This political illustration posted by outspoken Victorian MP Bernie Finn has “sparked outrage” among the Daniel Andrews media fan club and Mr Finn’s own party, the Victorian Liberals. Another illustration of the political thug published by Caldron Pool had him as Stalin holding a child with flowers and a hammer and sickle flag. Both are entirely appropriate.


VICTORIAN Liberal MP Bernie Finn did what every opposition MP should be doing – calling out Dan Andrews for the criminal political thug he is. But Finn’s weak and wimpy party leader Matthew Guy ran for cover after Andrews’ media fan club screamed “outrage”.

“It sounds, from what I’d heard, quite ridiculous. All MPs need to focus on their jobs,” Guy told the media. And when someone in the media gaggle asked what he thought of “having to monitor the social media habits of the politicians within his ranks” he responded, “I think you can probably see the look of that on my face.”

All that Guy and a few others in the opposition seats can manage is to whine in parliament and on Sky News that Andrews is “undemocratic” or even, shock horror, “a threat to democracy”. No doubt the psychopath Andrews quivers in fear at such comments – just like a Mafia boss quivers in fear about local old folk complaining about the brothel he runs in the neighbourhood.

Finn posted the image depicting Andrews as the Nazi leader to Facebook, with the caption: “Victorians’ freedom has not been under this sort of threat since World War II. The Despot tells us we’ll be free – then rushes into parliament a Bill giving himself total control over almost everything.”

Matthew Guy under pressure, doing his best to politically spin the “controversies” affecting his party while “Hitler” rules.

It’s a pretty fair and factual observation, but for the media dimwits it was “another controversy the Liberals didn’t need”. And the wimpy Mr Guy agreed because, because his shadow attorney-general Tim Smith drove double the limit and crashed his car into a family’s home on the weekend. Smith resigned from the front bench.

Finn also “sparked outrage” when, according to the media, he posted “pro-Trump conspiracy theories” and called Victoria Police officers “modern incarnation of the Despot’s militia”. The full comment was: “I have always been a staunch supporter of the men and women of Victoria Police. I can’t extend that support to the modern incarnation of the Despot’s militia. It horrifies me!”

But that was too much for Finn’s Liberal colleagues because “the police are delivering on bad laws by a terrible Government. The front line can’t choose which laws to follow,” whined MP Brad Battin, a former cop.

So Mr Battin, you have to deal with “a terrible Government”. What a shock and horror allegation! If you’d been reading Cairns News 18 months ago we were calling out Andrews as a despot and dictator. And where were you then? At home watching The Morning Show during the lockdown?

And the unfortunate Tim Smith, MP for Kew, chimed in too: “If anyone including Bernie Finn has an issue with Victoria Police, criticism should be directed at its leadership and its authoritarian Labor political masters who are directing them.” And what did you do about those “Labor political masters” Mr Smith? Have a little whinge from the floor when they let you speak?

And then there’s the pathetic response of James Newbury MP, from Brighton: “Officers did not get into the job to enforce Dan Andrews’ stupid restrictions …” No Mr Newbury, they aren’t “stupid restrictions” they are tyrannical decrees that violate the rule of law in Australia. But of course everything’s fine and dandy down at Brighton by the Bay, right?

Andrews and his gang of corrupt, fascist-commie thugs must be laughing around the table at Guy and the pathetic antics of his loyal Libs issuing their lame political protestations, constantly looking over their shoulders to check with the media morons that they’re not saying anything “too controversial”.

Get out of there Bernie Finn and join the real opposition with Craig Kelly and the United Australia Party.