ADF and Veterans receive overwhelming response by 30,000 at Brisbane Rally Saturday, Sept 18

The rally organiser asked rally attendees, mostly families plus men and women of all ages to acknowledge the ANZAC’s during his address. The response from 30,000 people was overwhelming.

Former members of the ADF, Army, Navy, Air Force and Veterans plus a large number former service personnel and Veterans from the UK and even the French Foreign Legion came together at the rally united in a common cause.

All walked together most in civilian clothing united against tyranny. The camaraderie was spontaneous and the energy electric.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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    “Our Brisbane-based team has been working very closely with the ECQ to design, deliver and implement a new election management system that makes it easier for election events to be run,” Mr Denton said.

    “We’re confident our new system will ensure the 2020 State Election will deliver world-class election event for Queensland and set the benchmark for Australian election management.”

    Looks like we should start looking into how the elections in QLD are being run.


  2. Australian first party seems to be switched on. Riccardo bosi i believe. Seems to have a handle on things. Ex Lt colonel sas i believe.
    We will win this if we unite. The RSL is way too self serving and fractured these days. The days of Bruce Ruxton are well behind us. The new crowd seem to be bought.


  3. Our chief editor is away on business for the next two weeks. We will look at it when he is back. thanks for your offer…ED


  4. ED, I hear you, can I help, even if it is just dropping links to groups.
    There is certainly only so many hours in a day, and those days are numbered.

    When these camps are built, the cat will out, but the boot will be firmly planted on the face.
    We get around 1000 people at our rallies in Cairns, we need 50,000. These pricks fear the people united, which is why they try to fracture us.
    People have this QLD, we’re all right jack attitude. They can’t see the slow creep of tyranny, it will be upon us very soon.

    No election will save us, only we can do that.
    Look into a company named Konnech this is a company registered in the USA but owned by the CCP. The chook had their election software installed prior to the 2020 local and state elections, The programmers are in Wuhan, the chook sent the entire QLD electoral roll to them.
    NSW and Vic are also using this program I believe NZ are also using it, the elections are rigged.
    The Nuremberg code belief is a fantasy, who will conduct these trials. The UN is owned and operated by the same pricks, head office if you will.

    Can I buy advertising space for said banner?

    Keep up the good work.

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  5. Too much on here to look after MP only so many hours in a day


  6. A message is there Scomo, Albo and the Gang-Greens ===say goodnight boys !


  7. Lets throw in, drastic pruning of the public service and introduce to the reduced members while employed in the public service you are prohibited to vote in all government elections.


  8. RSL management run with the foxes and hunt with the hounds as was seen with the Melbourne chapter


  9. Actually it doesn’t matter which country you live in if it’s treasonous to the Nuremberg Code you can still hang not just go to jail, this according to a top lawyer reading of the code, lovely get rid of them like they want to rid of us.

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  10. Would there be any point in contacting every RSL in Australia with this article, to show them what can be done if people unite in peace to stand up against a treasonous, tyrannical government. Can more of these gatherings be organised?


  11. The 2nd thing Craig Kelly would then need to do is provide Australians with a Constitutional Bill of Inalienable Human Rights. And mandatory 20 year sentences for any politician or any GOVERNMENT AGENT that even ATTEMPTS to breach those rights!

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  12. United Australia Party….close to sixty thousand members now; and climbing!
    GO! GO! GO!
    Don’t forget the other four parties that are with us, and deserve to be part of it!! You know who they are!
    Then we can flush the current garbage down the sewer!


  13. No wonder our Premier was in a bad mood when interviewed.


  14. Ed
    Would be good if you could put links to freedom sites such a astandinthepark, Reignite Democracy Australia and such in a permanent banner or something up top in the prime real estate. People need to be spoon fed nowadays.


  15. Kevin Dyson.

    We march every month, every Sunday we stand in the park. Get involved, make a stand.
    They are in most towns and cities in Aus, find one or start one.
    They are shooting Australians, standing at the shrine of remembrance and its OK cause they don’t have medals?
    They shot them in the backs.

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  16. The new broom will be working overtime when Prime Minister-elect Craig Kelly gets into action

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  17. I congratulate all those who marched. As a Veteran I feel that all States should organize a similar march. Then see what the Governments and Police do. Fire a rubber bullet at a Veteran wearing their medals. This country of Australia would go ballistic I feel.

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  18. My most Graditude for all the brave people that came together for The Belief of God Given Freedom, Thank you 🙏
    Would you have more video
    from you or other sources of showing the 30,000 crowd?


  19. It is fitting we acknowledge and pay tribute to the ANZAC spirit and the sacrifices of our diggers of yesteryear, a noble spirit which has so sadly declined in Australia as at this time our very own politicians strip us of the very same things for which our diggers gave their all. Age shall not weary them as we sadly struggle not to betray them.

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  20. If only the armed forces would uphold the constitution and support Australian citizens against this tyranny perpetrated by our elected government, the servant of the people.
    What can we do to dissolve this treasonous, murderous government pushing an agenda which is clearly not about health. What can we do? Court cases are very slow.

    Surely there’s enough evidence that 1) there was never a pandemic – the Govt’s own figures show this;
    2) the COVID-19 virus does not exist – has never been isolated (Dr David Martin);
    3) The PCR tests, never designed to test for pathogens, give many positive results on asymptomatic people, giving the impression of a pandemic;
    4) The ‘vaccines’ are not vaccines as there is no viral component, but a mRNA genetic strand designed to interfere with human DNA. Gene Therapy is a violation of the Nuremberg Code.

    The vaccines cause the immune system to turn on itself and create spike proteins, which cause blood clotting, Due to vaccinated people shedding spike proteins, this is the cause of the current Delta Variant outbreak.
    Deaths are reported as ‘COVID-19 deaths, not vaccine deaths. These figures are hidden by the TGA and vaccine injuries are being minimized.

    This is criminal, a massive betrayal by government and health dept. doctors. I this was publicly exposed and proved in court, the perpetrators and all who support this massive fraudulent crime, would be sentenced to life in prison. It’s a pity that hanging is not an option in Australia. Maybe perpetrators could be given the full vax dose + booster before they’re tossed into a cell to suffer in silence, as the vax injured do now.
    Anyone have an answer to dissolving this treasonous government? The ALP & Greens are also implicated and would not be suitable replacements. At least Clive Palmer is aware of what is going on, and his political party is already established, so perhaps support Clive?


  21. The RSL in Victoria have sided the Dangerous Dan where police fired guns at people on the shrine of remembrance protesting Australians stole freedom our forefathers fought and died for to now see the enemy is within and we are now starting to return it back .. ED .. PS I am a veteran and member of the RSL today I will no longer bether tomorrow.

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  22. This is befitting what the RSL represents and I am so pleased (and proud) of all Members


  23. Thank u for sending that to me, It sure is great news. Keith Hasler.


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