Victoria’s VEET scheme could cost you your home

Alan Manson has provided an update on the Victorian Marxist Government’s VEET scheme,

which could lose you your home

UPDATE 1: Land Grab in Victoria Being Legislated!

Politicians are now ducking for cover!  Since revealing in a recent Cairns News article what the proposed Local Government Act 20181 bill and the 10-year old Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) Scheme)2 potentially have in store for Victorians, a few interesting events have occurred.

* A response from the Minister for Local Government (Ms. Marlene Kairouz MP) was received that did nothing to address the issues raised with her.

* Similarly, a response from the Shadow Minister for Local Government (Mr. Robert Morris MP) was received that only gave an assurance that “…the Liberal and National parties will not support any legislation that extends the power of local councils beyond the limits of the current Local Government Act.”  He ignores the fact that the letter cast serious doubt about the lawfulness of the 1989 Local Government Act to which he refers, so his assurances are worth nothing.

Some interesting statistics have emerged in relation to this campaign:

* The previous article in Cairns News produced over 10,000 hits.  Although it is impossible to tell how many of these hits were from people located in Victoria, it does indicate there is some serious interest in this matter. 

* The petition recently produced 1,544 signatures.  This number will not worry anyone at Parliament House, Melbourne, as there are other petitions addressed to the Premier such as banning plastic bags (183,000) that he would prefer to spend more time addressing.

* The second phase of the campaign requested that Victorians email the Minister and the Shadow Minister for Local Government to require them to answer questions about the proposed legislation.  The appeal produced only 6 participants out of several thousand people emailed.  

Does this statistic indicate that Victorians are apathetic, or could it be because most people cannot find the time needed to read each document before making a decision?  But—what is the cost of Aussies retaining their freedoms—to maintain freedom of speech, freedom of choice, or even to own their land and use it as they see fit?  Is ‘Freedom’ worth a couple of hours of reading and then deciding to participate?  It appears NOT—because the statistics above indicate that “She’ll be right, mate” prevails more than undertaking due diligence.

In contrast to this attitude, one respondent said, “I looked at this in some detail and couldn’t find the horror. So I sent it on to an intelligent friend of mine to peruse which he did and he came to the same conclusion as I did, that it has been misunderstood by the original reader who is so worried. I wouldn’t worry about it”.  Hmmm.

Since then, additional information received from America confirms a number of the claims highlighted in the LGA 2018 and VEET documents are indeed “horrific”.  This video link ( reveals how Climate Action Plans (CPAs) have been implemented throughout local counties in the USA since 2015, and that it is intended they will be rolled out throughout the rest of the world—which includes Australia.  The UN schedule for this first phase to be finalised is 2020, and involves reducing the world’s carbon footprint to 25% less than 1990 greenhouse gas levels.

Some points worth noting in the video are these:

* Nationwide Climate Action Plans (CAPs) are being implemented in the USA by Local Councils.

* The Government trains and sends out Environmental Auditing inspectors who invite landowners to have an energy audit of their house or business where various measurements and recommendations are recorded.  Once these details are uploaded to a massive database, conveyancing of any sold properties cannot take place until any outstanding work identified in the audit has been completed.

* All houses will be required to have additional insulation installed in the roof and wall areas.

* All appliances and electrical equipment are to have the latest star energy rating.

* All appliances are to have an RFID chip installed so that the energy company can monitor their use using the building’s smart meter.  

* All gas appliances are being phased out.

* All gas central heating systems are banned.

* Transportation in each city is to be reduced by ONE DAY PER WEEK, where bicycles and other human powered means are used instead.

* Cars will be banned for idling for more than 5 minutes.  Each car will have a black box fitted to monitor these requirements.

* Farmers will be required to properly manage animal waste on their farms to reduce methane gas emissions.

* Local councils will offer people Green Loans that will enable the prescribed work to be carried out.  A 7% interest applies and will last 10-20 years.  The loans are collateralised to the value of the home or business premises.

* In the future, all house roofs are required to be painted white.

All Victorians are encouraged to view the 91-minute video and to decide for themselves whether there is a serious threat to their home, their business and their livelihoods in the future through the Local Government Act 2018 and the VEET Scheme that appears will implement Climate Action Plans throughout Victoria.  

Nevertheless, most people would agree that we (as a community) cannot continue to use energy and water in an unrestricted or wasteful manner.  Climate Action Plans that have been established through community consultation with our political leaders is a good thing and should be encouraged; but to have CAPs that are draconian in nature and place more value on producing LESS CO2 than on the welfare of people is unacceptable.  Our politicians need to know this from the people they purportedly represent.

Who then is willing to support this campaign or any other action that will allow the voice of We the People to be heard about this?  If you now choose to join this campaign, please click here3. 

Author: Alan Manson  Email:


About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Hello again, Alan The problem I have with us not being able to use power in an untrammeled way is that our gas is being exported overseas at resources-gas andelectricity-overseas at next-to-nothing prices (andnot much financial return is coming from the saleof those resources) to other countries, whilst we pay premium prices for that gas-and now we are told we will not be able to use it.Give me a break (and flippant me would say, if asked that question: “Which leg!). And on the subject of coal: some years ago, an ABC science show, probably Catalyst, did a piece about people in Newcastle along the rail freight lines suffering from the dust from the coal trucks rattling past.The presenter said that 7000 coal trucks passed byevery day -is this not a bit like the thousands of logs we see piled up at the chipping plant at North Shore, logsthat our environmental vandal state government is profiteering from, with no obvious return to the people? Some 1600 coal-fired power stations are being built around the world to be fired, largely, by Australian coal, and yet we Australians-the source of this coal-are told we cannot use it.Give me a break-the other leg, maybe? I think this little tome might be the kernel of the support letter I am going to write to the Indy, today, as none of the usual Scribbler’s Brains Trust has put aside any of their own issues to have a think about yours.So I might have to give them a rev?


  2. How many times must I say it? 1988 REFERENDUM! do your own research!!


  3. Always bear in mind the Marxist communist U.N. agenda of disarming the poulation and no private property rights. It appears that Local governments are the avenue for such an agenda, under their “Local Government Acts” since 1989 and now newer and even more draconian laws are planned for us all, despite the Referendum in 1988 which did not give the Local governments such authority..
    If it is successful in Victoria, all states will bring in the same laws, because they are not locally concocted plans, but those planned in the United Nations head office USA. While the rest of the world fights for freedom, Australia works to lose it and bring about their own destruction. It is quite remarkable that these Labor/Green members/puppets have never lived in a communist country, and obviously have no idea of what they are doing in choosing to give up their freedom by introducing such unnecessary laws.
    Interesting that they make a move around every 30 years, hoping that nobody has a clue.


  4. Iman old kodger II

    Got it in one.

    The Achilles heel is the lack of a valid proclamation certificate [a constitutional requirement].

    Ask for a copy and you will be met with a wall of silence.

    They [Government] haven’t got one, therefore it is unlawful and they simply do not care because in their land of fiction anything is legally possible.

    When people wake up that they are living in an occupied [UN] land it will be to late.

    The enablers [traitors] will conceal themselves as they have for centuries.

    Bev P you are also right look up “Death by Government” confirming what you have written. However in this country it is a Fabian driven agenda 21/30 that we endure.


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