AUSSIE Cossack, a Sydney building contractor and very visible on the video below, has caught Australian military moving in to one of Sydney’s most expensive hotels, the Sydney Marriott, where rooms cost around $600 a night.

Army and Navy personnel as captured outside the Sydney Marriott Hotel this week by The Aussie Cossack.

Aussie Cossack, aka Simeon Boykoff, wonders what the heck is going on and why these military personnel aren’t housed out at the Holdsworthy Barracks, which would cost a darn sight less than $600 a night. But more importantly, why are they in the Sydney CBD at all? He also noted they had been taken there with a VIP police motorcycle escort.

“Is the government preparing to invade its own city? Who are the troops supposed to be fighting? Protesters? Construction workers? Nurses? Why are tax payers paying for $600/night hotel rooms for ADF troops? Why can’t they stay at Holsworthy in a military barracks? We demand answers!”, AC wrote on his Bullshit Man website.

The Aussie Cossack on the job in his high-viz jacket in downtown Sydney.

The Cossack, who apparently hails from the Russian Federation and knows communist tyranny very well, is probably one of the most harassed voices for freedom in Australia. NSW police have repeatedly detained him and raided his home on false pretenses.

In one incident, cleverly livestreamed by AC, some 20 police surrounded his ute at a shopping centre, stopping him for some vague traffic issue. Undeterred, the Cossack locked his doors, opened his sunroof, raised the Australian flag on a stick and played Waltzing Matilda full bore over his speakers. The song was kind of appropriate.

AC has given his strongest support for his fellow building worker employees in Melbourne. And despite the continual police harassment, he is always willing to offer a hand of reconciliation to the cops. For instance he recently shouted cops outside his worksite a round of coffee.