Indonesians should sack their treasonous, vax-passport pushing health minister

Budi Bunadi Sadikim spouting off his script at the so-called B-20.


CAIRNS News appeals to the patriots of Indonesia: Sack your Minister of Health Budi Bunadi Sadikim before he enslaves and poisons you all with mRNA vaccines being pushed by his Bill Gates and his big pharma sponsors.

Sadikin, who appears to lack the ability to produce one original thought, put forward his plan for slavery and mass poisoning during a Business 20 (B20) panel held before the recent G20 summit in Bali, Indonesia.

“Let’s have a digital health certificate acknowledged by WHO – if you have been vaccinated or tested properly – then you can move around,” Sadikim said during a panel on November 14th.

The delusional politician claimed “the benefit” of a global vaccine passport standardised by the WHO would be to “facilitate international travel”. Sadikim can be assured that such an imposition will keep thousands of Australians away from Bali and other Indonesian locations.

Unfortunately the crooked big pharma lobbyists had made sure of getting in the ears of the “leaders” of the G20 and their bureaucratic bosses. They issued a joint declaration promoting “a global standard on proof of vaccination for international travel” and called for the establishment of “global digital health networks” that build on existing digital COVID-19 vaccine passport schemes, The Epoch Times reported..

The meeting’s so-called “joint statement” had already been written before the event with the help of big pharma “global partners” and others. Discussion assumed that at some point in the future there would still be “pandemics”.

A 132-page document containing various recommendations for the G20 and B20 urged the widespread adoption of digital documentation of COVID-19 certificates that would be part of a “technology-enabled ‘always-on’ global health infrastructure.”

“We acknowledge the importance of shared technical standards and verification methods, under the framework of the IHR (2005), to facilitate seamless international travel, interoperability, and recognizing digital solutions and non-digital solutions, including proof of vaccinations,” the joint declaration read.

The International Health Regulations (2005) is a bogus “instrument of international law” developed under the auspices of the WHO, whose major private bankroller is the greedy and delusional multi-billionaire Bill Gates, pusher and profiteer from mRNA vaccines.

The WHO claims its “instrument” entered into force in 2007 and “required countries” to strengthen surveillance capacities at border crossings and introduced a series of health documents, including international certificates of vaccination. It’s a brazen violation of national law and individual health sovereignty and privacy.

COVID-19 vaccine passports and other forms of digital identity schemes essentially invade privacy and enable governments and corporations to coerce human behavior by denying access to infrastructure or services, as happened in Australia during the pandemic scam.

Sadikin says a global digital health certificate will be introduced as a revision to the IHR framework at the next World Health Assembly, in May 2023 in Geneva, Switzerland.

As noted by The Daily Skeptic: “A permanent digital infrastructure to determine who may exercise basic rights and freedoms – what could go wrong? But don’t worry, no one would ever use it to force you to take an ineffective and unsafe experimental therapy…”

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Next door in China, even the typically obedient Chinese are starting to kick off. One hundred days lockdown = boiling point.


  2. 😂 I agree with Pebble.
    Pebble for PM 😂 😂 😂


  3. Australians do not like CoVID Cages either. A Major Mitchell and his Canadian vent on the Cage as the curve is flattened.

    Swearing Cockatoo


  4. It is all about trustship – COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA (Corporation registered on Norfolk island) and it is gnostic. Holding any State IDs and licences rendered you as a crew member (Trustee) of that ship in dry dock (Piracy) but if you find the remedy and the way out back to passenger side (Beneficary) you would be able to tell the Captain where to go, the Captain will serve you. Crew members obey and whiped but essential to be on any ship or it will sink.


  5. Hi Paul Hogan, As an unrelated parallel…Currently being in the midst of my own private WW111 with the notoriously thieving Public Trust (in NZ) as a sole beneficiary – I kind of get what you’re endeavouring to explain. It’s become very apparent in my situation, that somehow the balance of power has been totally grasped by them – simply because they had been appointed as Trustee. So basically, even as a beneficiary I am at their mercy. Or so they think atm! 🤬


  6. Thanks, Paul, I’ll look into it, it’s certainly worth delving into as a fundamental issue.

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  7. You are a Beneficiary of the wealth of the country you were born at. You are entitled to 1/25,000,000.00 of all mineral and energy wealth in fact (equaly amongst all Australia populace) You had given the dominion over the sea and land and everything that cripeth on it.

    When you cast your vote you swap your position of Beneficiary (receiver) to the Trustee (payee, liability) and became a ward of the State and deemed incompetent. Only incompetent would become a Trustee instead of being Beneficiary.

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  8. COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA and Australia are 2 different entities, are you aware of it?


  9. “send AEC a Notice of Resignation to act as a Trustee”

    Trustee? Interesting, can you expand on that a little if you have the time and will?


  10. When you vote someone in an Office and cast your vote – signed and witnessed it at Election day you leave yourself in a position of no return until the next election day. It has always been a scam as noone had ever withdrawen their vote back.
    Do not vote, ever, send AEC a Notice of Resignation to act as a Trustee and de register your self from that fraud.


  11. Where did these treacherous psychopaths get a mandate to make us “happy”? If the treacherous Liberal-Labour Greens Duopoly Party remains determined to bushwack us to Nirvana, Australia needs a lawfully constituted and elected parliamentary Necktie Party as a true opposition party… At both State and Commonwealth levels!

    Which part of “Enough is enough” and “Go back, you’re going the Wrong Way!” do these psychos not understand? It’s impossible that so many politicians are deaf and dumb to the wishes of so many Australians.

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  12. This is a declaration of war on the people.. time for black paint and oil..
    Oh and communist Albanese can shove it where Klaus is

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  13. Yeah … NUP!

    Everyone everywhere just don’t go along with any of their hair brained schemes. They are all f$&@g crazy. Also plenty of gum trees and rope in Oz.

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  14. Pat from Vic: “creepy Bill wants to “mercy kill” all the old and infirm people”

    lol Fk Bill, he can practice what he preaches on HIMSELF. Why rely on someone else, he always has the suicide option. I’ll go when I’M good to go, and that’ll be when I’m half as demented as he is.

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  15. maybe he should set the example and vax himself and his family, with him self I would suggest roundup as it kills pests and vermin

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  16. Absolutely, the Indonesians should sack that sack of shit. And good luck to them over there in Widodo Land. Here in Australia, we should likewise sack up our shit (both at state and federal level). How are we going with that project?

    Here in the Big Pineapple, our minister of death/Darth Yvette has been in the news of late raising the question of whether or not the required number of children has been sacrificed to Baphomet this month. And that 90 year suppression order of elite paedos is still whistling away in the pressure cooker.


  17. Robyn Stephens,
    Because previous vaxxes were not designed to reduce the global population, this bunch of poison IS!

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  18. Vaccinations have been a requirement to enter certain countries for ages now. So. My question is, why is the current system not good enough now?


  19. Another astute comment kezeek70…where ya been hiding?! Re: “lots of jargon like ‘interoperability’ but there is no validity to their speech.” Precisely. “Interoperability”… seriously?! We’re talking about human beings here FFS – not computer systems. How about some interhumanity. Oh yeah that’s right…..


  20. kezeek70 said –

    “There is no consensus for approval of their plan.
    The people will not support stiflers of their freedom.”

    Well, I sincerely hope you are correct in this – it’s not going to work if just one poor dumb bastard in the resistance stands there defiantly while everyone else in the lineup takes a big step backwards.

    The clueless hordes of sheep really need to grow some gonads, surround the frigging wolves and kick them in the nuts until they spit blood – and then string them up to the nearest sturdy lamp post (or sturdy oak as the case may be – after all, necessity is the mother of invention) – or failing that, just drown the frigging mongrels in the nearest creek, or lacking a creek, stone them to death or bury them alive.

    Whatever works will do.

    And BTW, no amnesty, medical treatment or painkillers for any of them – creepy Bill has already declared that we should spend that money on school teachers, not on economically useless dying stooges (yes folks, it’s true – creepy Bill wants to “mercy kill” all the old and infirm people, and stop wasting all that money on medical treatments and palliative care for a bunch of expendable useless eaters).

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  21. Crazy MFs it’s like the worst kind of business plan destined for failure due to bad marketing management as no research was conducted, ie Most important question in the plan. Do the people want this? A resoundingly, No, absolutely not and hell NO!

    Uptake is likely to be very low. The majority even those who took shots do not trust the science they spit out. So it’s like seeing a couple of people in a bar telling everyone they can’t drink. I mean under whose authority. They throw around their weight because of their apparent superior positions and use lots of jargon like ‘interoperability’ but there is no validity to their speech. They love a good group think at these summits it gives them lots of bravado and confidence that will soon be lost when faced with the reality of independent free thinking masses.

    There is no consensus for approval of their plan.

    The people will not support stiflers of their freedom.

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  22. For Australia read: “allegiance to a foreign power…” as in Section 44 of the Constitution.
    We already have the IHR here: and Tony Mobilifonitis did a story I gave him, which is here:
    Best idea I can see is to carpet your local federal member (Richard Marles is mine) and have it out with them, and tell them they are in allegiance.
    Marles has a history with the UN, and with China, so is in the suspect category, and needs to be bailed up and queried about these activities.
    So does your local member, state and federal, and your council, which is signed up to Agenda 21/30.


  23. “It’s looking an awful lot like we’re going to need more lamp posts”

    No problem, we can just adapt the windfarms. They will need to be put to more efficient use eventually.

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  24. The author quoted the Globalist stooge Sadikim – “So for the next pandemic, instead of stopping the movement of the people 100%, which stopped the economy globally, you can still provide some movement of the people,” Sadikim told the gathering.”

    How about for “the next pandemic” (which the Globalist psychopaths already have scheduled and ready to go), instead of stopping movement of the people 100%, you genocidal arseholes LEAVE US THE F*CK ALONE and let us get on with our lives just like previously in ALL OF RECORDED HUMAN HISTORY?

    Viola! No BS “vaccine passports” needed, and no trillions of dollars for experimental bioweapons required.

    It’s looking an awful lot like we’re going to need more lamp posts – a WHOLE LOT more lamp posts.

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