Kakhovskaya Dam, that provides Crimea’s water supply, has been damaged by Ukrainian shelling.

By Cossack Colonel YURI KOMONYISKI
Yes, the RF has relinquished its hold over the Kherson region in its current form. However, the RF expects to rectify this situation in the not-too-distant future. The Kherson region was problematic from a logistical/supply point of view. The span of the Dnieper River is massive as the shore line is not visible from bank to bank. The Ukrofascists continue striking the Kakhovskaya Dam using American howitzers. Had they breached the dam it would have flooded the lower reaches isolating our troops, even though the RF had established fortified strongholds it could have become problematic. The dam is roughly 60km east of the city of Kherson it supplies essential water to Crimea and the Zaporoznoye Nuclear Power Station.

One should not forget the hydroelectric power station situated on the dam wall. The wall has been weakened by the Ukrofascists and will need repair. The other problematic issue is related to the locals giving away RF positions to the Ukros. The RF relocated all the Russian populace that were interested in leaving. The ones that chose to stay are now being persecuted by the Ukrofascists.

Still the RF continues to monitor the Ukrofascist movements, each time they move we launch many Ukros and their mercs continue to perish. Our military personnel Russian civilians are essentially out of the area making our target practice much easier, there will be less collateral damage.

Winter has arrived and the trees have lost most of their leaves. The RF finds it amusing the NATO puppet masters have dragged into Ukraine all of the discarded useless equipment from around the globe including open top hummers which aren’t particularly well suited to winter conditions, but we don’t mind. Recently we took some captives, these guys never fired a bullet. After we’d taken them captive, they were asked why they never fired a shot. It turns out the Americans provided firearms to the Ukrofascists used in Afghanistan. The grease used in these firearms froze in the subzero temperatures rendering the rifles all but useless, thank you America.

A batch of 18 bushmasters have been delivered to the Ukros and we find they burn particularly well, when hit under the front left tyre. Five minutes and the thing’s-a-smokin. They appear to handle light arms well, a good ride, great aircon comfortable seating other than that they bog down fast and deep often we find them abandoned they are useless against any larger shells.

The Chechens have been using them for some time no and would like to thank the Australian Prime Minister “Lebanesee” for the transport. Harsh on the juice they are great on the asphalt they must we can only assume they are used in Australia for grocery shopping.

The RF elite force “Wagner” had a traitor who abandoned his team and crossed over to the Ukrofascists. It seems he had Ukrainian family connections and apart from this he was mouthing off against his former RF comrades. In response he was caught in Kiev (in the middle of enemy territory) and had his head caved in with a mallet, which was filmed and is out there in cyberspace. Perhaps it was meant as a friendly reminder to others whom may be considering a similar move. The reach of the RF goes deeper than most many think.

The RF has started using advanced sniper rifles and once tuned they are very effective. We have our lads running amok in western Ukraine sabotaging all manner of things. The RF has gathered a fighting contingent significantly larger than anything Jewlensky can muster. The numbers are stacked against them. The RF is manufacturing lancets around the clock at a cost of $2000USD. They are exceptionally useful for terminating NATO heavy artillery, costing millions. They have been boosted to a 12-hour flight time allowing them to penetrate deep into enemy territory.

The Ukros continue to dig day and night along the Ukrainian Belarus border, building walls and trenches, digging up roads and building fortifications. It would appear they are worried that Belarus may strike. Kiev is almost entirely under a black out.

The RF has now introduced the death sentence for traitors and mercs fighting against the RF. If caught they will go to trial before sentencing under law active in the DNR/LNR. The RF continues to track down and neutralize mercs. Often we use their radio communications to identify their locations. Romania is overflowing with US mercs. Our intel informs that there are approximately 12,000 mercs. Should they cross over into the Ukraine then happy days – the Chechen’s are all too eager to catch up.

The American bioweapons labs exposed by the RF have largely been relocated to the pre-Baltic states, Hungary and Poland. It seems some of the pre-Baltic states want the bioweapons returned to Germany but the wannabe baby Hitler Scholtz is resisting. The Ukrainians are now starting to train the children 8 years of age and older in basic military skills. Jewlensky has now banned the Russian language entirely throughout the Ukraine, outlawed the opposition party, taken over all Ukro media and has given total control of media to Microsoft. So much for American democracy.