead, they should be reading books like The World Conquerors and leaning about real world leaders like:

    Chaim Weizmann (1874-1952)
    President of the Zionist Organisation (1921-31 and 1935-46)

    “We are one people despite the ostensible rifts, cracks and differences between the American and Soviet democracies. We are one people and it is not in our interests that the West should liberate the East, for in doing this and in liberating the enslaved nations, the West would inevitably deprive Jewry of the Eastern half of its world power.”

    Louis Marschalko (1903-1968) .
    The World Conquerors

    To those who think this reality has somehow changed because Boris stood on a tank and waved a flag at the Supreme Soviet or that Putin [a crypto Jew whose rabbi is Berel Lazar] ‘threw the Rothschilds out of Russia’ do get back to us on how much climate change you think poor Lovemore is suffering due to evilwhitesystemicracistcolonialoppressionhomophobiaandmisogynyofevilchristianslaveempires.


  9. Dandy: “Your description of the Jews is too broad.”

    Oh, yes, I heard that one before. There are indeed many branches and all of them, religious or secular believe that “GOD GAVE THIS LAND TO US”.
    So, what is the difference between practicing and none-practicing Jews?
    They all believe the BS Torah/Bible, the racist and supremacist Talmud and act accordingly.

    From: When secular Israelis claim ‘God gave this land to us’

    “Israeli Ambassador to the UN, Danny Danon (A SECULAR JEW), created something of a viral sensation last week when, during a speech in the Security Council, he dramatically brandished a Bible and declared “This is the deed to our land.”

    He then continued:
    ““From the book of Genesis; to the Jewish exodus from Egypt; to receiving the Torah on Mount Sinai; to the gates of Canaan; and to the realization of God’s covenant in the Holy Land of Israel; the Bible paints a consistent picture. The entire history of our people and our connection to Eretz Yisrael begins right here.”

    “Danon’s use of an ancient religious text as justification for the State of Israel’s right to the land was likely an astonishing moment for many. What on earth was a secular Israeli doing lecturing the UN on “God’s covenant in the Holy Land of Israel?”

    “For those familiar with Zionist pedagogy, however, his comments were neither unusual nor unprecedented.
    When I heard about Danon’s Biblical tutorial, I immediately recalled a famous story about a 1937 meeting between David Ben-Gurion and Lord Peel, who was then heading the British Royal Peel Commission of Inquiry into the potential partition of Mandate Palestine.

    “According to the story, Lord Peel asked Ben-Gurion where he was born, and Ben-Gurion replied that he was from Plonsk, Poland. Lord Peel responded that the Arab leaders with whom he had met were all born in Palestine and most of the Jewish leaders were from Eastern Europe. Peel noted that the Arab people had a kushan (Ottoman land deed) that entitled them to the land, and asked Ben-Gurion if he also had a document that proved the land belonged to him.

    “At that point, Ben-Gurion (AN ATHEIST) became aware of the Bible upon which he had just sworn as a commission witness. He grabbed it, held it up and exclaimed, “Here is your kushan. It is the world’s most highly respected book and I believe that you British regard it with much respect too. We must have this land!”

    “This phenomenon—that of otherwise secular Israeli Jews proclaiming “God gave this land to us”—is not particularly uncommon.”

    How the hell can you argue with zealots like that. The whole Torah/Bible is a work of fiction. Mr Yahweh, their fictional god had/has clearly anger management issues, and as he himself admitted is a jealous god, but worst of all, he is a bloodthirsty genocidal god.

    The Jews got the Christians and Muslims also praying to Mr.Yahweh. They want the world to follow THEIR NOAHIDE LAWS and worship their bloodthirsty genocidal Mr. Yahweh.
    Mr. Yahweh wants blood, human or animal, ordered his Chosen Ones to genocide their opponents, ordered them to kill their cattle, sheep, etc. The Bible, the Jew book is full of those stories.
    Mr. Yahweh ordered Abraham to kill his son Isaac for him.

    Jewish Rabbis were basically butchers as they were slaughtering animals in the morning and at night to offer to Mr. Yahweh.
    Once the Jews have built their Third Temple the animal sacrifices will start all over again.
    To have animal sacrifices to please their god in this day and age says a lot about their mental state.
    Clearly sadistic psychos, just like their god, Mr. Yahweh.

    The Jews and their fictional god have an obsession with blood.
    From Thomas Dalton: The Jewish Blood-Obsession

    “And yet, some people do not shun the sight of blood. Some, it seems, relish it. Some find glory in it, expiation, and even salvation. Indeed, some see it as their very linkage to God himself.

    “In fact, the Jews are precisely such a people. From ancient times, the Hebrew tribe viewed blood as central to both their daily lives and their broader worldview. Blood was ever-present in ordinary (Jewish) human affairs, and it was a key element in Jewish religious ritual.
    So pervasive and so important was the use of blood that Judaism constituted a virtual blood-cult.

    “Stephen Geller refers to the Hebrews’ “sanguinary sacrificial cult” that is well-documented in the Old Testament. Judaism was (and remains) a “mystery religion in which blood serves as a powerful physical substance,” according to David Biale.

    “Blood is that by which Jews commune with God; in a way, blood is the material manifestation of God himself.”


  10. To Han,

    Your description of the Jews is too broad.
    There are many branches.
    Do you blame a whole family for their wayward child?
    I am led to believe the Bolshevik Jews were young freemasons and may have been non-practicing Jews.

    Chabad is a Jewish branch that believes that ‘the connection to Israel is because G-d granted the land to the Jewish people”.
    Imagine if every religion was able to lay that sort of land rights claim based on their teachings from thousands of years ago.

    The Chabad of Melbourne CBD seem to be a large religious group that has existed for at least 20 years in Victoria.
    Chabad is well established in Australlia.

    A number of Politicians, Business Community, Professionals and the Legal fraternity have also participated in their different celebrations over the years.
    Like Daniel Andrews both as opposition leader, and also as Premier of Victoria.
    Other names past and present like Ted Baillieu (past Premier), John Brumby (past Premier), Robert Doyle (past Lord Mayor) David Southwick MP, James Merlino MP, Paul Hammer, Robin Scott MP, Tim Smith MP, Inga Peulich MP, Justice Weinberg (Federal and Supreme Court Judge), Justice Finkelstein (Federal Court Judge), Matthew Guy MP, Josh Frydenberg (past Treasurer), Dame Elizabeth Murdoch, Bill Gates, Geraldine Doogue (ABC), Mark Dreyfus QC MP and others.

    Reference: chabad.

    I wonder if the Chabad still hold their annual Menorah Lighting and Cocktail Party at the Victorian State Parliament House “proving the Government supports and helps Jews to keep their traditions and celebrate their religion”.
    Do we know if other religions also have Cocktail parties at the State Parliament House?

    And do the Politicians still share the “inspiration of Chanukah, (to) let light lead the way to goodness, reaffirming commitment to all that is good, and pledge to fill our homes, our Community, our Nation, with love, wisdom and courage, to always stand up for what is right and decent”?

    There is however, unbeknown to the Community at large, an undergirding of Chabad and that is their 7 Noahide Laws.

    These laws are incompatible with the sins of the West.

    Belief in G-d (do not worship idols)
    Respect G-d and praise him (do not Blaspheme His name)
    Respect Human Life (do not murder)
    Respect the Family (do not commit immoral sexual acts)
    Respect for others rights and property (do not steal)
    Creation of a judicial system (pursue justice)
    Respect all creatures (do not eat the flesh of an animal that is still alive)

    That is belief in their G-d (only)

    “If a non- Jew violates one of the 7 Noahide Laws, he is liable to death by decapitation”
    Melakhim 9:14


  11. Han Barkmeyer: “In this short video the Jewish Rabbis can be seen salivating at the thought of destroying Western civilisation:

    Well! If it’s a “divine formula” for the destruction of the West and of Christianity, as one of them claims, then we need to ensure some measures for the protection of the Westerners and Christians who are targeted.

    No doubt the QLD police commissioner is monitoring these godly servants in the same way it monitors the Christians. Or would that amount to racism and defying God’s will? 😉


  12. The Jews are now in their end game. They destroyed Russia and exterminated nearly half her population in 1917. The Bolshevik Revolution was clearly a Jewish Revolution against Russia and her people.

    We are now in the midst of a worldwide Jewish Revolution which they started in 2020, but has been planned some 3,500 years ago. They will destroy the world and the world’s population to create their New World Order: Pax Judaica.

    In this short video the Jewish Rabbis can be seen salivating at the thought of destroying Western civilisation:

    Paul Craig Roberts in his latest newsletter:
    “The crazed Jewish warmonger, Victoria Nuland (real name Nudelman), who Biden stupidly appointed and the Senate confirmed Undersecretary of State, announced that Washington considers Russian installations in Crimea “legitimate targets” and the US government supports Ukrainian attacks on Russian territory.

    “And where is America’s idiot president while Russia puts nuclear missiles on Combat Alert? Is he on the telephone with Putin calming down the dangerous situation? No. The fool is in Ukraine and Poland pouring gasoline on the fire.”

    Of course, Russia and America are controlled by Chabad Lubavitch. Putin’s Rabbi, Berel Lazar, is Chabad. Trump, Biden and Putin are surrounded by Chabad. Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner is Chabad.


  13. @aapkoning

    “Below more of the American Empire -Terrorist state that is failing.
    13 Numbers That Show How Dramatically We Have Failed America’s Children.”

    Too many stats there from the CDC, I wouldn’t trust those fucks if they told me the sky is blue (If they did tell me that they would be lying)


  14. Han Barkmeyer: “We need to note first that the 1917 Russian Revolution was not, in any sense, a “Russian” revolution.”

    Quite correct. NONE of the Soviet leaders was actually an ethnic Russian Slav. The Russians were actually communism’s main victims but the Western MSM prefers to bypass that fact as it would point a finger in the wrong direction regarding who was REALLY responsible for dumping communism on the world.

    Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin were all FAKE names for Ulyanov, Bronstein and Djugashvilli. The first two were Jewish and the latter was Georgian and hence Khazar in origin.

    Khruschev, Brezhnev and even Gorbachev ALSO didn’t hail from Russia but from Ukraine. So where were all the so called Russians in the Soviet Communist upper echelon? There weren’t many, save for the odd and irrelevant 5th column sell out appointed for cosmetic purposes.


  15. “The CCP owns much of Australia.”

    No need to exaggerate. lol The Dutch own TWICE as much. Unless you want to talk about “rented – leased” farmland. But that’s not quite the same as ownership.

    Foreign owned portion – Freehold
    (‘000 ha)
    2017-2018 2018-2019
    Netherlands 1,620 1,653
    United States of America 1,214 1,230
    United Kingdom 1,764 908
    China 858 840
    Saudi Arabia 410 496
    Canada 314 435
    Denmark 357 356
    Switzerland 213 208
    New Zealand 157 200
    Malaysia 189 193


  16. Larry Romanov:

    I am obviously of Russian extraction. If you and your friends come to my country, brutally exterminate nearly half of our population, kill my King and his entire family and steal most of the Royal Treasures, torture millions, create famines to kill millions more, destroy the nation and the economy, then loot my country of most of its most priceless art treasures while also emptying my government’s central bank on your way out, I might be tempted to hunt you down and kill you too.

    This is what the Jews did to his country: Stalin’s Jews

    The 1917 Russian Revolution
    We need to note first that the 1917 Russian Revolution was not, in any sense, a “Russian” revolution. It was entirely, 100%, a Jewish revolution against Russia and the Russian people. Native Russians had no part in the planning, and played little role in the execution of this immense tragedy, absolutely one of the bloodiest and most savage events in the world’s recent history.

    It isn’t so much the revolution that is of interest to us, but the events preceding and following that should claim our attention. The Jews desperately wanted an upheaval to destroy Russia as it was, according to the plan for worldwide Communist control. This time, they planned much more carefully.
    It doesn’t seem widely-known, but Trotsky and several hundred Russian Jews who were expelled from Russia after the failed 1905 revolution, were all in the US receiving training for the next attempt, and they received literally many years of coaching.

    They were heavily financed by Jacob Schiff and Max Warburg, who spent more than $20 million on the training and the financing of the revolution itself. That would be about $750 million today, an enormous amount of money for the time.
    In March of 1917, Schiff and Warburg sent Lev Davidovich Bronstein, better known as “Trotsky” and his group of several hundred Jewish communists off to Russia, to foment a revolution.

    At the same time, some 90,000 Jewish exiles returned to Russia from all over the world to infiltrate the country and assist in the revolution, most changing their Jewish names to blend more easily into Russian society. You can see this was not a trivial undertaking, but one with extensive worldwide planning from a single source – that source being the City of London.

    Lenin was sent across Europe to Russia on the famous “sealed train” with an additional $5 million or $6 million in gold (about $175 million in today’s dollars). At the same time, Trotsky left New York aboard the S.S. Christiania with approximately 300 intensively-trained Jewish revolutionaries, with a huge hoard of gold in hand, their first port of call being Halifax, Nova Scotia.

    The Canadian government was aware of the plot and of the identities of those men, and arrested Trotsky and his people, and impounded their gold. But the Jews reacted immediately and with threats of force, with William Wiseman of Kuhn Loeb, and the famous “Colonel” House, imposing enormous pressure on Canada to release the men.

    Canada, cowardly as always, capitulated to the pressure and complied, Trotsky then free to meet up with Lenin and proceed with the Jewish plans for Russia. This is one of the many parts of Canadian history that no Canadian is permitted to learn.


  17. What we know for sure is that there are the increased stirrings of the warmongers, and a constant MSM messaging about the threats of China and Russia.

    If there was a war, the brain saturated would believe it was started by one of the above depending on what ‘channel’ they were accustomed to listening to.
    But only by one of the above.
    No other entity.

    We also know of the WEF warnings of a Cyberpolygon attack within the next two years.

    That is, the complete shut down of computers which now control our utilities (water and electricity), our services (sewerage), our money, and our own personal lives.

    So will there be a war and a cyberpolygon attack?

    Or will a cyberpolygon attack be blamed on China? on Russia?

    Given they like to tell us in advance, and all the chatter makes little difference, it wouldn’t hurt to prepare for impact.

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  18. Larry Romanoff – Jewish Bankers Own it All
    Friday, February 17, 2023 13:17

    The Richest Man in the World
    by Larry Romanoff
    (Excerpts by

    A great many of the world’s largest corporations are owned and controlled by Jews, many of these by the select few in the City of London, but also very many outside this small group. The world’s major oil companies are controlled by Jewish interests, as are the major pharmaceutical companies, many of the weapons manufacturers and the world’s airlines, a preponderant amount of the world’s shipping capacity, and many other industries that might not normally come to mind…

    Virtually all of the media in the West, and a great deal of the prime media outlets in the rest of the world, including movies and book publishing, are owned or controlled by Jews. There are international companies worth in total many trillions of dollars that are entirely Jewish; Nestle, Sanofi, Monsanto, being a few among hundreds such. We cannot easily know what part of this reverts to our handful of Jewish bankers in the City of London, how much of that was financed by, and is controlled from, that center, but it isn’t negligible.

    Read on –

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  19. lyndesymonds: “It is the Australian CoVID Regime of the United Nations that is at war against the Australian people.”

    THERE wouldn’t be an “Australian CoVID Regime of the United Nations” IF the Australian government was acting to protect the interest of the Australian people.

    The Chinese people are in the same boat as it is the Chinese “CoVID Regime of the United Nations that is at war” against the Chinese people.
    Australia is NOT the enemy of the Chinese people, their OWN government is.

    All people in the world have been BETRAYED by their governments controlled by the Jews, who own the United Nations, World Economic Forum, WHO, Media, Banking, etc., to create their New World Order: Pax Judaica.

    The Jews have never done anything to the people directly. They have always done everything through governments and the laws created by governments to support and protect the Jews.

    Governments allow the Jews to exercise their so-called “Jewish Power”. Without governments protecting them and doing their dirty work, THEY HAVE NO POWER AT ALL.

    So, who is the enemy of the people if not their OWN government?


    The Jews have always done their utmost to have the people fight one another while controlling their countries.
    What wars and revolutions did they not instigate causing untold deaths and suffering?
    This current war against Humanity, which could become WWIII, China and Russia against the West, has all the Jewish fingerprints over it.

    Here a good article by Richard Solomon, a Jew himself, describing how the Chinese people have suffered at the hands of the Jews:

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  20. And who controls America?

    A Jewish Martyr Exposed Communist Control of the US

    In his courageous defence of American patriots in the WW2 sedition trials, Klein exposed the cancer that is devouring the world

    By Henry Makow, Ph.D.

    Klein said: “Communists control not only our government but our politics, our labor organizations, our agriculture, our mines, our industries, our war plants and our armed encampments….Antisemitism is a racket…”

    Shortly before his “suicide” in 1955, Henry H. Klein, a righteous Jew, uttered these prophetic words:

    “Zionism is a political program for the conquest of the world…Zionism destroyed Russia by violence as a warning to other nations. It is destroying the United States through bankruptcy, as Lenin advised. Zionism wants another world war if necessary to enslave the people. Our manpower is scattered over the world. Will we be destroyed from within or will we wake up in time to prevent it?” (Pamphlet “Zionism Rules the World”)

    Like Robert Edmondson, Klein is another American hero flushed down the memory hole for defying the Rothschild -Rockefeller cartel. There is no Wikipedia entry for this Jew who fought the Masonic bankers all his life as a crusading NYC reporter, editor, author, city official and Mayoral candidate. (He said the Rockefellers and most other tycoons are under Zionist control.) He became a lawyer and defended pro bono Christian patriots in the famous “Sedition” Show Trial of 1942-1944.

    Read on –

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  21. It is worse than they think.

    In 2018, I intercepted a conversation between Australian Department of Defence and two US corporations: Raytheon and Lockheed Martin, regarding the Gulkula civilian aerospace project in NE Arnhem Land. However, these corporates do not do civilian.

    NT Government 2017 budget review committee minutes record funding for the site as “expanding the US military presence”. Meanwhile, US Admiral Jonathan Greenert has inspected nearby Melville Bay, currently used by Riotinto.

    My concern is that this missile site will become a retaliatory or preemptive strike target for China and, regardless of warhead, the chemical fallout will be massive and the NE winds will blow it across the only road out of the Gove Penninsula and across to the communities of Nhulunbuy, Gunyangara, Wallaby Beach, and Yirrkala, killing thousands. There will be no escape.

    My second concern is that rocket exhausts are toxic, severely damage the ozone layer and, on current estimates, all make life extinct on earth in a few brief years. Not one government agency in any country is monitoring this.

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  22. It is the Australian CoVID Regime of the United Nations that is at war against the Australian people.

    Communist China is a full partner in the Eurasian project and is projecting its power throughout the Pacific. The CCP owns much of Australia.

    The ANZUS Treaty and the US bases which were built in Australia does not occur in a vacuum and must be understood or reviewed in this context.


  23. David: In relation to barium Max Igan said in his Deliberate Burning of Australia, that he had done soil analysis of the dirt around his patch (west of Brisbane somewhere) to find barium in the soil, along with strontium and other chemicals which he said are the ingredients of birthday party sparklers.
    It took a while to find this one, just now, but here goes:

    And don’t forget WeatherTec, as reported in Cairns News some time ago-that one is for the deliberately-orchestrated flooding of Australia:


  24. karen elliot, Australia had become a US military outpost…
    We are the Lackeys, we must do as we are told…


  25. “The United States is preparing Australia to go to war against China”?…


    Soldiers prepare for people protection 17 February 2023

    Note the Orwellian language used like “people protection”, “population protection control” and “protect populations”.

    Soldiers prepare for “people protection”
    Soldiers with shields, unruly role players and snapping canines were all that was needed to run a “population protection control (PPC) scenario” in Townsville.

    Personnel from the 3rd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (3RAR), with the support of the 1st Military Police Battalion (1MP), conducted PPC training at Lavarack Barracks.
    The course focused on soldiers’ individual PPC training while ensuring the ready battle group met the qualifications required of the ADF’s contingency operational response element.

    Infantry sections integrated closely with military police arrest teams, detainee processing capabilities, and military working dogs to enhance security and crowd dispersion.
    Captain Nicholas Crosbie, from 3RAR’s Alpha Company, said PPC was a non-lethal combat technique to maintain control, detain and “protect populations”.

    Not ONLY the government have betrayed us, so have the police and military.



  26. Below more of the American Empire -Terrorist state that is failing.
    13 Numbers That Show How Dramatically We Have Failed America’s Children.


  27. The American Empire Is A Sore Loser That Will Get Us All Killed.
    The US is like a drug dealer getting high on his own supply.
    It believes in its hype of exceptionalism and endangers the world when it is thwarted in any way.
    The American Empire is unmatched in its warmongering and its propaganda alike. This process occurs by design. The endless streams of misinformation pouring out of U.S.-dominated corporate media manufacture consent for the American Empire’s endless wars. However, seeds of desperation are beginning to bloom in the U.S. and the Collective West’s imperial garden. The ruling elite, generally so confident in the inherent truths of American exceptionalism and the West’s imperial superiority, are now being confronted with an uncomfortable reality: the American empire is losing.


  28. Exactly how is Ameria preparing us to go to war with China. ? China is a bigger fish than I would like to tackle.

    Howard Miller, you have some valis points. Yes women have been promoted, and used. They were lured like Eve by good old Satan. Freedom independence. Money Power Prestige. You can have the lot. How is that working out ? Women like men , are used to supply a purpose then dispensed with. Rather like prostitutes .. Sorry not nice.

    Are the women going to go to war . carry the packs, guns, in the front lines ?Nah, Think not. We need good strong men. Not effeminate pussies. Schwab. Zelensky The war mongers like War makes me sick Schwaab , Zelensky, Biden,
    our go’vt giving tanks, Nato, All invitations to war.
    We are a nation of about 26 million people. How do you reckon we would go against China ?

    I am sure the Yanks will want to look after their assets. We would be incidental in their strategy.

    What arrangements have our ( SO CALLED ) elected leaers signed us up for ?
    The Anericans I know do not like the way their country is headed.
    Things are not looking good. Better start saying our prayers. And work like hell.

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  29. To gather battle field intelligence, the Navy system needs Barium Chloride in the atmosphere over the land. This allows “ducting” of the satellite and radar images so they can be displayed on a plasma screen. With the amount of aerial spraying activity over Australia since 2020, it would useful to know how much Barium Chloride was dumped. Barium Chloride is also useful to help detect bioweapons release. provides real time analysis of Air Quality – PM2.5 and NO2.,pm2p5,-25.245,165.410,3,m:doPaeQm

    Perhaps the EPA could provide some data on the amount of Barium and the locations over Australia?


  30. Should Russia feel that the possibility of Russia being hit by US nuclear missiles
    it is likely to preemptively fire off its own nuclear missiles…
    But not at the USA as that would result in nuclear war…
    It will fire a warning shot across the bows taking down the US satellite country Australia…”Back Off ! Or Else !”…
    The government is making Australia a nuclear target…
    The latest issue of Nexus magazine (Feb-March ’23) mentions in an article that
    ‘[…] the USSR had Perth and other major cities on the list of nuclear target” because Australia had become a US military outpost…
    Nuclearising Australia is making it a more definite target…


  31. Our politicians are merely administrators for the US owned Commonwealth of Australia corporation IMO.


  32. It seems that the US Military on our shores might have more fuel in reserve that Australia actually does?
    In any event, all that the US, China, and anyone else is concerned about with Australia is the massive resources this country has.
    I have said before that China would probably just walk in without firing a shot, as we’d probably run out of fuel in a few days, the Chinese could disable everything via EMP attacks or similar, and we don’t have enough of an army to make a good show of a stoush anyway.
    Like America, we have been deliberately depleted.

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  33. Better and stronger ties with the United States of America than the past effeminate arrangements made with oriental suppliers. Australian Industry is all but non-existent. I am a multi skilled tradesman who battles to find suitable work in a dopey feminized nation known as today’s Australia. When the chips are down, only masculine methods of warfare will stop known aggressors such as China. All the lipstick, powder and fancy clothing will have no effect whatsoever on Australia’s ability to remain a “Free Nation under God”. The nation needs to deodorise the stink now known as Australian Government.

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