Died Suddenly – Stew Peters Video

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Why do we never believe them? For centuries, the global elite have broadcast their intentions to depopulate the world – even to the point of carving them into stone. And yet… we never seem to believe them.

The Stew Peters Network is proud to present DIED SUDDENLY, from the award winning filmmakers, Matthew Skow and Nicholas Stumphauzer.

They are the minds behind WATCH THE WATER and THESE LITTLE ONES, and now have a damning presentation on the truth about the greatest ongoing mass genocide in human history.


About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Hendra virus is a form of rabies carried by flying foxes, it is a lyssavirus, family Paramyxoviridae. It was first discovered in horses at Hendra in Brisbane. Ed


  2. D Johnston – “Many people (like yourself) simply voted with their feet and left their careers – which demonstrated guts and integrity.”

    No matter what job they had (not just clinicians) the health workers who are paying off houses, have young families and have spent most of their working life as a health worker; they are the ones with the courage, bravery, honesty. and moral fortitude. They are the ones I have a great deal of respect for, as you have said, they have the required guts and integrity.

    Less so for me, I am nearing the end of my working life. I did not need such a large amount of courage to leave what was then a train wreck in progress.

    I very much miss working with the best of the health workers, sad that many of them left the job.

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  3. Hi ron, Re: “I have yet to hear of any Nursing or Medical Staff anywhere in NZ or Australia, as a group, threatening to not go along with any of the mandates, dictates or narratives.” Actually they have done so on a number of occasions in NZ at least. Not that protests have had much if any effect. Many people (like yourself) simply voted with their feet and left their careers – which demonstrated guts and integrity.



  4. D Johnston – “In this particular instance, doctors/nurses, et al have very little to do with it. In the wider picture, this is simply another further and abhorrent totalitarian overreach by the Ardern regime”

    I mostly agree with you there.
    But, the rotten systems need minions and lackeys to carry out their treacherous and evil dictates.

    I have yet to hear of any Nursing or Medical Staff anywhere in NZ or Australia, as a group, threatening to not go along with any of the mandates, dictates or narratives. Only a small minority of individuals have been brave enough to voice an opinion.

    I posted another comment on this matter referencing four sites that interview the parents and provide further information, that post has yet to show up on CN.

    The additional information indicates that the treating doctors can in fact give the OK for the volunteer blood donors (that the parents have organized) to give blood for the baby. The Doctors chose to stick with the rotten system and refuse that safe blood. That is just plain evil.

    I now have very little faith left, for the health systems to put the wishes of patients and / or patients guardians, before politics and pay packets.

    “First do no harm” is now a very sick joke.
    I hope that the treating doctors have had at least two of the proven safe boosters. Unlikely they have, many of them falsified documents, they would be laughing about that.


  5. Ps ron, TGP also weighs in on this. Not a single mention by Australian media, including independent. Funny that.



  6. Hi ron, In this particular instance, doctors/nurses, et al have very little to do with it. In the wider picture, this is simply another further and abhorrent totalitarian overreach by the Ardern regime. Including the removal of Baby Will by Child Protection Services. The buck starts and stops there.
    Baby Will is purely being used as an example to warn people they can NOT choose pure blood over tainted/lethal. It would set a precedent they would then be unable to reverse. Pure evil.

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  7. Re: Baby Will.





    They get away with this crap, it will be done world wide.
    Jack whats his name (some call him Jacinta) the NZ poor excuse for their leader and a very poor excuse for a human being, already has a lot to answer for – surely the Kiwis can demand and get safe blood for their babies.

    The parents already have their own safe blood donors waiting to donate the required blood. This is just corporation governments and health systems treating people like sheep and cattle, keeping us in our place, on our knees.


  8. D Johnston – “Hi Dr. Re: “Interesting new developments in NZ. Some folks now becoming ‘pure blood’ conscious.” You may find the following Liz Gunn link of interest. The ongoing “Baby Will” case in NZ absolutely defies words.”

    Thanks very much for the info.

    Checked out the article and just now watched Alex Jones (Info Wars) interviewing baby Wills NZ parents. Mother was mandated out of job as a Nurse Midwife and had requested safe blood for her baby.
    Should have been no argument from the health system, give the baby safe blood.

    What sort of absolute mongrels would refuse the request. They are now well aware of many of the ingredients found in the poisons (the C jab) and that tainted blood donations would likely be unsafe and / or deadly to a baby.

    Having spent over 25 years working around and for clinicians, including in birthing and kids wards, I can assure you that there are many clinicians (and health bureaucrats) who should not be anywhere near patients. They will inject any substance into people as long as the system tells them to do it.

    Free thinking, common sense, caring and compassionate Nurses and Doctors (and bureaucrats) are becoming the minority in Hospitals. I believe that only a minority are holding the health systems together, to do so they have to fight for patients and their own rights.

    I have made several comments on CN about Nurses and Doctors (and health bureaucrats) not all being angels or caring and compassionate. I stand by those comments. The refusal to provide safe treatment and in the above case, safe blood, is a tragedy, caused by poor excuses for human beings.

    Taking into consideration the type of governments and health systems that are in place, it is a 100% guarantee that things will continue to get worse, unless people decide “enough already” and weed out the grubs who are harming and killing us.

    To all those good, caring, compassionate, hard working Nurses and Doctors (the minority) thanks for your dedicated service.

    To the other grubs, stop harming and killing innocent people, especially the babies.

    Somebody had to say it.

    Reality can be very sad.


  9. The Confidential Pfizer Report released in March 2022 under FOI contains data on the deaths and adverse events recorded by Pfizer from Dec 2020 to Feb 2021. And yet, in that very short period of time, Pfizer recorded 1,200 deaths and tens of thousands adverse events – including 2,000 cardiac disorders. We are talking a period of 3 months here. No wonder the FDA fought tooth and nail to keep this under wraps for 55 years. [ This brings to mind those 90 year suppression orders for Australia’s Paedo Elite – guarded by the government, the courts and the police ] .

    The Pfizer document is of that ilk.

    Click to access 5.3.6-postmarketing-experience.pdf


  10. Thank you: very saddening to read about this.

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  11. Hi Dr. Re: “Interesting new developments in NZ. Some folks now becoming ‘pure blood’ conscious.” You may find the following Liz Gunn link of interest. The ongoing “Baby Will” case in NZ absolutely defies words. Removed by authorities from his parents care, because they refuse lethal vaxxed blood for his urgent treatment. This has enraged all of NZ. And although also receiving condemnation internationally – NO coverage here in Australia. Pretty obvious why.



  12. Hi Fedup
    Interesting Re horses and Hendra. I also am a horse person. I never had my horses vaxd for it. I now question strangles/tetanus vax in lieu of what’s been going on.
    Your comment spurred me to wonder if Hendra was a sort of test for cv19. Further was Hendra vax an attempt to destroy horses and thereby destroy no-tech transport and farming ability for those who are preppers and survive the depop program????!!!


  13. Interesting new developments in NZ. Some folks now becoming ‘pure blood’ conscious.

    NZ health authorities not discriminating between vaxxed and unvaxxed blood transfusion supplies.


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  14. Australian Senator Gerard Rennick’s Leaves Opposition Parties Angry after exposing the Lies and Hypocrisy of the Government’s Command and Control Narrative that took over the bodies of fellow Australians and which said the covid-vaccine was safe and effective.

    “The Greens laugh at jab injuries & shut down debate about jab mandates”

    Senator Rennick reports,
    “Yesterday Malcolm Roberts moved an amendment to the IR Bill that would have prevented people being discriminated against on the basis of their Covid-19 vaccine status.

    “I spoke to the amendment and as you can tell I was pretty fired up because I knew we didn’t have the numbers.

    “This amendment would have allowed unvaxxed people in the private sector to go back to work.

    “What was despicable however was that while I was speaking I was being heckled by Green Senators Larissa Waters and Sarah Hanson Young.
    To mock people who have been injured by the vaccine is the lowest of the low and tells you everything you need to know about the greens party.
    In fact after I spoke Hanson Young moved a motion to shut down the debate on the amendment which got up.

    “The next time a change to the IR act is introduced by Labor I will move the amendment again.

    “Special thanks to Malcolm and those who voted for the bill.”

    Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwUmvi-rawU


  15. Nothing changes the fact of the excess deaths since the year of the vaxx 2021 in the most vaxxed Western nations – Australia is of course among the Most Vaxxed.

    Here is an announcement from fat twat Anastasi Polish-nation-libel (just can’t wipe that smirk off her face) and the Big Q Deputy PM openly salivating. The Big Pineapple is going to build 280,000,000 vaxx hubs for the development mRNA technology. The Idea here is that we are going to be the vaxx hub of Asean Pacific.

    They do intend to finish off a significant percent of the population with these biotech spike protein injections and the transmission (shedding).

    Guess What!?


  16. My horses when “we” all find out about the true origins of the Hendra Virus and Experimental Vaccines that where pushed onto us horse people.

    ….let’s not just stop at our horses!

    Don’t forget the silent victims (animals) that haven’t a voice


  17. John Alexander

    Great comment. Thank you for thinking outside the box. I also read that this was a psy-op and it caught my interest.

    It’s hard to tell who’s who in the Zoo, so I like to keep an open mind.

    Stew Peters is like Alex Jones, are a little too intense for my liking

    I prefer straight up fact without the full on drama reporting that we are accustomed to in MSM

    It just breaks my heart to see so many people becoming ill or dying from this bioweapon.


  18. Senator Rennick Goes Nuclear on WEF Globalist S-Hanson Young for Taunting Vaccination Injured People. (Australians vs the Agenda. Dec 3 2022)


  19. I’m not surprised at all! I went to high school in the 1980’s and learned NOTHING about WWI or WWII. When I saw a short five second commercial in the late 1990’s, it was a big banner with words that said “NEVER AGAIN.” I asked a friend “Never Again, what actually?” Never eat cheese on a Friday? What? She replied, “I don’t know, I think it has to do with a holocaust or something.” I said “What’s a holocaust?” She replied “I think it’s when people died in war or something.” THAT’S IT. Later, about a decade later, I learned it was about Jews being murdered by the millions. Unfortunately, today, people only care about anything CONVENIENT AND SHOVING YOUR KIDS IN DAY”CARE” – TOO LAZY TO TEACH ANYTHING OR USE AN ENTIRE FULL SENTENCE. NEVER AGAIN WHAT????? FINISH YOUR SENTENCE YOU DAMNED IDIOTS!! SO NOW IT’S BEEN REPEATED ON A WORLDWIDE SCALE AND YOU’RE COMPLAINING ABOUT IT.
    Learn the history about yourselves and watch the 10 part series by Francis A. Schaeffer titled: How Should We Then Live? (1977). It it the Rise and Decline of Western Thought and Culture. You can find the entire series streamed in one video for free on bitchute(dot)com. Parts 7&8 are closer and inside our timeframe, but just watch it all. Learn how dumb and selfish people got. It’s about 4 hours total.

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  20. Dr. – “such groups will repeatedly suffer the same consequences: century in, century out.” “Those who fail to learn from history, inevitably suffer a repeat.”

    Wise words.

    Sadly it appears as though a large number of our present generation did not learn all that much from our previous generations and history.

    Maybe we have become too complacent, like the third generation of family farmers, the ones who often loose the farm.


  21. Of course this has been going on for centuries: what’s new?. But if the majority of plebs are incapable of working it out, and developing successful survival counter measures [as happens in nature], then of course, such groups will repeatedly suffer the same consequences: century in, century out.

    Sure the patrician elite have their old families and traditions, but certain plebs also have their equally old bloodlines and traditions.

    E.g., the Paddy’s have a very strong oral folk tradition, due to the similarly orchestrated Potato-Famine. They suffered, they learnt, they remember. As do others.

    Those who fail to learn from history, inevitably suffer a repeat.

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  22. “For centuries, the global elite have broadcast their intentions to depopulate the world… ” They broadcast nothing, they are doing it full swing for last 200+ years, they control birth rate and the average life span of all plebs almost presicely. One of the goal of the Covid vaccination was a quick punch that will effect at least next 2 generation. They think and plan centuries ahead, not years, it is the Chess game.

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  23. I have been trying to tell all my friends about the perils of volunteering for the medical experiment and have had very little success.
    Why are people so stupid and resistant to hearing about adverse reactions to this medical experiment?
    Read recently on Robert Malone page:
    I may be accused of wearing a tin foil hat but that is way better than wearing a blindfold.


  24. The ‘Died Suddenly’ Psy-Op – A Tiny Bit of Truth Mixed with a Whole Lot of Lies — Updated

    Not only does this “Died Suddenly” reinforce the virus lie, when attacking the vaccine and to make their point of ‘sudden deaths,’ they use a lot of non-relevant footage taken totally out of context. For example, they show a clip of Florida Gators basketball player, Keyontae Johnson collapsing on the court. Well, that happened on December 12, 2020, before the vaccines were available. Also, he didn’t die, he just collapsed from playing with an injury.
    Actually, the movie is full of these ‘out of context’ and totally unrelated clips. And that is also Controlled Opposition 101, as the “anti-vaxx documentary” thus can be debunked and ridiculed outside of their community, and it will only encourage the sleeping masses to trust in their fake science, to trust their slave masters in the Government. After all, if the “anti-vaxxers” can’t even make a documentary to prove their point without using tons of fake footage, they must be lying about everything else as well, right? That is at least what the sleeping masses will think, and also those who are uncertain and are standing with one foot in each camp. This awful “documentary” filled with gruesome and out of context footage might very well put them back in the ‘I trust the government’ camp.

    And yes, most of us are aware that a lot of people are dying “suddenly” (SADS) at a very young age, all around us. And yes, the most likely cause is the Covid-19 vaccine, but that’s about it. The problem is that the “anti-vax” movement should not even exist, as vaccines should not exist. This goes back to the core lie, the lie that really need to be exposed, that no virus has ever been isolated nor proven to exist. And that goes for transmittable diseases as well. Contagion has never been proven, only the opposite – that you can not catch a disease from someone else. As I write this, 211 health and science institutions around the world has been asked, through the free information act, to provide a record of a virus isolation, a proof that viruses exist, and yet not one single institution of these 211 has been able to do so. Not a single one of 211! https://bartoll.se/2022/11/stew-peters-died-suddenly-psy-op/

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  25. Easy to disprove the ‘claim’ in ‘Died Suddenly’? The claim by embalmers and undertakers is they are finding a new type of fibrous clots in the veins of some deceased who were injected in the last year or so with some mRNA stuff.
    Try this – Open theatre autopsy by teams of surgeons in each major hospital, witnessed by a dozens independent ex-doctors mandated out of their career because they refused to take part in an experiment, with permission of the deceased family of course.
    @Dr, who wrote that quote you posted, it reads as if it could have been penned by an eugenicist, happy to see unwarranted death for those whose simply trusted the wrong people with their health.


  26. A normally satirical American author, writes up a brutally honest summary of the documentary.

    ‘’Stew Peters has produced the best conceivable documentary on the coronavirus “vaccine” and its effects.

    Frankly, the film should end the discussion about this deadly gene therapy. . . .

    . . . The most shocking part is the clots, which people still do not understand. They are not blood clots. It is some kind of hideous fiber in the veins. . . .

    . . . It’s a wonder any of these vaxxies are still alive – and it looks like they won’t be for long. This vaxx is causing every kind of disease, including various cancers. People think it is just heart disease, but it’s everything. Millions of people have died, and everyone else is going to go.

    Then everyone [his readers] needs to thank me for going so hard on it. I was aware at the time that it was counterintuitive for me to be telling people to lose their jobs, in some cases lose their families and worse, in order to not take this shot. But I was right and I was very, very right, and basically, you people all owe your lives to me . . .

    . . . The documentary is disgusting, but there is an upside: all of these [vaxxed] people are going to die. All of the annoying and evil liberals, the women, the people on 4chan who called us schizos – they are all going to die, and the world will be a much, much better place for it.

    We are going to have to figure out a solution to breeding, because many more women than men took this shot. But we’ll get to that. Right now, we just need to be happy that God sent down this delusion, and our enemies willingly killed themselves.

    Sure, it’s a shame that some people took it because they were pressured. That’s a shame. But those people are weak – much too weak for the New America.

    This is going to be a glorious new era of humanity.

    Everything ended up working out great for us in the end. Now, we just have to wait for these people to all die.’’

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  27. Hi tonyryan43, Your astute prediction is not only correct – but believe already being played out. Re: “Other research shows that spike proteins penetrate the blood-brain barrier and especially target the frontal lobe. This seems to be causing unaccountable anger in mRNA victims.” Yes! And as I have been saying for some time now… having personally witnessed alarming behavioural and personality changes in jab recipients. I give them a veeery wide berth.

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  28. Let me make a predicition.

    Eventually, the deaths from rubber-band-type clots will be surpassed in incidence by people with gangrene in all body extremities and places where capillaries are dense but distant from arteries and veins.

    This event was exposed as a possibility a year ago, when scientists first discovered micro-clots. For some reason, this observation has fallen through the cracks, yet it is the most horrific of the eventual outcomes of mRNA shots to be projected.

    Other research shows that spike proteins penetrate the blood-brain barrier and especially target the frontal lobe. This seems to be causing unaccountable anger in mRNA victims.

    Victims will access the more purchasable drugs to reduce pain and to dampen angry outbursts.

    These and other mRNA effects suggest that we will eventually encounter people who have multiple gangrenous infections, especially in fingers, toes and sex organs, but also on face and ears; and who are staggering around with angry dementia, attacking people at random.

    I am wondering if there is a link between the micro-plagues of zombies reported four or five years ago, and the versions we may anticipate in the future. Were these the vanguard cases of mRNA experiments by Fauci, Daszard, Gates, and Pirbright? After all, it was 2007 when Bill Gates first boasted his vaccines would eliminate 80% of the world’s population. He must have done a few tests.

    I sure as hell will be living as far from zombie land as possible when the first multiple gangrene cases become evident.

    i am, of course, ‘predicting’ tongue-in-cheek because year-old discoveries tell me plenty of forensic scientists will already have made the same projections. I guess they won’t tell us because they do not want their names to grace the knew and fashionable cause of death.

    Better to name it now. Smelly green syndrome? Green blackjack? Green trail-makers? Kermit?

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  29. purrlina@westnet.com.au



  30. Frank Starcevich

    Murdering bastards. The orchestrating this deliberate and meditated mass murder are the very ones that are using most of the world’s resources.

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  31. And not forgetting the widespread “Died after a brief/short illness”.

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  32. Stew Peters lost all credibility for including footage from a heart surgery that happened in 2019



  33. Hey you guys should cover the NZ baby being forced to have vaxed blood for a life-saving operation https://rumble.com/v1xllk6-freedom-to-choose-clean-blood.html

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