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Document shows Coalition-Labor in cahoots with WHO to install digital health dictatorship

Melbourne freedom fighters pictured at the Shrine of Remembrance on Wednesday. The protesters retreated to the site after Dan Andrews’ fascist thugs put on a show of militarized force in the city.
Morrison and Andrews share an overtly masonic handshake. The two have colluded in the destruction of Australian jobs, freedoms and family and social life.
The view from the Shrine as hundreds of cops line up with batons, tear gas and rubber bullets that they fired at the protesters backs as they retreated.


SCOTT Morrison and Dan Andrews are hypocrites of the highest order in condemning a protest at the Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance on September 22nd, because both are involved in a plan of foreign powers to impose a digital dictatorship on the Australian people.

Soldiers honoured at the Shrine are frequently referred to as those who paid the ultimate price for our freedoms, but these two traitors are deceitfully and deliberately engaged in the destruction of the very freedoms those Australian soldiers fought for. That is a self-evident and provable accusation.

Andrews and Morrison and their cabal of premiers and CHO lackeys are lying to the Australian people about their so-called COVID response. It is not a response, it is Australia’s National Action Plan for Health Security – a written agreement to act in cahoots with the World Health Organisation and other parties to impose a system of digital control on Australians.

It also comes under the Coalition-Labor backed National Digital Health Strategy, which is a rejigged version of Bill Gates’ plan to vaccinate and digitally track the entire human race. The same idea is also foreshadowed by the Rockefeller Foundation-Global Business Network’s 2010 report Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development.

Within that report is the infamous Lockstep Scenario, which proposes that change to a new international system of technology could be driven by totalitarian methods – the very same neo-fascist methods that Victorian and NSW police have been using against Australians who want no part in this system, and have every right to say so.

Morrison’s Liberal-National Coalition and Andrews’ Australian Labor Party are complicit in this treachery, which violates Australian law at Constitutional, federal and state levels. Their “vaccinate or else” policy also violates the internationally recognised Nuremberg Code. Wednesday’s display by Andrews’ Gestapo Chief Patton and his armed goons in Melbourne shows the two largest states in Australia by population are running with the Lockstep scenario.

Patton and Andrews’ paramilitary thugs might well have driven freedom protesters off the Shrine of Remembrance, but they are losing the war. On Wednesday the public witnessed the robocops in black armour shooting rubber bullets at the backs of protesters at the Shrine for merely standing up for their basic rights to say no to forced medical treatment and to earn a living.

They also saw Patton’s robocops driving armoured military vehicles, including a Bearcat, through Melbourne streets, trying to shut down the demonstration with brute force and intimidation. Andrews and his media parrots would have you believe people want vaccines, yet it takes this show of force to supposedly convince the public that we all need them.

And then on cue, after the protesters were driven off the Shrine, the media pounced upon the chief executive of the Shrine Dean Lee. That’s right, they have a CEO for a shrine because it too has turned corporate. Lee mouthed off about the “desecreation” of his “sacred place”, apparently oblivious to the fact that the soldiers honoured there fought against fascism, not for it.

But Victoria is the ultimate fascist, corporate state, run by CEOs who work hand in glove with Andrews and his Labor Party Socialist Left cronies. Another such CEO is Danni Sutherland, from the Urban Development Institute of Australia.

Sutherland and her ilk reside in plush offices in grandiose organisations who claim to be working for the benefit of the wider industry, but in reality are just another arm of the corporatocracy ruling Australia on behalf of the rising global corporatocracy. These organisations leech off the proceeds of building companies that earn income in the real economy and the tradies, laborers and contractors.

Earlier in the week Sutherland came out on TV channels, as her PR team would have organised, giving advice to CFMEU. “We need to get our COVID safety up to scratch,” she said, referring to “COVID safety checks” on building sites where workers – shock horror – were wearing masks that did not have their faces properly covered. The red-headed femocrat even had medical advice for the public: “Get vaccinated”.

Psychopath Andrews crosses the line into full vaccine fascism

Dan Andrews announces his plan to turn the state of Victoria into an Orwellian nightmare divided into the “clean” and “unclean”.

DAN Andrews is one of global pharma’s leading pet boys from down under. Why? Because he’s the premier of a state not only pushing their brands but using extortion to con, coerce and bully the bulk of the population into getting the toxic mRNA concoctions that have killed tens of thousands of people worldwide.

Extortion and blackmail? Andrews’ latest outrage is that he and his regime will “lock out” unvaccinated people from the state’s health system – in addition to sports events, shops, restaurants and any economic activity in general. The evil tyrant says Victoria will be a “vaccinated economy” and if you’re not vaccinated, you’re not part of it. He hasn’t yet announced if the unvaccinated will wear yellow stars.

Andrews and his sleazy PR crew know that the bulk of the poopulation of Victoria, Australia, are largely focused on their job, family issues, holidays and the footy. A lot of them don’t think too deeply about corrupt, dictatorial government and big pharma politics. And that’s exactly the demographic Dan and his circle focus on.

They are also the people the mainstream media pitch to – you know, the blokey, sporty boys and smart girls from Nine, Ten and Seven and NewsCorp and the slightly academic Labor/Green sycophants at ABC, SBS and Fairfax. They work hand in glove with Dan’s PR flunkies, many of whom came out of that very same mainstream media. Sky News Australia (from NewsCorp) is the black sheep of the family, but even they are careful not to be labeled as dreaded “anti-vaxxers”.

Stomach if you can Andrews’ latest sales pitch for the crooked, criminally tainted Pfizer company and its mRNA vaccine that maims and kills tens of thousands of people worldwide. Andrews is so bereft of conscience and morals that matters such as protecting the life and limb of those who live in the state he rules with a lying tongue and iron fist don’t concern him or his circle of corrupt cronies.

Andrews, like the rest of the corrupted state premiers, prime minister and federal ministers, pretends he’s looking after the welfare of everyone in his state by giving them dangerous vaccines that maim and kill a certain percentage of people.

In Australia, various people have reported TGA figures to August 8th showing some 450 people had died after vaccinations. But another count of the official numbers from the start of the pandemic to August 8th showed the number to be 978. But they’re just the collateral damage for Andrews and Australia’s “health” bureaucracy. He and his media mates avoid that sticky issue like the plague.

Andrews is also a globalist, Victorian Labor Party left wing ideologue. He’s a communist essentially, but more precisely a representative of the New Left, neo-Marxist camp of Victoria’s notorious socialist left Labor faction. He’s a clone of the worst of the US Democrat governors like Cuomo of New York and Newsome of California.

Andrews claims he is a Catholic, but has criminalized the fundamental right of Christians in his state to pray into and around anything to do with sexuality and gender. That’s because Andrews has established a bureaucracy of neo-Marxist ideologues and gender benders such as his “Minister for Equality”. It’s Orwellian stuff.

But Andrews also qualifies as a fascist, because as Premier he is running the state by decree. The lawful head of state in Victoria is the Governor, but Andrews has no regard for that office except as an archaic symbol left over from an earlier era. The same can be said for Queensland, NSW, South Australia, and Western Australia.

Also, the “government” he represents is corporate in structure and serves the interests of private and public corporations. These businesses are allowed to operate during his lockdowns, but small to medium enterprises are trodden on. Melbourne, Victoria’s capital, is part of the so-called Strong Cities Network, which is a transnational “United Nations” of cities pushing the globalist agenda.

Unfortunately for Victorians this regime is not up for re-election until November 26, next year. The so-called Liberal-National opposition are weak and toothless and corrupted by the same forces that corrupt the federal Coalition Liberal and National parties headed by the traitor globalist prime minister Scott Morrison – a good friend of Morrison’s, with whom he shares “the brotherhood” handshake.

Morrison has not once raised his voice against Andrews and his shocking totalitarian lockdowns, showing that he and his Liberal Party are part and parcel of the same program to turn Australia into a CCP-style technocratic dictatorship.

Andrews touts drones and snitches against ‘rule breakers’

VICTORIA’S Labor regime is doubling down on police state tyranny even as thousands of Victorians protest at the Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance today, October 23rd, declared a holiday by the party on the eve of the first ever interstate AFL Grand Final in Brisbane.
Premier Andrews is actually unapologetic about police using drones to spy on backyards to ensure visitor limits are not exceeded during Saturday’s grand final celebrations.
Furthermore, he reminded the media that there were “literally thousands” of people out there willing to call a special police line and dob them in if they didn’t follow the rules. “If you follow the rules, you’ve got nothing to worry about,” was the asinine reasoning spouted by this premier.
Freedom Day protesters will be gathering at Melbourne’s Shrine of Remembrance, a park honoring the sacrifices for freedom of servicemen and women in past wars.
In recent weeks the Victoria Police arrested people under the state’s so-called health directives, despite many of them objecting to police that they were lawfully protesting. It appears police have since been “enlightened” on the fact that hindering a political protest is in fact illegal under the superior commonwealth law in Australia – the Criminal Code Act 1995, Sect. 83:4. “A person commits an offence if: … the conduct results in interference with the exercise or performance, in Australia by any other person, of an Australian democratic or political right or duty;…”
Victoria Police Assistant Commissioner Luke Cornelius, who disgraced himself and his office recently by denigrating freedom protesters as tin foil hat-wearers, this week admitted at a media conference that “Protesting is legal, protesting is a human right”. Brilliant Mr Cornelius, welcome to the rule of law in a western nation that respects freedom – or at least did until your boss Andrews and his gang started wrecking a state jurisdiction on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party and a gang of globalist vaccine pushing totalitarians.
Meanwhile at today’s protest police will be enforcing Andrews’ gracious new 25km travel limit, and groups of 10 rule. It’s also now not considered incitement to share the protest information online as the protest is now considered lawful.

Vaccine deal and lock down all part of Morrison-Andrew-Halton scheme (Part 1)

Morrison has said nothing about (lodge brother?) Andrews running rampant in the state of Victoria and now seeking to pass the most authoritarian and illegal legislation in the nation’s history that gives public servants powers to detain anyone they “reasonably suspect” of breaching public health directives.
Ex-WHO chairwoman and current chief of the Gates and big pharma-funded CEPI, Jane Halton. She sits on Scott Morrison’s National COVID-19 Coordination Committee. Photo: Weekend Australian.

PRIME Minister Morrison, Victorian Premier Andrews and a former WHO chief Jane Halton are the major conspirators in a scheme with the crooked drug company AstraZeneca and Halton’s “global health” circle to test a dangerous vaccine on 95% of Australians.

Forget the hotel quarantine sideshow in Melbourne, this cabal and the health bureaucrats around them, are threatening to turn Australia into a medical tyranny and large-scale social engineering experiment that is already happening in Victoria.
Firstly, we don’t need mass vaccination for a virus that affects a very small percentage of the population i.e. the frail elderly. Secondly we don’t need it for a viral infection that already can be treated with inexpensive drugs such as hydroxychloroquine (Zelenko protocol), ivermectin and corticosteroids like budesonide and dexamethasone.

But our trio of vaccine pushers are criminally and purposefully ignoring these treatments because they are up to their eyeballs in the grand plan as outlined by eugenicist Bill Gates, to vaccinate the entire planet and bring us under a global technocratic dictatorship.

Morrison and the premiers’ criminal restrictions on hydroxychloroquine, which in Queensland carry a $13,000 fine, meant people died unnecessarily. They cynically and deliberately withheld a medicine to treat victims of a virus they told us could only be stopped by a vaccine. It’s a bald-faced lie.

This is the same Morrison got up on stage at the Hillsong church global conference in Sydney in 2019 to tell the faithful that “Australians need to love one another”. It was a sickly and fake political pitch at Australia’s Christian community who he would later manipulate during the plandemic. Hillsong’s Brian Houston, for instance, came out suggesting his followers get flu shots and download the tracing app touted by Morrison.

Recently, when the same “Pentecostal prime minister” announced his $1.7 billion vaccine deal, he actually threatened to commit mass acts of unlawful, criminal trespass on Australians by making the Oxford vaccine mandatory.

But of course, he quickly backed down to “as mandatory as possible” after his health bureaucrats and Health Minister Greg Hunt corrected the statement, the intent of which clearly violates Australians’ right at common law to informed consent to medical treatment. But the prime minister only “backed down” from a totalitarian regime of forced vaccination to one of totalitarian coerced vaccination, where people can choose to not vaccinate but suffer exclusion from employment, government entitlements, air travel and even social engagement.

In Morrison and Dan Andrews’ Australia, people who exercise their lawful right at common law to refuse a vaccine become a class of “untermenschen” or untouchables, who in the eyes of the state and a largely apathetic public, deserve to have basic freedoms taken away. This is a coup in the making against Australia’s traditional political and civil freedoms as broadly protected in the Constitution and specifically in section 28 of the Crimes Act 1914 – currently being blatantly violated in Victoria under so-called “health directives”.

Meanwhile, their Oxford vaccine has already resulted in two people in the vaccine trial suffering neurological side effects. One in June “with existing illness” suffered a reaction and more recently a woman suffered a serious spinal inflammatory disorder called transverse myelitis, which has been the subject of previous damages awards in the US Vaccine Injury Court.
The vaccine also contains cell lines from aborted fetuses, a problem for Morrison, who studiously courts the Christian community.

Geneticist and researcher Dr Theresa Deisher notes: “Anyone who says that the fetal DNA contaminating our vaccines is harmless either does not know anything about immunity and Toll-like receptors or they are not telling the truth.”

She says foetal DNA is what triggers labor in pregnancy – a naturally desired autoimmune reaction. But when you have the same levels in vaccines it can trigger autoimmunity in a child. She says the fragments of human foetal (primitive) “non-self DNA” to a child can generate an immune response that can also cross-react with the child’s own DNA, since the contaminating DNA can have sections of overlap very similar to the child’s own DNA.

But such matters now have to be suppressed by Morrison and his team of media manipulators, whose main game is to keep up the fear and panic of a virus that is stalking everyone, everywhere – despite recent research by epidemiologists showing this virus acts just like influenza. It rises rapidly, peaks and then dies off as herd immunity kicks on.

Early in 2020, just as the “pandemic” was gripping the globe, Morrison, Halton, Health Minister Greg Hunt and the federal and Victorian health bureaucracies were quietly gearing up for the arrival of “the vaccine” that was touted almost daily by every mainstream media outlet as “the only hope to save us from COVID-19”.

Victorian government thugs attack potential litigants

This regular Twitter poster with law firm connections tipped off the thuggery taking place around Melbourne businesses.

THUGS working for the Victorian Labor Party are reportedly threatening restaurant owners with “shaming” or “boycotts” for joining legal actions against the Andrews lockdown.
Andrews’ Health Minister Jenny Mikakos and senior bureaucrats already face two major lawsuits against the clearly illegal lockdown – one from Mornington Peninsula café owner and Liberal Party candidate Michelle Loielo and another from Keilor Park restaurant owner Anthony Ferrara, who runs a top-end New York-themed restaurant in the suburb.
The lockdown and curfew were never ordered by the state’s chief medical officer Brett Sutton, nor the police commissioner, despite Andrews lying to the public that they were.
Mrs Loielo, a 41-year-old widowed mother and cafe owner from the Mornington Peninsula, filed documents in the Supreme Court through leading Melbourne barrister Marcus Clarke, QC, last Tuesday afternoon to have the curfew removed.
Ferrara’s lawsuit is being filed by US and Sydney law firm Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan and can be joined by all businesses shut down after July 1, when Andrews ramped up the so-called second wave with mass COVID testing.
Mrs Loielo says the stage four lockdowns have cost her 99 per cent of her business, in addition to having her rights to freedom, liberty and security violated.
After the action went public her social media was bombarded with abuse and her café page suddenly flooded with one-star reviews.
Mr Ferrara said Victorian businesses “don’t need charity or kind thoughts from politicians. We need certainty and we need it soon. Our situation is not our doing. We are calling to account those who put us in this dire position.”
Sky News commentator Andrew Bolt was staggered by the actions of cult-like Andrews defenders, who are putting up banners on their homes in support of the dictator.
He noted that Victoria was the state that turned anti-government rebels like Ned Kelly and Peter Lalor into heroes. “But now if you simply refuse to wear a face mask in the open air, outside in the sun … that is now seen as treason. That will not just get you handcuffed by the police, but denounced by the ABC in Victoria, and by Victorians who are licking the jackboots of the most authoritarian premier ever seen in this state or probably any other.”
Top German lawyer to take on COVID fraud
THE German lawyer who won major lawsuits against Volkswagen and Deutsche Bank is taking on his own government over its disastrous measures to allegedly combat COVID-19.
The complaints are highly relevant to the illegal shutdown of Victoria’s economy by the rogue fascist premier Daniel Andrews, aided and abetted by major media who whitewash his coup with daily press conferences citing all sorts of dubious case and death statistics.
Dr Reiner Fullmich and his Corona Virus Investigation Committee have been hearing experts and witnesses in weekly meetings on a wide range of issues concerning the virus, the crisis management and the consequences.
Of particular interest to the law firm is the collateral damage of the lockdown, which has not yet been evaluated in detail, but will be examined in greater detail.
Dr Fullmich is calling Germany’s response “the corona scandal”, a title that can be applied to most government responses, as “guided” by the WHO, the CDC and other global entities associated with and funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates and Rockefeller foundations.
It appears this major development has prompted renewed panic messages from the World Health Organisation with warnings of “a new COVID wave” coming into the European winter.
But Dr Fullmich says a large number of studies have shown that COVID lethality and mortality are similar to influenza. “Throughout the entire coronavirus measures, the German health care system was never overwhelmed,” he says.
“However, the government’s coronavirus measures, which were imposed in a great panic, have caused massive social, psychological, health, cultural and economic collateral damage. This is becoming increasingly clear and is in particular due to the lockdown.
“We are seeing millions of additional unemployed and short-time workers, companies in bankruptcy, excess mortality among the isolated elderly, reduced health care services for the general public due to a large number of postponed operations and a lack of doctors visits due to fear, an increase in suicides, a large elevation of child abuse cases, general traumatisation and ‘new’ anxiety-ridden social behaviour.
“Many basic rights have been restricted as a result of hastily enforced legal changes. Due to the new legislation, the federal and state governments are authorized to restrict civil rights beyond the end of this pandemic.
“Furthermore, democratic processes have been shortened and suspended (e.g. postponed elections). Our liberal democratic structures have been changed. Democracy has thus suffered great damage. Many people feel that the measures taken were degrading and discouraging.”

Andrews’ strategy cracks as top cop and CMO deny requesting curfew

VICTORIA’S Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton and Victoria Police Commissioner Shane Patton have denied requesting the night-time curfew over the state.
The move could throw into legal doubt the draconian anti-virus measure which locks Victorians in their homes between 9pm and 5am.
Comm. Patton made the admission on 3AW radio on Thursday morning. ”I was never consulted,” he said. “I’ve made enquiries to determine if anyone in the organisation was briefed on the matter.”
He said police were only told about the curfew a few hours before it was due to begin on August 2. Chief Commissioner Patton’s comment contradicted Andrews who on Wednesday said police had given feedback that the restriction would make enforcement easier. And the admission of CHO Sutton that he never requested it either left Dictator Dan floundering and blustering as the media stepped up and started doing a long overdue job of questioning this entire psychological operation. 

Andrews’ strategy, backed up by dozens of spin doctors on big government salaries covering all manner of media, has been to control the whole destructive economic shutdown with a daily ritual of solemnly announcing the death numbers – only at times broken down to age groups and never mentioning comorbidities – and so-called “cases”, which are merely test results but which are never broken down into asymptomatic, non-infectious, infectious, mild or serious.

But it appears the daily game is wearing thin, following Andrews’ much despised extension of the lockdown and curfew.
According to reporter Alexis Carey “Daniel Andrews copped a grilling following hours of finger pointing regarding who exactly was behind Melbourne’s curfew rule”.
“Brett Sutton has said this, but you’re now saying this – how can we trust you and follow the rules?” Mr Andrews was asked by a reporter during a heated exchange.
Andrews was then forced to double down on the so-called curfew rule and insisted it would not be revoked.
“What I’d say is that we’ve got a clear strategy, numbers are falling, the strategy is working, limiting movement is a critically important part of that, and our approach to that will not be changing,” he said.
Throughout the briefing, journalists repeatedly returned to the curly curfew question, but Mr Andrews stuck to his guns, the reporter noted. “We’re not removing it because it works,” Mr Andrews said.
“And if we remove it and make the job of police even harder – because it’s not easy to make sure that people are doing the right thing – then that will just mean we potentially have more cases, and opening up safely and steadily is further away than it should be.
“This is the right decision, it is limiting movement, it is making the very challenging work of Victoria Police just that little bit easier. And on that basis, limit movement, limit the virus.”
Andrews went on to brush the issue aside saying ultimately it was he “and the wider government who were responsible for the law”.

Victoria’s VEET scheme could cost you your home

Alan Manson has provided an update on the Victorian Marxist Government’s VEET scheme,

which could lose you your home

UPDATE 1: Land Grab in Victoria Being Legislated!

Politicians are now ducking for cover!  Since revealing in a recent Cairns News article what the proposed Local Government Act 20181 bill and the 10-year old Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) Scheme)2 potentially have in store for Victorians, a few interesting events have occurred.

* A response from the Minister for Local Government (Ms. Marlene Kairouz MP) was received that did nothing to address the issues raised with her.

* Similarly, a response from the Shadow Minister for Local Government (Mr. Robert Morris MP) was received that only gave an assurance that “…the Liberal and National parties will not support any legislation that extends the power of local councils beyond the limits of the current Local Government Act.”  He ignores the fact that the letter cast serious doubt about the lawfulness of the 1989 Local Government Act to which he refers, so his assurances are worth nothing.

Some interesting statistics have emerged in relation to this campaign:

* The previous article in Cairns News produced over 10,000 hits.  Although it is impossible to tell how many of these hits were from people located in Victoria, it does indicate there is some serious interest in this matter. 

* The petition recently produced 1,544 signatures.  This number will not worry anyone at Parliament House, Melbourne, as there are other petitions addressed to the Premier such as banning plastic bags (183,000) that he would prefer to spend more time addressing.

* The second phase of the campaign requested that Victorians email the Minister and the Shadow Minister for Local Government to require them to answer questions about the proposed legislation.  The appeal produced only 6 participants out of several thousand people emailed.  

Does this statistic indicate that Victorians are apathetic, or could it be because most people cannot find the time needed to read each document before making a decision?  But—what is the cost of Aussies retaining their freedoms—to maintain freedom of speech, freedom of choice, or even to own their land and use it as they see fit?  Is ‘Freedom’ worth a couple of hours of reading and then deciding to participate?  It appears NOT—because the statistics above indicate that “She’ll be right, mate” prevails more than undertaking due diligence.

In contrast to this attitude, one respondent said, “I looked at this in some detail and couldn’t find the horror. So I sent it on to an intelligent friend of mine to peruse which he did and he came to the same conclusion as I did, that it has been misunderstood by the original reader who is so worried. I wouldn’t worry about it”.  Hmmm.

Since then, additional information received from America confirms a number of the claims highlighted in the LGA 2018 and VEET documents are indeed “horrific”.  This video link ( reveals how Climate Action Plans (CPAs) have been implemented throughout local counties in the USA since 2015, and that it is intended they will be rolled out throughout the rest of the world—which includes Australia.  The UN schedule for this first phase to be finalised is 2020, and involves reducing the world’s carbon footprint to 25% less than 1990 greenhouse gas levels.

Some points worth noting in the video are these:

* Nationwide Climate Action Plans (CAPs) are being implemented in the USA by Local Councils.

* The Government trains and sends out Environmental Auditing inspectors who invite landowners to have an energy audit of their house or business where various measurements and recommendations are recorded.  Once these details are uploaded to a massive database, conveyancing of any sold properties cannot take place until any outstanding work identified in the audit has been completed.

* All houses will be required to have additional insulation installed in the roof and wall areas.

* All appliances and electrical equipment are to have the latest star energy rating.

* All appliances are to have an RFID chip installed so that the energy company can monitor their use using the building’s smart meter.  

* All gas appliances are being phased out.

* All gas central heating systems are banned.

* Transportation in each city is to be reduced by ONE DAY PER WEEK, where bicycles and other human powered means are used instead.

* Cars will be banned for idling for more than 5 minutes.  Each car will have a black box fitted to monitor these requirements.

* Farmers will be required to properly manage animal waste on their farms to reduce methane gas emissions.

* Local councils will offer people Green Loans that will enable the prescribed work to be carried out.  A 7% interest applies and will last 10-20 years.  The loans are collateralised to the value of the home or business premises.

* In the future, all house roofs are required to be painted white.

All Victorians are encouraged to view the 91-minute video and to decide for themselves whether there is a serious threat to their home, their business and their livelihoods in the future through the Local Government Act 2018 and the VEET Scheme that appears will implement Climate Action Plans throughout Victoria.  

Nevertheless, most people would agree that we (as a community) cannot continue to use energy and water in an unrestricted or wasteful manner.  Climate Action Plans that have been established through community consultation with our political leaders is a good thing and should be encouraged; but to have CAPs that are draconian in nature and place more value on producing LESS CO2 than on the welfare of people is unacceptable.  Our politicians need to know this from the people they purportedly represent.

Who then is willing to support this campaign or any other action that will allow the voice of We the People to be heard about this?  If you now choose to join this campaign, please click here3. 

Author: Alan Manson  Email:


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