Dear Editor

In regard to the violent attacks perpetrated by immigrant youths, a possible solution:

People from the communities regularly perpetrating these acts should have their 

citizenship stripped, if they have citizenship, which then will immediately bring the 

threat of deportation.

For mine, if these kids can’t behave themselves, and their parents make them, they 

then should cease being a threat to the general public by being returned to whence 

they came.

This is not a racist comment, put purely political, and made with a social conscience.

Some of these people come from countries where inter-tribal rivalry and conflict is a 

given, and seem to have brought these rivalries with them, or created new ones.

And if these people cannot be at peace in our country, especially given that their living 

circumstances far surpass what they had in their country of origin, then perhaps they 

should go back home.

All this violence represents the fact that we do, indeed, have a successful multicultural 

country, but only in regard to the fact that we do have multiple cultures here.

The attendant problems with this immigration represent something of a failure in that 

we have imported a lot of problems that we do not need.

So perhaps it might be better to send those problems back to where they originated?

And such a threat might just be the wake-up call some of these immigrant youths need.


Geelong West 3218