Deport troublemakers

Dear Editor

In regard to the violent attacks perpetrated by immigrant youths, a possible solution:

People from the communities regularly perpetrating these acts should have their 

citizenship stripped, if they have citizenship, which then will immediately bring the 

threat of deportation.

For mine, if these kids can’t behave themselves, and their parents make them, they 

then should cease being a threat to the general public by being returned to whence 

they came.

This is not a racist comment, put purely political, and made with a social conscience.

Some of these people come from countries where inter-tribal rivalry and conflict is a 

given, and seem to have brought these rivalries with them, or created new ones.

And if these people cannot be at peace in our country, especially given that their living 

circumstances far surpass what they had in their country of origin, then perhaps they 

should go back home.

All this violence represents the fact that we do, indeed, have a successful multicultural 

country, but only in regard to the fact that we do have multiple cultures here.

The attendant problems with this immigration represent something of a failure in that 

we have imported a lot of problems that we do not need.

So perhaps it might be better to send those problems back to where they originated?

And such a threat might just be the wake-up call some of these immigrant youths need.


Geelong West 3218

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiments here. Our country has changed so drastically from the one I grew up in as a child. Anyone against multiculturalism which has been jammed down our throats for years is labelled ‘racist’. Additionally, it has been apparent for many years we have never been able to truly live side by side with our first nations people, so why complicate things even further by bringing in another however many nationalities in to the mix, creating even more turmoil. Ah yes I see so clearly now, that was the plan all along. Tony Ryan never truer words spoken those who are genuine in wanting to be an Australian citizen as such, should adopt our way of life as you say “fit in or F… off” preferably to where you came from.


  2. Yes DJ, it will be easier for a Mackpie to fly backwards than it is for humanity to come to terms with each other. Even the “second coming” will most likely end up as the same disaster the first one was – to kill the “only” son of God. This time the majority of Christian congregations will end up at each others throats as “the books” will have more value than the “real living words spoken” encouraging mankind to love each other. Not to mention those who do not want to be saved by anyone or that what comes from the middle east. Change in mankind is not really wanted. Suffering is a habit and comes with “traditional religious values”.

    “a message to immigrants, fit in or fuck off” – that seems to be the exact problem Tony. That Australia of today has successfully turned UN AUSTRALIAN and a managed foreign corporate entity. All those mechanisms that fit into the system of silent destruction of national values is the exact same cause that has brought Australians and Australia where we are now. As long as Australian politicians only cater for overseas interests and themselves there should be no new intake of ANY immigrants, no visas for foreign armies or further “investments from abroad” but as we live in a DEMOCRACY independence and sovereignty of Australia will always be a still birth – if it is not aborted straight after tru blu conception.


  3. Some of my good old mates here need to upgrade their reading skills. When you read a comment that provokes a response in you, make it a habit to read the comment one more time. I do, every time, and quite often I find I have misread.

    I merely pointed out that it is silly to expect government to right a deliberate wrong committed by that very same government. It ain’t gonna happen.

    As to my attitude to these troublesome immigrants, my attitude is uncompromising. One violent crime and the whole family should be expelled and I really don’t care where. Or even if the plane actually lands at its destination.

    Moreover, any Asians or Africans who cannot speak English as Australians or who otherwise indicate their unwillingness to accommodate Australian culture, should be expelled.

    To those obnoxious bloody Africans and Asians who are constantly paraded on the ABC’s The Drum, telling us what our national policies should be, put them on a leaky boat to China. Why China? Because they deserve each other.

    If they claim I am anti-black or something, just remained them I am the only whitish face in my very large family.

    My objection is simple. Cultures are the behavioural product of each race’s nurturing environment. Immigrant culture is guaranteed to be inappropriate for the Australian environment. We have two cultures already living side by side here, European Australian-edapted culture and Aboriginal culture. We have a long way to go in synchronising these two cultures without foreign parties complicating issues.

    So, a message to immigrants, fit in or fuck off. Can I put it any plainer?

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  4. Obvious Bob… I don’t recall ever taking exception to anything you have said, Bob.



    Well I suppose practising your faith is ok. 🤧

    Would I be sinning in the eyes of the powers that be and sentenced to death, if I said that hate speech is not a conspiracy theory?

    From Amy Mek at RAIR:

    “Threat Alert: Australia is Allowing Muslim Preacher Wissam ‘Abu Ousayd’ Haddad to Build an Islamic Army

    The “respected” Islamic scholar has threatened non-Muslims, homosexuals, Christians, Jews, Hindus, critics of Islam, former Muslims, Western leaders, and the very nations themselves.
    Australian preacher Wissam “Abu Ousayd” Haddad is a central figure in Australia’s Muslim (Salafi) and Islamic terrorist community. The English-speaking Muslim scholar has also amassed many devoted jihadis on his dangerous social media channels. Despite his violent rhetoric and ties to Islamic terrorists, Haddad continues to operate in Australia with impunity.”

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  6. Hi jo, re: “Here we go again with the “great Aussie threat – if you don’t like it (or don’t BEHAVE CORRECTLY) leave!”” Well stated. Or as tonyryan43 succinctly put it “FMD”. These righteous myopic bigoted ignoramuses may just need to climb back into their time capsules and trace their own descendancy… where they may just discover, therein lies the real root of the problem lol. Whilst the rest of us – dismissing all the divisive fear mongering BS – get on with the enlightened task of achieving UNITY.


  7. Ross Graham Cairns

    I agree with Gary, but I would go further and deport the whole extended family, only then might the message get through to those who wish to cause trouble here and not live according to our values and behaviours. Perhaps the parents might actually supervise their children as they should be doing in the first place.

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  8. Here we go again with the “great Aussie threat – if you don’t like it (or don’t BEHAVE CORRECTLY) leave!”

    Who is it again that does not behave and allows troublemakers (who don’t give a damn about the nation but thrive on free give away “entry rewards” better than the average Aussie who have worked their guts of all their lives just to be gutted in the end) on purpose into the country?

    Maybe it is time to rearrange ones own “patriotic thinking” and start to DEPORT those highly paid “Aussie 1st, 2nd or 3rd generation” politicians acting as foreign agents and who have brought this mess into the colony on purpo$$e. And while being at it as an “Aussie import” that is not born on Aussie shores but still loves how this country and its people once used to be: Those who talking about Anzac spirit, you might want to have a look into your local history and find out how many “Aussie imports that were born overseas” fought for their new mother/fatherland without hesitation or even blinking with one eye.

    And here WE ARE – a century later, bought and sold out and like an old, worn out prostitute and blinking like mad as a traditional sport of distraction and pointing fingers vividly into wrong directions while the vessel of Australian nationality has been drowned with FOREIGN political treason, deceit and most of all by the “great Australian Greed” that cares more for filled pockets of politicians and entrepreneurs than a nation that ALL can call home and to live at peace with prospering communities and a national spirit that stands strong and above ALL else.

    The “department of peace” can only exist if there are no dissidents and regime critics. Wouldn’t any opposition to the politically correct just scream for deportation or at least re-education of patriots turned terrorists in those highly regarded total democratic wellness camps?

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  9. Spot on, Think France introduced few years back that could go back few generations, strip of any assets and citizenship etc, if convicted on major offence , do time, deport, Bloody great idea, probably been rescinded by idiots!

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  10. The whole family should be deported because the kids were probably born here. Remember that few call themselves Australian. I refer to Greek, Lebanese, Turkish, and Armenian Australians. None are Australians of Greek etc., family ties. But they all reap the benefits of having a fresh start from countries where most lived exceptionally poor lives with no future for their offspring.


  11. We have enough problems in this country without importing more

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  12. And there is nothing wrong with saying what I said there, Tony R.
    Especially if some wise people make claims for compensation from the authorities who did not apprehend perpetrators that were oon the radar and should not have been on the streets.
    This is one example:
    nd don’t forget that toad Gargasoulas.
    And Adrian Ernest Bayley, who should not have even been on the streets to meet and murder Jill Meagher!

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  13. Nothing says ‘Migrant Tsunami’ quite like a failed Marxist state created by Communist Gooks fighting against the European civilization and former colonial population that was cut loose by a European nation under the 1960 UN mandate of decolonization [for European nations only]. They just can’t do without a Western economy to loot – which is why they migrated out of their shithole where slavery will be legal and cannibalism OK. Because of ‘racism’ we in Australia will naturally have to respect their culture and traditions.

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  14. A good idea, but our politicians take orders from the City of Seven Hills.

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  15. FMD.

    Gary, you need to put your Marvel comics down for a while and catch up on geopolitical reality. That is why these effing kids and their parents were brought here in the first place. To create conflict and division, to undermine Australian culture, to dilute local sentiment for national sovereignty, to help dissolve law and order.

    The government that brought them here is not about to send them back.

    No doubt, you earlier objected to the boat people, oblivious to the reality that these were to divert your attention from the eight-times-more immigrants who came by plane, from Congo, Sudan, Nigeria, Chad, Pakistan, India, and China.

    You wanna stop the immigrant gangs, join your local militia and get rid of them. Oh, I forgot, we ain’t got no guns since Howard and his Port Arthur Massacre ploy.

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  16. Kevin John Dyson

    I fully agree with the deportation, with one MAJOR INCLUSSION. That being the whole family should be deported back to their original country of birth. This is NOT just happening in Australia, but across the world and enough is enough. As prison is too good for them. If they want to live in Australia. live to our standards.

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  17. They are likely deliberately brought in, in order to increase the crime rate etc.

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