Liberal, Labor duopoly ensuring oldies get their fourth shot before they die from the third

By Jim O’Toole, Townsville Bureau

The stupidity of the Liberal National Party knows no bounds when it comes to the Covid scam and their combined ignorance of advice by highly qualified medical specialists speaking out against mRNA gene therapy leaves voters in no doubt why the city-centric party lost office.

The Liberal Party machine posthumously conducted an expensive internal examination of why they lost this year’s election yet if they had asked Joe Blow on the street he would have told them for nothing that deposed PM Scott Morrison and Health Minister Greg Hunt did the job for them with the Covid mandates, lockdowns, job losses and vaxx victims.

Both are straight out of the World Economic Forum camp and had CEO Klaus Schwab’s world domination plans scrawled all over them during their term in office.

While medicos denounce the Covid scam in a creeping crescendo the dumber than dumb Labor, Liberals and Nationals are unable to fathom why 102 already vaccinated aged care residents in the week before Christmas died of ‘Çovid’ infections.

As the inventor of mRNA technology Dr Robert Malone has stated many times for all to discover, Covid deaths are being caused by mRNA shots. One, two or three doses of the deadly Pfizer toxin which the company was forced to admit, has an efficacy of about 2 per cent.

There is no Covid virus. It has never been isolated in human tissue anywhere in the world and the PCR test was denounced as a fraud by its inventor biochemist the late Kary Mullis and manufacturer CDC and taken off the market in November.

Then along comes the unintelligent Coalition spokeswoman for Aged Care, Anne Ruston, who wants to give the poor oldies a fourth dose of deadly vaxx to kill them even more quickly it seems.

The political charlatans of the Liberal and Labor duopoly along with Klaus Schwab should be incarcerated as soon as possible before they do any more damage to the population, albeit much is already done.

Medical experts have warned the deaths are just beginning while the mRNA shots in the next five years, combined with remedy Remdesivir as Pfizer and Moderna should know, would wipe out or seriously maim at least a predicted 90 per cent of vaxx victims.

Meanwhile Labor’s Aged Care Minister and intellectual pygmy, Anika Wells, not content with the burgeoning annual death rate which has more than doubled in Australia, said fourth doses were being prioritized for Australians over 50.

Here we have the ALP political party corporation which elicited only 32 per cent of the national vote, calling the shots under the unlawful and preposterous ‘two party preferred electoral system.’

Have they never heard of former AMA President Doctor Kerryn Phelps who very publicly, dropped the axe on the entire Covid scam last week when she revealed hers and her partner’s serious vaxx injuries?

Heart attacks, strokes, myocarditis and blocked arteries have been identified in thousands of autopsies world wide and almost every smart mortician has warned the world the mRNA vaxx is the killer.

Any person who votes again in Australia deserves all they get.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. crisscross767: “The media totally ignored this shocking statement.”

    The truth is not part of the MSM’s brief. 🙂 They avoid it like the devil avoids the cross. Propaganda pays much better.


  2. “WHO Chief Says COVID Boosters “Are Used by Countries to Kill Children” – Fake Fact-Checkers Freak Out”

    A video went viral this week of failed World Health Organization Chief, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, talking about vaccinating children.

    In the video, Tedros tells international health experts that countries are using COVID booster shots to kill children.

    Tedros Ghebreyesus: “If it’s going to be used it’s better to focus on those groups, who have risk of severe disease and death rather than as we see some countries are using to give boosters to kill children which is not right.”

    For some strange reason the fake news mainstream media did not report on this. The media totally ignored this shocking statement.

    Why is that?…………………………..”


  3. Hi daviddd2, A few weeks back, myself and jo (at least I think it was from memory) also had a discussion about the Schumann Resonances. So many are oblivious to any of this sadly.


  4. Hi Anton, re: “Call me crazy, but wouldn’t animal trials have picked up the deaths/injuries caused by novel gene therapy without need for human sacrifice?” Well for one, it has long been established that animal testing is not only unreliable and/or inconclusive in it’s results – and therefore has actually caused human deaths. And for another, it is morally reprehensible. Why should animals be made to suffer horrendously for nothing! Plenty of imprisoned rapists and pedophiles to experiment on.


  5. Search this article from 2012 on CN – Cancer Cure and Why You Know Nothing About It. Dr Royal Raymond Rife


  6. Dandy,

    Holland is simply following Rife’s work which he has acknowledged in many previous cases. His specific contribution is the 11th harmonic being required in addition to the stated frequency for max effect.

    The particular video here is by way of general and rather succinct info for lay people. Most people have no idea frequencies are a vital source of life or death. And no wonder as the fact has been deliberately obscured from even professionals, including doctors and scientists!!!

    Tesla and Rife were not blacked out for no reason.


  7. Yep, yep, yep and yep! On the mark.


  8. To Davidd2,

    I watched the video link you posted and noted that the Musician and some Scientists tried to recreate the wheel.
    By that I mean, Royal Rife had already done that homework.

    He recorded 100’s if not 1000’s of frequencies specific for organisms to implode under.
    As soon as HE mentioned cancer, they took him down.
    His work was stolen, his name erased.
    Not by this musician, but by those before them.
    (and you know that too)

    Despite that, what we do know is that frequencies in specific ranges, can destroy organisms (but also absolutely destroy one’s health)
    Frequencies can be used for good or bad purposes.

    Super high Frequencies range from 3GHz to 30GHz.
    Extremely High Frequencies range from 30GHz to 300GHz.

    If Extremely High Frequencies are used they become directed energy weapons, 5G satellites and microcell transmitters.

    Australia is presently having their 26GHz rollout.

    In the 1950’s frequencies between 0.5Hz to 35Hz were used for mind control.

    In 1957 US Military research showed that pulsed radiation was more harmful than non-pulsed.

    4.5Hz caused paranoia
    6.6Hz caused depression/suicide
    11Hz caused manic behaviour/anger
    25Hz caused heart attack if aimed at the chest.
    There were frequencies that could induce hysteria, trauma, murder and cancer.

    Source: Barrie Trower, Physicist and former British naval officer and electronic warfare Scientist.

    In 1962 the US Military Project ‘Pandora’ was able to demonstrate that very small amounts of EMR could appreciably alter the functions of living cells. Low level EMF’s modulated to be similar to normal brain waves could seriously alter brain function.

    In the 1970’s the USA knew that non-thermal radiation harmed the immune and nervous systems.

    Four frequencies were studied in 1974 on the US Army; 0.95, 2.45, 4.54 and 7.44 GHz.
    0.95 GHz was found to be the most lethal. The second most lethal was 2.45GHz.
    (Smart meters emit 0.91GHz and 2.45GHz)

    In 1975, Dr Allen Frey was the first Scientist for the US Military to discover that very weak microwave radiation could penetrate the blood brain barrier and the circulatory system.

    In 1976 the US Military in their declassified reports showed that military personnel exposed to non-thermal microwave radiation experience headaches, fatigue, dizziness, irritability, sleeplessness, anxiety, forgetfulness, and lack of concentration.

    In 1976 the Western Allies were advised not to talk about non-thermal effects. If it did not heat the body, they were not to talk about it.

    Source: “Hidden Dangers 5G How governments, telecom and electric power utilities suppress the truth about the known hazards of electro-magnetic field (EMF) radiation by Captain Jerry G. Flynn. (2019) A retired Electronic Warfare Specialist

    This compilation book lays the history all bare.

    “Tragically people are unable to sense or detect the invisible, silent, odourless and tasteless non-thermal electrosmog in which they live, work and play”.

    At least 2000 Scientists and 1400 Medical Doctors from all over the world continue to argue that the latest rollout of Super High Frequencies presents a direct threat to human health as well as to animal, insect and plant life.

    The daily distracting rhetoric about ‘climate change’ pales in significance.
    They will also allow the blah blah blah about the clinical trial “vaccine”.

    So long as no one talks about the elephant in the room.


  9. isabelle Peacock

    Thanks guys for your emails!!! Well written!! Maybe EVENTUALLY ALL AUSTRALIANS WILL WAKE UP!!! Keep up the good work, there are soooo many of us behind you!! Its All a scam!! Isabelle Batemans Bay NSW


  10. kezeek70, churche$ are non-profit$ blinded by their $elf pre$ervation etho$.
    Dandy, true. Call me crazy, but wouldn’t animal trials have picked up the deaths/injuries caused by novel gene therapy without need for human sacrifice?
    DAVID, the Deagel depop data might be based on people getting jabbed voluntarily at least 7 times by 2025. Rather than mass deaths we might end up with mass causalities. Gates said ‘if we do a really good job with vaccines we can reduce the population by 15%’. USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Aus & NZ make up about 15% of world pop.
    With Chinese travel on again – here comes Wuhan 2.0? Expecting Chinese tourists get a Rapid Antigen Test 2 days before travel thus risking a positive result after paying for the holiday? It’d be much safer for said tourists to negate the bribing of doctors?
    daviddd2, yes, destroy our economy via incapacitation, then invite in 100ks of nurses/aids and the problem of people here having too much freedom is fixed.
    If our politicians and Health advisors are stupid enough to invite in tourists from a country experiencing a ‘covid spike’, what more evidence is needed our leaders are indeed simultaneously both ‘useful idiots’ and useless idiots?
    It’s clear TPTB know what is going on and for whatever reason are OK with it.

    The first step is to wake up as many as possible. Being discrete with feedback:
    a) Positive feedback to those who blow the whistle, despite their previous stance, eg Dr Karren Phelps;
    b) Negative feedback for those still pushing the death agenda.
    Leave it to Nuremberg 2.0 trials to dish out justice.


  11. “Somehow I don’t think they are looking.”

    Of course, they’re looking the OTHER way. They know full well what Royal Rife knew and they put him out of business as quickly as they put Nikola Tesla out of business.

    TWO giant revolutionary genius discoveries by Rife and Tesla, TWO of the most brilliant scientific geniuses ever, and they were BOTH SABOTAGED AND WRITTEN OUT OF MAINSTREAM HISTORY AND SCIENCE. Most people have never heard of them and they BOTH dealt with FREQUENCIES as a fundamental element of existence!

    Most people still seriously talk about living in reality? They’re blissfully unaware that it is a perception of somebody else’s making, an illusion created for them by others for the benefit of others.

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  12. To David,
    Somehow I don’t think they are looking.

    18Ghz inducing permeability of bacteria in the gut?

    We’re at 26Ghz now.

    What might that do?

    A Mast Cell degranulation spew out?

    Did somebody say…
    Difficulty breathing?

    Nothing to see there?

    Anyone who knows the history of Rife knows that all living organisms with an electrical beating heart respond to different frequencies.
    That is nothing new.

    Yet most people have never heard of Rife.
    I wonder why.
    He didn’t squash bugs, he exploded them.


  13. Good show, Dandy. Bullseye!


  14. Hi Dandy, re: “Targeting the elderly…” Put simply, the ptb have now come full circle and this is just another Rinse and Repeat cycle. Remember back when all this BS first started…it was the elderly who were initially targeted. Remember the nursing home ‘deaths from Covid’. The cruise ship ‘deaths’ from Covid – where elderly also tend to congregate en masse. Back then, many tended to believe that there actually was a ‘Covid virus’. Until they wised up lol.
    So all very predictable…doing a re-run to get the ones they “missed” the first time around.



    Interestingly ALL the world’s advanced economies were predicted to have massive depopulation. Not so in the case of the less advanced economies!

    That could suggest the likelihood of wholesale importation of CHEAP LABOUR from the third world by the “advanced” economies in order to “rehabilitate” their economies which are being sabotaged by the current “popular” woke agendas.

    it will of course radically change the demographics of the advanced countries and entirely erode their national identities, a necessary achievement in the lurch towards “bridging the gap” as a prerequisite for installing a more viable GLOBAL government !

    And whilst it will be totalitarian in nature that government will not be a COMMUNIST government. More likely a neo-Feudalist or neo-Fascist dictatorship of some form.

    The massive privatisation orgies which occurred on a global scale over the last few decades are not going to be reversed unless Mammon’s little helpers, the Global Money Changers, suffer an epiphany and turn altruistic.

    That’s assuming no one shows up and turns over the Money Changer tables at the Temple Bar. lol

    So said the Ghost of Nostradamus. lol

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  16. If all goes according to plan, we can expect 10,000 sudden adult deaths PER DAY over the next 3 years. The Plan was to reduce the Australian population to 15 million people by 2025. DYOR. Also, the French Military Reserve Officers, in 2020, found that 5G poisons Prevotella bacteria in humans and causes a cytokinetic storm which over whelms the immune system. Children under 5 have little or no Prevotella bacteria in their digestive system and older citizens have significant amounts. The French Military Games team came back from Wuhan in 2019 with severe respiratory infections (C19?) which required oxygen and other treatments. Trump did a great service by banning Huawei supplying 5G equipment to the USA. Experiments have been conducted in China using 5G at 18 Ghz to determine the effect on various bacteria found in humans. Plandemic 2 with Marburg or Ebola, as predicted by Gill Bates, could become a reality. Todd Callender, attorney from USA, has already gone public with warnings about this possibility.
    Attorney Todd Callender Exposes Elite’s Plan for Mass Genocide:

    18 GHz electromagnetic field induces permeability of Gram-positive cocci

    I am sure our Health Authorities are on the case and we will be OK…

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  17. Dandy, “You summed it up pretty well.” One of the main problems with a lot of people they have a very short concentration span, let alone comprehend what is being explained.
    Pfizer’s Shots Aren’t Safe and Were Never Shown To Be –!!!!!
    In addition to not being safe, by any standard, the COVID shots are also negatively effective, meaning after 90 days, both Moderna’s and Pfizer’s shots make you more susceptible to COVID.–!!!!!


  18. Targeting the elderly with a CLINICAL TRIAL doesn’t make sense unless it is for financial reasons.
    Probably something to do with the money the Government will save by not having to pay them a pension.
    I can’t think of any other reason.
    The Retirement Homes/Nursing Homes don’t lose with their exit fees and the new customers they will take on anyway.
    They have a Corporate model that is financially lucrative with guaranteed customers.

    The elderly in Nursing Homes are in God’s crappy waiting room with bare minimum ‘health educated’ staff to recognise their needs or enough staff to ensure they have help to eat their meals at meal times, if at all.

    They are rolled in and out of showers like a conveyer belt of jobs to be done on a tight schedule whether they feel up to it or not.
    Go to a Nursing Home first thing in the morning and catch the stench of urine as the elderly lie in wait for their turn.

    Most people would rather not know.
    Except one day it could be them.

    The elderly are there because they can’t look after themselves, their families are simply not available, or they have dementia.

    When the clinical trial using gene technology was originally rolled out on a small number of people (to say they had passed the phase 1 trial) the participants were middle aged and healthy with no co-morbidities.
    They were not elderly and certainly not pregnant.

    That trial was a sham.
    Closer scrutiny at the time would have questioned it’s validity at all.
    Like stop right there.

    Why you would take an elderly person in their 80’s or 90’s, and inject them with a gene technology knowing full well that every one of them has multiple health issues, and are on a cocktails of drugs?
    Think about that for one minute.

    A novel gene technology.
    Not even a plain old flu vaccine based on an animal or aborted baby cell line.

    A new gene technology at their age? Come on!

    This was a clinical trial on the elderly and the most vulnerable that broke all ethical standards.
    Most of them could not even give consent at all.
    Many would have had dementia.

    It is sad what is happening to the elderly in this Country but it is a reflection of what this Country allows to happen to it’s most vulnerable.
    There is no respect. Little care and they are quickly forgotten (after the will is read out).

    How a Country treats it’s most vulnerable is a reflection of that Country.

    The elderly in the Nursing Homes were literally locked up, given midazolam to help them have a ‘long sleep’ aka ‘bye, bye’ or they were injected against their will if they had any will left in them.
    There seemed little point.

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  19. daviddd2 : Too true David, I left my church after 8 years of worship. I could not in good conscience remain while all these Marxist mandates were being sanctioned. The mask issue was one thing, having parishioners muzzled while singing like POWs without chains.

    I sent a lot of evidence to my minister from epidemiologists, virologists and vaccinologists information from studies on and Dr David Martin presenting facts on the patents for the ill equipped functionality of the PCR tests and the genetic sequencing of covid itself and the gene tech.

    My minister clearly indoctrinated by bureaucratic healthcare nonsense, daughter is RN and she had spent time in NT with Aboriginals stating how effective vaccines are, never mind how improved access to healthcare, diet and sanitation might have had something to do with that.. She stated what I sent her was pseudoscience. I told her best to be prepared for a wave of funerals for the elderly who have sadly dropped like flies this year.

    As for our govt there are no words. Either ppl realise they can no longer trust the govt, the medical establishment, the big tech censorship, big pharma science pushing the nonsense or their days are numbered.


  20. over 50 now elderly? a disgrace in itself. Filth is never going away when it is Not washed properly…Which means this is the Filth which is unfortunately taken as just dust….Here it will be staying as long as we say Nothing….


  21. How many deaths, injuries and barren wombs will it take for people to get angry about what has been done to them? When will they see these evil people for the murderers and maimers that they are? So many Australians are so complacent and just don’t want to know, as long as nothing is happening to them! The main-stream media and every one of their reporters should be thrown in jail for life because none of this evil would have been possible without their lies!

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  22. The Libs have had their shot at govt for a few terms. It’s now Labour’s turn so the Libs are not actually interested in getting back into govt at this point.

    All according to the well established protocols.

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  23. kezeek: “the church’s message was ‘love your neighbour by getting the jab’ ”

    Given that the bio-engineering injections don’t prevent transmission, I suppose they couldn’t explain how harming yourself is going to help your neighbour?

    Looks like most of the churches no longer trust in the Lord but in the kabal who lord it over them.

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  24. klaus schwab is to be known as anal swab from now on please..

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  25. All true Jim. Except for Senator Roberts, Antic, Rennick and a few others, Parliament is a bunch of corrupt weaklings. The best thing they could do is a mass resignation with one final public favour – Exit the WHO.

    Possible reasons the other pollies say nothing about this death agenda?
    1. they are really that stupid and lack a basic scientific curiosity
    2. they got kickbacks, or believe they will benefit from the NWO agenda
    3. they have massive Dirt File(s) hanging over their heads

    Note, Remdesivir is called Veklury in Aus:
    How many patients in Aust have had that Fauci death concoction I wonder?
    Add it to the list of crimes against humanity @ Nuremberg 2.0?

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  26. I agree with everything you say. And it seems we have no alternatives to anyone in power to have transparency and integrity. We need the mil. might that seeks to expose the agenda and clearly refused the shots to stand with us, its THE only way forward now. We go to every barracks in Australia and demand their assistance to cease this corrupted rule of law against the people and our Constitution. Regarding warning the elderly I tried through my church to warn elders but the church’s message was ‘love your neighbour by getting the jab’. There was no hope there, I left the church very sad. I just pray more ppl awaken before losing their lives. I will take my own life before anyone tries to take it for me, but I’ll fight for complete biological autonomy.

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  27. I concur. The Party and its CoVID Correctness and Climate Change Party Line knows exactly what they are doing with their dictates in exactly the same way that Stalin knew exactly what he was doing with the Five Year Plan – complete with liquidation of the class enemy, de-Kulakization and collectivization of agriculture. To us it’s a genocide. To them it’s applied political science to achieve specific goals.

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  28. Jim, they’re not “stupid” but quite the opposite while following the WEF directions for “The Great Reset” to the letter. Our government changes but the same globalist policies remain.

    Anyway, I’m not sure if “duopoly” is the correct term when both sides monopolise with the same Covid AND Climate Change bullshit.

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  29. Aha… Another clear thinker. Jim O’Toole is clearly one of the growing band of Australians who reject beliefs, propaganda, and indoctrination and recognise only the evidence before them.

    To those who are depressed by the slow growth of real consciousness, apply mathematics to the situation and you will realise that this slow upcurve of reality awareness will gradually become exponential, and pretty much overnight, grab half of Australia by its startled throat.

    The predictive lesson is to be ready for this moment.

    I disagree with Jim only on one detail, which is that there are so many demociders out there that they will vastly overpopulate the prisons, therefore, another form of resolution and justice must be applied; one that ensures the global forces cannot release them to commit even more crimes.

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  30. Sadly they, politicians, know exactly what they are doing.


  31. Awesome, thanks, so well said


  32. Pardon,

    That is,

    *Sadly many elderly still believe that ‘filth’ such as Anne Rusty etc, are there to save/ benefit & serve them…(for something that doesn’t exist in the first place).

    In reality Rusty+ her ilk doesn’t/ don’t really care about the elderly, expect her/ their own pockets etc.

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  33. Sadly many elderly still believe that ‘filth’ such as Anne Rusty etc, are not there to save/ benefit, nor serve them, for something that doesn’t exist in the first place.


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