Zali Steggall amends “election honesty” bill to censor referendum debate

Senator Lidia Thorpe, who represents the latest generation of far left indigenous rights activism and is one good reason to vote no in the referendum creating special Aboriginal parliamentary representation.
Zali Steggall in Parliament, giving notice of her updated Stop the Lies Bill.


THE people of northern Sydney must be wondering what they elected. Their so-called “independent Teal” MP Zali Steggall has not only announced her support for the Constitutional referendum giving Aboriginal Australians “special political representation”, but she is sponsoring a so-called Stop the Lies Bill that could effectively censor debate about it.

Steggall’s Commonwealth Electoral Amendment (Stop the Lies) Bill 2021 amends the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 to prohibit misleading and deceptive political advertising during federal elections; prohibit political parties, candidates and campaigners from impersonating or passing off material as being from another candidate; and create a complaints process through the Australian Electoral Commissioner who may order a retraction of the statement or apology to the affected party.”

Great, you say. Let’s stop all those political lies. Well, good luck negotiating all the bureaucratic and legal skulduggery if such a Bill ever became law. Besides, it already is an offence under Section 137.1 of the Criminal Code Act 1995 (Cth) to knowingly provide false or misleading information to a Commonwealth entity or a person “exercising powers or performing functions under, or in connection with, a law of the Commonwealth”.

What would work more effectively to make politicians and bureaucrats more accountable would be citizen-initiated recall and referendum powers, which were actively campaigned for in Australia decades ago, but never gained traction.

But Steggall’s notice of intention to include Referenda in the Bill would present an opportunity for legal eagles working with activists to intimidate open and honest debate by the everyday Joe and Jill Blows. The so-called Uluru Statement from the Heart gives identity politics Constitutional status on behalf of the entrenched leftist Aboriginal activist elite. Will the next thing be to give the “LGBTIQ+ community” Constitutional recognition?

Senator Jacinta Nampijimpa-Price, who represents all Northern Territory people regardless of race, is not impressed with the so-called Uluru statement and posted her disapproval of Steggall’s plan on Twitter. “You know what’s a lie[?] Claiming the Uluṟu Statement represents Aboriginal Australia! It doesn’t, it represents 250 unelected individuals, rich corporates and the privileged guilt-ridden woke!” she wrote.

Senator Price couldn’t have put it more concisely. The Aboriginal land rights movement has generational links to old-guard Marxists from the Australian Communist Party and neo-Marxists and New Left ideologues in academia, the media and the Australian Labor Party. They have always played the guilt-ridden people who lack the wisdom and insight to see that Aboriginal social problems are much deeper than simply “white Australian racism”.

The latest manifestation of this neo-Marxism is the radical Victorian Greens Senator, Lidia Thorpe, who exhibits total contempt of the Senate she was elected to, and is prone to smearing anyone who questions or disagrees with her “black activism” as a “racist”. But Thorpe has no credibility after being revealed as having an affair with the leader of the Rebels bikie gang while sitting on a joint parliamentary law enforcement committee.

Steggall essentially represents the standard environmentalism and identity politics of the Liberal Party and Teal left wing. She is also a big advocate of “renewable energy” so it’s standing joke on social media for people to post memes of the beaches and suburbs of northern Sydney with windmills pasted over them.

The obvious flaw of the Stop the Lies Bill was even picked up by one of her supporters. “I like the idea of this… but can’t image how it could ever be policed,” she commented. Catriona Thoolen followed up saying: “That is actually the problem. Who can report the lies? Who decides what is the truth? How long would it take to make that decision? How many people would need to be employed to do the fact-checking? How do they check? Wiki?”

Senator Price is a Country Liberal Party conservative thinker (and Republican) who says there are more pressing issues than the Uluru Statement from the Heart, such as education funding for the Yipirinya School in Alice Springs and stopping “rivers of grog” flowing into Indigenous communities.

Speaking on a Q&A Show back in August, Senator Price rejected the referendum plan to “enshrine an Indigenous voice within the Australian Constitution” because she could see “another bureaucracy” arising and the dangers if things went wrong once it was in the constitution.

Senator Price said Indigenous communities such as the Gumatj had been able to advance without this supposed political solution. “What they have done with their country, the way they educate their young people, have industry up and running — they have their own bauxite mine. All those things have already happened and it’s all successfully occurred without the need for enshrining a voice to parliament to do so.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. DAVID, I like your comment but for some reason I can’t click Like.
    Look up Scytl.It is a Spanish software group, now based in Germany as far as I know, similar to Dominion.Do I see your ears prick up?
    Australia has used it for several years now, and yet we still wonder when hated Labor leaders get in, despite being loathed to the extreme.
    Scytl is used in finalising the counting.
    Bill Gates donated 40 million dollars to it when it went bankrupt.
    Put the two together and we can see how Andrews got in.

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  2. The federal government was going around in the Norther Territory signing up Blackfella people for Birth Certificates, saying that having a BC made it “easier” for Blackfellas to deal with the grubberment. Yeah, sure. They are trying to contract/press gang, innocent and ignorant Blackfella people here, with “sit down” money. That is a form of fraud.


  3. Where is the biker boyfriend when Australia needs him? It’s not enough to get that jacked up pussy, abo-box ticker Lidia out of the Greens Leadership in the Senate. We were counting on Dean to get her occupied with something besides subverting the House of Review and her anti-White campaigns.


  4. Furthermore, that so-called “Aboriginal culture” POS article, is simply further evidence of the utterly depraved imaginings, only of which some sick and ignorant Anglo minds are capable of.


  5. What an abhorrently vile and thoroughly evil article.


  6. Have a read…Aboriginal culture …


  7. Hi Blisskitt, Well you haven’t missed anything – other than a couple of verbal fisticuffs lol. “but seriously FFS” pretty much sums it up alright. “Can we please do something?” Sadly reckon we’re too far round the S bend. Maybe a much more successful Guy Fawkes would be a good place to start?! 💥😜


  8. I have been absent for a couple a weeks but seriously FFS. I am of aboriginal heritage, Irish, and English, but my parents both born in Australia. They and I were born here making us undeniably indigenous Australians, same as anyone else born here. Anyone who wasn’t, isn’t, pretty fricking simple.
    Jacinta talks reason, but I have no faith in any politician, and little faith in Australians at large. This country has been over run by other nationalities for the past 30+ years. Next will be an Indian, Chinese or Somalian as PM or a transgender. Gold help us. Then again our parliament has been full of paedophiles, and sexually perverted for years, the 28 suppressed by Little Johnny Howard (cutesy name).
    Can we please do something?


  9. Precisely daviddd2, your turn for a bullseye! Yes “it’ll be interesting” alright. All we need to do is simply observe whether their walk matches their talk and then judge accordingly. Think exposed “treachery” (more than “stupidity”) is the operative word and key here. Especially concerning the “Little Johnny Howard” protegé and funded Price. Reckon I’ve said more than enough about her and ‘apples falling from trees’ in past comments lol.


  10. Steggall might have put the bill up but do the Liberal/Labour-Greens Duopoly really have to go along and vote for it?

    It’ll be interesting to see how many of our politicians are afflicted by either stupidity or treachery in so far as they are well on the way to smashing Australia apart.

    Introducing different classes of Australians into the Constitution or into the Australian Parliament will destroy Australia. No country can exist as ONE where different interests groups can go their own way or enjoy rights unavailable to other groups.

    Beware, Aussies. It’s a blatant divide, exploit and take over strategy for foreign interests to salivate over!

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  11. The incredulously idiotically gullible who persist in supporting and being deceived by a single ONE of these “fake politicians” aka #Fraudsters.Inc – are accountable for our nation being in the toilet.

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  12. Was she elected or was she selected? I have zero belief in our election systems and they need an overhaul. With the news about Konnech surfacing and only 3 out of 10 Aussies voting for Albanese, yet he is our new PM, the elections in Australia, as they are worldwide are rigged. But people like me and many others are becoming aware of this.


  13. Well said GS. I agree completely


  14. This Bill also looks to me like it is offensive to the quote, the governments being corporate, this applies more specifically than the Crimes Act 1914:
    Interference with Political Rights and Duties
    83.4 Interference with political rights and duties
    (1) A person commits an offence if:
    (a) the person engages in conduct; and
    (b) the conduct involves the use of force or violence, or intimidation, or the making of threats of any kind; and
    (c) the conduct results in interference with the exercise or performance, in Australia by any other person, of an Australian democratic or political right or duty; and
    (d) the right or duty arises under the Constitution or a law of the Commonwealth.
    Note: The defence in section 80.3 for acts done in good faith applies to this offence.
    Penalty: Imprisonment for 3 years.
    (2) Absolute liability applies to paragraph (1)(d).

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  15. I love Jacinta Price! She is the voice of reason rising out of a mire of lies and deceit.

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  16. Very well spotted Tony and CN. The ‘Independent’ Teal is an UNDRIP/watermelon Commo who is onboard with the other Marxist Leninists. The Twitter Trolls who are Counter Revolutionary should start putting up memes of the lithium mines in African countries owned by the CCP: ‘coming to native title land near you’.

    We do not have a real political spectrum in Australia because anyone to the right of Chairman Mao is a fascist and Nazi.

    The Customary Law of Aboriginal people is a source of law in Australia. The legitimate Constitutional government of the 1901 where the sovereignty rests with the people – currently hijacked / subverted – is another source of law in Australia. We recognize the Aboriginal people, they should not have special representation in the Australian state – they already have their own massively funded industry paid for by the Australian state in which they have citizenship. And the burden of proof is upon them to show their internationally recognized Australian passports and demonstrate that the Australian state does not recognize them as citizens.

    We should see that the UNDRIP/watermelon Marxist Leninists in our hijacked governments are going to try to paste the Aboriginal Voice -as a legitimate source of law – over their communist subversion in the state.

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  17. Ahhh, more rubbish from the unlawfully sitting fake politicians sitting after fake elections with fake writs from a fake GG, under a fake queen and fakery until the cows come home.

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  18. What about her lies about the donations from a coal company at the last election. fucking hypocrite.


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