Senior cop says ‘conspiracy theorists’ should be reported to Crime Stoppers

Deputy Commissioner Tracy Linford addresses a recent media briefing.


A SENIOR and seriously out-of-touch Queensland police officer has told mainstream media that people who post “conspiracy theories around Covid19 vaccines” should be reported to Crime Stoppers.
Deputy Commissioner Tracy Linford was speaking in connection with the recent shooting at Wieambilla, and launched into a spiel suggesting online “conspiracy theories” were somehow responsible motivating the shooting, despite the fact that police themselves have declared the shooting “not a terrorist event”.

One might wonder whether Dep.-Comm. Linford counted the heads at the anti-lockdown and anti-mandate marches held in Brisbane throughout 2021 and 2022. Estimates of crowd sizes ranged from 10 to 20,000 or more – all of them no doubt holding a conspiracy theory or two about lockdowns, mandates and Covid19 vaccines.

Queensland Police are living in La La Land if they think they can convince the broader population – many of them injured by vaccines or financially hurt by lockdowns – that only a relative few fanatics believe that the pandemic narrative didn’t add up. Even a considerable number of doctors and other medical professionals across Australia openly question the narrative.

The deputy commissioners comments could also be taken as an outrageous attack on free speech and political rights, especially given that the police force is increasingly influenced by woke politics.
Linford focused on the involvement of “security and counter-terrorism teams” in the aftermath of the alleged shooting of two young rookie police officers and another man by Gareth, Stacey and Nathaniel Train. She also referenced another one of the specialist groups involved as “our Covid Onlline team”. That in itself raises all sorts of questions.

Linford said the security and counter-terrorism team was “skilled at looking at the motivation of why people did things like we saw last Monday”. We wonder whether this team will be thoroughly investigating the flood of “conspiracy theories” online suggesting that the Train brothers had exposed a pedophile ring at work in the NSW Department of Education.

Linford then went on to claim that Queensland Police had “very little history” of the Train family and Nathaniel Train’s only record was “a driving offence”. She then referenced Train’s ramming and breaking of a NSW-Queensland border gate put up during Covid – a very serious offence under regulations in force at the time. Train was stopped by police after his car became bogged and two firearms were “handed in”. He was a licensed holder. This suggests, if anything, that Queensland cops knew very well who they were dealing with. The same person who crashed the border with guns in his vehicle was a few months later “reported as missing”.

Linford, when asked by an equally out-of-touch reporter about “online conspiracy theories”, then admitted that part of her role was with an Australia-New Zealand counter-terrorism committee and this issue was discussed by them. “We do investigate and monitor people who we know demonstrate and show concerning behaviour,” she said.

“As I said if there’s anybody out there that knows of someone that might be showing concerning behaviour around conspiracy theories, anti-government, anti-police, conspiracy theories around anti-Covid19 vaccinations, as what we’ve seen with the Train family… we want to know about that and you can either contact police directly or go through Crime Stoppers.”

So it is not too “conspiratorial” to see that senior cops are stepping out beyond their normal, state-based criminal issues into the world of global politics and monitoring of political dissent. Police “special branch” operations are nothing new, but the question is the extent to which this is being taken, particularly with the corporate funded, global “anti-disinformation” campaign, whose media “fact-checking” operations jump upon any online report questioning or denying the narratives we are all supposed to believe.

That senior cops like Linford have not seen or heard the global outcry against the entire Covid pandemic operation not only by regular folk like Cairns News readers but by prominent people in medical, scientific, legal and political realms is unbelievable. Are we to believe that about a third of the population are “conspiracy theorists” and should be reported to “right thinking” cops?
And what exactly is the role of the so-called “Covid 19 group” referred to by Linford? Again, are cops so out of touch that they don’t know about the widespread public dissent against the Covid 19 vaccines, lockdowns and censorship of treatments.

Perhaps the Queensland Police “Covid 19 group” should read The Great Barrington Declaration or interview eminent cardiologists Dr Peter McCullough and Dr Asseem Malhotra – or even some of the Queensland doctors like Dr Luke McLindon or Dr Andrew McIntyre who lead the growing movement Doctors Against Mandates?

This enforcement of poltical narratives by police also might explain the persecution and false charging of Tristian “Tricky” Vanrye, leader of The People’s Revolution, who led the massive anti-Covid lockdown movement in Brisbane over the past two years. Earlier this year, Vanrye had his mortgage and savings accounts cancelled without explanation by Commonwealth Bank of Australia and BankWest, which sounds like the result of some high-level whispering.

Queensland Police, media and pathetic politicians are fooling themselves if they somehow think they can use the Train shootings to denigrate a global populist revolt against the tyrannical plans of globalism, as espoused by the neo-Nazi Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum, Bill Gates and other megalomaniacal members of the uber-rich elite.

Editor: All is revealed Tracey worked for Victoria Police for 31 years. Wow was she trained in earlier years by Depraved Dan, the high-heeled man? When can Queenslanders expect the large rubber bullets or Mace?

The megalomaniacal West Australian Labor Premier Mark McGowan is welcome to take Tracy on and we send her best wishes in her new job. Meanwhile some good citizen probably will report Dr Kerryn Phelps to Crime Stoppers for revealing the Covid conspiracy.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Re logo, check out the Hologic WTA logo displayed at the Sydney United tennis tournament today, at first glance it looks a lot like a skull. It’s a bit hard to work out if Hologic are mocking conspiracy theorists or NSW Police.


  2. Why do the cops still wear the crown as their logo, don’t they work for us? Oh wait…
    VicPol inc. has an inverted pentagram on their badge, isn’t that Satanic, please explain.
    Seems if you get offered a membership in a “community forum “ (Secret Society) like the Fabian’s, Jesuits or Masons for example then any worthy ‘officer of the law’ would be wise to accept such patronage.
    To be affiliated is to be assimilated.
    Being alienated is to be eliminated
    Just a rumour to be sure

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  3. we will have to do it for you. Ed


  4. I posted a comment without setting up an account. How can I edit my comment.

    Best Regards Michael Kearney


  5. The recent QLD Police shooting seems to be a gas-lighting exercise. Where the public are drip fed parts of the story to control their perceptions. There should be an independent inquiry as to what really took place.

    The police have demonstrated, during the COVID lockdowns, they have become the criminal element that the public despises. Since March 2020, police have demonstrated they are anti-people. Yet there is a call to list who is Anti-Government and Anti-Police. The “Thought-Police” have emerged to tackle what they consider to be Pre-Crime, and will most probably force citizens to undergo a mental evaluation.

    I am only against corruption including police with a corrupt agenda.

    I respect and honour, honest police who have resigned or retired, because they refused to get the toxic Jab or impose police criminal behavior on its citizens. The honest police we should have, have been filtered out of the system.

    It’s becoming public knowledge police have a Quota to meet, which is why Police are always in your face to intimidate. As a consequence, People react negatively and are arrested, thus, for-filling the Quota.

    At the moment the public needs to be protected from both the criminal element and the Corporate Police.


  6. So the alleged “welfare check” by the police was in fact an attempt to ARREST one or more of the occupants?

    How did Tracy Linford get it so wrong for so long and why did the police put out or go along with the fake story about the welfare check in the first place?


  7. tonyryan43. Unlike the NT and QLD police, it is not difficult to conclude that Victoria Police acted like Nazi thugs due to the obsequious, politicized police leadership and the draconian demands of Dictator Dan. That so many officers took great pleasure in brutally enforcing Covid mandates against innocent members of the public is an eternal disgrace.

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  8. Tracy.. I think that your name is on the list of Nuremberg II …
    & you should know, that in defense, I was just following orders ?? Isn’t admissible …

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  9. It’s about censoring the truth.


  10. According to the latest Ausgov figures at most of our eligible population 16 and over have given up on the 4th dose.

    So with 74% now saying NO THANKS to any more of the Covid shots, this adds up to over 15 million Aussie vax deniers for QPS Deputy Commissioner Tracy Linford and her clandestine “Covid 19 group” to track down and investigate as potential terrorists. Good luck!

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  11. Oh look a worm crawled out, bit late on the troll shift aren’t you? What proof do you need now folks.


  12. Thank you, Peter Russel, for that information about Queensland Police. I was under the impression that the NT Police were the only ones who refused to attack protesters. Clearly, I was wrong. So now I ask myself why it was that NT and Queensland Police behaved differently? I would be fascinated to hear any theories as to why northern police are different.


  13. To Periguin falcon,

    Your posts often attempt to incite.
    Whose ya Daddy?

    Speak for yourself.
    Have you run out of social media platforms to slag on?

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  14. My my, and I thought the Queensland Police was politicized when a certain peanut farmer was Premier. Perhaps the dear lady(?) should get double jabbed and double boosted before she has to travel far. I expect she was one of the senior officers who, with the police commissioner, were exempt from the shots. If she was involved in the Saturnalia Sacrifice of Six Souls recently, then the whole house of cards will collapse, if she leaves the state for WA. With all the women now able to carry loaded firearms while on duty, my attitude has changed about “women and children first”. On the bright side, with all the women seeking higher degrees, the sex-magik Saturnalia ceremonies must be a bit of a hoot? Was it Chairman Mao who said “political power comes out of a barrel of a gun” or was it lost in translation? Just kidding!

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  15. Can Linford explain to us just what is a conspiracy theory.
    In a free world people are entitled to hold an alternative view.
    The conspirators assassinated JFK and framed Oswald. Fact.
    The bankers did meet and conspire on Jekyll Island. Fact.
    Port Arthur massacre was a conspiracy. Fact.
    There are many alternative facts concerning the Covid jab.

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  16. The Brisbane rally pics are on CN. Ed


  17. You can’t seriously comprehend a state like Queensland succumbing to one piece of shit ???? One person has the whole state in her hands????? Millions of men running scared????? Its a joke right???? Is the state of origin rugby league really a reflection of the men in Queensland??????

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  18. I don’t believe in conspiracy theories. That’s like saying that the American President commanding his top generals to execute a well planned war is a conspiracy. On the contrary, it’s a well planned attack. There’s a brain behind all this and it’s executed by the most ruthless organisation on earth. Freemasons are just one of the myriads of fronts.

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  19. These traitors have families and relatives! They have addresses!! Time to start paying visits to these filthy vermin of humanity! They’ve sold their souls to the globalist elites!

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  20. I’ll make it easy for Ms Linford & her “Covid Online Team” beginning at the grass roots level in her own QPS.

    She can start with the footslogger cops we spoke to at the marches who complained bitterly, absolutely pissed off about being forced to get the jab to pay their mortgages, school fees etc while their bosses, inspectors & above were exempted.

    Bosses like Linford sent hundreds of them to our rallies to intimidate & bully like the southerners did, but it backfired completely. It didn’t take long before Queensland cops showed up as the best in the land, after hearing all our speeches, reading our banners and observing the massive peaceful happy multi-racial crowds of all ages they knew who to believe… and it wasn’t Linford & Co..

    I cannot remember a single arrest at any of the SE Qld rallies or any cops being abused by anyone, it was quite the opposite even with rounds of applause and praise for them on many occasions.

    So we don’t want to clog Linford’s “Covid Online Team” phones reporting opponents to all things woke but the TPR 2023 calendar provides an aerial pic of part of Brisbane’s 100,000+ Nov 21 march… “The sea of People extended 2km of distance stretching from Parliament House George St, Adelaide St, Edward St and Alice St Botanical Gardens entrance.” It was still starting when it was ending, probably the largest in Queensland history.

    Check out the footage from the always present POLAIR and drones if you don’t believe me but be reassured, you just don’t have the boots on the ground to do the dirty work for your political masters. It’s all over here for you so pack up & piss off to WA as soon as possible.


  21. Shut down the truth


  22. chockylover (and others), Maria Zeee Media is on Telegram. Worth following.She has some good videos.


  23. Donations to the “Doctors Against Mandates (Australia)” seem to be blocked. Intending donors cannot provide credit card details. Suppose this is intentional from outside agents?


  24. Questions for Deputy Commissioner Linford: why do you think three people who’ve allegedly just shot two police officers would risk walking over open ground knowing they are potentially in the sights of two other armed police officers, then put aside their own loaded guns in order to pick up the wounded officers’ firearms to finish them off point blank? Why would they not just use their own guns throughout? Right now all we can say for sure, at least going off the official story, is that the two murdered officers were shot dead by police weapons, as were the three alleged attackers. This brings the possibility of an entirely different set of events occurring to those which have been officially reported. Would it not be a better use of your taxpayer-funded time to investigate this obvious inconsistency instead of worrying about what people are allowed to read, write, think and say, which is not in your purview or anybody else’s on the planet? Your public response of merely stifling discussion makes it sound like you might have something to hide here.

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  25. Let me put this the old-fashioned way, and using relatively-little words that even a pseudo-cop like Linford could understand.

    Linford is violating the Australian Constitution, the Commonwealth Police Offences Act, The Police Offences Act (1914), the Privacy Act (1988), and the Nuremberg Code. This means she is a criminal.

    Add this to the many police home invasions, bashing of protestors everywhere except in the NT (thanks to the one functional Australian police force surviving), what certainly appears to be assassinations by police to protect the paedophile industry, and enforcement of illegal inhibitions on interstate trade, and it now seems the law-abiding community should be setting up peoples’ courts and community security forces to restore law and order.

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  26. Here ID let you use my phone if I had one 🖕


  27. “The problem with Australians is not that so many of them are descended from convicts, but that so many of them are descended from prison officers.”

    Basically in a nutshell – sad, disfunctional jonny no mates who’ve been given power to bash people they despise. People who were bullied at school, these arse holes have addresses.

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  28. Another top cop clone of Cressida Dick [could not make that name up].

    Space aliens are bio-teching these things and gestating them in clone pods on the mother ship from Kamino parked in earth orbit. Blacked out , of course, on Google earth and space. We need a report from Obi Wan.

    “Blind we are if creation of this clone army we did not see” – Yoda


  29. They will never admit that the Covid conspiracy theorists were right. The efficacy of the experimental vaccines has proved almost non-existent. More serious, however, is the skyrocketing Covid vaccine injuries claims and deaths in the US, UK, and Europe running into tens of thousands. The U.S. CDC’s VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System) now has seven times the reported deaths possibly caused by the COVID vaccines as all other vaccines combined since the reporting system was created 30 years ago. That the police, many relishing the authority and power they had, particularly in Victoria, acted like Gestapo goons in enforcing government Covid mandates, will not be forgotten.

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  30. This woman should be immediately sacked for having a low IQ. And if it’s not actually a case of a low IQ, she should be sacked for simply being evil.

    Her attitudes have no place in Australian public life, let alone existing in any form of authority. Is that REALLY what we Australians have become?


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  31. Just a good political appointment regurgitating what her political masters demand.

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  32. Look at her nose!!!! A jew masquerading under a pseudo Christian name

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  33. Using the FBIs conspiracy theorist to shut down any opposition to the jew world order!

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  34. Well I have disliked the cops for nigh on forty years and I have not had the covid needle nor have I had covid. Everybody that I know who have had the needle have had covid once or more times. So I must be a conspiracy theorist. Everybody who thinks differently to the socialist communist govts in AustraLIA are a threat to the Population according to her.

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  35. Part of their aim obviously is to foster ‘hate & division’ + to divide & conquer.

    PLUS to prevent unity & an uprising etc.

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  36. Neville Thompson

    Will the Qld Governor Jeanette Young be arrested and charged for her conspiracy theory that AstraZeneca was not safe for the Queensland people when she was Chief Medical Officer of Queensland ?

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  37. The SENIOR and seriously out-of-touch Queensland police officer is not “out of touch” at all, they know exactly who they are working for, it’s certainly not for us.

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  38. I will try to make a link later to a video by a Australian woman journo called MARIA ZEEE. She has a website under her name too. Maria mentioned this horrible woman and Dr. Kerryn Phelps in one of her latest videos. The doctor had suffered some bad reactions from a COVID shot as well as her partner. Please do follow Maria Zeee as she reports up to date news on the jab and Smart Cities. Over the Christmas holidays I have had the displeasure and a social assistant of mine of getting over a bout of COVID. My social assistant still managed to go on her planned holiday to Western Australia. I’m still very much a Pure Blood but my social assistant had to get two jabs months ago to keep her job. May God Almighty grant us all the strength to get through the coming year. God bless you all.

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