Limp-wristed Lib leader attacks own MP over hard-hitting and truthful meme

This political illustration posted by outspoken Victorian MP Bernie Finn has “sparked outrage” among the Daniel Andrews media fan club and Mr Finn’s own party, the Victorian Liberals. Another illustration of the political thug published by Caldron Pool had him as Stalin holding a child with flowers and a hammer and sickle flag. Both are entirely appropriate.


VICTORIAN Liberal MP Bernie Finn did what every opposition MP should be doing – calling out Dan Andrews for the criminal political thug he is. But Finn’s weak and wimpy party leader Matthew Guy ran for cover after Andrews’ media fan club screamed “outrage”.

“It sounds, from what I’d heard, quite ridiculous. All MPs need to focus on their jobs,” Guy told the media. And when someone in the media gaggle asked what he thought of “having to monitor the social media habits of the politicians within his ranks” he responded, “I think you can probably see the look of that on my face.”

All that Guy and a few others in the opposition seats can manage is to whine in parliament and on Sky News that Andrews is “undemocratic” or even, shock horror, “a threat to democracy”. No doubt the psychopath Andrews quivers in fear at such comments – just like a Mafia boss quivers in fear about local old folk complaining about the brothel he runs in the neighbourhood.

Finn posted the image depicting Andrews as the Nazi leader to Facebook, with the caption: “Victorians’ freedom has not been under this sort of threat since World War II. The Despot tells us we’ll be free – then rushes into parliament a Bill giving himself total control over almost everything.”

Matthew Guy under pressure, doing his best to politically spin the “controversies” affecting his party while “Hitler” rules.

It’s a pretty fair and factual observation, but for the media dimwits it was “another controversy the Liberals didn’t need”. And the wimpy Mr Guy agreed because, because his shadow attorney-general Tim Smith drove double the limit and crashed his car into a family’s home on the weekend. Smith resigned from the front bench.

Finn also “sparked outrage” when, according to the media, he posted “pro-Trump conspiracy theories” and called Victoria Police officers “modern incarnation of the Despot’s militia”. The full comment was: “I have always been a staunch supporter of the men and women of Victoria Police. I can’t extend that support to the modern incarnation of the Despot’s militia. It horrifies me!”

But that was too much for Finn’s Liberal colleagues because “the police are delivering on bad laws by a terrible Government. The front line can’t choose which laws to follow,” whined MP Brad Battin, a former cop.

So Mr Battin, you have to deal with “a terrible Government”. What a shock and horror allegation! If you’d been reading Cairns News 18 months ago we were calling out Andrews as a despot and dictator. And where were you then? At home watching The Morning Show during the lockdown?

And the unfortunate Tim Smith, MP for Kew, chimed in too: “If anyone including Bernie Finn has an issue with Victoria Police, criticism should be directed at its leadership and its authoritarian Labor political masters who are directing them.” And what did you do about those “Labor political masters” Mr Smith? Have a little whinge from the floor when they let you speak?

And then there’s the pathetic response of James Newbury MP, from Brighton: “Officers did not get into the job to enforce Dan Andrews’ stupid restrictions …” No Mr Newbury, they aren’t “stupid restrictions” they are tyrannical decrees that violate the rule of law in Australia. But of course everything’s fine and dandy down at Brighton by the Bay, right?

Andrews and his gang of corrupt, fascist-commie thugs must be laughing around the table at Guy and the pathetic antics of his loyal Libs issuing their lame political protestations, constantly looking over their shoulders to check with the media morons that they’re not saying anything “too controversial”.

Get out of there Bernie Finn and join the real opposition with Craig Kelly and the United Australia Party.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. I dont think comparing Australian politicians to Hitler or Nazi’s is appropriate. Hitler was a nationalist who raised the German people up out of occupation after the first world war to become a thriving European people until they entered into world war 2.
    Australian politicians are like Marxist/communist genocidal maniacs who hate their own country and people.
    The elected leadership are grinding the Australian people into the ground and will soon be putting their boots on the back of your heads as they grind Australian’s faces into the mud.
    They are building gulags and camps all around the country for Australians.
    Communism is the biggest killing machine in human history. The Marxist Fabian Society is alive and well amongst Australia’s labor party.
    But now the Liberals and Nationals are all onboard with this WEF 2035 transformation which obviously doesnt have much room for freedom.
    Blame the real cause Fabians and Marxists. Don’t be distracted.


  2. What does your comment post achieve?


  3. [cid:6CE804AF-6EE2-484A-AF43-BD8510587451-L0-001]

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  4. CHECK THIS ONE OUT GUYS; A 31 year old woman experiencing adverse reaction to the jab not getting the help she needs at … st Vincent’s hospital!
    Honestly this fucking place should be up on attempted murder charges the stories that are coming from here !

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  5. The laws do not exist as with the constitution when you have a duopoly government system designed to dictate. All of what you say is correct Wolter, it just does not apply today in Australia


  6. Here in the Q we might think we have the pointy end of the Big Pineapple leveled at the People’s Republic of Victoria but we boast the HQ of the BeiJing Genomics Institute over on Herston Rd Briz (BJI is part of the organ harvesting / DNA combine). And Anastasi (Polish nation libel) has started seizing bank accounts, homes, businesses and licenses to enforce the CoVID ChinKom regime.

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  7. Victoria is led by a straight out despot. He no longer a politician as much as Stalin and Hitler were. Chairman Xi must be very, very happy with useful idiot Andrews. Victoria is OVER unless the people there rise up peacefully to resist. Shut the whole place down and target those in power and influence. Remove their support systems. This is what they have planned for everyone – anyway. Get in first.

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  8. The LNP-Labour duopoly will always crucify even its own faithful if they stray too far from the scripted lines and threaten any duopoly agendas. Never mind the staged argy bargy between the LNP and Labour. That’s a show for a captive audience.

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  9. Allan Maxwell Pleming

    100% agree they have been toast in my house for ages mate

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  10. As Tony says, it’s time for Bernie Finn and anyone with a modicum of larrikin spirit to abandon ship and join the real opposition with Craig Kelly and the United Australia Party. Or Ric Bosi and A1.

    I was born, lucky me
    In a land that I love
    Though I’m poor, I am free
    When I grow, I shall fight
    For this land, I shall die
    Let her sun never set

    Victoria, Victoria
    Victoria, ‘toria
    Victoria, Victoria
    Victoria, ‘toria

    – Victoria, The Kinks

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  11. This post relates to corruption in NSW – please share
    Australia: Corruption in the Shoalhaven NSW – Please share this 3 min video

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  12. Victorian Police can only uphold laws that have been lawfully passed. There is no possible law that can be made without the consent of We, the People. We, the People elected our representatives in Parliament – not any political party. Australia and the State of Victoria have had their parliaments hi-jacked by political parties. Both the Liberal and Labour Parties are owned and controlled by the corporation Pecker Maroo Pty Ltd hence our elections are a total scam. No member of Parliament can claim to have a mandate from We, the People who they represent and to whom they are answerable, to allow anything done without our consent. Such permission therefore does not exist, and any member who votes for anything to be done to their electors or their children without their explicit consent commits an act of treason. The bunny that goes by the name of Pecker Maroo is out of the bag and reveals the treason that is being committed. No Parliament where Ministers representing the Crown, which by the way was illegally removed in Western Australia, or We, the People has any lawful right to support or pass legislation that is against our interest or that of our families. Any violation of the Federal Constitution with intent is an act of treason. It matters not if the treason charge [s.24aa was removed from the Crimes Act 1914]. Treason remains subject at all times to our common law.. Any police or other appointee of the fake crown becomes instantly liable in their own capacity to doing harm to the Australian or Victorian people, your true Masters. Claiming to obey mere orders does not give you an out of jail pass as was shown during the Nuremberg Trials. You are all responsible for your own actions. Full stop!

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  13. Bets tell him now to “PISS OFF” the duopoly is doomed as the panic button is being pushed daily

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  14. Their life stan has just been shortened if you covid capitulated. Already health problems are emerging from getting the jab that only seems will escalate .. ED2

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  15. Step O'Rafferty

    Bernie’s depiction of our dictator was rather lame really, there should have been blood or at least froth dripping from Dan’s mouth.

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  16. To be sure, Dan Andrews is a stain on humanity but I think the picture is an insult to Hitler, todays politicians are way lower than any Hitler.

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  17. and never forget their response to the dic dan absolute powers is not to say the legislation must be torn up but that it should be ‘amended’ to make it more ‘acceptable’. The reason being of course that they intend to use the powers for their benefit if they get into government – if there is ever another election. NEVER EVER trust the LNP/LAB duopoly to act in your best interests.


  18. Everyone has a choice. We have a choice whether to fall victim to the governments’ coercion and many groups are making a choice on the matter. Police, nurses, paramedics are making a stand. I support the police but they, too have a choice whether to follow orders that are against their conscience. So do politicians. Those that don’t make a stand in this scenario are guilty by association. These people have to live with these decisions for the rest of their lives.


  19. Allan Maxwell Pleming

    Yeah Matthew Guy was a massive Failure last time he was Liberal Leader easy to see nothing has changed……..I tried to tell him to get on the back of a Tray Truck in Shopping centres to tell people his Liberal policies as many Voters were not Tech savvy enough to surf the Liberal party site…….he disagreed and lost the Election badly…… view is the old fashioned way has merit…..but what would I know hey Matthew you expert you!

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