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26 Australian bushmasters burnt to the ground at the Odessa port after being offloaded

General Armageddon has installed order on the battle field. The front line has been strengthened and straightened for all intents and purposes the RF is at war with 18 countries. South Korea recently delivered a load of 155mm shells to RF.

By Cossack Colonel YURI KOMONYISKI

The western fighters pretending to be Ukrainians are running low on munitions. The RF continues to pound Ukro power infrastructure this greatly impacts their ability to produce military armaments. In the meantime, the RF continues to clean house internally exposing those that are working on behalf of foreign parties.

My contacts in the Ukraine are informing me that locals in Odessa and other cities are starting to riot. The railway stations in Ivano-Franko have been heavily damaged. EU supplied military equipment is malfunctioning and breaking down, parts of this gear cannot handle travel over long distance. The RF lancets continue to rain down havoc on the Ukro-NATO forces. The west continues to complain about Iran providing drones to the RF when the west provides the Ukros with almost everything including piles of cash.

The RF has modified its drones to be constructed from plastic and timber it makes it harder to detect them and they are almost silent now. 80% of the Ukraine is now in darkness many are forced to recharge their phones in shopping centers. Finally, the RF is conducting itself professionally.

On December 13th, “the Kiev regime tightened censorship of the information space,” the Ukrainian parliament passed in its final session the “media law,” which bans positive coverage of Russia’s actions and expands the rights of the authorities to regulate the media sphere completely.

The Turks were delivering a shipload of generators / power supply units to Ukraine, unfortunately for the Ukros it hit a Ukro sea-mine. It appears that the Ukros have been given much of Germany’s money I can only wonder what the Germans plan to eat this winter? The price of generators in Odessa has quadrupled.

The temperatures are currently fluctuating between -5C/+5C. the locals are leaving Kiev seeking shelters in Dachas, beyond the city centers, fire wood is hard to come by. The Kiev mayor Klishenko has authorized the felling of trees in the city parks, in a month or so there will be no more trees standing within Kiev.

In the Kharkov region the fighting is essentially on standby the line is being held, most of the bridges along the borders have been blown. The Belarus/RF have some new bridge technology. Two specialized trucks are used, one pulls up and places its payload the other drives up and over the first to place its payload. The placement of bridges has been expedited significantly. The Ukrainians are engaging the skills of the elderly as the young generation lacks any skills to achieve practical results.

The RF has reversed engineered the targeting equipment captured from the west and have applied it to their own equipment, the RF is finding this upgrade very useful and feels that the west should be thanked for their contribution. The Germans announced that 1000 Ukros were killed in their recent attempt to storm RF fortified areas.

These are acts of madness and can only make sense if the orders are being issued by foreigners that are removed from the real fighting. The RF estimates that in the last 2.5 months in the Odessa/Kherson region approximately 100,000 Ukro/NATOs are dead or wounded.

Australia wasting millions of dollars giving Bushmaster vehicles to Ukraine as most are destroyed before deployment

Even though the Polish leader Duda publicly announced he does not want war with Russia the Poles continue to build an army of at least 250,000 souls, Belarus has understood what Poland’s (NATO) nefarious intentions are and have stablised their own counter force, the borders have been fortified by their military ranks reinforced with battle hardened Russians and Chechens. The Belarus is spiritually prepared for the fight NATO’s Poland intends to bring.

Historically 150 years ago Ivan the 3rd defeated Kiev, if memory serves in 1203 the Ukros killed prince Oleg Vesliv, the mother princess Olga was able to acquire her son’s body for burial asking that the Ukrainians each provide a bird as compensation which they did. In return the princess tied oily rags to the birds and setting the rags on fire releasing the birds. As a result, Kiev was decimated with fire. Now in 2022 Kiev is facing round III.

There is ongoing street fighting within the strategically important city Baxmut. This city provides access to the hinterlands beyond, it is surrounded by fortified natural geo-morphological ridges held by the Ukros. The area forms a natural geographical pinch point where many roadways and train lines come together. When the Ukros lose this position their supply lines will be extinguished, that is why Ukros are throwing their elite forces into this city, the city that is fondly become known as the Ukro meat grinder.

From the elevated Baxmut positions the Ukros launch US Himars shells at the peaceful citizens of the Donbass city. The RF expects Baxmut to fall by the New Year other nearby towns and cities are being steadily acquired by the RF forces.  The SMO looks like it will cull most Ukrainian males, the Ukrainian female fighting forces now numbers in the 10s of thousands.

Two weeks ago, the RF destroyed 26 Australian bushmasters, they were burnt to the ground at the Odessa port after being offloaded. An additional 6 bushmasters were destroyed while moving as a convoy to the conflict zone. One of our planes was hit by the Ukros the pilot chose to crash the plane into the convoy as opposed to ejecting, either way it would have meant his death.

Approximately a month ago 8 bushmasters were destroyed in the Baxmut region. The Turks allow the ships access through the Bosporus Straight the ships then travel along the Romanian coast line to Odessa here NATO air defenses provide cover for the ships. Once they reach the ports of Odessa, they become sitting ducks.

Poland and Romania have closed their borders to the Ukrainians, no more tourists no more refugees. If a Ukrainian national tries to access Canada they are placed in a camp, without a green card they have no access to anything, no documents and no exit. Things there are really bad for Ukrainians. A reservation has been setup up for the Ukrainians.

The Polish Parliament officially allows Poles to fight in the Ukraine. A draft resolution on amnesty for Poles who have fought illegally in the ranks of the Ukrainian armed forces since 2014 was signed. The authors of the law believe that these so-called Polish mercenaries are fighting for the “peace and security of Poland.” There is no doubt that Poland’s intent is to invade and annex parts Western of Ukraine.

The American Patriot defense system is second rate and the RF expects it will have negligible impact on the final military outcome. This system may provide some protection for one or two regions in western Ukraine.  Current air defences in the Ukraine are Soviet which cannot be integrated into the NATO systems. The Patriot system is pricey (1 “battery” of 4-8 units’ costs $700m to $1 billion USD), ammunition and maintenance are expensive, one missile costs between 2 & 4 million USD. Shipping multiple units together and storing them together provides a prized target.

The US mercs referred to as Academia tried to cross the line, they were hit hard at least 80% dead or wounded, the RF estimates that the original force comprised 1000 men. A minimum of 26 corpses will be returned to the US. Recently the Ukros tried to hit stationary RF strategic bombers deep within Russia using drones. There was potential to hit an RF bomber, it was more than possible for one of these bombers to be equipped with a nuclear payload. RF nuclear weaponry is superior to that of the US I feel that if such an incident had materialized then the only response to the Ukros would have been to return a small nuke.

The PMC Wagner Group has initiated a forum, 12 teams from different Russian cities will develop software for UAVs. The centre provides all the necessary computing power and drones to the participants. The intent is to create positioning systems using video recognition and algorithms for finding waypoints by landmarks in the absence of satellite navigation systems and the absence of external control. The idea is to teach the drone to use its cameras to navigate in the event the drone loses its GPS signal it can still orient itself.

The RF has exited the WTO and will no longer work with the central bank, China and the UAE are increasingly using the Yuan to trade hydrocarbons. Uranium (U2) shipments to the US and France have stopped. The RF estimates that the French have about 6 months of U2 fuel remaining. The RF generally exchanges one American per ten RF troops.

All sectors of the front in the LPR have stabilized. The LPR sector and all other sectors of the front in the LPR have stabilized well, the front is advancing in all directions, the enemy is suffering very heavy losses in manpower and equipment.

Economic fallout from Ukraine looking worse for NATO, says Russia

In 1994 ROGTEC (Russian Oil and Gas Technology) began developing Sakhalin-2, on Sakhalin Island, only 4.7km from Japan. Sakhalin-2 became the base for LNG production, a new sector in Russian economy. ROGTEC installed the country’s first ice-class offshore platforms to produce oil and gas and built the first in Russia LNG plant, now targeted by US-NATO sanctions and putting Japan in a tight spot because it receives 40% of its hydrocarbons from Russia. The Russians have now changed their contract with Japanese companies that have a 22% stake in the project and are pushing for cooperation the the G7 nation.

From Cossack Colonel YURI KOMONYISKI military correspondent

RUSSIAN artillery is completely sweeping away the defensive lines of the Ukrainian army. The Ukrofascist army suffers from incompetent command, lack of ammunition and mass desertion as artillery continues to fall on the cities of Kharkov and Nikolaevka. An elite Ukrofascist force based in the Kharkov region has been crushed. Kiev and Odessa are being hit hard, we are relocating some our Hurricane systems which are able to hit targets at a distance of 120 klm. These are universal weapons as the war heads are interchangeable, various types of ammunition can be used. They can level any target very quickly.

In liberating the Lisichansk region of Ukrofascists the RF is now able to add to its arsenal an additional 300 pieces of fully functioning military equipment, supplied by NATO and their friends. This does not include numerous partially damaged equipment that is still being collated and counted. The Ukrainians are now admitting that they are engaging the Russian forces in a factor of 3 Ukrainians to 1 Russian and they are still failing.

A German manufactured howitzer has been captured by the RF. Within the active conflict zones the majority of the Ukrainian fortified positions have been destroyed. This week we have been targeting the Ukrainian command centres, we estimate another 10 Ukrainian generals are no longer in the fight. Two US-manufactured HIMARS (multiple rocket launchers), able to strike targets at a distance of 120 klm, were destroyed. Originally 12 units were given to the Ukrofascists. The Ukrainian military sold 2 French CAESAR (self-propelled Howitzers) to the Russian Forces for a bargain price of US$120,000 each. Their usual sale price is in the vicinity of 7 million USD each.

Two mercenary groups managed to escape the Lisichansk cauldron but were intercepted on the outer perimeter. All 25 of them were liquidated. The operational sites where they were located have been torched by the Ukrofascists. Our forensic teams are now evaluating their former locations. The previous night (5.7.22) 850 mercenaries crossed over the Polish border into Poland. Polish mercenaries attempted to break through the Nikolaevka cauldron in an attempted counterattack, 100 mercenaries were liquidated. In another event a mercenary training facility in the Nikolaevka region and gatherings of mercenaries were destroyed. While offloading equipment, two battalions, 20 armoured vehicles and 80 reactive multiple rocket launchers were destroyed. Two large ammunitions dumps were struck and destroyed, it must of taken them weeks to accumulate.

In another altercation on 6.7.22 in the Lisichansk region (near Rovnaya) 40 mercenaries of various nationalities (US, Canadian, Argentinian, Brazilian but mostly Polish) were captured, an additional 18 wounded, the corpses are still being counted. The Chechens flushed them out and the Cossacks overwhelmed them – we make a hell of team. The first 3 mercs to be tried are facing the death penalty I believe these ones will too.

In a separate event while using a Javelin to strike an RF tank, the US mercenaries applying these weapons destroyed themselves. There were American survivors, they are now enjoying RF hospitality while being treated for their injuries. Upon entering Lisichansk we were able to access an SBU strong box, within it we uncovered interesting information. A portion of it revealed that there were still another 30 Australian mercenaries active in the region. The information was detailed revealing significant personnel information about them. On the 6.7.22 an Australian mercenary was captured; he is wounded and is being treated by RF medics. I believe my men have all of his personnel details, these will be made public in due course.

In August, Russia, China and Iran are planning a major military exercise in Latin American, focusing on Venezuela. Latin American countries seek to strengthen ties with Russia, China and Iran. While Nicaragua extended its military agreement with Russia. In parallel China continued to promote the “China Belt and Roads” initiative in the region. Syria has given preliminary consent to participate in the international war crimes tribunals to be held in the DPR, naturally, to be attended by the LPR.

The German, Swiss and French now have the added problem of acquiring fertiliser for their agricultural sector. Until recently these countries imported 80% of their fertiliser from Belarus/Russia. Lukashenko (Belarus) has lost all interest in supporting these countries and has ceased hydrocarbon transits thru Belarus to the pre-Baltic states. Belarus now exports its high-quality agricultural produce to friendly countries such as a produce Syria, Iran and India.

The Ukrainians have shelled Belarus and in return I expect that Ukraine will soon be fighting on two fronts. The Belarus border is located 70klm from Kiev, easily within firing range. Theoretically we could take Kiev very quickly. I just hope their civilians depart the city while they are still able. We have destroyed the majority of roads and rail links along the western Ukrainian borders. The Ukrainian supply lines are seriously constrained. Our TU-122 high level targeting equipment is able to highlight the targets for our long-range weaponry. The bulk of fuel in the Ukraine is dedicated to the military as a result Zelensky’s is considering resurrecting steam trains for general use.

Budding NATO cadets Switzerland and Finland are expected to lose US$3 billion annually following their ill-considered actions. They have lost the use of the Russian waterway (canal transport system established by Peter the Great) previously under lease to them, additionally they have lost access to Russian timber, hydrocarbons, aluminium, tin etc. Lavrov confirmed this today. As of 7.7.22 all visa free travel for the Finish has been terminated, no more cheap vodka. My understanding is that they have started to cut into scrap their own railway lines which they are sending to EU smelters. These railway lines were originally manufactured in Russia and are a high-quality steel. This is unlikely to last as the Germans “Marten Ovens” require Russian gas to function.

Belarus has stopped rail transit through its country to the pre-Baltic states and cut the electricity supply by a third. The hydrocarbon flow to Germany has been reduced by 85%, they now need to decide what systems they will shut down and what they will continue to feed. Some of the largest German manufactures are heavily dependent on Russian hydrocarbons. The loss of hydrocarbon supply will negatively impact the production of glass, tyres etc. It was announced today that the German glass industry has stopped working. I feel for the poor Germans that will be loosing their jobs as it’s a hard place to survive without an income.

The German media has acknowledged that if the flow of hydrocarbons in the Nord Stream is reduced to 15% then Germany will be running on empty by October. In the unlikely event the Germans start to import ridiculously overpriced US hydrocarbons into Poland, and hence Germany, there will be nothing left by November. Even if they flip on fossil fuels and revert to coal, their primary suppliers are the likes of Australia and Africa, it will be a case of too little too late. The cheapest and closest provider of coal was previously Donbass in the Ukraine. I believe there is only one hydrocarbon terminal in Germany that could be converted to use non-Russian gas. The other terminals do not have this option as gas plants are generally built to suit a particular type of hydrocarbon. It is not a case of one size fits all. Rail transportation in Estonia has dropped by 60% and they are assigning blame to the sanctions. They not in a position to seek out new partnerships as Russia will likely block transit.

Lithuania and Poland are to convene 8.7.22 for high level talks to discuss the Suwalki Gap, a 65 klm long land corridor located between both countries that provides access to Russia’s Kaliningrad. This is a choke point of significant strategic and military importance.

In Moldavia the people are rising up against the NATO-biased government, insisting on their removal. The fuel price there is up 3-fold. All things are becoming excessively expensive and beyond the reach of the common people. I believe that the Moldavian people whom have no inclination to enter a conflict with Russia, will get their way.

Phase I has been completed Donetsk and Lugansk republics are now free of the Ukrofascists. Progress is being made in the Kharkov region, it’s just a matter of time before it is liberated. We are now considering our next steps for phase II of the special operation. On the 6.7.22 under Kharkov the RF pushed through the Ukrainian lines past two Ukrainian fighting forces while the enemy was regrouping and distracted. The RF managed to move 20 tanks and 20 armoured personnel carriers into positions surrounding the enemy. In the morning the Ukrofascists found themselves surrounded, another cauldron 20 klm in diameter. The Ukrainian fortifications in the area were levelled, an ammunition dump destroyed, and a small oil well destroyed. In another region the Ukrainian terra-defence comprising 130 men surrendered.

I note that the Ukrainian RADA are now wishing that they had proceeded differently with Russia. So much so that they are now talking about letting Russia keep that which they have liberated and calling the remainder Kievksy-Russ. I think they are adapting this philosophical approach before the country Ukraine disappears off the world map. The primary NATO have given Zelensky 6 weeks to retake the Ukraine using that which he has already been given and failing that then no more support will be offered. Macron is the first to announce that they will not be offering any more weapons to the Ukraine. Hungary stated that no more weapons transfers via hungry will be permitted.

The Ukrofascists in their extraordinarily hasty retreat left behind countless armaments and weaponry as well as food packages. We are handing out the majority of the inflation proof and free of charge food packages to the local communities. Many are thankful to the NATO countries for these provisions. I note the German sausages are very popular, they store well and will help the people survive the coming winter.

Today 7.7.22 the Russian Ministry of Defence stated that it has undeniable proof that the Americans were creating and using biological weapons against Russia, its people and its agriculture and were also experimenting on Ukrainians. The proof will be submitted to the UN. Metabiota is guilty beyond any reasonable doubt. This gives Russia undeniable grounds to announce war on America. Boris Johnson submitted his resignation today, perhaps it’s a case of the rats leaving the sinking ship ahead of time.

China stated today that if the US does not depart the Taiwanese waters, then they may end up in a position where they will never leave. They also said that if the American currency isn’t backed by gold or natural resources then it has no value and “we the Chinese play the long game with our Russian partners”. My understanding is that some African countries have chased out the French from the African resources sector and the locals are now asking for the Russians to step in.

Two Japanese corporations own 22% of the Sakhalin II oil and gas project. In response to Japan’s hostility towards Russia, the Russian government set new terms and conditions for the project’s investors, transferring the asset into a new corporate structure that will be managed by a new operator. Forty percent of the hydrocarbons used by Japan originates in Russia and without these Japan will stop. As such Japan was given the option to continue under new obligations or sayonara. The Japanese have capitulated and agreed to all of the conditions issued to them by Russia, they will now pay for the hydrocarbons in rubbles and all disputes will be settled in the Russian courts. One of the conditions is that Japan will drop all sanctions against Russia to which I believe they have agreed. Japan and accepted the new conditions with haste. The Japanese will now pay for all Russian products in rubbles. I believe south Korea will go the same way.

The Japanese have acknowledged that they want to start a relationship with Russia anew and rekindle some of the projects previously discussed. One of these is the bridge linking Russia to Sakhalin, a span of approximately 4.7 klm.

I am hearing whispers that the French are discussing exiting NATO, and the Turks are of the same mind set. Erdogan is of the opinion that if the Swiss and Finish do not hand over the Kurds that he has requested then NATO will become a bad memory. The Turks are not supporting the transit of Russian vessels laden with grain through the strait. These vessels will deliver grain to India.

The Germans continue to stockpile firewood in preparation of the hydrocarbon supply lines going into scheduled maintenance, while Trudeau sits on the Siemens turbines, refusing to release them to Russia. This would be in the interest of his EU partners and their people, in their time of need. Klaus Schwab’s puppet serves him well.

I see that the issues plaguing the US continue to worsen and that both sides of the American congress are dissatisfied. Biden continues to assign blame on the Russian President for all of Americans issues: higher fuel prices, inflation at 40-year highs. This is peculiar as the US halted the import of Russian hydrocarbons voluntarily and has forgotten that the Ukraine accounts for only 5% of the overall global grain exports. Perhaps Joe should reach out to his superior Mr Putin and ask for direction, he appears to need it.

What continues to amaze us is the extent that these NATO-aligned countries are willing to hurt themselves and their civilian population in a lame attempt to punish Russia. As a wise man once said “better a bad peace than a good war”.

Russian forces start shelling Kiev

Ukraine update 7

In response to the shelling of civilians in the liberated city of Donetsk the RF has been shelling Kiev. The continuous bombardment of Kiev these last two days has given cause for the politicians there to pay heed. The Ukrainian’s do not know where to run to.

Military correspondent Cossack Colonel Yuri Kominyenko

In Lisichansk the Ukrainian troops are surrendering  en masse, thirty, fifty at a time, they do not need much encouragement. Of the original party of howitzers supplied by the Americans, the last 10 were destroyed, however more are being shipped into the Ukraine through Poland. On the 20.6.22 two Polish tactical battalions crossed into the Ukraine; they were immediately liquidated by Belarus missiles.   

Snake island was being hit by Howitzers  based on the mainland, the positions of these 4 units were identified and the position destroyed, using long range incendiary weapons. This was the 4th attempt to take the island. The Ukrofascists lost 12 drones and the control base located in the Achakova region.

In the last 24 hours 40 command bunkers were wiped clean using Caliber rockets as well Onyx rockets (with a range of 1500+ klm). Previously I mentioned that 50 plus high-ranking officers were killed in a surgical strike. The current count is that there were at least 70 or more that perished and still counting. As it turns out our reconnaissance is doing a wonderful job. The meeting included not only Ukrainians but also high-ranking military personnel from England, Poland, France, US and Germany. The RF has warned that any spy plane that is spotted will be shot down, disregarding its location.

A friend of mine that works in the space industry mentioned that the RF had taken offline 3 US satellites, and impaired the functioning of several others. Other NATO satellites were forced to change their orbits while they were still able. We have now introduced our S500 systems into the mix. They are able to destroy satellites in low orbit and planes at high altitude.

My understanding is that the US is rather upset after they tried to launch 5 satellites into space using a Russian space engine but failed. NASA has written to the pentagon concerned that they were unable to acquire titanium and aluminum using in the construction of rockets and other space equipment. It turns out that Russia was the supplier of these particular specialty items.  I expect this will have a detrimental impact upon the American space industry.

Russia has ceased transporting hydrocarbons through Ukraine and Turkey. Seems Canada’s Trudeau believes that blocking the return of the Siemens equipment destined for Russia is a grand idea. I doubt the EU thinks the same about this. As such we cannot guarantee the uninterrupted supply of hydrocarbons to the EU, these items are critical to the safety of the plant and its operators. Even in the event that Trudeau decides to release the units it will take months to install and commission them, perhaps winter will arrive later as opposed to sooner. 

In the Lozovaya region a group comprising approximately 800 militants were hit by the RF’s artillery. Within a short time, the Ukrofascists started contributing to the operation by using air support against the militants. Once the fireworks subsided, we discovered that approximately half of the combatants had been liquidated. The interesting thing is that most of the combatants turned out to be Canadians.  

The RF officers gathered for a meeting in their command center. They made it very clear that they expected the full support of the Russian authorities and that there will be no half measures when it comes to the distribution of penalties against the Ukrofascists and their mercenary brethren.

Recently I watched the wife of a Ukrainian soldier tell her husband’s story. The Ukrainians were instructed to drop their troops off at a designated location. When they arrived, they were surprised to find that the Russians were already there. They lost 80 fighters and two armored personnel carriers (БТР).  The RF have lost patience with the Ukrainian forces, we now simply state surrender or die, we are not here to negotiate.  

The Polish are now arresting their Ukrainian guests and returning them to the Ukraine in handcuffs.  It is becoming more common place for the Ukrainian military to tell their commanding officers to go to hell. They are now stating rather frequently that Zelensky should go to the front himself and shoot at the RF himself.  He has essentially lost all respect, assuming he had any in the beginning, which is highly doubtful. I believe Kiev may be waking up, they are demoralized and are struggling to find fighters. The Ukrofascists are digging in deep between Kiev and the Belarus border, they are roughly 150klm apart. We can see their activities with our satellites, trucks delivering logs and other construction items. These fortifications will not save them.

The American switchblade drones are falling out of the skies on a very regular basis. We have been collecting them and I expect our tech savvy lads will be able to tweak them so that we can send them back in the same spirit in which they were given. They carry a pay load of 4/5 kg of explosive generally for use against tanks. However, our T72 tanks are generally able to withstand 5 to 10 hits before they expire.

The BMPT, it is a tank support fighting vehicle, these units essentially replace supporting infantry. We have introduced into the fray our Terminators. These are twin auto cannons each capable of firing 10 30mm round per/sec. the guns can be loaded with multiple types of shells, including enriched uranium ammunitions. In other words, one explosive shell can punch a hole through a concrete wall while another hardened armor piercing round can enter the same hole to do its work.

Both cannons are synchronised with each other, the operator is housed in the underbelly of this beast, generally out of harm’s way. They Ukrofascists were able to incapacitate one of these units but not before it took out 2 Ukrainian tanks, 3 armored personnel carriers (БТР), 2 amphibious combat vehicle (БМД) and 1 all-terrain infantry transport (ЛТМБ). My understanding is that the unit ran out of ammunition. These units can engage 16 targets simultaneously including airborne. They were found to be extremely effective in Syria, they were used against snipers in Syria. The RF were able to retrieve the unit which is destined for repair.

Currently access to Kaliningrad can be achieved by sea, however the Latvians have heavily restricted the flow of goods through their territory. The RF has indicated that this path could lead to serious consequences not dissimilar to that of the Ukraine, I can only hope they heed our message.

It appears that the last Ukrainian visit conducted by the heads of state of Germany, France, Poland was more to do with reminding Zelensky about payment as opposed to providing more weaponry. We believe that the Europeans are interested in receiving grain in exchange for goods and services. As it turns out in the last 3 years the Ukrainian farmers have not been paid for their harvest. It seems that the Ukrofascists have been helping themselves to the farmers crops. The farmers want Russia to take over, the man on the land is supporting the RF.

Last two Ukranian frigates sunk, Russia has complete control of sea lanes

Ukranian women 18 – 60 being conscripted to fight

Latest Ukraine Update 5

Cossack Colonel Yuri Komiyenko

Three Ukrainian battalions destroyed in counteroffensive. The Ukrainians tried to push the RF out of Southern Donetsk. The Russian forces stepped back allowing the Ukrainian battalions to enter the strike zone at which point the RF launched its artillery, the battalions were obliterated. “The Ukrainian forces are now pulling back somewhere between 67 and 120klm to reform the front line,” military correspondent Colonel Komiyenko said through an interpreter.

Two Swiss howitzers were destroyed, one damaged using satellite guided rockets (needles), two planes and 2 choppers were destroyed today. The last two Ukrainian frigates were sunk today, the RF now has full control of the sea and will be able to traverse the Dnieper to strike enemy targets or deliver troops/supplies at will to predetermined destinations of their choosing. The ships will now essentially have unrestricted access to Odessa and will be easy striking range to Nikolaevka. The Ukrainian’s will soon need be fighting on 5 different fronts. The colonel said we’ll soon see how they handle that.

In the Donbass region the RF have encircled approximately 12,000 Ukrainian troops and their mercenaries, there situation is dire. Ukrainian fighters are surrendering in droves. The Ukrainians would like a prisoner exchange, the Russian forces say it would take months to return the POWs they currently have in their custody.

Elon Musk was informed that if his satellites were not relocated, they would be dealt with. His satellites have since vacated their orbital positions over the conflict zone. The Russian satellites are now dominating the space over the conflict zone. Two strategic Polish battalions took heavy losses and have stepped back. There is intel that suggests  Ukraine and Poland consider their two countries amalgamated, as the borders between them are becoming obtuse. Ukrainian saboteur groups are attempting to take Transnistrian weapons silos (arguably the largest weapons stores in Europe) however the RF has placed significant reinforcements there. Gagauzia an autonomous territorial unit of Moldova, has declared support for Russia.

In the southern regions of Donetsk, the RF provided an opening to the Ukrainian forces. They made it appear that their focus was in a different sphere. It appeared to the Ukrainians that the Russian front was weakening Zelensky mobilized his elite forces from their Kiev locations to strike at the apparently weakened Russian forces. The Ukrainian elite force was decimated it is estimated that between 70 to 90% of the force was crippled. The forces currently protecting Kiev have been reduced to a minimum. It appears that checkmate is on the horizon.

Zelensky passed a new law two days ago, women between the ages of 18-60 can and will be conscripted to fight. This was made public today. Currently the Ukrainian’s are conscripting all and any male old enough to fight. You could enter a shop to buy a bottle of milk and end up in the back of a truck heading to the front. Zelensky passed a law 3 months ago that no Ukrainian male between the ages of 18 and 50 can leave the country.

Bulgaria has officially declared that it will not support Ukraine. They are currently experiencing huge protests as the fuel price has hit USD 3.60 per litre previously unheard of. The US currently has serious issues with China, and Iran attacked a US base on its border last night.

The Ukrainians want the US to enter the conflict zone as peace keepers. In this case it will be highly probable that WWIII will break out as the US will not be permitted to enter the Ukraine. As a last resort weapons of mass destruction may be used.

As of today, China and India have stopped using USD to conduct oil/gas trades with Russia. They are transferring to ruble payments. Recently the African nations met to discuss international relations. They are of the opinion that the US has been cheating them for decades and that their intention is to conduct all international trades in local currencies. It would appear the USD is being abandoned at a great pace. It appears that the African countries have refused to provide the Germans and the French their countries’ resources and have stopped supplying coffee to the US.

Russia warns it will ‘level’ Ukranian cities if Ukrofascist war crimes continue

Ukraine update 3

Two days ago on the Donetsk front Russian forces completely surrounded 18,000 Ukrofascists including their contingent of mercenaries.

Cossack Colonel Yuri Komiyenko

Two large battalions were sent to assist these Ukranian troops but they too were taking heavy losses and the survivors were scattered throughout local forests.

Russian forces were combing the area in a mop-up exercise.

The next night Russia sent a stern message to the Kiev junta in the form of heavy missile strikes throughout Kiev taking out targeted warehouses storing military equipment including a tank repair facility ‘Eneromash.’

This was in response to Kiev’s malicious artillery attack on peaceful civilians in the heart of Donetsk where there were no Russian troops stationed.

Russian command has warned the Ukrofascists should these war crimes continue then RF will potentially “level” Ukranian cities, with Kiev high on the list.

Military correspondent Cossack Colonel Yuri Komiyenko said through an interpreter an average of one town a day in the Kharkov region is being liberated by the RF as the front line gets closer to the Ukrofascists.

Kharkov is located in the north of Ukraine near the NATO-controlled Polish border.

“The Ukranians have spent the last eight years fortifying their positions with concrete bunkers and structures and it takes more time to punch through these reinforced positions,” he said.

“ A large fighting contingent of Polacks with some Australian and US mercenaries took heavy losses.

“A captured Ukarnian POW at Azovstal complained about their troops losing 26 snipers in one night.

“We have advanced technology to counter snipers,” he said.

Ukraine reportedly has lost much of its fighting forces and is desperately recruiting whomever they can find to help strengthen their dwindling front line.

“Another POW described how he was picked up by the Ukrofascists while walking along the street. “They threw him into the back of the truck, told him to change his clothes into a military outfit and was handed a firearm. A little Later he was dumped near the front and told to go and fight. Within 24hours he was surrendering to the RF.”

In the Lvov region a warehouse packed with American-supplied 177 Howitzers was destroyed. The large amount of stored ammunition and equipment set off a devastating explosion causing several small towns to burn to the ground.

“The Bezkidzki twin tunnels transgressing the Carpathian Mountains in western Ukraine were hit again, this time sealing them permanently. The damage is extensive and there will be no more transit through them,” the Colonel explained.

Russia is fighting all of NATO, collecting evidence of US biolabs in Ukraine

Cairns News world exclusive from the front line

By Robert J Lee

NATO and the United States have been supplying arms “by the trainload” to fascist Ukranian troops who are now into their third and last wave of soldiers and almost out of ammunition and food supplies while battling crack Russian troops..

There are at least three United States’ bioweapons labs yet to be destroyed.

Russian Cossack, Colonel Yuri Komiyenko near the front line at Kiev

From the front line in a video hook up last night Cairns News reporter Robert Lee spoke through an interpreter to a Russian Cossack, Colonel Mr Yuri Komiyenko at Sakhalin near Kiev. He is based in Russia.

This first-hand information flies in the face of the blatant propaganda being forced upon the western world by the ABC, BBC and NBC which the Colonel said is mostly lies.

“Russia essentially is fighting all of NATO comprising Germany, Poland the US and France are supplying arms to the Ukra-Nazi troops by the trainload and plane load,” Colonel Komiyenko said.

“Last night 47 French mercenaries surrendered, they were hiding underground in the Azov-steel industrial complex, the heart of Mariupol. The underground complex comprises eight stories and 24 klm of tunnels. The original Ukranian fighting force in Mariupol was 14,000 military personnel, it comprised the standard Ukranian forces, the fascist Ukro-Nazis and various NATO personnel from numerous countries.

“Many of the Ukranians have been trained by NATO since 2014 and carry with them certificates of completion issued by NATO trainers. It took the Russian forces approximately 60 days to win this fight.

“The complex is now under the complete control of the Russians. This complex also housed a bioweapons lab bought to you by Zelensky a Ukrainian Oligarch, Hunter Biden and his friends. The Russians are now collating further proof of western war crimes against humanity.” 

Fresh in this morning  …..

Last night during the interview an additional “52 French Foreign Legion troops crawled out of their sub-surface hiding places surrendering to the Russian forces.”

The Russians estimate that the original French foreign legion fighting force was at least 300. The number of subterranean die-hards remaining is approximately 400 fighters and these are mostly Ukro-Nazi fanatics.  

The primary subterranean entry point (there are multiple) was bombed using thermal explosives that generate heat to 2500C. Many of the Ukro-Nazis wouldl never be identified, unless relatives are able to identify skulls.

The Ukrainians started to acquire fuel and other supplies from neighbouring countries such as Moldovi. These convoys became easy targets for precision strikes using orbiting satellites and drones to destroy convoys.

Unfortunately there have been numerous civilian casualties, many shot by the fascists when they flee their positions which are frequently buildings occupied by the civilian population such as apartment blocks, schools and hospitals. Often the Fascists herd the civilian population into the basements of such buildings and use them as human shields.  

Upon fleeing they have been known to murder these civilians, Bucha is such an example. They will also gun down civilians in the street, people simply looking to find water or fire upon buildings containing civilians the Colonel said.

“Both the Ukranian armies are shooting civilians after they hide in apartments and schools.”

After taking Azov-Steel, the Russian armed forces are now engaging the Ukrainians on a larger scale in the Donbass region. When the fighting started in the Donbass region recently, there were initially 40,000 Ukranian fascist troops which have been reduced to 29,000.

They are now encircled by Russians and the Nazis have little food or ammunition. This large force is being systematically destroyed and the Ukrainian’s are taking heavy losses.

Nikolaev city is surrounded by artillery and Russian troops are attempting to push the fascists out of there into Odessa similarly the Russians are pushing the Nazis out of Kharkiv towards Kiev.

“Every day the Russian and Donesk Republic forces gain three kilometres of territory,” the Cossack explained.

Russian forces are compiling evidence after they destroyed a large US underground biolab at the 11 square kilometre Mariupol Azov steel facility. Another biolab in Mariupol has been destroyed.

Known biolabs at Odessa, Suma and Kiev are yet to be destroyed.

The fascists are using trains to move military equipment, the same trains also carry civilian hostages. Yesterday alone 29 targets were bombed, destroying bridges, sidings and associated electrical infrastructure such as signal systems, but not the carriages to avoid casualties.

Ukranian President Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelenskyy is faring as badly as his diminishing troops when a huge protest was staged in Kiev yesterday calling on the gay, former entertainer to resign.

“Eastern Ukranians are lining up against him because everything he promised during the election has not eventuated,” the Colonel said.

When asked about the possibility of a ceasefire, the Colonel said, “No chance.”

“Russia twice offered a ceasefire and actually stepped back from Kiev as a gesture of goodwill, but the Nazis used this to regroup, while killing civilians at Bucha where there were real corpses and some crisis actors too.”

Contrary to disinformation being peddled by Australian correspondents in the battle zone, Russian troops have moved convoys of food relief for starving civilians and Russian soldiers have many times handed out their ration packs to civilians after being locked in basements for two weeks.

“We look at certain (TV)channels and just laugh at the disinformation,” he said.

At least 1.3 million refugees have fled into Russia and another 6.5 million have crossed into Poland and further. The Ukranian population before the hostilities started was 40 million.

“This war and western sanctions has united all of Russia because we are being seen to save Ukraine,” he said.

Many Ukranian soldiers were on drugs and had no real fighting spirit. Some were dressing as women attempting to get out through Russian lines, “but we busted them,” he said.

Some captured facilities were found to contain huge amounts of European military armaments enough to equip all the Russian soldiers. The Colonel laughed, ” we don’t need to bring any of our own equipment, we just pick up what’s been left and send it back to the Ukrainian forces at high speed.”

Russian soldiers were armed mostly with AK47 assault rifles while the fascists complained the US M16 rifles they had been given often jammed and were useless.

Americans had also handed out thousands of 1958 vintage M14 carbines to Ukraine, many of which had been found in bombed out warehouses while the packaged RPG anti-tank weapons were 10 years old and most had flat batteries and were inoperable.

The Cossack said his troops collected some RPG’s then “hot-wired” them and destroyed Ukranian tanks.

“In some of the Ukranian strongholds we have taken we found man-sized nappies for soldiers.

“This is now a standing joke among the Russian forces and their allies.”

Cairns News will present another segment hopefully next week.

Last straw for Ukraine is witchcraft against Putin

by Kev Moore

On March 31, 2022 a group called Witch Cauldron, based in Kiev (Ukraine) engaged in spiritual warfare, using witchcraft against Russian President Putin. You may recall that they did the same with US President Trump.

A group of witches in Ukraine is planning to hold a three-part ritual to punish and stop Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

Taking to Instagram, Kiev-based Witch Cauldron shop put out a statement, saying the ‘witches’ will perform the ritual in collaboration with their foreign partners….

“On March 31, on the 29th lunar day, the day of corruption and curses, we, the witches of Ukraine, in collaboration with foreign partners, will perform a ritual of punishing the enemy of the Ukrainian people – Vladimir Putin,” the shop said on Instagram. 

A few days later, the Russian Orthodox Church confirmed this.

The Russian Patriarchal Church believes that the Ukrainian government is using “witches and satanic rites” against the occupiers.
Archpriest of the ROC Andriy Tkachov made such a statement quite seriously.
The priest stated that Ukraine allegedly has nothing left but to ask for help from demons, Satanists and sorcerers. Tkachev addressed the Russian audience:

“Obviously, all human means have run out, demonic means have begun … Arestovich’s appeal was to witches, to the sorcery community of Ukraine. They responded to him and announced some rites,” Tkachev said.

Some special forces also wear Satanic insignias. The head of Baphomet can be seen on the insignia here:

The Truth About Nazism in Ukraine: And Why the Media is Covering It Up…

“Remember what C14 leader Yevhen Karas said in the video from earlier: ‘We have fun killing, we have fun fighting…’

Ruach Raah – Under The Insignia of Baphomet (War Arts Productions)

Ruach Raah – Under The Insignia of Baphomet (War Arts Productions)

In the faith of Judaism, the Ruach Ra’ah is the manifestation of evil that comes to rest upon the living during sleep. The spirit, reckoned to be one sixtieth fraction of death, can only be removed by ritual washing of the hands. In the faith of black metal, Ruach Raah is a Portuguese duo dedicated to the promotion of hatred and fanatical opposition to ‘society’. Thus the modern aim lives comfortably with the ancient threat.

Ruach Raah deal in primitive brutalism, nothing more, nothing less. There is little variation in the material offered for consumption. Each track is mid to fast paced, with buzzing, saw-like guitars and propulsive drumming. Vocals are rasped and delivered with no concession to melody or to legibility of lyrics……………..”

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