Some big names coming together here

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  1. I hope the tour goes ahead but it’s hard to imagine the fakestream media dumbstars wanting a bar of it, you know – the possibility that a large number of people, who usually go into a trance when the meme ‘conspiracy theory’ is spoken, might actually awake from their pleasant slumber at long last – yikes.

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  2. Dani, The Highwire hosted by Del Bigtree has a segment ‘An Autism Miracle’ (Episode # 214, 2021) that covered this kind of situation. I don’t remember the details but it might help.

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  3. Hey Dani, re vaccines and autism there is a big name in Australia who is the foremost expert on natural immunisation, or homeoprophylaxis. Dr Isaac Golden what he does not know about informed choice and natural immunisation homeopathy is not worth knowing. He has spoken on Global Freedom Movement. Details on how to contact him are in the notes on this page. I hope you find the right remedy for the good health of your child. God bless.

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  4. Interesting that some of the most powerful voices in the global freedom movement are women.

    German MP Christine Anderson comes immediately to mind. Also Kari Lake in the USA. Dare we count Pauline Hanson here in Australia, along with rising stars like Maria Zeee? Maria Zhakarova too (but Russia is already free, compared to the poor stooges trapped in the West). Lots of female scientists and doctors also championing the cause.

    On the downside, there’s also lots of females amongst the genocidal Globalist psycopaths. Jack Adern being prominent, Angela Merkel another, Ursula von der Leyen, uber-witch Hillary Clinton, and on and on it goes. At home we have the likes of Palaszczuk, Berejiklian, Dr. Jeanette Young, Dr. Kerry Chant, and so on – all disgusting harpies and treasonous to the core, thrilled to be able kill off their fellow Australians for twenty pieces of silver (and in Berejiklian’s case, a 40 gallon drum of Adrenochrome, because it’s so hideously obvious that she desperately needs it).

    One would think that women (not counting Jack Adern, because outward appearances notwithstanding, guys like him aren’t actually “women”) are actually over-represented among the Satan-worshipping Globalists, given that they have about 150 different genders.

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  5. Big names are all well and good, but bigger hearts in the Oz population would work even better!

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  6. tonyryan43 said – “Albanese will never permit people who do not share his views, into Australia.”

    Neither will cross-dressing transgender genocidal psychopath Jack Ardern, let anyone like that into NZ.

    Only reason they can’t stop Avi Yemeni from coming to Australia – is he’s already here.

    There’s a secret mesage in all of that – no-one is coming to save us, we have to save ourselves.

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  7. A lot of the people we want to come together in Australia for conferences, symposia and rallies are US citizens as well as citizens of other Western nations.


  8. I want to talk about autism and vaccines. I want this taboo topic tackled head on because my son is five and half and is non-verbal. He has extreme motor planning and sensory dysfunction from his childhood vaccines. I want people like Robert Kennedy Jr. to tell me how I can fix him. Please keep us up-to-date on when (if ever) they come to Australia.There was a pandemic of injury long before Covid-19 vaccines and that is autism.

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  9. Albanese will never permit people who do not share his views, into Australia.

    Longtime whistleblower on vaccination injuries and death, Sherri Tenpenny, was refused a visa even though thousands of Australians had paid for her visit, and that was several years ago.

    Ain’t nobody getting inside Fortress Australia unless Biden says its OK.

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