Psychopath Andrews crosses the line into full vaccine fascism

Dan Andrews announces his plan to turn the state of Victoria into an Orwellian nightmare divided into the “clean” and “unclean”.

DAN Andrews is one of global pharma’s leading pet boys from down under. Why? Because he’s the premier of a state not only pushing their brands but using extortion to con, coerce and bully the bulk of the population into getting the toxic mRNA concoctions that have killed tens of thousands of people worldwide.

Extortion and blackmail? Andrews’ latest outrage is that he and his regime will “lock out” unvaccinated people from the state’s health system – in addition to sports events, shops, restaurants and any economic activity in general. The evil tyrant says Victoria will be a “vaccinated economy” and if you’re not vaccinated, you’re not part of it. He hasn’t yet announced if the unvaccinated will wear yellow stars.

Andrews and his sleazy PR crew know that the bulk of the poopulation of Victoria, Australia, are largely focused on their job, family issues, holidays and the footy. A lot of them don’t think too deeply about corrupt, dictatorial government and big pharma politics. And that’s exactly the demographic Dan and his circle focus on.

They are also the people the mainstream media pitch to – you know, the blokey, sporty boys and smart girls from Nine, Ten and Seven and NewsCorp and the slightly academic Labor/Green sycophants at ABC, SBS and Fairfax. They work hand in glove with Dan’s PR flunkies, many of whom came out of that very same mainstream media. Sky News Australia (from NewsCorp) is the black sheep of the family, but even they are careful not to be labeled as dreaded “anti-vaxxers”.

Stomach if you can Andrews’ latest sales pitch for the crooked, criminally tainted Pfizer company and its mRNA vaccine that maims and kills tens of thousands of people worldwide. Andrews is so bereft of conscience and morals that matters such as protecting the life and limb of those who live in the state he rules with a lying tongue and iron fist don’t concern him or his circle of corrupt cronies.

Andrews, like the rest of the corrupted state premiers, prime minister and federal ministers, pretends he’s looking after the welfare of everyone in his state by giving them dangerous vaccines that maim and kill a certain percentage of people.

In Australia, various people have reported TGA figures to August 8th showing some 450 people had died after vaccinations. But another count of the official numbers from the start of the pandemic to August 8th showed the number to be 978. But they’re just the collateral damage for Andrews and Australia’s “health” bureaucracy. He and his media mates avoid that sticky issue like the plague.

Andrews is also a globalist, Victorian Labor Party left wing ideologue. He’s a communist essentially, but more precisely a representative of the New Left, neo-Marxist camp of Victoria’s notorious socialist left Labor faction. He’s a clone of the worst of the US Democrat governors like Cuomo of New York and Newsome of California.

Andrews claims he is a Catholic, but has criminalized the fundamental right of Christians in his state to pray into and around anything to do with sexuality and gender. That’s because Andrews has established a bureaucracy of neo-Marxist ideologues and gender benders such as his “Minister for Equality”. It’s Orwellian stuff.

But Andrews also qualifies as a fascist, because as Premier he is running the state by decree. The lawful head of state in Victoria is the Governor, but Andrews has no regard for that office except as an archaic symbol left over from an earlier era. The same can be said for Queensland, NSW, South Australia, and Western Australia.

Also, the “government” he represents is corporate in structure and serves the interests of private and public corporations. These businesses are allowed to operate during his lockdowns, but small to medium enterprises are trodden on. Melbourne, Victoria’s capital, is part of the so-called Strong Cities Network, which is a transnational “United Nations” of cities pushing the globalist agenda.

Unfortunately for Victorians this regime is not up for re-election until November 26, next year. The so-called Liberal-National opposition are weak and toothless and corrupted by the same forces that corrupt the federal Coalition Liberal and National parties headed by the traitor globalist prime minister Scott Morrison – a good friend of Morrison’s, with whom he shares “the brotherhood” handshake.

Morrison has not once raised his voice against Andrews and his shocking totalitarian lockdowns, showing that he and his Liberal Party are part and parcel of the same program to turn Australia into a CCP-style technocratic dictatorship.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Why isnt Gladys criticised for enforcing Pfizer vaccine on NSW citizens with same ferocity as Dan? Surely there must be comparable judgement on her handling of the vaxx rollout or have I missed the distinction? Overall, I cant see much difference in Vic. and NSW’s plan out of lockdowns as they follow the ”National Plan” which presumably WA, sa, NT, act, TAS, and even Anastacia will also eventually!


  2. The Emperor Has No Clothes: Finding the Courage to Break the Spell

    “To all the silent good people watching our society tear itself in two, this essay is for you.

    Those in charge have long since signalled that they have no intention of returning to a liberal democracy founded on the recognition of inalienable individual rights and freedoms. If data were the ingredient required to confront them, they would have folded long ago. They are impervious to data. This isn’t about a virus. This is a psychological game and it’s all about power and control.

    In this Brave New World, the regime will grant temporary conditional privileges tied to virus seasonality, good behaviour, or whatever other conditions they choose to set to achieve the social engineering agenda of the day. Once they opened Pandora’s Box to a society based on conditional rights, there is no limit to where their imaginations will take them…”

    More at:


  3. Just as they ignored the Commonwealth of Australia Parliament, so can we ignore the AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT.Perhaps we should have our own elections to reestablish the Commonwealth of Australia Parliament. Chuck their bloody library, or whatever it is out of the old parliament house and reoccupy it with a dejure government.


  4. Yes. But an unlawful government needs to be dissolved, and a new, Lawful Parliament set up.
    Big job, though, but once exposed hopefully we can finally triumph.


  5. Folks COMPREHEND THIS the AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT is a privately owned AMERICAN company and they are NOT using our 1901 constitution.
    Unless we can reestablish The Commonwealth of Australia Parliament forget 1901, it doesn’t apply, which is why cases referring to it keep getting thrown out of THEIR courts.


  6. This comment about the sexualisation of children is apt. There are no heads of Power in the Constitution of this country granting any powers related to social engineering, which is what this LGBT-whatever legislation is. And Andres is acting unlawfully anyway, because he ahs subverted the Parliament. His “orders” are of no effect.


  7. Has anyone yet put a 90 year suppression order on what happened to Dan falling down some stairs?


  8. How is that short, sharp, hard lockdown going for Dan? Has he managed to flatten the curve and Victoria’s small businesses and workers yet? Seems the more injections they dish out the more cases they have.

    It won’t be long before Victoria goes into apoplexy. Huge pain for no gain, Dan! Try taking the lift instead of the stairs next time.


  9. Kenneth-Clyde Ivory

    Tony, when you send it to Lindsay Fox please invite Lindsay Fox to write his family’s side of the Story in regards to Dan Andrews tumbling down some stairs, leaving Dan perhaps insane?


  10. We should send it to Lindsay Fox


  11. Despot Dan He’s a Fabian Society operative, but the Governor has to “ encourage or Warn” the Government on their edicts before giving ‘ Royal Assent’. Charlie boy wants a “ World population control” event, he “ encourages” this openly.
    Where’s Sir John Kerr when you need him? Oh yeh “He dead.
    Australia is getting a real up close & uncomfortable taste of what a Commie China occupation might look like. Those U.N. Troops are here to keep you safe, remember. Take your medicine.


  12. It has been said often, and it is a very old statement.
    “you will get the government you deserve”
    If you relinquish your rights you will be governed by despots, look around folks.


  13. It appears to me the bigger the idiot the higher the office and greater control of the public with no accountability


  14. Thanks Tony, well written !

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  15. this Darkness has to be lifted, for it is the Fall of us as People….More Light, more Truth and more of Connection we need with people…we deserve much Better


  16. I’m inclined to go with Richardo Bosi . Quote “You come after my children and I will kill you” end quote
    Andrews has come after EVERYBODY’S children. There is nobody on the planet that is not someone’s child.

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  17. Morrison must suspend ALL health funding to the Andrews government until Andrews ceases breaching the NO CIVIL CONSCRIPTION provisions of the Australian Constitution.

    Anything less is Morrison supporting and being an accessory to the constitutional breach. The Andrews twerp needs to be put back in its box and sent downstairs with the rest of the public servants.


  18. so much for Democracy ……….Russia is looking better every day !!!


  19. Is there no one who can rid Australia of this Andrews psychopath? Who gave Andrews the right to serve the Victorian people as a fascist dictator? Surely by now it must be clear he’s declared war against millions of Australians and the Australian way.

    The others are not quite there but they’re certainly heading in the same direction. And the corporate main stream media pretends it’s not happening. So much for our free press. Ask the Germans how that sort of Govt-Corporate alliance worked out for them.

    It must be clear to every man and his dog that this is certainly NOT about “vaccinations”, Keep fiddling Aussies while our country slides into everything we and our forebears once detested and fought against.


  20. Kenneth-Clyde Ivory

    Dan Andrews needs to be fitted with a straight jacket under the MENTAL HEALTH ACT and removed from society for good – as clearly, Dan Andrews has just proven that he is mentally ill and has no capacity left to sanely govern and is endangering society, more so since Dan somehow tumbled down some stairs thus affecting adversely his brain capacity and sanity!

    Despite more people with the toxic jabs globally are shedding toxins and are ending up in hospital beds dying from their toxic generated alleged Covid NWO Covid inflicted variants.

    Dan Andrews is complicit in evil crimes as Dan still chooses to spread toxic political lies to get inflicted undue harm, injury and premature toxic jab deaths which sins are evil acts of NWO insanity or criminal intent as an NWO evil agenda inflicted by him and his government’s parts.

    Indeed grounding direct flights to and from Melbourne and other interstate capital cities. Not to mention forcing pilots to get toxic jabs putting more lives at risk from pilots dying mid-air from blood clots or heart attacks inflicted by toxic alleged Covid jabs, does demonstrate further just how deadly insane Dan Andrews really has become since tumbling downstairs?

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  21. Scott Morrison and Dan Andrew’s are two of the biggest wankers ever to step foot on this earth… but they won’t win!


  22. An email I sent to Georgie Crozier, a Liberal Upper House Victorian MP, on the 5th of this month.
    I have had no reply yet, and with your article here, Section 44 definitely applies.
    Georgie’s FOI seeking the “medical advice” the Andrews government is allegedly using was, totally unlawfully, voted down by the Parliament:

    Hello Honourable member Georgie

    A look at the Mark Aldridge video here may enlighten you on why the Parliament was so keen to vote down your
    FOI request regarding the government’s alleged medical advice, Member Georgie?¬if_id=1630855160954591¬if_t=group_activity&ref=notif

    I am of the opinion that that advice comes from the WHO or the United Nations, which means that, if Mark Aldridge and I are correct, a Section 44 allegiance to a foreign power situation exists.
    If that is the case, then some resignations are in order.


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