‘Sack Dan Andrews Party’ is a dirty trick to keep this dictator in power


AN election-manipulating dirty trickster has set up a fake minor party to trick Victorians into helping Dan Andrews retain power.

The Sack Dan Andrews Party has been set up by “election consultant” Glenn Druery, a specialist in using Victoria’s so-called group voting ticket (GVT) system in the Upper House to channel the flow of preferences.

The GVT consists of a list of written preferences that parties instruct the Victorian Electoral Commission to adhere to when distributing votes. It allows micro-parties to be elected with just a few hundred votes or even fewer.

Druery used it at the last election to give Labor control of the current Upper House of the Victorian Parliament. He previously worked as chief of staff with Derryn Hinch’s party.

Without winning control of the Upper House, Labor would be forced to compromise most of its legislation, and be held accountable for its radical left anti-family policies such as that which now allows schools to help “transition” children to a different gender without the family’s consent.

Andrews’ radical gender policy also criminalises parents and others who attempt to counsel or stop children going through the process. But Druery, who gets handsome commissions for “working his magic” on preference flows, the only thing that counts is keeping Labor in power.

Druery doesn’t want the Liberal-National coalition to win power because they are expected to get rid of the group voting ticket, which would ruin his election fixing business. He claims he would help the Liberal-Nationals gain power, but only if they pledged not to change the GVT system.

In a leaked video of a Zoom call, Druery said he wouldn’t support anti-gay Christian candidates, although he is reported to be supporting the “anti-abortion” ex-Labor Party wheeler-dealer Adem Somyurek who is running for the Democratic Labor Party (DLP).

The secretly recorded call has been make public by Heston Russell of the Angry Victorians Party and has been widely circulated. Heston told Avi Yemini of Rebel News that Druery sets up parties with cash and pushes those voters to whoever he wants. Druery charges a $5000 signing fee and $55,000 per winning seat that he arranges preferences for.

The Liberal Party’s candidate for Mulgrave, Michael Piastrino, told Yemimi the situation was “corruption at the highest level” and disgusting.

According to The Spectator Druery could arguably be in contempt of Parliament for unduly influencing an MP through having a financial lien on them by garnishing a sizeable part of their salary in return for getting them elected. The Victorian Liberal party will refer Druery’s activities to the state’s Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. To all the haters,

    Have a nice day !


  2. Australians ‘getting back to normal’ after Victorian election. And what could be more normal than the Australian Mens’ Test in a home series which begins on Wednesday in Perth.

    Your ABC has the ‘normalisation’ take. ” Cuck Aussie Cricketers to take the Knee and Suck Black Cock at the WACCA”. Let the Diversity Libtards, MultiCultis and Globohomos prove them wrong.


  3. Andrew Mackinnon

    The results of all Australian federal, state, territorial and local government elections are fake, courtesy of the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) on behalf of the Rothschilds-led synagogue of Satan.

    The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC), which is responsible for Australian federal elections, and all of the Australian state and territorial electoral commissions, which are responsible for Australian state, territorial and local government elections, all commit extensive election fraud in all respective Australian federal, state, territorial and local government elections under the direction of the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) on behalf of the Rothschilds-led synagogue of Satan.

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  4. Cheer up Victorians , the YT Channel: Danger Dan Reviews our woes at the piss-up before the state jiggy-jiggy.

    G’Day Knackers. Dan Andrews


  5. Yes daviddd2, “Victoria is a goner.” And yes, so are the rest of us. As Jo states: “the “mother of all haircuts” will be for all Aussies.”
    For well over 10 years, Melbourne, alongside other selected global cities such as San Francisco and Barcelona – has been part of the Smart Cities blueprint. To drive and achieve this agenda, it requires relentless, totalitarian dictatorships. Hence Andrews’ inevitable re-installment. This ‘election result’ had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with how the Victorian populace voted. Just as the Federal ‘election result’ had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with how the Australian populace voted.
    Are we expected to believe that the hundreds of thousands of unprecedented Victorian anti-Andrews protesters we all witnessed, miraculously changed their minds?? – or even more miraculously, vanished into the ether?? What has vanished into the ether, is any semblance of power, control or recourse available to us; the vassal populace. All systematically eroded and unwittingly relinquished over decades.
    And as jo rightly prophesises: “Wont be long now and all the free thinker and hobby revolutionaries will live (not so) happily in wellness camps for re education – to finally become real Aussies that are too afraid to think.” The following article outlines our ‘future’ graphically…


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  6. David, the “mother of all haircuts” will be for all Aussies. No discrimination. No gender fantasies. All are equal, just the politbuerau’s servants of the herd are exempt from equality and reward themselves with more pride by being real Aussies and some natural extra bribes – until the real Chinese take over.

    Aaaahh, the smell of democracy has become a regulated Australian attitude. Wont be long now and all the free thinker and hobby revolutionaries will live (not so) happily in wellness camps for re education – to finally become real Aussies that are too afraid to think. Dreams of lampposts are fading quickly.

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  7. Victoria is a goner! Only a 2% swing against Andrews and AT LEAST 56 seats to the Labour-Greens alliance!

    Looks like the Victorians have a very bad case of the Stockholm Syndrome. Victoria’s MASSIVE debt, together with the Australian National debt is going to cause a lot of pain, and not just to the Victorians.

    Time to start stocking up on the essentials and go off grid if possible. We’re going to be in for a rough ride. Sheep are for shearing and we’re about to get the mother of all haircuts.

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  8. The United [ Communist ] Nations CoVID Regime in Australia is overseeing a standard issue communist genocide here with a mandated vaxx / bioweapon. And through their Safe School Program they have arrogated to themselves the power to castrate your children. They have built a Semashko in cahoots with the Big Abortion / Big Pharma / Big Organ Harvesting Industry is to rollout the vaxx passport. This will of course be integrated to the social credit score.

    All of these come down to Right to Life principles.

    The Three Wolves Learn About Gun Control (Story Time)

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  9. It is 9:10 pm Q time here in the Big Pineapple 26/11 / 2022 and the Jew msm is already calling a Labor victory in the People’s Republic of Victoria. Now who saw that coming?
    Andrews bans people from removing masks to drink out doors

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  10. Dan’s Blood Brother…

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  11. All of you here if you really want to make a difference apply for this https://www.seek.com.au/job/59177625?type=standard#sol=750c0aa194acd86ef6d959bab3d7da9cb3cd09fd You get mass amounts of rejections but listening to people.is revealing.


  12. The electors of Victoria have no more control over which doofus suit gets elected than they do over the fact their weather is geo-engineered in the UAE.

    They should resist, however, the temptation to Finkelthink and go participate in the exercise of social responsibility. The election is the time that people can give the Big issues a free to air, go to the polling center sausage sizzle, make their own sign or tee shirt and get out there and wear it. By all means get on board the Third Rail and ride around. If you follow the Jew money you can be knowledgeable on subjects shekel related.

    I have not looked into this but if I were in Victoria I would be looking for the Soros Foundation shekels behind Danger Dan. There is lots to do on election day for whatever your cause happens to be.

    Borat RETURNS to tamper with the Midterm Election

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  13. Surely the voters in Andrews electorate are not idiotic enough to allow Andrews to keep going with his treachery and abuse of the Victorian people.

    The Victorian debt is greater than that of NSW, QLD and Tas COMBINED!!!!!

    THAT ALONE IS WORTHY OF SACKING ANDREWS. It’s nothing short of scandalous mismanagement. The mother of all state debts!

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  14. I would have thought that would be totally illegal and jail able obviously has a whole heap of scumbag maggots living in their swamp.

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  15. I so very much feel the fear that Victorians must be currently experiencing – as I’m sure most other Australians do. Literally staring down the barrel no matter what they do. It appears this Druery dirtbag aka the “preference whisperer”, has for many years operated outside of both moral and even legal boundaries. Never questioned by police. Protected by the ptb and clearly you-know-who. Sickening. With all this only coming to light at the 11th hour, it may well be far too late. Especially for those who have already voted. Many more will undoubtedly fall for this ruse.
    Stay strong Victoria!

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  16. Watch dan andrews closely

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  17. I have no doubt Danger Dan will get himself re-elected in the state jiggy-jiggy and probably get another Shofar award from the Jewish community. The Australian voter will have to fight the Foo and manage the Woo.

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  18. With this information and the fact that Teals have been bought and paid for, the “surprise” election results are no longer a surprise! Why do these investigations into dirty Dan the Teflon Man never seem to follow the paper trail? You can’t just hand out millions without somebody signing off on it. Seems to me that every time he says “I can’t recall” the Investigators say “oh, well that’s okay then!

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  19. Sorry everyone…think there may be a problem with the link I posted. This one should open…


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  20. Thank you TM and Editor for posting this! Very concerning. Have also just received an alert and video from Rebel News regarding the same…


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