Document shows Coalition-Labor in cahoots with WHO to install digital health dictatorship

Melbourne freedom fighters pictured at the Shrine of Remembrance on Wednesday. The protesters retreated to the site after Dan Andrews’ fascist thugs put on a show of militarized force in the city.
Morrison and Andrews share an overtly masonic handshake. The two have colluded in the destruction of Australian jobs, freedoms and family and social life.
The view from the Shrine as hundreds of cops line up with batons, tear gas and rubber bullets that they fired at the protesters backs as they retreated.


SCOTT Morrison and Dan Andrews are hypocrites of the highest order in condemning a protest at the Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance on September 22nd, because both are involved in a plan of foreign powers to impose a digital dictatorship on the Australian people.

Soldiers honoured at the Shrine are frequently referred to as those who paid the ultimate price for our freedoms, but these two traitors are deceitfully and deliberately engaged in the destruction of the very freedoms those Australian soldiers fought for. That is a self-evident and provable accusation.

Andrews and Morrison and their cabal of premiers and CHO lackeys are lying to the Australian people about their so-called COVID response. It is not a response, it is Australia’s National Action Plan for Health Security – a written agreement to act in cahoots with the World Health Organisation and other parties to impose a system of digital control on Australians.

It also comes under the Coalition-Labor backed National Digital Health Strategy, which is a rejigged version of Bill Gates’ plan to vaccinate and digitally track the entire human race. The same idea is also foreshadowed by the Rockefeller Foundation-Global Business Network’s 2010 report Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development.

Within that report is the infamous Lockstep Scenario, which proposes that change to a new international system of technology could be driven by totalitarian methods – the very same neo-fascist methods that Victorian and NSW police have been using against Australians who want no part in this system, and have every right to say so.

Morrison’s Liberal-National Coalition and Andrews’ Australian Labor Party are complicit in this treachery, which violates Australian law at Constitutional, federal and state levels. Their “vaccinate or else” policy also violates the internationally recognised Nuremberg Code. Wednesday’s display by Andrews’ Gestapo Chief Patton and his armed goons in Melbourne shows the two largest states in Australia by population are running with the Lockstep scenario.

Patton and Andrews’ paramilitary thugs might well have driven freedom protesters off the Shrine of Remembrance, but they are losing the war. On Wednesday the public witnessed the robocops in black armour shooting rubber bullets at the backs of protesters at the Shrine for merely standing up for their basic rights to say no to forced medical treatment and to earn a living.

They also saw Patton’s robocops driving armoured military vehicles, including a Bearcat, through Melbourne streets, trying to shut down the demonstration with brute force and intimidation. Andrews and his media parrots would have you believe people want vaccines, yet it takes this show of force to supposedly convince the public that we all need them.

And then on cue, after the protesters were driven off the Shrine, the media pounced upon the chief executive of the Shrine Dean Lee. That’s right, they have a CEO for a shrine because it too has turned corporate. Lee mouthed off about the “desecreation” of his “sacred place”, apparently oblivious to the fact that the soldiers honoured there fought against fascism, not for it.

But Victoria is the ultimate fascist, corporate state, run by CEOs who work hand in glove with Andrews and his Labor Party Socialist Left cronies. Another such CEO is Danni Sutherland, from the Urban Development Institute of Australia.

Sutherland and her ilk reside in plush offices in grandiose organisations who claim to be working for the benefit of the wider industry, but in reality are just another arm of the corporatocracy ruling Australia on behalf of the rising global corporatocracy. These organisations leech off the proceeds of building companies that earn income in the real economy and the tradies, laborers and contractors.

Earlier in the week Sutherland came out on TV channels, as her PR team would have organised, giving advice to CFMEU. “We need to get our COVID safety up to scratch,” she said, referring to “COVID safety checks” on building sites where workers – shock horror – were wearing masks that did not have their faces properly covered. The red-headed femocrat even had medical advice for the public: “Get vaccinated”.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Its still there Murray go onto site and copy it. Ed


  2. Cairns News, Dear Editor,

    I recently discovered many of my Cairns News articles have been misdirected to the social section of my email. One of those items was of particular interest [on or about the 26/10/21] to me but I seem to have ‘lost’ it when attempting to redirect it to my main mail. The subject matter, vaguely speaking, was re the genocidal effect of the vaccines, the fact that those who don’t die from it will be forever genetically modified., etc.

    I am hopeful you may be able to repost that article. Apologies I cannot provide more detail.

    Muzz Morris


  3. Robyn McKiernan

    Just did. Filled up whole page us email, etc and told I’d already sent it and transmission failed. Please explain my error


  4. Robyn McKiernan

    Absolutely fantastic post. I’m not political but feel like becoming one . It’s difficult to know who to trust..always has been but at present it’s the United Australia Party. Half these polling don’t even know their own constitution. Every state and household is divided. Construction workers having to wear masks..that’s not physical though. Excuse me!!. However, people leisurely walking their dogs and office workers are exempt. R”Rules” are consistently inconsistent. It stinks!!. Never had a flu shot, never had the flu. Thankyoi


  5. I have read that those wishing to bring the world’s king-dictator to reign over all the peoples of the earth will USE the Freemaon Lodges and the United Nations Organization to further their goals of ruling the world.
    It has also been said that those used will love the praise of men and therefore be easily flattered and will help bring in their planned path to subjugate the whole world.
    Bear in mind that the LORD God knows all about their hidden plan. God still answers prayer today and raises up people (like this Ed,) to expose corruption and he keeps these people strong; There are MPs and many other groups of people exposing unrighteousness in the high places of our Govts.
    The fight for freedom is not over and with the next elections these traitors to the Australian Commonwealth Constitution can be judged for their actions and be voted out.
    May God help us to win back our individual freedoms and rights, and raise up future MPs for our good.
    Thank you Editor.


  6. Seb do the Freemasons as a whole want to destroy the things you mentioned or is it just that the psychopaths who have grabbed control just happen to be Freemasons? I know a few Freemasons but I have never been asked to join them, I mustn’t have the necessary qualities to be one.


  7. I have heard it said that Freemasonry = Communism. I guess if the interconnected Global Freemason Echelon reach their Albert Pike goals of destroying the family, destroying the church and destroying Nationalism….then it probably is. The only way to be free now will be to open wide that Pandora’s box, and shine a light on who the Global Freemasons in this Country are. First it will shock. Then somehow it will all make sense. All of it. This is their legacy. (as forewarned by Myron C. Fagan)

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  8. Here is someone calling it for what it is – genocide!

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  9. I grew up in Melbourne and it was a great city I moved to Sydney in the late 60′
    and have watched it disintegrate to a city of gutless people allowing political correctness, endemic police, judicial and political corruption rule while sustaining the juggernaut with votes and now those they elected are devouring them. Now you seek help?…ED

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  10. Makes sense……he never criticises Andrews.

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  11. The Australian National Action Plan is much like the flowering rose smelling verbosity of the Agenda 21/30; hidden in these sentences of brotherhood and ever-loving Government are some very different facts of life; you will own nothing, you will be happy and obey!

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  12. I ain’t gonna work on Maggie’s farm no more
    No, I ain’t gonna work on Maggie’s farm no more
    Well, I wake up in the morning
    Fold my hands and pray for rain
    I got a head full of ideas
    That are drivin’ me insane
    It’s a shame the way she makes me scrub the floor
    I ain’t gonna work on Maggie’s farm no more
    – Robert Zimmerman, ‘Maggie’s Farm’


  13. Thanks Tony for that well written piece, it reflects my sentiments exactly. Who desecrated the Shrine of Remembrance? The police of course. The fallen men who are represented by that shrine were working class, just like the protesters. I am so glad that people are now realising who Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab and Anthony Fauci are: our mortal enemies. Most of our politicians are busy licking the boots of the elite as usual, hoping to get a pat on the head and some golden crumbs once they have completed their task of subjugating us.

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  14. some people in politics are probably wanting to change something, ,–however as it is a race toward dictatorship- or it is already–those are ignored as it is with the People!! more than Sad, for it will also effect those who are now willing to sell Us out! the reason it is like this now , e.g. for we believed too much of the brainwashing by MSM, TV, and we never thought that we had it good and Freedom was not mentioned, Morality, Ethic,. All those virtues were ignored by purpose …and Now the sleeping giants have to be brave and Think.

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  15. ScoMo slimed outa the heat of the bushfires as he has now done with the CoVid to pow wow with the retarded Biden who convinced this masonic moran that he must assist in jabbing the entire worlds population with poisons.Bit of a worry when he sheds his flying suit back in Aus.

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  16. If we should win the day The hangman will be very busy

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  17. Every day now there seems to be a new attack against us. It seems to me that there is only a handful of politicians that are actually worth anything – most are traitors as it is now becoming increasing evident to the ordinary people who had placed 100% trust in these scum, that they are actively working against us, to rip our lives, country and future – apart.

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  18. Does anybody have any real idea on when these parasites and they’re disgusting minions will face any justice, if any? Are we ever going to see this? It is good to see a lot are waking up, finally. But what i find incredibly sad and upsetting is the order followers {police}. Do they not realize, they too, along with their families and friends will also be victims to the Draconian society they are helping to usher in? They are inherantly proving themselves to be traitors, and a poor excuse for a Police Force. They’re actions during this disaster will never be forgotten. I pray daily for peace and swift justice for the Australian people. May people power rise up and remove the cancer.

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  19. Please Please help the people of Victoria who are living un a communist labour party regime headed by Chairman Dan. The evidence would be normally be easily seen except that the Chairman has today invoked martial law and and cut citizens constitutional right to political communication by ‘blacking’ out mobile and internet communications and ordering media not to report, publish or broadcast any material related to the patriot demonstrations in Melbourne. If this is not rectified promptly then the logical outcome is …….

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  20. Because GS, ‘They’re all in it together’

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  21. The Evil puppet master behind the scenes is the Rothschild’s Khazrian Talmudic (False Jews) Mafia . who over the centuries have infiltrated the Vatican . Jesuits . Freemasonry . Media . Big Corporations . Institutions etc & now through the UN-WHO . conduct the current hoax . Covid Plandemic! . for free details subscribe to daily emails . of John Soulman . . Website


  22. How are any politicians past and present, that have been part of putting this in, pushing it through, implementing it, knowingly part of it, knowing of it & done nothing about stopping it, or at least fighting to bring it to the attention of the Commonwealth of Australia (the people), not in jail for treason already?

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