What are Australian military doing at the Sydney Marriott, Gladys?


AUSSIE Cossack, a Sydney building contractor and very visible on the video below, has caught Australian military moving in to one of Sydney’s most expensive hotels, the Sydney Marriott, where rooms cost around $600 a night.

Army and Navy personnel as captured outside the Sydney Marriott Hotel this week by The Aussie Cossack.

Aussie Cossack, aka Simeon Boykoff, wonders what the heck is going on and why these military personnel aren’t housed out at the Holdsworthy Barracks, which would cost a darn sight less than $600 a night. But more importantly, why are they in the Sydney CBD at all? He also noted they had been taken there with a VIP police motorcycle escort.

“Is the government preparing to invade its own city? Who are the troops supposed to be fighting? Protesters? Construction workers? Nurses? Why are tax payers paying for $600/night hotel rooms for ADF troops? Why can’t they stay at Holsworthy in a military barracks? We demand answers!”, AC wrote on his Bullshit Man website.

The Aussie Cossack on the job in his high-viz jacket in downtown Sydney.

The Cossack, who apparently hails from the Russian Federation and knows communist tyranny very well, is probably one of the most harassed voices for freedom in Australia. NSW police have repeatedly detained him and raided his home on false pretenses.

In one incident, cleverly livestreamed by AC, some 20 police surrounded his ute at a shopping centre, stopping him for some vague traffic issue. Undeterred, the Cossack locked his doors, opened his sunroof, raised the Australian flag on a stick and played Waltzing Matilda full bore over his speakers. The song was kind of appropriate.

AC has given his strongest support for his fellow building worker employees in Melbourne. And despite the continual police harassment, he is always willing to offer a hand of reconciliation to the cops. For instance he recently shouted cops outside his worksite a round of coffee.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Mate you guys are great keep the the good work. They all will be gone some. 🙏☮️💕


  2. For Karen above, and my comments always seem to die in moderation lately, so here goes.

    Cominarty is the formalized trade name for Pfizer’s injection. The FDA approval, dodgy as it was, was for the Cominarty product. The existing injections are being give under Emergency-Use Authorization (EUA) and to produce a trade product a different set of legal requirements have to be met, including different liability arrangements. I’m sure that that part will be taken care of by Government (no liability for Pfizer), but the injection being given out now is still the experimental injection, and is still as dangerous as ever, as Cominarty will be once they negotiate their get out of jail free cards. All the makers have trade-name products waiting, but Pfizer, being an operation of the (((Chosen Ones))), of course gets first bite.


  3. Nada. Thank you for this info have published it on the site to be available arounfd7pm tonight. Great work keep us posted plese ED


  4. This is massive.

    Any idea where we get answers?

    Just the planes from China to Sydney since 2pm. The hotel must be full by now.

    B-LNM landing soon
    B-LNS approaching Australia
    B-LQF approaching Australia
    B-18358 approaching Australia
    B-16333 approaching Australia


    Did not count all the other planes to internatinal airports in Australia today.

    Found this on telegram:

    New Bill To Allow Foreign Forces and Troops To Be Used on Australian Soil:
    From a close contact My partner is employed by the Government and works with Rod Culleton. She has just been informed that the dark side of the Aus gov are going through the very final steps to bring in the UN now that the below bill has been approved for the UN to assist in laying down the agenda. Reading between the lines, my concern is that both our police and ADF will be stripped of their rank and returned to civilian status upon UN arrival, majority C.C.P troops. The ADF of all ranks need to hear ALL the truth asap I feel!! ADF and Police are far more disposable then they know and may just find themselves without a salary very soon…please warn those friends of yours who wear a uniform

    Writing my last will now.


  5. Seems that Australians must be happy with their Stockholm Syndrome, akin to to the “battered wives” syndrome. Judging by how successfully Sweden is faring without draconian lockdowns and abuse our Stockholm Syndrome is nowhere near as evident in Stockholm itself.


  6. I noticed the military were carrying dismantled bullpup rifles in the white plastic shopping bags. Are they preparing for a massacre like the one in Las Vegas? It is well known that govts., position snipers along the route were a protest march is planned. Preferably from high rise buildings. I believe the police requires a route plan before a permit is issued. Ostensibly to avoid traffic disruption. Now you now the real reason. Never get caught in between 2 groups of police, 1 on each end. Get enough bodies, circle around the block, hem in the police, they’ll panic.


  7. It has proved impossible to manage solidarity in Australia when with monotonous regularity the nation vote their oppressors to a continuance
    of dictatorship and persecution of themselves. ED


  8. Interesting video questionit21.

    Would be interesting outcome if all Australians stood as independent candidates in their electorates.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. ED or anyone else are aware of a leaked Email from Canadian Government and explain exactly what WEF want the entire world “You Will Own Nothing And Be Happy” Canada maybe first for the next phase. Look also what is planned for anyone standing strong and refusing the Experimental Gene Therapy inoculations that with more and more Whistle-blowers coming forward which is good they have nothing to loose when fired from their job.

    I wonder when Australia is going to be next this are going to plan from the leaked Email

    It’s go time for Craig Kelly and the United Australia Party heading towards 60k members its the fastest growth for any Australian Political Party. Labour and Liberal are not going to know what will hit them. As long as all the Votes stay with UAP and not given to either Labour and Liberal like usually happens with Elections.


  10. 3pm, 25/09/2021

    B-LRD the airbus from China to Melbourne today morning just left Melbourne

    Therefore we have the next airbus B-LNM from China to Sydney approaching Sydney:

    Does anyone know what this means? Is this normal? Are that all tourists from
    China or returning Australians???? Are the borders open again? I thought the
    borders are still closed until end of the year.
    And I can not find this flights on the Sydney Airport arrivals list:

    Here again the rego list of the China Airbus flying from Hongkong to Australia.
    To see the flight history, In the right panel enter the registration no, left panel you can enter the date or browse through the flight history with previous/next day.



  11. Karen my field is computer science and engineering, specialising in forensics and encryption.. ED


  12. David give it a rest. They know that we know that they have no idea what we know so let the games begin. New subject please


  13. Could the soldiers walking about casually be the ADF security contingent that Andrews rejected in favour of private security GUARDS who were issued “millions $” contracts by amnesiac and unknown Andrews government officials as a precursor to intimate relations with some of the quarantined detainees prior to the death of some 700-800 Victorians in 2020?

    Take out the 700-800 Aged Care home residents who perished in Victoria through somewhat specific circumstances and the Covid fatalities THROUGHOUT Australia to date amount to 400-500 OVER SOME 20 MONTHS!

    Hardly cause to shut down the Victorian construction industry for 2 minutes let alone 2 weeks. Wake up, Australia, smell the psycho BS!


  14. @Tony Ryan
    Many immigrants may have come to our formerly Lucky Country Australia to escape the tyranny of governments such as we are now facing in our states. Perhaps they don’t want to see their children suffer the same abuse and fate they suffered.

    Rubber jackets today, full metal jackets tomorrow. That is the established progression for any state ascending the totalitarian curve. Sadly it is a legacy and lesson which many Australians appear prepared to ignore and leave to their children.


  15. https://www.tga.gov.au/periodic/covid-19-vaccine-weekly-safety-report-16-09-2021

    Hello Cairns News , could you answer a question please. Above is a link to the TGA website ,on this page they talk about the Pfizer JAB named COMIRNATY My Question is why are using this name for the JAB when I have read this is not available even in America yet ? I believe this is totally fraudulent . Does the vial that they use have COMIRNATY IDENTIFIED BY THE NUMBER BNT162b2 on the label?

    Looking forward to your reply Karen Harris


  16. Already mentioned they were walking around outside the Marriott very casual check video ..


  17. I don’t know Ed. Morrison and Berejiklian need to tell us! Why is there such a high concentration of military in a city hotel. Unless of course it’s another operation we are not entitled to know about. Either way, it is indicative of Morrison’s and Berejiklians contempt for the public’s right to know and be informed about what is happening in their city. There may be a simple explanation but the contempt shown to the public still stands evident.


  18. And the next one, B-LRR, an airbus, now flying from China to Sydney



  19. Actually the next one, B-LRD, an airbus, flying from China to Melbourne



  20. Hi, now I am really panicking after hearing that.

    During the last days there were several Chinese Military Aircraft
    flyging from China to Sydney, Melbourne, NT, maybe other destinations
    as well.

    You can watch this here:


    In the right panel,enter the registration no, left panel you can show the history.

    Here are some of the aircraft regos, all chinese, I noticed about 2 days ago, but maybe there are many more:


    I was wondering what these aircraft are doing in Australia therefore I wrote the regos down.


  21. These are probably the returning Soldier’s from Afghanistan, that helped with the evacuation. Then got stuck in UAE sleeping in a gym. As QLD Palashy moll wouldn’t let them back home to QLD. As they didn’t have a travel or exemption permits.


  22. If that is so, why are several standing on the footpath out the front of the building and others walking the footpath??


  23. Returns from Afghanistan? Quarantine?


  24. Maybe they are part of a military coup against the governments. I have written to the chief of the military requesting this action be taken.


  25. Ain’t it sad that the bravest members of the Resistance are our immigrants, while so many of our Aussie men are slurring about “shooting the effing protesters” while they suck piss and wallow in being TV sportsmen.

    So much for the bronzed Anzacs. Pink pottyheads, more like it.


  26. Thanks Rob

    This guy is an absolute crack up, I love the way he respectfully takes the piss !

    Kind of Paul Hogan style from the……80’s ?

    I think he could become quite successful, if he is allowed to continue ?




  27. truthtellertonni

    Obviously, you cannot control your outburst that would have us in court, you were warned, Bye Bye … ED


  28. WE Have all noticed a huge increase of Chinese CCP dressed as Australian Army and Police.

    Agressive Snr Sgt Chinese Female in Brisbane Observed In QPS Uniform Does Not Like Australians

    Most Chinese Have SGT STRIPES.

    Truckies Have Found Many Chinese In Uniforms Camped in NT and Nth Qld With UN Marked Armoured Vehicles Hidden In The Bush. What In The Hell Is Going On Cairns News ?.


  29. These schoolchildren who work as representatives of the ruling class lack the responsibility to hold off from using the military at the drop of the first hat, whether there is a fire, a scamdemic or presumably to get KFC and Pizza hut for them up to parliament house.


  30. How can the Army and Police serve and “protect” us when they cannot even see what is right under their noses or have the recruitment levels dropped so low that they even employ the mentally handicapped.


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