Colonel says Russians plan massive push into rest of Ukraine

By Cossack Colonel YURI KOMONYISKI

THE Russian Forces are prepping the entire front line for a single massive push into the remainder of Ukraine. The RF forces outnumber the Ukros significantly and everything points to the RF sweeping into Ukraine as one massive wave.

The Ukraine elites (the Jewlensky club) are abandoning the Ukraine en masse. It seems the preliminary findings of the US audit of the distribution of US taxpayer military slush fund has the Ukro elites in panic mode. As it stands 60% of the US dollar funny money cannot be traced. The Republicans have taken control the house and are now pushing to cut/cease financing the Democrats’ pet war.

They are finally starting to ask themselves who this upstart Zelensky is? Hunter Biden’s business deals look like they will finally be scrutinized. Poland wants to keep a portion of the Ukraine and are digging in they justify this by referencing the former land boundaries they are starting to complain as the RF will not play their game. If that would be the case then Belarus would also stake a claim to its traditional lands currently contained within the Ukraine.

In a video posted on Telegram and Twitter this Russian soldier tells of the horrific discovery of an “organ factory” in Ukraine. Cairns News is unable to verify the claim but we have seen reports of human trafficking going on in Ukraine long before the war.

Recently the Ukrofascists captured and disarmed a number of Russian soldiers once they were on the ground and face down and then shot them all to pieces. They filmed this and then published the footage. The New York Times has verified the footage to be authentic. In response Shaigu issued a directive “no more Ukro prisoners”.

The head of the RF has stated that all outstanding debts to foreign governments (unfriendlies) are invalidated and will not be honored. This is in response to the theft of RF assets and money by the democracy-loving West. From an economic point of view they balance out but the RF will have the advantage as it will retain assets such as ships, planes etc.

OPEC has decided that hydrocarbon payments will be honored using the Yuan currency in full. Its rumored Biden, after hearing the news, turned a shade of blue. Xi presumably stated that China had offered the US good terms but the offer was neglected. The Schwab finger puppet Trudeau was mouthing off that China would be working with Canada under Canadian terms, but Xi put the pup in its place pronto.

The Japanese have decided to retain a stake the Sakhalin Hydrocarbons Project and have earmarked their interest for investing in infrastructure projects. There is information that the majority of Odessa residents are interested in joining Russia through a referendum. Currently scattered hot spots of rebellion are erupting throughout the Oblast as the populace has had enough of the Zelensky nightmare. The RF is no rush to spike the conflict and in fact are keeping the conflict centered on Ukraine. Additional regional conflicts would be problematic to say the least.

Winter is here….

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Ed should probably start looking for a second Colonel in Taiwan.

    As I write, the usual Western NGO’s are leaving Ukraine en masse and regrouping in Taiwan. This appears to be their new theatre for future operations. At the same time, the Canadian Navy have been given their orders to increase their presence in the Indo-Pacific region.

    Especially, since the Taiwanese just voted the ‘wrong way’ to Washington’s dictates, when the pro-China opposition party, the KMT (Chinese Nationalist Party), secured a majority win in the recent Taiwanese elections: this surprised many who were paying attention. Western media went quiet on this little inconvenience.

    Friction is also appearing in the NGO’s military supply chain, as now, Ukraine and Taiwan are both competing for the same armaments supplies.

    Reports are coming in, that January 2023, could see major escalations in Western [ZOG] aggression.

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    Ukraine, France and Germany wanted a war and negotiated the Minsk Agreements in bad faith. Now they have it! History says the French and the Germans are STILL lusting after Russia and are happy to burn as many Ukrainian fools as it takes.

    “In an interview with Zeit magazine published on Wednesday, Merkel said that the Minsk protocol brokered by Germany and France was “an attempt to give Ukraine time,” which it used to “become stronger” as evidenced on the battlefield now. She was referring to the first of the two documents known collectively as the “Minsk agreements” that were designed to help Kiev reconcile with rebels in the east, who had rejected the outcome of an armed coup in the capital in 2014.

    “Berlin and “by extension, the West” never intended to implement the Minsk agreements, Zakharova concluded based on Merkel’s remarks. The US and its allies “simulated supporting the UN Security Council resolution” which endorsed the roadmap to peace while pumping weapons into Ukraine and “ignored all crimes committed by the Kiev regime … for the sake of a decisive strike against Russia,” she explained in a social media post on Thursday.

    “In the Zeit interview, Merkel stated that Russia “could easily have overrun” Ukrainian troops in 2015, adding that she doubted that “NATO countries could have done as much then as they do now”. The second part of the Minsk agreements was signed in February 2015 amid a military defeat suffered by Ukrainian troops, which attempted to quash the Donbass militias.

    “Merkel’s description of the accords coincides with that made by former Ukrainian President Pyotr Poroshenko, during whose tenure they were signed. Domestically, in August 2015, he stated that the peace deal was a ruse to give his government time for a military buildup. He said the same thing to Western audiences in June this year.”


  3. Referring to the deployment map, and unless recently transferred, Colonel Yuri’s 6th Cossack Motorised Regiment is now fighting around Bakhmutske in the northern Bakhmut sector, with the Wagner Battalion on their left flank concentrating on Bakhmut itself [click on the diamond tactical markers for unit title].

    With these extremely informative strategic tools, it should now be possible to follow the progress of Yuri’s Cossacks and Russia’s future combat operations.

    The Bakhmut sector has recently experienced a systematic Russian advance, with Bakhmut city now effectively encircled: resistance is anticipated to collapse in two to three weeks.


    NB: These particular tactical maps are used by many big news outlets, e.g., Bundesheer News, etc, so should be ideal for related CN article.

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  4. Current situations and maps are updated daily.


  5. I recently posted the following, which I think some readers may find useful. The post appears to have not been accepted. So am reposting in two separate comments. I.e.

    If Ed, or anyone wants some high quality and regularly updated battle maps, this is the best I’ve found [also the names are written in English script]. Maybe useful for future article images?


  6. If Ed, or anyone wants some high quality and regularly updated battle maps, this is the best I’ve found [the names are written in English script]. Maybe useful for future article images?

    For troop deployments.

    For current combat situations and maps [updated daily].

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  7. Reliable reports now coming in with regards to Russia’s emerging counter offensive.

    Ukraine’s combat force has now been reduced by a third, including 100,000 KIA. Russia’s losses are 10% of this number.

    For its counter-offensive build-up, Russia has amassed 540,000 combat troops in Belarus, Western Russia and South Ukraine, with 5000 AFV’s, including 1500 tanks, thousands of cruise missiles and hundreds of attack aircraft.

    It is expected, that as soon as the ground freezes, the fresh combat groups will be applied in a major push in the Kharkov region [northern front] and Luhansk region [southern front].

    Many of the Ukrainian troops formerly concentrated in the Kherson sector were recently redeployed to Bakhmut.

    In line with General ‘Armageddon’ Surovkin’s current prepping operations, the Bakhmut, Ugledar and Marinka forces have just been eliminated.


  8. Would you like his contact number, if you can speak Russian????


  9. Kids, Kids, its all about saving our dear precious ones!


  10. Richard Cranium


  11. Hi Editor, re your query – was referring to the location of commentator Dr. As he advised: “Unfortunately, where I am, Sputnik and RT News are still censored, so I cannot access this article.” A number of countries (thankfully not Australia), have banned outlets such as Sputnik and RT.


  12. Hi daviddd2, Re my “???” confusion – thanks for clarifying. On further consideration of this report, you do make a very valid point in your perceptive observation. Not so much what WAS addressed but as you say, that which WASN’T. Am recalibrating my over taxed BS meter lol


  13. The Corrupt Biden and his Ukrainian proxy have been fueling this war from the beginning. I would even hazzard a guess to say that Biden instigated it with his bating of Putin while Biden and Zelensky laundered Billions and protecting his and his son’s investment in Ukraine…Bio Weapons Labs in conjunction with Dept of Defense.

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  14. Thanks for the VPN tip: am looking into the Proton option.


  15. Dr: “where I am, Sputnik and RT News are still censored”

    Subscription to a VPN and temporarily setting a different location will quickly fix that. Some VPNs are even free!

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  16. DJohnston: “??????”

    I doubt THIS particular article is written by a genuine military colonel, its style and expression seems suspicious. Furthermore, it opines more on non military matters whereas one would expect more on the ground information, particularly about the Kherson standstill.

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  17. loongtip: “daviddd2 Pity you are a clueless fool! It was your ukrop friends who were shooting at the dam wall ”

    My Ukro friends? lmao You’re not very bright are you! Read the comment again and feel even more stupid. The RF moved out and the Ukros are too scared to move in. Can’t be that hard for you.

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  18. PS. Cherkassy on the map, was where the Russians executed their second major encirclement of WWII. The Germans escaped with their lives but lost all their heavy equipment. Ivan knows the game.

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  19. Many thanks indeed.

    Typical Russian warfare has always been conducted around large scale encirclement operations: – often very large scale. Usually the largest concentration of Divisional forces are regarded as the target area for encirclement and annihilation. Then the weakest sectors north and south of the target are probed and identified.

    It is via the weakest, and often undermanned sectors, that the offensive operations concentrate their strongest mass of force, usually heavily armoured, hence the weakest force is crushed by an overwhelmingly stronger force.

    These breakthrough pincer operations are often conducted over a hundred miles distant from the target area, so most people miss what’s going on, and where, until its too late.

    I would like to study the maps, through which to determine any possible sectors, offering the characteristic possibilities for a Russian winter counter-offensive breakthrough: which may well be approaching. Obviously terrain must also be considered.

    Static warfare ended in 1918: all post-1939 operational tactics are based upon so called ‘fluid front lines.’ Regular movements of Divisions is standard procedure, as they are consistently strengthening weak sectors, which forces the enemy to probe elsewhere, and so on.

    The former Kherson garrison appears to be adhering to this principle, the question is, where were they moved to? And why?

    May be an interesting white Christmas.

    Thanks again.

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  20. Whoa!.. wasn’t expecting that to happen. I just learnt something. Thanks Dr.


  21. Hi Dr. Don’t know if this tricks the censors… probably not! These are the images…


  22. So sorry Dr. My smartphone isn’t that smart lol. Maybe another reader might be able to help out with that?
    Meanwhile here’s another excellent presentation by Scott Ritter. He’s the bomb when it comes to accurate military analysis.


  23. Thank you.

    Unfortunately, where I am, Sputnik and RT News are still censored, so I cannot access this article.

    If it no trouble, could you send a screen shot of the maps?

    I know Russian TV often shows the latest maps, so a Russian resident would be helpful.

    Many thanks.


  24. Here is one update with maps as an ‘entree’…doubt Col. Komonyiski has the time to spoon feed us haha.


  25. Would it be possible for Colonel Komonoisky to do a new article, with the latest maps detailing the current deployment of Ukrainian ground forces?

    It would be extremely informative, and helpful to know, where the Ukrainians have their strongest concentration of ground troops and equipment, and their weakest sectors.

    Western sources are somewhat lacking.

    Many thanks.


  26. lindesymonds You have chronic verbal dysentery!

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  27. daviddd2 Pity you are a clueless fool! It was your ukrop friends who were shooting at the dam wall in the hope of causing a flood, but that isn’t the reason that the neonazis aren’t going into Kherson is because the Russians will blow the crap out of them!!


  28. ???


  29. “By Cossack Colonel YURI KOMONYISKI”

    Sure, and I’m Santa Claus.

    Tell us about the Ukros being too afraid to move into the Kherson buffer zone the RF created in case the dam breaks and the nuclear plant gets no water, Colonel.


  30. Very good analysis which agrees with my own limited observations.

    The recent tactical adjustments to the Russian front lines and the RF’s obvious ground force inactivity, combined with the increasing intensity of strong missile attacks on Ukrainian Home Front infrastructure, especially the precision destruction of their energy plants, is strongly suggestive of a forthcoming winter offensive.

    The destruction of the all important ‘behind the lines’ infrastructure [which is where the current military operations are occurring], will seriously weaken the Ukrainian front line supply chains, whilst creating further populist activity in the civilian sector [millions of civilians are currently suffering from cold, etc].

    The perfect conditions for a winter ground offensive are now in place [if needs be].

    Washington is also starting to realise that it has a ‘Zelensky problem.


  31. “This is a lot of twaddle”… Yes it certainly is… but most DEFINITELY NOT that which is emanating from the proficient and militarily qualified Col. Komonyiski !


  32. This is a lot of twaddle from the colonel. The Soviet Union / Russian Federation has invaded and taken over Ukraine. The Russians have full spectrum dominance. But Zelensky has his script and he has to pretend like Ukraine is still fighting the good fight against the Russian invasion. So we are supposed to believe: ‘Massive push’. Give us a break. Everyone should know by now that the Nazis are the gift that just keeps on giving for the Commos. This will allow them to pump more GAZ into those ‘Ukrofascists’ to keep them fighting Uncle Vova, killing their own civilians, heiling Hitler and whatever else they are supposed to be doing to brand associate their Ukranian nation and aspirations with a hateful ideology.

    Meanwhile back in the Land of the Long Week-end, the Fake News franchise: ‘A Current Affair’ has tried to ‘expose’ the Aussie Cossack who was born in Australia. He is of Russian heritage but the takeaway here is: he is an Australian. So what if he is is all for Vlad riding his warbear, Russia generally, sports a big Z on his car etc. The man is entitled to his politics. Why is this supposed to be a big deal? Go EFF yourself you sanctimonious twerps of FAKE NEWS : A Current Affair. Leave the Cossack, Cossack grandmother and Mrs Cossack alone.

    You are the enemy of the Australian people FAKE NEWS : A Current Affair. You have circled the drain and taken the plunge down the bunghole because you collaborated all the way with the CoVID Cabal. No one cares about your stupid Cossack ‘exposure’. Go expose the CoVID Cabal in the National Cabinet, Operation CoVID Shield and the elite paedos.

    Aussie Cossack paid a visit by a Current Affair.


  33. It makes sense for the major push by RF into Ukraine, at this time of year as the ground will freeze and assets such as tanks , APC and trucks wont get bogged when the push happens, good for them I hope they clear out these pieces of filth and clean the country up, I wish it would happen here in the west, but alas our military top brass are weak as piss ( sorry for the language ) and compromised, definitely not the military I was in, the one I was in was much tougher, and wouldn’t tolerate any crap, as for the ruskies that were caught and surrendered, they were murdered plain and simple by these pieces of filth, they arn’t soldiers they are nothing and I hope the get their just rewards ie: 150 grainer between the eyes.

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