Russia warns it will ‘level’ Ukranian cities if Ukrofascist war crimes continue

Ukraine update 3

Two days ago on the Donetsk front Russian forces completely surrounded 18,000 Ukrofascists including their contingent of mercenaries.

Cossack Colonel Yuri Komiyenko

Two large battalions were sent to assist these Ukranian troops but they too were taking heavy losses and the survivors were scattered throughout local forests.

Russian forces were combing the area in a mop-up exercise.

The next night Russia sent a stern message to the Kiev junta in the form of heavy missile strikes throughout Kiev taking out targeted warehouses storing military equipment including a tank repair facility ‘Eneromash.’

This was in response to Kiev’s malicious artillery attack on peaceful civilians in the heart of Donetsk where there were no Russian troops stationed.

Russian command has warned the Ukrofascists should these war crimes continue then RF will potentially “level” Ukranian cities, with Kiev high on the list.

Military correspondent Cossack Colonel Yuri Komiyenko said through an interpreter an average of one town a day in the Kharkov region is being liberated by the RF as the front line gets closer to the Ukrofascists.

Kharkov is located in the north of Ukraine near the NATO-controlled Polish border.

“The Ukranians have spent the last eight years fortifying their positions with concrete bunkers and structures and it takes more time to punch through these reinforced positions,” he said.

“ A large fighting contingent of Polacks with some Australian and US mercenaries took heavy losses.

“A captured Ukarnian POW at Azovstal complained about their troops losing 26 snipers in one night.

“We have advanced technology to counter snipers,” he said.

Ukraine reportedly has lost much of its fighting forces and is desperately recruiting whomever they can find to help strengthen their dwindling front line.

“Another POW described how he was picked up by the Ukrofascists while walking along the street. “They threw him into the back of the truck, told him to change his clothes into a military outfit and was handed a firearm. A little Later he was dumped near the front and told to go and fight. Within 24hours he was surrendering to the RF.”

In the Lvov region a warehouse packed with American-supplied 177 Howitzers was destroyed. The large amount of stored ammunition and equipment set off a devastating explosion causing several small towns to burn to the ground.

“The Bezkidzki twin tunnels transgressing the Carpathian Mountains in western Ukraine were hit again, this time sealing them permanently. The damage is extensive and there will be no more transit through them,” the Colonel explained.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. lindesymonds: ” ‘Fascism’ is liberal / Communist term for national unity.”

    That is incorrect. Fascism is characterised by Corporate/State control and radical chauvinism. As you are seeing in the Eukronazi banning and eliminating anything unpalatable to the prevailing political wind.

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  2. ‘Ukrofacist’. Now there is real desperation. ‘Fascism’ is liberal / Communist term for national unity. You have a nation – an ethne. They form a national unity government with other stake holders based on their right to be a self-governing nation. Ergo – a fascism. The soviet union state (like next door) that ‘threw Big Jew Bank’ out of ownership over their government can’t have any type of ‘fascism’ – they are still good for the murder of upwards of 50 million ethnic European White Russians. The whole traditional, conservative, Christian schtick they are running is a Potemkin Village. The Ukranians, on the other hand, are a Christian nation and they are as corrupt as everyone else with a Jew tranny in power. Kind of like us. Have you seen the photo ops of AnAl and Jacinda.


  3. They lie about everything Roland… Take everything they say with a grain of salt, and always do your own research. And that goes for most governments.


  4. interestingly I recall in all my years listening to the [ news ] RUSSIA HAS ALLWAY,S BEEN THE EVIL EMPIRE . It now seem,s we were lied to . the U.S. are the bad guys proecuting war for profit it seem,s forever.


  5. ** Hi Sunny and Everyone, This should finally put paid to the gun shortage fallacy I keep banging on about. NZ has well and truly bounced back after only a couple of years… it’s been a veeery long time since Howard’s gun recall here.**


  6. Yes, I have read many articles where Russian scientists are at the forefront of new discovery and technology in many different spheres. – so the West should tread carefully indeed.

    Right now Russia is our greatest hope!


  7. Verily Jen: Russian universities are not overflowing with PC correct, snowflake safe space, gender-bender nonsense. Their scientists are there to research and overcome real-world scientific problems. That‘s the difference with Russia’s scientists.

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  8. H… There is no telling what they have but they did do some work with Tesla back in the day and I think Russian scientists are very clever people. The West has been out to take them down for decades and I think Russia has been preparing for this. Whatever they have will be far ahead of what the West has.

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  9. Putin should switch on the 5G transmission, max power, in Eukronya. That should take care of the Eukronazis.

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  10. I agree Jen: if one listens to Putin’s words, he says Russia will respond with ‘new weaponry.’

    Nukes are eighty year old weapons, so it will be interesting to gauge what exactly he was referring to?

    There are currently numerous, and currently combat untested ‘exotic weapons,’ – all very secret and high tech.


  11. Putin will not use nukes… he is not a stupid man . The US, maybe.. but if they do they know their country will be a wasteland. No one knows what Russia has in its arsenal but I bet it is way ahead of the US and its patsies.

    And Putin is NOT NWO… that is really going to a step too far, that what he is fighting against.

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  12. Hi daviddd2, re: “Yes, well…. Sounds like Putin needs to do a humanitarian style…”
    Well if it comes to that I don’t doubt that he would, as he has adhered to and even exceeded humanitarian standards/ethics during this entire operation. He even had something like 500 tonnes of food and veteranian supplies sent in for the animals. Reckon that speaks volumes.

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  13. Hi Sunny, Re: “And what sort of a guerrilla war can Australians mount, most don’t have guns.”
    I’m not blaming you, but my face is turning an unbecoming shade of blue from repeatedly stating… “Both Australia AND NZ have an abundance of guns”!!


  14. Hi Daviddd2, re: “Wasn’t there some law in Australia…” Yes! I’m pretty bloody sure you’re right… definitely remember something like that…Isis related maybe?


  15. @H: “Truman had no need to nuke Japan”

    Absolutely, but there is some conjecture that Japan was actually nuked because they wouldn’t say what they did with the gold plundered from the Chinese who had accumulated massive amounts of gold from the Silk Route trade over the centuries.

    Apparently, it took two goes before the Japanese blinked and handed the gold over. Conspiracy theory? Maybe, but no more so than the official story.


  16. Brian Johnston

    daviddd2. I believe Bob Hawke passed legislation in the 80’s making it illegal for mercenaries to leave Australia.

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  17. Indeed David, Truman had no need to nuke Japan as the emperor was already in talks regarding their surrender.

    America did it as a warning to the Soviet Union, ie., don’t mess with us or this is what you’ll get.

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  18. @H.

    Yes, well…. Sounds like Putin needs to do a humanitarian style Potsdam Declaration a la Hiroshima or Nagasaki. Just like that great American statesman and hero Truman if he wants to be taken seriously, save lives and accelerate peace.

    It worked out splendidly for the US so a proven successful and humanitarian formula is worth repeating and should be consistent with humanitarian precedent and standards. 😉


  19. Rossiya 1 TV relayed a new announcement from President Putin, stating that if any Western imported weaponry were dispatched into Russian territory, then Russia will retaliate with new weapons – that have so far, – not been deployed, and of which they have plenty. [see intro below].

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  20. Hi Sunny there are plenty of guns. Victoria Police said it just lost 100,000 which is double-speak for most of the good
    ones going to police and other selected collectors and the inferior quality guns going onto the black market. This has been all state’s modus operandi for decades and especially after Howard’s illegal buy back. Hark back to the 70’s in Qld when Police Inspector Les Bardwell reputedly had the best gun collection in Australia, at his Kedron home.The funny thing is that nobody knows what happened to it after he died. Editor


  21. Putin has given his warning, and if I were Ukraine I would listen. I think Zelensky would surrender in a heartbeat but he is not allowed to. The West is out to destroy Russia even to their own detriment and their peoples, seems they have lost sight of the ball entirely. They have been trying to take it down since WWI – and Russia still prevails, and will prevail.

    I don’t get why everyone is worrying about China? Don’t tell me everyone has bought into the China propaganda by the West. Has anyone even read anything about China that is not on MSM? I doubt it. Maybe you should start with the inauguration speech Jinping gave when he introduced the One Belt One Road project… maybe then you will see why China is hated by the West.


  22. Mary Grotaers

    The Blessed Mother warned that if Russia was not Consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart along with all the bishops of the world several nations would be annihilated. Fatima 1917. The true message has NOT been told. Vatican cover up. Pray the rosary every day, Catholic or not.


  23. Didn’t seem to stop the Hiroshima and Nagasaki inhabitants from resettling in the nuclear waste zones. No one has yet explained what happened to the 1000 year nuclear winter that was supposed to contaminate the regions far and wide and prevent human habitation.

    At least I’ve never seen an explanation that made any sense. As for Chernobyl, the flora and fauna and some inhabitants seems to be doing at least as well as the Japanese people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

    On the basis of what we’re told the destruction from the blasts is phenomenal but as far as the “fall out”…. that seems a mystery.

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  24. I think if China does anything to Australia, it’ll be an EMP. That way they leave us to ourselves to sort our for a while, then after the first year or so when the population has been decimated, they just walk on in to a nice non-radioactive low population place. And if an EMP is also sent to the USA, and other european places – there won’t be anybody at all to help us. And what sort of a guerrilla war can Australians mount, most don’t have guns.


  25. Tonyryan43, I am not so sure re Chinese intentions in using nuclear weapons on Australia as they want a clean land to settle into, & def not an area poisoned by nuclear radioactive fallout.


  26. What is becoming increasingly apparent is that the US has no intention of backing off Russia. This is an all or nothing war for global ascendency.

    This has always been the way of empires as they crumble into the detritus of history, they thrash about in a final frenzy of death rattle and roll.

    Russia and China will have no choice whatsoever but to knock the US out for keeps. This makes me nervous, with a nuclear-armed missile probably being put to bed in its Gulkula pad, only 40Ks from where I write. It is fairly common knowledge that a Chinese lady reports back to the CCP in Darwin Harbour, and so China will most certainly be readying a pre-emptive strike, the radioactive fall out of which will be driven by the permanent south-easterly directly across the Gove Peninsula.

    Can somebody well versed in little words please explain to that fence-sitting lickspittle buffoon Albanese precisely what the Arnhem Land survivors will do to him for permitting this insanity to occur.

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  27. Wasn’t there some law in Australia prohibiting Australians from going to overseas war zones and fighting as mercenaries? As in Syria and Afghanistan for instance?

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