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ADF and Veterans receive overwhelming response by 30,000 at Brisbane Rally Saturday, Sept 18

The rally organiser asked rally attendees, mostly families plus men and women of all ages to acknowledge the ANZAC’s during his address. The response from 30,000 people was overwhelming.

Former members of the ADF, Army, Navy, Air Force and Veterans plus a large number former service personnel and Veterans from the UK and even the French Foreign Legion came together at the rally united in a common cause.

All walked together most in civilian clothing united against tyranny. The camaraderie was spontaneous and the energy electric.

Brisbane turns on protest power again as the awakening rolls on

SOUTH-East Queensland people turned out in their droves again on Saturday to show the people of Brisbane that there’s movement out there that cares for our future.

As some 10,000 protesters marched through the streets Saturday shoppers, most wearing masks in stark contast to the marchers, stood in amazement that such a thing was actually taking place. Cairns News was there to capture the moment.

Tristian Triccy and his team from The People’s Revolution again did a brilliant job of running the event and keeping Queensland Police at bay. An incident with cops involving a couple of arrests was eventually cooled down and the boys in black kept their distance for the rest of the day.

As with Melbourne, the union movement showed up with CFMEU man launching into the mainstream ACTU, whose leadership show up at the World Economic Forum – the ultimate act of the scab, he said.


Fascist state dictators double down with COVID lies and police brutality


Some of the protesters who took to the streets of Brisbane in yet another show of mass support for truth and freedom.
Show me your papers! The ugly police state reality that confronted video maker Chris at Victoria Park in Sydney.

PRO-FREEDOM, anti-lockdown protesters converged on the streets of Australian capitals on Saturday as the state governments doubled down on their corrupt global pharma-driven program of people control.

Sydney’s march was drastically reduced in numbers with the threat of $5000 fines, checkpoints around the city and hundreds of blue uniformed thugs roaming the streets, doing their best to kettle and intimidate people and picking them off one by one.

Independent video maker Chris aka Chriscoveries was approached by two of the thugs and offered to show his ID. “No, no, your media identification that lets you be here recording,” one of them demanded. The sour-faced cop seemed to be thinking of himself as doing some sort of public duty.

Chief commissioner Mick Fuller reportedly told media a few days ago he wasn’t going to take responsibility for illegal activities by his officers on the day – in other words “sick ‘em boys, this is a police state so do your best”. Media did their part by spinning a whopping Berejiklian spinmeister’s lie that “protesters took their anger to the streets just an hour after the premier revealed a record 825 COVID cases across the state”.

Brisbane saw a repeat of the July 24 gathering with some 10 to 15 thousand gathering in the Botanic Gardens and no incidents. Mainstream media crews copped some well-deserved tongue lashings from the protestors for their complicity in the now well-known COVID lies from bogus “cases” created by the PCR scam, to their repeated claim “only vaccines can save us”.

In Melbourne, police did their best to harass protesters coming into the city, especially on public transport. The Murdoch media reported six police officers as being “hospitalised” after going out and arresting more than 218 people.

Police, who let loose with rubber bullets and pepper spray, blatantly lied to the media that the majority of the protesters came with ‘violence in mind’.

As shown on ABC footage, the man in red runs back and forth between the line of cops and the protesters and manages to organise a break in the line and an ensuing mad stampede.
The big crowd of protesters walked peacefully through the city but were forced into confrontation with police lines.

“Seven police officers were injured, including two with suspected broken noses, one with a broken thumb and the others with concussions,” a police statement claimed. Each of the 218 people arrested will be fined $5452. Another 236 also received fines.

As seen on Morgan C. Jonas’ channel with Monica Smit of Reignite Democracy, 99 per cent of the Melbourne protesters marched peacefully but provocateurs who threw flares towards the police lines appeared to be active among them.

Video footage on the ABC showed what appeared to be a provocateur furiously at work organising a fruitless rush and breakthrough of the police lines near Parliament House. Cairns News would like to hear from anyone who may be able to confirm or deny the presence of provocateurs.

Simple but profound message at the Brisbane rally.

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