By Cossack Colonel YURI KOMONYISKI

THE Russian Forces are prepping the entire front line for a single massive push into the remainder of Ukraine. The RF forces outnumber the Ukros significantly and everything points to the RF sweeping into Ukraine as one massive wave.

The Ukraine elites (the Jewlensky club) are abandoning the Ukraine en masse. It seems the preliminary findings of the US audit of the distribution of US taxpayer military slush fund has the Ukro elites in panic mode. As it stands 60% of the US dollar funny money cannot be traced. The Republicans have taken control the house and are now pushing to cut/cease financing the Democrats’ pet war.

They are finally starting to ask themselves who this upstart Zelensky is? Hunter Biden’s business deals look like they will finally be scrutinized. Poland wants to keep a portion of the Ukraine and are digging in they justify this by referencing the former land boundaries they are starting to complain as the RF will not play their game. If that would be the case then Belarus would also stake a claim to its traditional lands currently contained within the Ukraine.

In a video posted on Telegram and Twitter this Russian soldier tells of the horrific discovery of an “organ factory” in Ukraine. Cairns News is unable to verify the claim but we have seen reports of human trafficking going on in Ukraine long before the war.

Recently the Ukrofascists captured and disarmed a number of Russian soldiers once they were on the ground and face down and then shot them all to pieces. They filmed this and then published the footage. The New York Times has verified the footage to be authentic. In response Shaigu issued a directive “no more Ukro prisoners”.

The head of the RF has stated that all outstanding debts to foreign governments (unfriendlies) are invalidated and will not be honored. This is in response to the theft of RF assets and money by the democracy-loving West. From an economic point of view they balance out but the RF will have the advantage as it will retain assets such as ships, planes etc.

OPEC has decided that hydrocarbon payments will be honored using the Yuan currency in full. Its rumored Biden, after hearing the news, turned a shade of blue. Xi presumably stated that China had offered the US good terms but the offer was neglected. The Schwab finger puppet Trudeau was mouthing off that China would be working with Canada under Canadian terms, but Xi put the pup in its place pronto.

The Japanese have decided to retain a stake the Sakhalin Hydrocarbons Project and have earmarked their interest for investing in infrastructure projects. There is information that the majority of Odessa residents are interested in joining Russia through a referendum. Currently scattered hot spots of rebellion are erupting throughout the Oblast as the populace has had enough of the Zelensky nightmare. The RF is no rush to spike the conflict and in fact are keeping the conflict centered on Ukraine. Additional regional conflicts would be problematic to say the least.

Winter is here….