The Russian Force has moved tactical nukes into Belarus

WWIII is now a reality, thank you to America and its NATO puppets

By Cossack Colonel YURI KOMONYISKI

For those that believe NATO is hands off then take look at the Polish cemetery in Krakoven it has 14,000 relatively fresh graves, Poland after-all is a NATO strong hold. Only recently the Ukro government has allowed the Poles to fight on its soil, providing immunity to all Poles that fought there previously something that was previously illegal under Polish law. It appears that the Poles (NATO) are gearing up to strike at Belarus and hence Russia, the most likely scenario of an attack could be January 2023. Possibly during the Russian NY holiday (31st thru to 9th Jan.) (Christmas equivalent).

The RF has moved tactical nukes into Belarus and the west including the Poles are fully aware of this. If Poland attacks and if they are wearing their Polish military uniforms then there is an extremely high probability that the nukes will fly into Poland. This may be the only action that will gain the attention of the EU and give them incentive to pause and reconsider their madness. WWIII is now a reality, thank you to America and its NATO puppets.

The RF estimates that 2500 US mercs recently entered Ukraine. The US merc group fondly known as Academia provided excellent target practice in Baxmut, considering the fanfare attributed to them, their encounter with the Wagner group made them look weak. The west is acknowledging that the RF has taken the incentive and has addressed many of the issues it faced at the start of the SMO. The RF forces now comprise experienced fighters and in fact have continued to quietly enlist all those with military experience and or training. The RF is now able to draw on a fighting force of 1.5 million. Now we have entered a period of serious resistance the trigger is drawn and set and it’s just a matter of who drops the hammer first.

Rivers of blood continue to flow in Baxmut, the Ukros under the direction of the west continue to throw their elite forces into Baxmut; Krakens, Azov’s etc. These forces continue to be annihilated as the RF has taken the high ground. The RF estimates that between 800-1000 Ukro and there mercs die there daily. Baxmut itself is in a low area the RF forces continue to acquire territory it’s just a matter of time before the Ukros are pushed out. Baxmut is not yet encircled this allows the Ukros to move provisions/supplies during the nights even thou it does not provide ideal cover. Once the RF takes Baxmut we’ll have direct access to Nikolaev (Odessa region) and Kiev. The only reason the Ukro can fight at all is because the US continues to supply arms and US tax $$ in the meantime Zelensky’s wife continues to build the family villa in Europe.

Relatively recently the much-lauded US Patriot missile system was not able to protect an Arab oil refinery and when used prior to that (I believe the gulf wars) it shot down more allied planes than anything else. The patriot system is deceitful advertising a reflection of America itself. In the Kharkov region 20 or so US instructors were taken out. The RF recon groups identify targets, provide co-ordinates and our sunbake system does the rest. The enemy fears this most of all as they burn bright at 3000C. Bunkers provide no protection against these beauties.

The Ukros are unable to repair the damaged military equipment as they do not have the factories setup to do this and the loss of power in the country greatly exasperates this. The equipment travels a long way to get the front and as such a one-way trip. The Australian bush masters have been seen tied to the back of tanks, they are being towed around the fringes of the battle field. The RF drones packed with 4-5kg of explosive are making short work of them.

Former director general of the Russian state space agency Roscosmos Dimitry Rogozin and Vladimir Putin

Last week the Ukros attempted to kill Dimitry Rogozin a personal friend of Putin’s. He remained in the Donbass region to celebrate his birthday and the Ukros identified where he was staying and sent a missile to take him down. He was wounded but for all intents and purposes he’ll survive. The Ukros once again have crossed a Russian red line a response will be delivered in due course. Zelensky’s Hollywood visit to Washington was second grade acting, the only highlight of the failed mission was when Biden gave Zelensky a folded American flag, it resembled a typical Hollywood American military funeral, an item placed onto of a coffin. I can’t help but wonder if the flag was made in China.

The RF took out two French satellites, currently something like 500 satellites are based over the conflict zone.  Musk’s venture into the Ukraine must be hurting by now considering the RF forces are now able to identify and target his ground-based devices. The RF is able to blind US tech the Ukros are often fighting blind as they are unable receive essential coordinates, hence their equipment can’t target and their mobile forces are severely restricted but the RF GPS systems are more reliable. The Chechens have established excellent training centers for new combatants and are producing effective recruits.

Sandu the Moldavian president (of Romanians origins) wants to invade Transnistria but the Moldavian people are against this action. A snippet of information before our farewell. It appears that prior to Zelensky becoming president he married a Christian; his children were baptized as Christians he suddenly became Jewish when soliciting money from Israel.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Another fine analysis from the excellent and well connected Colonel Macgregor. Thirteen year old kids, and the disabled, now being pressed into active service. Despite the State propaganda, Ukrainian servicemen are openly uploading obvious signs of demoralisation, mutiny, and anti-Zelensky sentiments.

    By the time Russia launches its offensive [late Jan, early Feb], the Ukrainian military will be largely broken.


  2. “Merkel doubles down on Ukraine peace revelations
    The former German leader reiterated that the 2014-15 Minsk accords were meant to give Kiev a stronger army”

    In other words Germany lied and is back to its old trick of causing world wars. Anyone else remember its role in the 1990s undeclared war on Yugoslavia?

    Two world wars are not enough for the Germans who are demonstrating gross stupidity by scrambling to be the patsies yet again. Now they’re chasing a third world war for their masters who are in the meantime simply demolishing the German national identity!!!

    The big question will be how the Frauleins might cope with yet another devastating man-shortage in Germany when it’s all over.

    Perhaps a few more million Middle Eastern or African or other Third World surrogates might help relieve their plight? Why even the whole of the EU might prosper and be accelerated into the Globalist NWO with such a brilliant solution!


  3. …….

    Yes Russia is a phenomenal country, I crossed it twice during the Soviet Union period, trans-Mongolian and trans-Manchurian express. It only cost $25 to do so [second time I made $100 doing it!]. The last time coincided with the collapse of The Wall, extremely turbulent times, so were not even allowed to stay with our friends in Moscow, But we did manage to see the winter ice sculptures in Gorky Park.

    On the second journey [going back to China], my American friend decided to jump off the train at Lake Baikal, so he could trek up to Alaska [he was an Inuit specialist!], he later wrote to me, that he soon met this old Buryat Buddhist, who dragged him and his Russian friends to the ruins of his Lamasery. At this point the old man got everyone digging in a secret location, next thing they knew, they had reached a cache of ancient Buddhist manuscripts!.

    The story transpired, that when this old man was a little boy, and child monk, the Communists arrived, rounded the monks up and shot them, he only survived due to his age: they rightly presumed he was too young to know anything about Buddhism, – but he did help the monks bury their old texts. He kept his secret for seventy years, until Communism finally collapsed.

    Yes, ‘The Russian Primary Chronicle’ is the best Russian medieval work to have come down to us. It’s been a long time since I read it, and this is the best English recension available. It’s based upon the two surviving codices tucked away in St. Petersburg [I think the oldest is 12th century?]. It’s the Russian equivalent of Western Europe’s ‘Anglo-Saxon Chronicle,’ or ‘Fredegar’s Chronicle,’ etc.

    Your boat trips will no doubt have brought alive the scale of Russia’s inland river systems, it doesn’t take much to envisage fleets of Viking dragon ships plying their ancient trade along inland maritime routes?

    The main Scandinavia-Byzantium trade route consisted of the northern Lovat River, and the southern Dnieper River, with a tiny land bridge connecting them. This was why Novgorod was established on the Lovat and Kiev on the Dnieper. As outgrowths of ancient trading posts, these eventually grew into the capital cities of the northern and southern Rus.

    Something else I find fascinating, concerns those pre-historic towns and artefacts, and allegedly, the oldest known written script, which they are discovering under the Black Sea. These were submerged around ca. 5000 B.C., when the Mediterranean burst through the Bosporus due to post-glacial sea level rises. History is very interesting.

    Thanks for rekindling these memories.

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  4. Thank you for the detailed history which I had read some years ago possibly after my return from Russia in 2018, when I took a cruise along the Volga from Astrakhan to Moscow. We had a professor of History and Politics on board who expanded my knowledge considerably. Her knowledge of art and artists later brought the paintings in the Tretlakov and the Russian Museum virtually to life when I visited them later, she also discussed literature and the theatre, which I greatly appreciated. 2020 I was booked with my daughter to travel by the same boat from St Petersburg to Volgograd, this we finally cancelled after postponing the cruise 3 times. In 2010 I travelled by train from Beijing to St Petersburg taking 21 days. This was an amazing experience the highlight being our visit to Gamina Yama, a short distance from Yekaterinburg. I asked the tour guide to take us to the actual first burial site of Nikolas ll and his family, which the taxi driver was happy to do. There in a quiet swampy area in the middle of a wood lay the graves of the Tsar, his wife, 3 daughters, the doctor and the servants which were found in the larger of the two sites; close by is grave where the charred remains of Alexie and Maria were found. The wooden beams lie as they did over the remains which as you probably know are now interred altogether in a huge white sarcophagus in the Peter and Paul church in St Petersburg. I was so grateful to the taxi driver and the tour guide to have done this for me. Actually they were quite chuffed that someone from overseas would know of this story and ask to see the place where the remains were found


  5. They have been staying with a customer of mine for around six months. They are from the Kiev region. Their parents are still there living in the family dacha.

    I have much in common with the wife when it comes to food, as she cannot believe the rubbish which is sold to Westerners as food!. They still grow most of their own produce.

    Our common ground is vegetable gardens.


  6. It is wonderful what you are doing looking after Ukrainian refugees, These refugees did they come from Eastern or Western Ukraine?


  7. Agreed: scepticism is prudent.

    But as with all ancient manuscripts, a fully edited version can only be obtained through a collation of a number of copies, which are then compared along side each other, checking for any discrepancies, or missing passages. This is the best, and proper way to examine old MS.

    All one really desires is an accurate translation of the original MS, if the original MS is at fault [which many are], it’s the translator’s job to determine, edit and amend these errors.

    If doubtful, best thing is to collect a number of English translations and compare the lines side by side. That should work.


  8. Dr: For those wanting to deepen their understanding of the early foundations of Kievan Rus, here’s the twelfth century ‘Primary Chronicle.’

    I haven’t looked at it yet but anything coming out of Harvard or Georgetown should be consumed with due care and caution. lol


  9. The Brest Litovsk Treaty signed by the Soviet Communists in 1918 was probably more relevant for the “ukrainian” region of Russia.

    It was the beginning of the actual carve up of Russia by the Communist horde. Overnight, it created new “nations” out of regional inhabitants and promoted competing nationalists via mass indoctrination.

    It is worth noting that NONE of the Communist leaders of the Soviet since Lenin were actually Russian!!! Ukrainian, Georgian, Khazarian, Jewish… but never Russian.

    Which points to why the Russians turned out to be the REAL victims of imported Communism at the point of a gun.

    The break up of Russia has long been lusted after by the global “Resource Managers” and they are still lusting after it TODAY despite several failed attempts since at least Napoleon, INCLUDING WW1 AND WW2.


  10. For those wanting to deepen their understanding of the early foundations of Kievan Rus, here’s the twelfth century ‘Primary Chronicle.’

    Click to access The%20Russian%20Primary%20chronicle.pdf

    This is regarded as the earliest authoritative history of the region.


  11. Yes, the Treaty of Versailles was a despicable piece of toilet paper, deliberately unrealistic economically, and specifically designed to instigate WWII, which it rapidly achieved.

    It was a Masonic war promoting treaty, nothing more nor less.


  12. Great to know someone knows history. I only recently see the Kieven Rus in reference books and the internet. Seems the outskirts have been rewriting their history. Rurik gave the country their name. The Patriarch of Russia prior to WW1 was I think based in Kiev. And yes it was Vladimir who decided that the most suitable religion was the orthodox and he was baptised in the Crimea. Odessa was hardly on the map until Catherine ll had a beautiful city created. Russia did well under the Tzarinas! I don’t believe Putin considers himself as anything other than a patriot. I have an interview with a top guy in the Duma which was voice initiated where he states that Putin saved Russia. Thank the lord he keeps his cool when the rest of the world leaders act like fools, dangerous fools. I’m pretty sure that there are many towns and enclaves who deep down feel more a part of Russia than Outskirts. WW1 Treaty of Versailles still haunts Europe and the Middle East. That treaty is the root cause of the conflicts in the world today. Western Outskirts was Austrian/Hungarian/Poland/German gifted to Lenin against their wishes. A calamitous decision which led to a bloodbath. The UK/US and France were the culprits.


  13. Absolutely: Kiev was never Ukrainian: a modern concept for those familiar with ancient history.

    What many people remain entirely ignorant of, concerns the ‘pre-historic trade routes’ that existed between Scandinavia and the south. Since primaeval times the huge Russian river systems were filled with Scandinavian longboats, plying their trade up and down these perfectly orientated river networks.

    Some of these prehistoric memories are mythically preserved within ‘The Volsunga Saga’ (The Saga of the Volsungs). This ancient Norse text makes it quite clear, that the prehistoric rulers of the Ukrainian Steppe, were a Scandinavian tribe known as the Volsungs.

    Long before historic times, Kiev served as a major trading post on the Russian river trade network. This was its foundational origin.

    Although one has to dig deep, this little known history of Scandinavia, the Russian river trade networks and the eastern Mediterranean is actually rather fascinating. If one visits the so called ‘Blue Mosque’ in Byzantium/Istanbul, one will notice the ancient Norse runes embedded into its ceiling. And conversely, ancient Buddha figures keep turning up in Scandinavia, etc. Not to mention Byzantium’s legendary Varangian Guard.

    For anyone seeking an authoritative account of early Russian history, please refer to ‘The Primary Chronicle’ (12th C).

    Here it is confirmed, that Russia’s national origins stem from the Varangian king, Ruirik, who ruled from his northern seat in Novgorod. He went on to unify his northern kingdom with the southern Kievan principality in A.D. 882. Both were Varangian (Viking) ruled, ie, Volsung descendants.

    During the eleventh century, we learn how a descendent of the Muscovite princes, Vladimir II Monomakh of Kiev, was invested by his Byzantine grandfather, the Eastern Roman Emperor Constantine IX ‘Monomachus,’ with the Muscovite imperial headdress (The Hat of Monomakh) and other personal regalia, thus, asserting Vladimir II’s inheritance of Byzantine imperial rule.

    Russia’s next major turning point, occurred in 1480, when Vladimir II’s descendent, Ivan III, secured Muscovy’s independence from the Mongol Khans. In order to reinforce his inherited imperial legacy, Ivan then married Princess Sophia: daughter of the last Byzantine emperor, Constantine XI.

    At this point, Moscow became the legal inheritors of the recently vanquished Eastern Roman Empire, ie, Byzantium. Henceforth, all future Russian rulers received the imperial title ‘Czar’ (ie. Caesar). In sum: the Eastern Roman Empire relocated north to Russia.

    Russia is Byzantium, and Vladimir Putin is Czar.



    Have to hand it to Zelenskyy @daviddd2, he is fully on board with clearing out anti-semites.

    Seems to have a steady supply feeding the Bakhmut Meat Grinder.

    It appears he doesn’t value Ukrainian lives at all, conscripting young men, then middle aged men, now women are on the front line.

    No pull back and regroup with Zelenskyy.

    His close family members were killed by the Germans when fighting for Russia in WW2.

    Who’s side is he really on?


  15. lol Kievan Rus… Its founder, St Andrew, was a Russian not a “ukrainian” nor was he a member of the newly established ultra nationalist Orthodox Church of Ukraine which now owes its allegiance to the Vatican.

    As for Kiev now being Kyiv … That’s because Zelensky’s role in establishing a Greater Israel means the elimination of the Russians by the ultra nationalist Banderite ukro-nazis who will in turn themselves be cleared out as anti-semites.

    That should provide enough space for Zelensky’s dream of re-establishing Khazaria as Greater Israel. But that’s assuming the fanatic, neo-nazi Banderites don’t cotton on that they’re being exploited and that they will eventually be paid in lead instead of gold.

    We will see what we will see, but remember you heard it on CN first. lol


  16. Wow it’s good to find someone on the same page. I asked a question of a few of my friends recently . . Can anyone tell me why Pulkovo is in the middle of the country called ‘outskirts’? [that’s the literal meaning of ukraine] One of my first lessons in Russian told me that Kyev is the ‘Mother’ city of Russia !!!! and that a family lived on the ukraine of Moscow. Well that’s history and geography rolled into this email. Maybe I should move to Cairns.

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  17. Yeah in today’s Daily Mail nice to see the newspaper has caught up with Cairns News. Ed



    While Agent Zelenskyy slithers into Modi’s ear trying to use him as a wedge, the usually diplomatic Lavrov made it perfectly clear what is expected of Zelenskyy, “Either Ukraine fulfills Moscow’s proposals or our army will decide…”



    From potentially earlier this year, to now has.

    This day old Reuters article backs Cossack Colonel’s, “The RF has moved tactical nukes into Belarus…”


  20. How can there be any peace agreement when one of the parties refuses to honour any peace agreement? What are they going to have? Minsk Mk3 or Mk4 or Mk5?

    How is that going to stop a further NATO Drang Nach Osten except to buy them some time to regroup and organise a larger assault once they think the Russians have been sufficiently weakened?

    It looks like the European poltroon quislings are itching to cop it in the neck once again, irrespective of whether Russia goes down or not.


  21. The NWO HQ is in Washington, Washington controls NATO, – where’s the problem?

    The article’s only minor error, concerns the phonetically correct, but literally incorrect spelling of Baxmut, – which should be Bakhmut.

    But there again, on one of my regular jobs, we have a family of Ukrainian refugees, who make it quite clear, that there are two ways to pronounce these city names: the Ukie and Russki versions.


  22. @R Becker… Flyfucking is a virtue not to be encouraged.


  23. This appears to be old news was discussed early this year of the potential movement of Russia Nuclear Weapons into Belarus. Found this article from the DailyMail which also includes 30k Russian Troops.

    Zelensky must be petrified its why addressed Congress a few days ago in his sweat shirt however trying to find out that Zelensky wore a suit talking with Trump not easy to find in the Search Engines read on a twitter reply that it happened..


  24. Another excellent update piece by the Cossack Colonel. Please keep them coming.

    Meanwhile, R Becker said – “This article is poorly written with missing punctuation and words, double words, abbreviated words and acronyms without first clarification. I have no idea what “Ukros” refers to.”

    This is a matter of colloquial education. What does “Ozzie” mean? What does “Kiwi” mean? What does “Yank” mean? What does “Pindo” mean? What does “Pendo” mean? What does “Kraut” mean? What does “Frog” mean? What does “Pom” mean? What does “Canuck” mean? What does “Ivan” mean? What does “Spic” mean? What does “Wet-back” mean? What does “Gringo” mean? Perhaps it’s time for you to widen your horizons.

    R Becker also said – “It’s unfortunate I’m being harsh but you deserve it.”

    It’s called “tough love” – no need for apologies, because it serves a useful purpose on an essentially free-speech forum.


  25. Oh.
    A snarky reply.
    Cairns News is in good hands then.


  26. How about you proof read it our part time staff of one doesn’t have time. How about you do the Russian translation as well? Tell the ABC the probably care. Editor

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  27. This article is poorly written with missing punctuation and words, double words, abbreviated words and acronyms without first clarification. I have no idea what “Ukros” refers to.

    “WWIII is now a reality, thank you to America and its NATO (New World Order) puppets”

    This statement is back to front.
    The NWO are the puppet masters and America and NATO it’s puppets, not the other way round.

    And what about the non sequitur at the end of paragraph four?

    Goodness, this is sloppy writing for trained journalists that have been charged with safeguarding this wonderful news source. Seems you missed the class on proofreading at tertiary school.

    It’s unfortunate I’m being harsh but you deserve it.


  28. This is a war most awakened ppl know is a fool’s errand. The govt is attempting to create the illusion we support this nonsense, which we do not. Throwing arsenal and taxpayer dollars into the toilet that bears semblance to Zelenskyy’s integrity and popularity. His crocodile tears fool only the most gullible. The RF will continue as they must until the horror of the Biden crime scene is fully exposed for all to see. I only hope that the ebola outbreak in Africa is contained as they try and write this into the next phase of the plandemic. Everyone must be on their toes as this virus can be lethal. One can only imagine the vax to match the dinner is equally as toxic. We must make aware and stop this nonsense at the source. I wonder what BRICS countries are doing to salvage this situation?


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