Russian forces start shelling Kiev

Ukraine update 7

In response to the shelling of civilians in the liberated city of Donetsk the RF has been shelling Kiev. The continuous bombardment of Kiev these last two days has given cause for the politicians there to pay heed. The Ukrainian’s do not know where to run to.

Military correspondent Cossack Colonel Yuri Kominyenko

In Lisichansk the Ukrainian troops are surrendering  en masse, thirty, fifty at a time, they do not need much encouragement. Of the original party of howitzers supplied by the Americans, the last 10 were destroyed, however more are being shipped into the Ukraine through Poland. On the 20.6.22 two Polish tactical battalions crossed into the Ukraine; they were immediately liquidated by Belarus missiles.   

Snake island was being hit by Howitzers  based on the mainland, the positions of these 4 units were identified and the position destroyed, using long range incendiary weapons. This was the 4th attempt to take the island. The Ukrofascists lost 12 drones and the control base located in the Achakova region.

In the last 24 hours 40 command bunkers were wiped clean using Caliber rockets as well Onyx rockets (with a range of 1500+ klm). Previously I mentioned that 50 plus high-ranking officers were killed in a surgical strike. The current count is that there were at least 70 or more that perished and still counting. As it turns out our reconnaissance is doing a wonderful job. The meeting included not only Ukrainians but also high-ranking military personnel from England, Poland, France, US and Germany. The RF has warned that any spy plane that is spotted will be shot down, disregarding its location.

A friend of mine that works in the space industry mentioned that the RF had taken offline 3 US satellites, and impaired the functioning of several others. Other NATO satellites were forced to change their orbits while they were still able. We have now introduced our S500 systems into the mix. They are able to destroy satellites in low orbit and planes at high altitude.

My understanding is that the US is rather upset after they tried to launch 5 satellites into space using a Russian space engine but failed. NASA has written to the pentagon concerned that they were unable to acquire titanium and aluminum using in the construction of rockets and other space equipment. It turns out that Russia was the supplier of these particular specialty items.  I expect this will have a detrimental impact upon the American space industry.

Russia has ceased transporting hydrocarbons through Ukraine and Turkey. Seems Canada’s Trudeau believes that blocking the return of the Siemens equipment destined for Russia is a grand idea. I doubt the EU thinks the same about this. As such we cannot guarantee the uninterrupted supply of hydrocarbons to the EU, these items are critical to the safety of the plant and its operators. Even in the event that Trudeau decides to release the units it will take months to install and commission them, perhaps winter will arrive later as opposed to sooner. 

In the Lozovaya region a group comprising approximately 800 militants were hit by the RF’s artillery. Within a short time, the Ukrofascists started contributing to the operation by using air support against the militants. Once the fireworks subsided, we discovered that approximately half of the combatants had been liquidated. The interesting thing is that most of the combatants turned out to be Canadians.  

The RF officers gathered for a meeting in their command center. They made it very clear that they expected the full support of the Russian authorities and that there will be no half measures when it comes to the distribution of penalties against the Ukrofascists and their mercenary brethren.

Recently I watched the wife of a Ukrainian soldier tell her husband’s story. The Ukrainians were instructed to drop their troops off at a designated location. When they arrived, they were surprised to find that the Russians were already there. They lost 80 fighters and two armored personnel carriers (БТР).  The RF have lost patience with the Ukrainian forces, we now simply state surrender or die, we are not here to negotiate.  

The Polish are now arresting their Ukrainian guests and returning them to the Ukraine in handcuffs.  It is becoming more common place for the Ukrainian military to tell their commanding officers to go to hell. They are now stating rather frequently that Zelensky should go to the front himself and shoot at the RF himself.  He has essentially lost all respect, assuming he had any in the beginning, which is highly doubtful. I believe Kiev may be waking up, they are demoralized and are struggling to find fighters. The Ukrofascists are digging in deep between Kiev and the Belarus border, they are roughly 150klm apart. We can see their activities with our satellites, trucks delivering logs and other construction items. These fortifications will not save them.

The American switchblade drones are falling out of the skies on a very regular basis. We have been collecting them and I expect our tech savvy lads will be able to tweak them so that we can send them back in the same spirit in which they were given. They carry a pay load of 4/5 kg of explosive generally for use against tanks. However, our T72 tanks are generally able to withstand 5 to 10 hits before they expire.

The BMPT, it is a tank support fighting vehicle, these units essentially replace supporting infantry. We have introduced into the fray our Terminators. These are twin auto cannons each capable of firing 10 30mm round per/sec. the guns can be loaded with multiple types of shells, including enriched uranium ammunitions. In other words, one explosive shell can punch a hole through a concrete wall while another hardened armor piercing round can enter the same hole to do its work.

Both cannons are synchronised with each other, the operator is housed in the underbelly of this beast, generally out of harm’s way. They Ukrofascists were able to incapacitate one of these units but not before it took out 2 Ukrainian tanks, 3 armored personnel carriers (БТР), 2 amphibious combat vehicle (БМД) and 1 all-terrain infantry transport (ЛТМБ). My understanding is that the unit ran out of ammunition. These units can engage 16 targets simultaneously including airborne. They were found to be extremely effective in Syria, they were used against snipers in Syria. The RF were able to retrieve the unit which is destined for repair.

Currently access to Kaliningrad can be achieved by sea, however the Latvians have heavily restricted the flow of goods through their territory. The RF has indicated that this path could lead to serious consequences not dissimilar to that of the Ukraine, I can only hope they heed our message.

It appears that the last Ukrainian visit conducted by the heads of state of Germany, France, Poland was more to do with reminding Zelensky about payment as opposed to providing more weaponry. We believe that the Europeans are interested in receiving grain in exchange for goods and services. As it turns out in the last 3 years the Ukrainian farmers have not been paid for their harvest. It seems that the Ukrofascists have been helping themselves to the farmers crops. The farmers want Russia to take over, the man on the land is supporting the RF.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. The “shoppimg Centre” was a warehouse

    Fake: Shopping Center “Amstor” Was a Target of the Armed Forces of Russia
    The Russian Federation Ministry of Defense 28.06.2022 10:52

    Russian military shelled the shopping center “Amstor” in Kremenchug. It was announced by the Ukrainian president Vladimir Zelensky.

    What is really going on:

    The shopping center is located in the vicinity of the Kremenchug Road-Building Machinery Plant and the railway station of Kremenchug. At one of the videos it seems to people that the missile hit right the plant (the words “Dormash, Dormash” [road-building machinery]). Besides according to the sources being in the picture of the special operation, the shopping center “Amstor” was used as a storage site for military equipment as well as the shopping center Retroville in Kiev.

    The station of Kremenchug is one of the most important railway hubs of Ukraine connecting central and western parts of the country. Besides, a locomotive depot is located (TCh-6) in Kremenchug and Kremenchug power supply division (ECh-8). The station is actively used to supply fuel from Kremenchug Refinery for the AFU purposes.

    At the distance of 90 meters from the shopping center there is Kremenchug Road-Building Machinery Plant. Since 2014, the equipment for the AFU purposes has been being repaired there. A railway spur from Kremenchug station comes to the plant.

    Vladimir Zelensky declared that about one thousand civilians were in the shopping center, but the parking in front of the shopping center is almost empty, there are few cars there. Moreover, among people walking on the parking, there are many soldiers in “pixel” uniform (standard T-shirts of the AFU, camouflage bags), some of them are armed with automatic weapons. At the same time, at the video published by Zelensky as well as at the videos in social networks, there are almost no women.

    In general, it does not seem that the shopping center has been open. In Instagram (the social network recognized to be extremist in Russia), there are no photos of visitors since March for a geotag Shopping Center “Amstor”. Feedback at the websites and Google maps have not been left since March as well. Apparently, the equipment repaired at the Road-Building Machinery Plant was stored in the Shopping Center.

    Despite of the unconfirmed nature of Zelensky’s declaration about one thousand visitors in the Shopping Center and the official information on two dead persons, the international mass media have quickly caught up the information right in the context of “Russian missile which hit the Shopping Center with 1000 visitors”.

    In the coming days, the NATO Summit will take place in the course of which Vladimir Zelensky intends to demand military assistance. Now the Ukrainian authorities prepare the ground for turning “Amstor” into a new Bucha.


  2. Will check the accuracy of MSM reports with Russians. Ed


  3. See this report –

    Note that the only people running from the shopping centre into the ’empty’ car park were in military uniform… If 1000 people were in there why was car park empty?… more Zelensky BS..


  4. The rocket probably came from the Ukraine army as it usually does with Zelensky pointing the finger at Russia. Russia would not knowingly bomb civilians, but Ukraine has done so repeatedly on purpose.


  5. Something oddd going on here –

    Ukraine war: 1,000 civilians inside shopping centre hit by Russian missile
    Claudia Rowan, Marcus Parekh, George Styllis 7 hrs ago

    https ://

    A rocket has hit a shopping mall in the town of Kremenchuk. (Zelensky/Telegram) At least 13 people have died and 50 were injured after two Russian missiles hit a shopping centre in the Ukrainian …


  6. Something oddd going on here –

    Ukraine war: 1,000 civilians inside shopping centre hit by Russian missile
    Claudia Rowan, Marcus Parekh, George Styllis 7 hrs ago
    A rocket has hit a shopping mall in the town of Kremenchuk. (Zelensky/Telegram) At least 13 people have died and 50 were injured after two Russian missiles hit a shopping centre in the Ukrainian …


  7. Wake Up Kiwi
    Putin Declares Victory Over New World Order: ‘Change Of Elites’ Coming Because Humanity Has ‘Woken Up’ + Facts And Opinions Suppressed By The Corrupt Mainstream Media & New Zealand: A Surveillance Society
    June 27 2022 | From: NewsPunch / PrincipiaScientific / NZCPR / A / Various

    Global elites who have been running the world in recent decades, working in concert to usher in a New World Order, have been defeated according to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

    Putin used his speech at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) on Friday to warn that a “change of elites” in the West is just around the corner.

    Related: Putin: Era of Unipolar World Has Ended Despite Attempts To Preserve it at Any Cost

    Disastrous liberal policies undertaken by EU and US leaders are exacerbating inequalities and divisions in their societies, not just in terms of welfare but in terms of values and orientations of various groups, Putin said.

    “Such a detachment from reality, from the demands of society, will inevitably lead to a surge of populism and the growth of radical movements, to serious social and economic changes, to degradation and, in the near future, to a change of elites,” the Russian leader said.

    Putin Declares Victory Over New World Order: ‘Humanity Has Woken Up’

    Global elites who have been running the world in recent decades, working in concert to usher in a New World Order, have been defeated according to Russian President Vladimir Putin, who used his speech at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) recently to warn that a “change of elites” in the West is just around the corner.

    The global elite have been exposed and are set to face the wrath of the people in the kind of reckoning not seen since the days of the guillotine in the streets of 17th century Paris. Putin says that elite blue blood is set to run in the streets all over again.

    According to Putin, another revolution is just around the corner. Humanity has woken up to the elites and revenge, when it comes, will be swift and appropriate.

    When the West, led by the New World Order, declared victory in the Cold War, Americans designated themselves the “messengers of God on earth,” with interests that should be considered sacred and no obligations, Putin told the audience at SPIEF.

    New centers of power have since emerged, and have the right to protect their own systems, economic models and sovereignty. These:

    “Truly revolutionary, tectonic changes in geopolitics, the global economy, in the technological sphere, in the entire system of international relations,” are “fundamental, pivotal and inexorable,” Putin said at the SPIEF.

    “And It is a mistake to suggest that one can wait out the times of turbulent change and that things will return to normal; that everything will be as it was. It will not.”

    The New World Order is gone with the wind, in other words. New centers of power have emerged, the unipolar world order isn’t coming back, and the “colonial” way of thinking has failed.

    The people of the world have spoken and they have rejected the New World Order’s plans to turn them into cattle or “useless eaters”.

    How did this great change happen? It’s quite simple, according to Putin. In all their hubris and arrogance, the West, led by the New World Order, miscalculated its response to the conflict in Ukraine.



    How great thou theft of human life and property, ye foul feudal toads; mothers of plagues, famine and misery, the cold steal shall be your reward.

    “How does squeezing the life out of an economy help it revive?” – WEF

    Meaning, it is necessary for us to squeeze the life out of world economies, for Our Great Reset will rise from the ashes.

    “My biggest concern is all the people who do not live in our city. Those we lost on the way. Those who decided that it became too much, all this technology. Those who felt obsolete and useless when robots and AI took over big parts of our jobs. Those who got upset with the political system and turned against it. They live different kind of lives outside of the city. Some have formed little self-supplying communities. Others just stayed in the empty and abandoned houses in small 19th century villages.

    Once in a while I get annoyed about the fact that I have no real privacy. Nowhere I can go and not be registered. I know that, somewhere, everything I do, think and dream of is recorded. I just hope that nobody will use it against me.”

    – Ida Auken is (a brilliant mind with a lost soul, looking for life’s purpose, an indoctrinated cult follower) a Young Global Leader and Member of the Global Future Council on Cities and Urbanization of the World Economic Forum

    I can’t imagine Zelenskyy, who had four close family members killed in the holocaust having any sympathy for Black Sun flag flying, SS worshipping Ukrainian neo nazis.

    Jews hold grudges for millenia and in Eurasia, insult an individual as much as you like, but never their family members.

    He grew up speaking Russian, speaks Ukrainian (a Russian – Polish hybrid language)

    Let us destroy all Russian literature, language and culture 💪

    Hmm?…so be it, we will destroy Ukrainian heritage for the Greater good…or whatever.

    Inducted into the World Economic Forum Cult’s secret Hall of Fame, along with Russian brother in arms Vlad Putin a fellow devotee of cyborg like creature, Grand Poobah Klaus Schwab, Zelenskyy and Putin keep peace cornered, while playing good cop bad cop, offering up the World’s Oyster to the Globalist mafia families on the dead bodies of Ukrainian and Russian children.

    Draghi, of World Bank, Goldman Sachs, Bank of International Settlement said, “We are at a turning point in our history. Every day the Ukrainian people are defending the values of democracy and liberty that are the pillars of the European project, of our project.”

    Really, democracy is a distant dream for Ukraine as Zelenskyy banned his main political opposition party and ten others, killing free speech.

    Open Pandora’s Box and there is Zelenskyy, shell companies in the British Virgin Islands, Cyprus and Belize, London and Italian realestate, yachts, collection of expensive cars, shares in blue chip USA tech stocks and Saudi Aramco, close associations to Kolomoisky and Boholiubov and their possible connection to billions missing from Privatbank.

    On an undemocratic corrupt nation being recommended for EU candidate status as a gesture of solidarity and recognition for courage and valour:

    “Ukrainians are ready to die for the European perspective,” European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, Member of the Board of Trustees of the World Economic Forum, told a news conference Friday, while wearing colours of the Ukrainian flag. “We want them to live…the European dream.”

    Ukraine may be twenty years from full membership, the EU may not exist in five years.

    Yes, let them die living, be bled dry, no pun intended, by handing their national sovereignty to the failing Dream State of the European Union, that USA neo con artists want destroyed and have been working towards from the destruction of Iraq, the plunder of Iraqi oil, the hanging of Saddam Hussein seemingly to set an example for those wanting Euros, not the almighty dollar for their country’s resources and sanctions, sanctions, sanctions.

    As Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, Victoria Nuland (father Shepsel Ber Nudelman) said “…fuck the EU.”

    To Destroy the EU you have squeeze their biggest economy, Germany.

    Nord Stream 2 comes to mind, now Canada, sanctioning Germany by withholding repaired plant needed by Seimens, to meet a Russian maintenance contract for Nord Stream 1 to operate at full capacity.

    CBCNNews – ‘In a interview, (German Green), Robert Habeck (Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Action) said: “Companies would have to stop production, lay off their workers, supply chains would collapse, people would go into debt to pay their heating bills, that people would become poorer”.

    The head of German utility group RWE also warned the continent faces “chaos” if the Kremlin cuts off energy supplies.’

    “The real fear I have is that European solidarity will come under significant stress if we don’t sort it out before the situation happens,” Markus Krebber told the Financial Times.’

    Winter waits for no one.

    Problem solved, Germany negotiates and signs a contract with Russia on Nord Stream 2 or are they scared of The Occupier?

    Or is the plan to supply limited gas reserves and unreliable wind and solar power to green friendly industries, letting pre 2030 old world industries collapse under the weight of green circular economies.

    Time will tell.



  9. I thought russians are better at propaganda. At least the west is not presenting the war like it’s going to end in 3 days. If what you are saying is all true, russian forces will be in Kiev by the end of July. I doubt that will be the case but if so, well congrats, job well done, the motherfucker nazis in Ukraine deserve it.

    What we can though see is that both sides are lying through their teeth. An hypothesis not much discussed outside the ‘conspirwcy theories’ circles is that the Russians, Chinese and the west are all in it together and all are reporting to a higher power. Why else would Putin not denounce the covid scam? Why would China lockdown Shanghai in 2022 for a nothing virus? Why did the war started exactly when protests in West became visible to the sleeping masses and they were starting to take notice and ask questions?

    For all you low level KGB – or whatever you are called nowadays, CIA, FBI, MI5/6, Mossad etc idiots that are reading, supporting and psy-oping the masses in regard to all this: you are a bunch of complete idiot’s and you are not going to end up better than the rest. Slightly later. What a bunch of total cowards and cretins you are.


  10. Hi crisscross767, 1000% correct. Always has been an intrinsic part of the Deep State. So many are totally oblivious and ignorant, because “that’s just in America.”
    Lol the amount of times that I’ve heard that over the years.


  11. Hi aapkoning, re: “Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, June 19.” ???? “Russian false flag attacks”. ?? Please tell me this was posted in error…not at all like you.


  12. RF just need to take out Zelensky the Fascist Neo Nazi!


  13. mainstream media will never admit this ! i wish we had Putin as our leader! The WEF Governments are so f.. stupid.. they just ruin everything ,people dying inocently ,


  14. Putin is spot on as usual…. Wish there were more leaders like him in the world today who say it like it is..


  15. Still relevant –

    FRANCE – Rothschild Sponsored Macron: ‘We Must Remove Assad And Rebuild Syria’

    ‘French’ President Emmanuel Macron has said that President Bashar al-Assad needs to be ‘overthrown’ in order to build a “new Syria” that will fit into the new world order. The Rothschild sponsored President spoke to Fox News on Sunday saying that France and its allies “would have to build a new Syria after the war,” adding that the US role would be “very important” in the process. Macron went on to say that foreign states should “remain in Syria” because of the “threat” of Iran and Syrian President Bashar Assad. CONTINUE READING–rothschild-sponsored-macron-we-must-remove-assad-and-rebuild-syria

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  16. I can only say Go Russia Go please take out the despot Zelensky and level the playing field in the battle for mankind


  17. This was written in 2014 –

    The Rothschild’s Template for War

    …………………The situation I just described fits exactly into the standard model of regime change that we have seen implemented many times since 1945 by the CIA-M16-Mossad (in reality, they largely operate as a single agency). Let me lay it out in it’s basics:

    Send foreign mercenaries into the victim state to foment ‘revolt’.

    Provoke the victim state into using its armed forces to oppose the foreign invaders.

    Have the media present this lawful defensive action by the victim state as the cruel oppression of a dictatorship.

    Send your armed forces to complete the job of regime change.

    Establish a new puppet regime with a banking system consisting of a privately held central bank that issues currency on a debt basis, thus enslaving the population.

    It really is that simple, and it has been carried out so many times, currently it is being done in Syria, a couple of years ago we saw an absolutely blatant and textbook case in Libya, before that Iraq and Afghanistan. In the case of the Boer War, the motivating factor was two-fold, firstly, the Boer states were sat on top of one of the largest gold deposits on the globe, with the extra benefit of their being lots of diamonds and other precious minerals. Secondly, the Boers were a group of Europeans (Dutch Calvanists, French Heugenots, German Protestants) who had turned their back on the established order and had established for themselves an independent homeland outside of the global financial system, they had a government owned and controlled central bank that issued debt-free currency backed by gold, which meant they had zero inflation and zero interest on credit. …………………

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  18. Putin: 95% Of World Terrorist Attacks Are Made By The CIA

    Sunday, 9 April, 2017 – 17:00

    Vladimir Putin yesterday said that “95% of the world’s terrorist attacks are orchestrated by the CIA,” and the St. Petersburg metro bombing must be investigated “with this in mind.“

    Putin said: “If the CIA have Russian blood on their hands, they will forever regret stirring the Russian bear from its peaceful slumber.”

    When questioned by a top aide as to whether the 95% figure was accurate, Putin sighed heavily and fixed the assembled group with his trademark stare before explaining that in regards to how the world is run, all is not how it seems.

    Putin affirms that the CIA is a rogue element of the Deep State, and “an expression of the will of world oligarchy and their vision for a New World Order.“

    He claims that CIA exists today as part of America – but it is certainly not American. “The CIA does not work on behalf of the American people or act in their interests.”

    Asked if he thought the St. Petersburg bomb was the beginning of a CIA plot to oust him from power, as has been suggested in the media, Putin answered, “It will take more than a bag of tricks in a subway to make me blink.“

    Putin also told: “mankind has been manipulated to become “unconscious” through the use of programming by media and politics.

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  19. Russia is reporting the news of Aussie Cossack’s imprisonment –
    To listen, go to:
    “The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry M.V. #Zakharova about the detention of Simeon Boikov (Aussie Cossack) in Australia”


  20. Tonyryan43…. I think its about the time for some bone pointing… The Aboriginal people do not deserve this.. no one does.


  21. It seems that Zelensky is allowing the slaughter of his men on orders from the West.. and the Ukraine military knows it as well. As Washington said they will fight til the last Ukrainian – they are stupid beyond belief and they will not win.

    Well done Russia. Its so uplifting to read these updates…one must respect a nation that stands up to the bullies of the West !


  22. aapkoning…. Why are you reading that drivel on that link. UK/US/NATO all tarred with same brush.. nothing they say is credible.


  23. I want commentator Kominyenko, and any Aussies who value national sovereignty, to listen carefully to what I am about to say. (and yes, I realise Kominyenko ain’t listening, but I am making a point).

    At 10 PM on Sunday the 26th of June, a rocket will be fired from the Gulkula pad in North East Arnhem Land of NT, northern Australia. This may be a civilian aerospace rocket or it may be a missile made by Raytheon or LockheedMartin.

    In 2018, I intercepted an online discussion between these two war machine corporations and the Australian Defence Force, but it was later claimed by government to be purely civvy aerospace. Who do you believe?

    My message is, that most locals do not even speak adequate English and have no idea what is going on. They have lived in peace for 24,000 years or more and if they die because of the Yank war machine, expect reprisals.

    Disregarding that, in 1987 it was determined by a Commonwealth research team, that rocket launching in the Top End was too dangerous for local populations. I have since learned why. The exhausts expel chlorine in dangerous quantities over the NT, plus heavy metals and no regulatory body exists anywhere in the world to gauge the dangers. The ozone layer is seriously at risk.

    These Gulkula launching fire over the Gulf, but the prevailing SE winds bring the gases back over Arnhem Land.

    Stop this now. Last warning.

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  24. @aapkoning – good grief, how can you reconcile reading such drivel, while at the same time availing of this most excellent website, aka Cairnsnews ? The Russians are winning, dealing to the Ukrofascists as well as the NATO. Ukraine is out of business.


  25. Following above article, this might also be helpful. “Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, June 19”


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