LNP/Labor nexus close ranks to prevent Covid vaxx contracts with Pfizer et al. from disclosure

from Senator Malcolm Roberts

Today I joined Senators Hanson, Antic, Rennick and Canavan in sponsoring a motion that would have forced the government to publish the Pfizer contracts. These contracts have cost taxpayers billions of dollars and include unspecified indemnities for harm big pharma’s products cause.

Ironically, the “my body my choice” greens teamed up with Labor to block this motion that would have ensured transparency and accountability around the products that were mandated into people’s bodies.

Below is the motion:

*81 Senators Antic, Rennick, Canavan and Babet: To move—That there be laid on the table by the Minister representing the Minister for Health and Aged Care, by no later than 3 pm on Tuesday, 29 November 2022:

  1. any contractual documents (without redaction) including any schedules, appendices or similar document (without redaction), for the supply, production, distribution or administration of any COVID-19 vaccine in Australia (‘the vaccine contracts’) executed by or on behalf of the Australian Government and any of the following (‘the vaccine producers’):
    1. Pfizer Australia Pty Ltd and/or its parent companies, nominees, agents or subsidiaries,
    2. AstraZeneca Pty Ltd and/or its parent companies, nominees, agents or subsidiaries,
    3. Moderna Australia Pty Ltd and/or its parent companies, nominees, agents or subsidiaries, and
    4. Novavax Inc and/or its parent companies, nominees, agents or subsidiaries;
  2. any other document referenced, referred to or incorporated into any of the vaccine contracts but not included in the contractual document;
  3. any other document evidencing any pre-contractual representations with respect to effectiveness, side effects, fitness for purpose, merchantability, warranties or exclusions of warranty related to the supply, production, distribution or administration of any COVID-19 vaccine in Australia by any of the vaccine producers; and
  4. any other document evidencing any indemnity, guarantee, waiver or release of liability, forbearance to sue or similar enforceable right provided by or on behalf of the Australian Government to any of the vaccine producers with respect to the supply, production, distribution or administration of any COVID-19 vaccine in Australia.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. This is the first step in proving that Australia Inc. has signed a non-disclosure agreement with Big Vaxx.

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  2. Hi Covid_Smart, re: “Shouldn’t our Senators also request transcript of conversation between Morrison and Gates?” Exactly. But hey! they’re not about to do THAT! Hell NO! That would require them to quit their fake posturing, political point scoring, gum bashing and chest thumping – and actually DO SOMETHING…like walk the walk for a bloody change. But people are finally beginning to wake up to their BS. #LIARS.INC


  3. David you are so correct. The result from the Victorian election should be enough to jolt people. The most hated man in Australia gets re-elected????? prior the most hated person in WA McGowan, before that the Princess and it goes on. Well you don’t even have to have 5 functioning neurons to know they have all been totally rigged. And it not the senators who should be calling for FOI it us the public. Let’s get to it. People are being led to the slaughter. We here must do something.

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  4. Shouldn’t our Senators also request transcript of conversation between Morrison and Gates?
    I would be (and Senators and judges)
    very interested to see what those individuals were talking about


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  5. Canada’s democracy state according to Trudeau: “using protests to demand changes to public policy is something that I think is worrisome”.

    Are the Australian guardians of democracy any better? No sirrree, Bob, they’re just as out of hand. They now think they rule instead of serve their people.

    Who let them get out of hand? Have we been too busy with Facebook and Twitter to see what’s REALLY been going on for the last few years?

    Once lost, freedom and respect are hard to win back. Way too many of our brave folk and heroes died trying. Stop the rot, it’s the least we can do.

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  6. Ps Blisskitt…did you also come across this?! Seems with his sudden exposure, Palmer is triggering alarm bells all over the place. Suss as! “soliciting donations for human trials scheduled to begin in 2023.” This could get interesting. As Rebekah Barnett states: Something is up with Raymond D Palmer.



  7. Hey Blisskitt, thanks for your reply. “Medical rape” …now that is spot on! Re those freakin ‘face nappies’ (as with ‘scamdemic’ – both terms I’ve also found get peoples’ attention haha) – reckon they’ve passed their ‘use by date’ even with the most psy-oped sheeple. Had a dental appointment the other day – and I remarked how great it was to be in a medical facility with NO staff or even clients muzzled up. And not have to argue and/or produce my exemption. They laughed and went “Yeah we know!” My dentist endorsed my own personal findings (which I’ve been banging on about on CN), of being inundated with oral/dental issues which continuous masking has caused. Candida (thrush) of the mouth and throat (often spreading to the sinuses) and requiring extensive treatment, ulcers and gingivitis as well as of course sudden onset tooth decay. And as I’ve previously mentioned, from personal experience of people lowering their face nappies briefly…extreme halitosis. Maximum eye-watering grossness!
    Well done! on your further research of the whackjob ‘scientist’ Palmer. And there it is eh?! “Multiple patents in biotech”. And YES totally – “Wondering what the patents are ???” Reckon he must be quite a major player – to be picked up on The Gateway Pundit radar. Not that they miss much. Maybe he should’ve kept his mouth shut this time. “The Anti-Aging Toolkit”…Hmmm aka adenochrome ?!


  8. Hey DJ I read that supposed ‘journal’, ha ha ha seriously all us unvaccinated should then be dead by his mini review for the complete and utter strain of fighting against the narrative and not succumbing to medical rape. They are now the words I use (scaremonger that I am). It is effective, people hear that word and they take notice, let me assure you. Same as ‘face nappies’.

    Besides that I checked out this individual’s credentials. He has a conflict of interest in a company known as Full Spectrum Biologics (CBD oil). Additionally, from another journal he published,

    “Raymond D. Palmer is Chief Science Officer of Full Spectrum Biologics, Science of Aging; host of The Longevity Experts television show; and author of The Anti‐Aging Toolkit. He holds multiple patents in biotech.”

    Wondering what the patents are ???

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  9. why would you think Labor would do anything honest


  10. And now there’s this complete whackjob ‘scientist’ from WA… and who almost makes Captain Crazy Eyes Gunner look normal.



  11. “Vale to all the old timers who are gone and who gave their lives fighting to save us from what is going on today. We didn’t deserve them.” Absolutely daviddd2. I too think of all those brave diggers and how utterly disgusted and ashamed they would be.


  12. When governments and big money get in bed with each other it’s the people who end up being screwed. Nowadays, our governments no longer serve their people, the people serve their governments.

    The majority seem OK with that so I might just go and eat me some worms and reminisce about the good ole days when most of these treacherous fkrs would have been booted out on their ear come hell or high water.

    I won’t be holding my breath waiting for Psycho No 1 to be turfed out in Victoria tomorrow.

    Vale to all the old timers who are gone and who gave their lives fighting to save us from what is going on today. We didn’t deserve them. Unless we stand up together to be counted we’ll deserve everything dished out to us by our “servants”.

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  13. now that albanese presents himself as the pm for open and transparent govt courtesy of scott morrison [and his wef advisor?] us the 6 items albanese is bringing in to give your motion a re-run. albanese, of course, MUST THEN support your motion.


  14. this just highlights the need to bring treason charges for all these grub,s .With the death penalty being the only just outcome.


  15. This need the exposure of the press . It really should be made public what actually went on especially with Big Pharma contracts and their experiment on the Australian people, which turns out to be disaster. It is a scam, plain and simple, and all those responsible need to be held accountable.


  16. So maby the big Polly show about them receiving the fax might have been just that a pretend van there is too many conquences ha-pinging to not consider whether the van was the starter motor for them eg lot of shingles happenings lately


  17. We the ppl are grateful that we have this representation, which is righteous. The fact that career politicians couldn’t give a rats a@#e about their constituents, the ppl they get elected to represent speaks volumes. Either they are getting paid or they are guilty of holding the status quo, rather than register and acknowledge the obvious treason and malfeasance. We can no longer support inaction. The time for receiving correct information and getting on the right side is over. Now is the time to support the wheat that was sorted from the chaff. Any cheating in our electoral will be recorded, there is no getting away from the truth. The ppl are waking, no more deception, will be tolerated. That time is OVER!

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  18. Thankyou for all that you all are doing to stop these elitists from getting away with these crimes against humanity. We will always stand with you all.

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  19. They have no reason to block this information if they have nothing to hide! There are a lot of guilty people behind this scamdemic and I bet it has more to do with money than with power. Politicians should have a full audit every year (and their partners). Once again, it shouldn’t be a problem if they have nothing to hide!

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  20. This is what good Governance once took for granted. The people are to be serve.d by its elected representatives, not ruled by them and victimised by them on behalf of global wannabe dictators, multi national corporations and corrupt banksters.
    Wannabe “King Charles 111” has blown all lawful purposes and got into bed with the political parties.. All contracts and all Crown titles are not void. He becomes King of nothing.

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