The so-called Teal independents have revealed six million dollars of election funding they were given and by whom enabling them to defeat incumbent Liberals, dealing the party a mortal blow.

Few commentators have taken account of the damage done to both Liberal and Labor by Covid lockdowns and now many vaccine deaths and injuries.

Both parties experienced a big drop in electoral support at the 2022 election due solely to the vaxx mandates and lock downs planned by the Event 201 group before the scamdemic started.

Teals reckon getting elected to the House of Representatives is like having their hands in a pot of gold. Teal Allegra Spender in the wealthy Sydney eastern suburbs seat of Wentworth spent the most of any independent candidate, $2.124 million, to oust moderate Liberal backbencher Dave Sharma. Pic ABC

Now below-the-radar vaxx deaths and injuries dominate the political circus that legacy media continues to hide.

Festering public resentment to the political duopoly is bubbling over about UN plans to take over Health Departments’ oversight of public health side-stepping Australian administration.

The moronic MSM and the duopoly continue to ignore the increasing vaxx injuries and deaths overflowing the public health system, especially in Queensland.

Devious doctors have termed the oxymoron ‘long covid’ which independent medical experts maintain is simply an adverse reaction to mRNA spike proteins.

Don’t expect any common sense policies from this silly mob of Teal women being covertly sponsored by billionaire Simon Holmes-a-Court who is driving the Climate 200 mob.

He threw in $250,000 that he has divulged as political donations but as one can see in the Reinhart expose below, reporting of donations is easily circumvented.

Australia’s richest woman and mining magnate Gina Reinhart has been caught up in a political donations scandal with large donations to the Liberal Party which were not reported.