by John Kaminski

To be clear about this ruckus, I believe everybody on this list is sincere in their beliefs and have done their best to comprehend confusing events which have yet to be resolved, as the continuing crimes of our government, totally manipulated by jaded Jewish outlaws, now threaten not only our peace and prosperity, but our continuing survival as well. I planted the “no planes” meme to get everybody’s attention, because simply blaming our Jewish overseers for this entire event and additional continuing crimes seems not to motivate participation in solving the 9/11 crimes as much as focusing on a single act that has nothing to do with the crime itself, since it was only a distraction, a feint, to prevent us from realizing the barbaric consequences it has inflicted upon the world,and identifying, convicting and executing the criminals who have committed this crime, and continue to commit other crimes with each criminal maneuver they inflict upon us today.

Our failure to solve 9/11 allowed the Jews to succeed in destroying freedom in the world with the COVID hoax, and its successful plan to murder millions. The perpetrators of this crime are the same perpetrators of 9/11, the same perpetrators, in fact, of the JFK assassination and all the false flag crimes in between.

In that sense, everybody on this list has missed the point of this exercise, which is that if they had put in half the effort into naming the perpetrators of this dastardly crime that they have invested in arguing about the technical trivialities of what was only the nature of the distraction, we would have not only solved the crime, cleaned up the government, executed the traitors, disbarred the lawyers and judges who covered up the crime, and most importantly derailed the next generation of criminals who have committed the next generation of crimes that have killed millions and now threatened to kill millions more, all because we — our proud egotistical selves — thought it better to devote our time to this trivial piece of history which can never be adequately solved to the satisfaction of all, instead of evicting the judges from their corrupted perches, the phony politicians fraudulently elected, the destruction of societies around the world and the perversion of next generations whom we teach that crime and deception are the best way to get rich, even if means eating our own children. I think there’s a quote in Deuteronomy about this. (28:56)

What happened on 9/11 means nothing now. The only thing that really counts now is what you will do tomorrow to avoid getting trapped in endless trivialities that will prevent you from seeing what must be done to keep our world from being destroyed. Now is the time to reflect upon all this time you have just wasted and realize all your effort has accomplished nothing. Now is the time to evict our perverted president, retire our rotting Congress, dismiss our corrupted military leaders, and protect and repair the seriously injured America we have left. Close the borders, fire the judges, arrest the perps (as I have been saying for 20 years) and put Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci and George Soros in chains in a public square, prior to their trial and execution.

Now is the time to stop giving away our money to pervert dictators who funnel bribes back to curdled politicians, who then curtail our rights and order us to take poisons so that they may increase the bribes they get from Jewish dictators who have planned our destruction for hundreds of years. Do something useful and look in the mirror. Stop worrying about what you’re going to lose and who you’re going to anger by going against the grain and using the word Jew instead of Khazarian mafia. Grow some balls. Women, stop trying to be men. Men, stop trying to be women, you disgusting faggots. The family system worked until the Jews destroyed it with homo priests and lesbian sadists who beat each other up. And drink the blood of murdered children.

Stop being afraid of the Jews. They did Communism, they did 9/11, they did COVID, they’re about to do World War 3. They need to be neutralized. Why do you think they call everybody farm animals, or cockroaches? Why do you think they want us to eat insects? Because they’re not humans. Make them publish the Talmud and observe how they rape little girls.

Do you think you’ll be interested in whether there were planes or no planes on 9/11 when you’re dead, twitching your last with myocarditis or developing one of those endlessly spasming death twitches at that moments when you realize that your cell phone downloads more quickly, but you can no longer breathe.

You know what you need to do, and you know what must be done. Do it. And do it now.

Best wishes, and be brave. There is no room for cowards now.

John Kaminski