26 Australian bushmasters burnt to the ground at the Odessa port after being offloaded

General Armageddon has installed order on the battle field. The front line has been strengthened and straightened for all intents and purposes the RF is at war with 18 countries. South Korea recently delivered a load of 155mm shells to RF.

By Cossack Colonel YURI KOMONYISKI

The western fighters pretending to be Ukrainians are running low on munitions. The RF continues to pound Ukro power infrastructure this greatly impacts their ability to produce military armaments. In the meantime, the RF continues to clean house internally exposing those that are working on behalf of foreign parties.

My contacts in the Ukraine are informing me that locals in Odessa and other cities are starting to riot. The railway stations in Ivano-Franko have been heavily damaged. EU supplied military equipment is malfunctioning and breaking down, parts of this gear cannot handle travel over long distance. The RF lancets continue to rain down havoc on the Ukro-NATO forces. The west continues to complain about Iran providing drones to the RF when the west provides the Ukros with almost everything including piles of cash.

The RF has modified its drones to be constructed from plastic and timber it makes it harder to detect them and they are almost silent now. 80% of the Ukraine is now in darkness many are forced to recharge their phones in shopping centers. Finally, the RF is conducting itself professionally.

On December 13th, “the Kiev regime tightened censorship of the information space,” the Ukrainian parliament passed in its final session the “media law,” which bans positive coverage of Russia’s actions and expands the rights of the authorities to regulate the media sphere completely.

The Turks were delivering a shipload of generators / power supply units to Ukraine, unfortunately for the Ukros it hit a Ukro sea-mine. It appears that the Ukros have been given much of Germany’s money I can only wonder what the Germans plan to eat this winter? The price of generators in Odessa has quadrupled.

The temperatures are currently fluctuating between -5C/+5C. the locals are leaving Kiev seeking shelters in Dachas, beyond the city centers, fire wood is hard to come by. The Kiev mayor Klishenko has authorized the felling of trees in the city parks, in a month or so there will be no more trees standing within Kiev.

In the Kharkov region the fighting is essentially on standby the line is being held, most of the bridges along the borders have been blown. The Belarus/RF have some new bridge technology. Two specialized trucks are used, one pulls up and places its payload the other drives up and over the first to place its payload. The placement of bridges has been expedited significantly. The Ukrainians are engaging the skills of the elderly as the young generation lacks any skills to achieve practical results.

The RF has reversed engineered the targeting equipment captured from the west and have applied it to their own equipment, the RF is finding this upgrade very useful and feels that the west should be thanked for their contribution. The Germans announced that 1000 Ukros were killed in their recent attempt to storm RF fortified areas.

These are acts of madness and can only make sense if the orders are being issued by foreigners that are removed from the real fighting. The RF estimates that in the last 2.5 months in the Odessa/Kherson region approximately 100,000 Ukro/NATOs are dead or wounded.

Australia wasting millions of dollars giving Bushmaster vehicles to Ukraine as most are destroyed before deployment

Even though the Polish leader Duda publicly announced he does not want war with Russia the Poles continue to build an army of at least 250,000 souls, Belarus has understood what Poland’s (NATO) nefarious intentions are and have stablised their own counter force, the borders have been fortified by their military ranks reinforced with battle hardened Russians and Chechens. The Belarus is spiritually prepared for the fight NATO’s Poland intends to bring.

Historically 150 years ago Ivan the 3rd defeated Kiev, if memory serves in 1203 the Ukros killed prince Oleg Vesliv, the mother princess Olga was able to acquire her son’s body for burial asking that the Ukrainians each provide a bird as compensation which they did. In return the princess tied oily rags to the birds and setting the rags on fire releasing the birds. As a result, Kiev was decimated with fire. Now in 2022 Kiev is facing round III.

There is ongoing street fighting within the strategically important city Baxmut. This city provides access to the hinterlands beyond, it is surrounded by fortified natural geo-morphological ridges held by the Ukros. The area forms a natural geographical pinch point where many roadways and train lines come together. When the Ukros lose this position their supply lines will be extinguished, that is why Ukros are throwing their elite forces into this city, the city that is fondly become known as the Ukro meat grinder.

From the elevated Baxmut positions the Ukros launch US Himars shells at the peaceful citizens of the Donbass city. The RF expects Baxmut to fall by the New Year other nearby towns and cities are being steadily acquired by the RF forces.  The SMO looks like it will cull most Ukrainian males, the Ukrainian female fighting forces now numbers in the 10s of thousands.

Two weeks ago, the RF destroyed 26 Australian bushmasters, they were burnt to the ground at the Odessa port after being offloaded. An additional 6 bushmasters were destroyed while moving as a convoy to the conflict zone. One of our planes was hit by the Ukros the pilot chose to crash the plane into the convoy as opposed to ejecting, either way it would have meant his death.

Approximately a month ago 8 bushmasters were destroyed in the Baxmut region. The Turks allow the ships access through the Bosporus Straight the ships then travel along the Romanian coast line to Odessa here NATO air defenses provide cover for the ships. Once they reach the ports of Odessa, they become sitting ducks.

Poland and Romania have closed their borders to the Ukrainians, no more tourists no more refugees. If a Ukrainian national tries to access Canada they are placed in a camp, without a green card they have no access to anything, no documents and no exit. Things there are really bad for Ukrainians. A reservation has been setup up for the Ukrainians.

The Polish Parliament officially allows Poles to fight in the Ukraine. A draft resolution on amnesty for Poles who have fought illegally in the ranks of the Ukrainian armed forces since 2014 was signed. The authors of the law believe that these so-called Polish mercenaries are fighting for the “peace and security of Poland.” There is no doubt that Poland’s intent is to invade and annex parts Western of Ukraine.

The American Patriot defense system is second rate and the RF expects it will have negligible impact on the final military outcome. This system may provide some protection for one or two regions in western Ukraine.  Current air defences in the Ukraine are Soviet which cannot be integrated into the NATO systems. The Patriot system is pricey (1 “battery” of 4-8 units’ costs $700m to $1 billion USD), ammunition and maintenance are expensive, one missile costs between 2 & 4 million USD. Shipping multiple units together and storing them together provides a prized target.

The US mercs referred to as Academia tried to cross the line, they were hit hard at least 80% dead or wounded, the RF estimates that the original force comprised 1000 men. A minimum of 26 corpses will be returned to the US. Recently the Ukros tried to hit stationary RF strategic bombers deep within Russia using drones. There was potential to hit an RF bomber, it was more than possible for one of these bombers to be equipped with a nuclear payload. RF nuclear weaponry is superior to that of the US I feel that if such an incident had materialized then the only response to the Ukros would have been to return a small nuke.

The PMC Wagner Group has initiated a forum, 12 teams from different Russian cities will develop software for UAVs. The centre provides all the necessary computing power and drones to the participants. The intent is to create positioning systems using video recognition and algorithms for finding waypoints by landmarks in the absence of satellite navigation systems and the absence of external control. The idea is to teach the drone to use its cameras to navigate in the event the drone loses its GPS signal it can still orient itself.

The RF has exited the WTO and will no longer work with the central bank, China and the UAE are increasingly using the Yuan to trade hydrocarbons. Uranium (U2) shipments to the US and France have stopped. The RF estimates that the French have about 6 months of U2 fuel remaining. The RF generally exchanges one American per ten RF troops.

All sectors of the front in the LPR have stabilized. The LPR sector and all other sectors of the front in the LPR have stabilized well, the front is advancing in all directions, the enemy is suffering very heavy losses in manpower and equipment.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. sadly for the decent American,s their whole political system needs to be flushed & start again with the death penalty for the instigators of this rubbish which they have been doing for at least since the beginning of the last century


  2. Those Bush masters need to be operated by our politicians on the ground in the war zone,, what a great way to rid our country of this satanic filth



    Rosa DeLauro, married to a Monsanto man, is pro young teens hopping the border for abortions without notifying their parents, is pro disarming Americans, is anti sugar, is against producing photo IDs before voting, is pro computer programs making it easier for first time voters lacking valid identification, is a Catholic Democrats leader.

    I can see why Rep. Richard Foley called DeLauro “Walter Mondale in drag” way back in 1990.

    I wonder if Zelenskyy ate rump steak and drank the blood of Christ in this ritual?


  4. One picture speaking more than 1000 words. The sacrifice of the “lamb” – a “holy” ritual since centuries of money spinning. How can Zelensky be a lamb some might ask? Weird times create weird lambs but it changes nothing on how the coin spins globally.


  5. One picture speaking more than 1000 words. The sacrifice of the “lamb” – a “holy” ritual since centuries of money spinning. How can Zelensky be a lamb some might ask? Weird times create weird lambs but it changes nothing on how the coin spins.

    and here the “global” mechanisms at work:


  6. Right now, Washington is trying hard to open a second front in the Balkan’s.

    As always, fanning the flames of the Serbian-Kosovan issues. If successful, and uncontained, Europe will be up in flames once again.

    Another watch this space area.


  7. “Medvedev went on to say that nations that claim global leadership deceived Russia when they claimed NATO expansion in Europe posed no threat to it. They again lied when they backed a peace roadmap for Ukraine, which in reality was meant to give Kiev time to prepare for an eventual armed conflict with Russia, he added. The conflict in Ukraine is a war against Russia by a proxy, which was long in the making, Medvedev claimed.”

    And we in Australia are helping Ukraine to fuel yet another fascist inspired Drang Nach Ost project? Stand by for a blow out into WW3. How smart is that?

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    Advance Australia, to be fair Thales is building a future we can trust.

    With the French Government represented on their board of directors, they are developing sovereign guided weapons and with Microsoft’s Nexium Defence Cloud, enabling operations at the edge, in a disconnected environment.

    h ttps://www.thalesgroup.com/en/asia-pacific/australia/defence

    Enough with these Bushmasters Albo, gift Zelenskyy and his neo nasties some Hawkei decoy plywood cutouts, think of the graft and share price evolution.



  9. all I can say is. Go Russia. They are the only obstacle to the globalist elites.

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  10. All the signs of catastrophe are currently in situ.

    General Zeluzhny also suggested a second offensive possibility: stating that Russia’s strike may well be directed at the south. When Bakhmut falls, and their supply lines are severed, as Yuri reports, this would also become feasible.

    It may well be, that Russia’s forthcoming offensive will be a ‘piercing operation’ akin to Operation Bagration [1944] instead of a large encirclement operation in the manner of Operation Uranus [1942].

    An Operation Bagration scenario, launched from the centrally located Bakhmut sector, would effectively cut the Ukrainian forces in half, hence, denying the southern front further speedy replacements in men and materials. This would allow General Surovikin to pursue his renowned ‘sledgehammer’ tactics.

    The more one studies the drama, the more one realises, that the current Ukrainian military reality is now identical to the German situation of the first half of 1944.

    In summer 1944, the storm hit.


  11. Sounds like the Ukros need another Maidan Coup if they’re going to stave off a big time catastrophe for themselves. But who is going to pay for their cookies this time?

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  12. karen elliot: “I dont recall this story being covered in the business section of my newspaper, did you ? https://michaelwest.com.au/josh-frydenberg-goldman-sachs-scott-morrison-firb-origin-energy/

    Nothing to see there, I’m sure it was all kosher and above the Board. It’s nothing to do with the MSM reds under the beds narrative. lol

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  13. Mr Reynard: “Hmm.. No problem , the shtoopid American Goyim will pay for it …”

    Hmmm, but from whom are they going to borrow the money to pay for it…? lol

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  14. I dont recall this story being covered in the business section of my newspaper, did you ?
    Josh and Scott sell off more of Australia to the Giant Vampire Squid Goldman-Sachs:


  15. Quote: The Patriot system is pricey (1 “battery” of 4-8 units’ costs $700m to $1 billion USD),
    Hmm.. No problem , the shtoopid American Goyim will pay for it …

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  16. ALBO AND SCOMO and all the rest of this CROWD INVOLVED must be so proud of themselves to see every one of there BUSHMASTERS BLOWN TO BITS and the Australian People didnt even have a say in the matter as usual.

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  17. Another good update from the Cossack Colonel.

    The saga with the Bushmasters is laughable. Maybe Scotty from Marketing should be volunteered as a driver (whatever it takes to remove this pedophile gangster from Planet Earth).

    Here’s a very recent update from the Duran…

    [ https://theduran.com/russian-military-prepares-for-conflict-with-neocons-and-nato/ ]

    … nothing good on the horizon, it seems. We’re barreling down the road to Exercise WWIII. Martin Armstrong says that will kick off in earnest around 2024 or maybe a bit later.

    Still time to build a bunker or go bush.

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  18. Another enlightening post.

    Although Russia’s military plans are known only to its High Command, it is safe to assume that a major push is brewing.

    In this respect, even Ukrainian General Zaluzhny remains confused as to where Russia will execute its winter offensive. He thinks it will occur in January, or even February, and may well come from Belarus in a direct assault on Kiev. Diverse evidence strongly supports this, but only Russia knows its plans and objectives.

    What has caught my attention, and should be reason for concern, is that sitting quietly in the rear of the northern sector is a whole Russian Armoured Army: the 1st Guards Tank Army [XXXX].

    Russian Guards Armies have a well earned reputation, so I will be keeping a close eye on their location and movements.

    As Yuri noted, a lot has been going on behind the scenes in Belarus. Lukashenko is fully allied with Russia and their fighter pilots are presently being trained with upgraded Russian weaponry attached to their craft.

    Bakhmut [‘Baxmut’ is a spelling/translation error] is unquestionably the most important battle, – more so than Mariupol. When this falls Ukraine’s central front is wide open. This assault of this sector is assigned to the Wagner Battalion and Yuri’s 6th Cossack Motorised Regiment. This may well serve as the breach point for the southern pincer of the winter offensive, working in conjunction with a northern pincer directed from Belarus?.

    For those interested: here are the latest Bakhmut maps showing the current situation [ignore the text].


    The timber drones was also interesting to learn. These are obviously based upon Russia’s innovative WWII wooden mines, which were equally incapable of detection by German mine detectors. Utterly lethal.

    Merry Xmas and a victorious New Year to Yuri and the RF.

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  19. “Oh SH*T, Putin WARNS of direct clash with U.S., NATO readies forces | Redacted w Clayton Morris”


  20. 26 Bushmasters in one hit. The French company Thales will love it. They are making more Bushmasters at their factory opposite Damascus Barracks here in Brisbane. The Bushmasters for Ukraine have different camouflage deep green paint. None of the Bushmasters for Ukraine have Red Crosses, so there are no ambulance versions. The completed Ukraine Bushmasters are being boxed up in containers at Damascus Barracks, ready for shipment. I counted 12 there today.

    Thales is also making Bushmasters for the UN, painted white and stored in the Barracks across the road from the Factory. There were 3 new white Bushmasters in the Factory paint shop today. When asked, Peter Dutton said the white UN Bushmasters are for Indonesia. He wouldn’t answer when or how they will be delivered/picked up.

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  21. If this wasn’t such a tragedy for Ukrainians, and Russians as well, and the American-British-Aussie mercs, it would read as a comedy. Wow, those Bushmasters were a great idea of Scotties, worth their weight in, ah, in BS. An Aussie regiment of trannies would have made a difference to the outcome though.
    The Little Horn could end it with one command.
    Merry Christmas to all including our beloved pollies etc.


  22. I fail to understand why the RF has not destroyed Kyiv’s airport runways. It appears that Zelensky and western politicians fly in and out at will.


  23. This almost leaves me speechless. So much going on over in Ukraine that we do not know! And the millions and millions the American ‘government’ has sent there. We know where it really is going. I am praying for the people of Ukraine. This world needs to turn back to God and beg for His forgiveness and help. There is no alternative. Thank you for all you write and do to help us!
    Merry Christmas!

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