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Khershon withdrawal “may be rectified in future”

Kakhovskaya Dam, that provides Crimea’s water supply, has been damaged by Ukrainian shelling.

By Cossack Colonel YURI KOMONYISKI
Yes, the RF has relinquished its hold over the Kherson region in its current form. However, the RF expects to rectify this situation in the not-too-distant future. The Kherson region was problematic from a logistical/supply point of view. The span of the Dnieper River is massive as the shore line is not visible from bank to bank. The Ukrofascists continue striking the Kakhovskaya Dam using American howitzers. Had they breached the dam it would have flooded the lower reaches isolating our troops, even though the RF had established fortified strongholds it could have become problematic. The dam is roughly 60km east of the city of Kherson it supplies essential water to Crimea and the Zaporoznoye Nuclear Power Station.

One should not forget the hydroelectric power station situated on the dam wall. The wall has been weakened by the Ukrofascists and will need repair. The other problematic issue is related to the locals giving away RF positions to the Ukros. The RF relocated all the Russian populace that were interested in leaving. The ones that chose to stay are now being persecuted by the Ukrofascists.

Still the RF continues to monitor the Ukrofascist movements, each time they move we launch many Ukros and their mercs continue to perish. Our military personnel Russian civilians are essentially out of the area making our target practice much easier, there will be less collateral damage.

Winter has arrived and the trees have lost most of their leaves. The RF finds it amusing the NATO puppet masters have dragged into Ukraine all of the discarded useless equipment from around the globe including open top hummers which aren’t particularly well suited to winter conditions, but we don’t mind. Recently we took some captives, these guys never fired a bullet. After we’d taken them captive, they were asked why they never fired a shot. It turns out the Americans provided firearms to the Ukrofascists used in Afghanistan. The grease used in these firearms froze in the subzero temperatures rendering the rifles all but useless, thank you America.

A batch of 18 bushmasters have been delivered to the Ukros and we find they burn particularly well, when hit under the front left tyre. Five minutes and the thing’s-a-smokin. They appear to handle light arms well, a good ride, great aircon comfortable seating other than that they bog down fast and deep often we find them abandoned they are useless against any larger shells.

The Chechens have been using them for some time no and would like to thank the Australian Prime Minister “Lebanesee” for the transport. Harsh on the juice they are great on the asphalt they must we can only assume they are used in Australia for grocery shopping.

The RF elite force “Wagner” had a traitor who abandoned his team and crossed over to the Ukrofascists. It seems he had Ukrainian family connections and apart from this he was mouthing off against his former RF comrades. In response he was caught in Kiev (in the middle of enemy territory) and had his head caved in with a mallet, which was filmed and is out there in cyberspace. Perhaps it was meant as a friendly reminder to others whom may be considering a similar move. The reach of the RF goes deeper than most many think.

The RF has started using advanced sniper rifles and once tuned they are very effective. We have our lads running amok in western Ukraine sabotaging all manner of things. The RF has gathered a fighting contingent significantly larger than anything Jewlensky can muster. The numbers are stacked against them. The RF is manufacturing lancets around the clock at a cost of $2000USD. They are exceptionally useful for terminating NATO heavy artillery, costing millions. They have been boosted to a 12-hour flight time allowing them to penetrate deep into enemy territory.

The Ukros continue to dig day and night along the Ukrainian Belarus border, building walls and trenches, digging up roads and building fortifications. It would appear they are worried that Belarus may strike. Kiev is almost entirely under a black out.

The RF has now introduced the death sentence for traitors and mercs fighting against the RF. If caught they will go to trial before sentencing under law active in the DNR/LNR. The RF continues to track down and neutralize mercs. Often we use their radio communications to identify their locations. Romania is overflowing with US mercs. Our intel informs that there are approximately 12,000 mercs. Should they cross over into the Ukraine then happy days – the Chechen’s are all too eager to catch up.

The American bioweapons labs exposed by the RF have largely been relocated to the pre-Baltic states, Hungary and Poland. It seems some of the pre-Baltic states want the bioweapons returned to Germany but the wannabe baby Hitler Scholtz is resisting. The Ukrainians are now starting to train the children 8 years of age and older in basic military skills. Jewlensky has now banned the Russian language entirely throughout the Ukraine, outlawed the opposition party, taken over all Ukro media and has given total control of media to Microsoft. So much for American democracy.

Cossack Colonel claims 80 Australian mercenaries dead

By Colonel Yuri Komonyiski
Recently the Russian media broadcast the antiwar rallies that occurred throughout Australia, it seems 70,000 Australians are antiwar and somewhat pro-Russia. Its nice to see so many Australians care about that which is transpiring in the Ukraine. That’s why it saddens me to have to inform you that a few days ago in the Kharkov region the RF enticed so called Australian “mercenaries” into a trap 80 of them are now dead and six bushmasters destroyed. (Note: Cairns News notes only three Australians have been officially announced dying in Ukraine since May 2022 – Medic Jed William Janahay, from Queensland, humanitarian worker Michael O’Neill, 47, of Tasmania and mercenary Trevor Kjeldal, 40, of Queensland.)

The money would have been better spent on the education of Australian children. Recently in the Kharkov region the RF identified two large groups of Canadian militants which were subsequently decimated, some were captured. The exact number of dead Canadians is to be ascertained.

In the Mariupol area Zelensky was bragging about how he was pushing out the RF. So, the RF played along and retreated allowing the Ukros access. During the night the RF returned to the previously held positions and soon after conducted a coordinated strike on the Ukros and their mercs. As a result, 850 enemy militants are dead and a significant amount of equipment destroyed tanks, armored vehicles, transport vehicles, buddies etc. The RF has encircled several Ukro groups in the Nikolaevka area it won’t be long before they are either dead or surrendered. The amount of NATO equipment that has been recently destroyed in this area is phenomenal.

Along the central portion of the frontline the fighting has paused both sides are digging in, building fortifications. The Ukrainian logistics lines have been paralyzed. The grain transport corridor has been shut down as the Ukros were using it to bring in weaponry and that grain was not going to the poorest countries as per the original deal. Much of the grain ended up in the wealthier EU nations and Africa went without – perhaps African children don’t need to eat. The interesting thing here is that Poroshenko/Zelensky have sold off the majority of the Ukrainian grain producing regions to transnational corporations run by the likes of Monsanto, Soros, Rothschilds etc., in other words the globalists commonly referred to as the New World Order.

About 80% of Ukraine is without power, there are no more regular services, energy supplies are intermittent at best. There are reports of Ukrainians cooking food inside of microwaves using candles as a heat source. The RF Minister of Defense Shoigu stated that if Starlink doesn’t remove its satellite’s then the RF will use S500’s to remove them. Most of the country is now running on diesel generators. The diesel was being delivered to the conflict zone care of Turkey/Romania and then via Moldavia through a tunnel system which the RF has since destroyed.

The RF has mobilized two large groups of trained and equipped reservists comprising roughly 350-400,000 personnel each. One group is now based in Belarus the other was sent to Crimea. The Ukrofascists simply do not have such numbers their lines are starting to fracture. The more recent Ukro mobilizations are now comprised of 60% women fighters the age limit for the men is now capped at 60 years of age. In the interim the RF has stopped its mobilization as sufficient manpower has been acquired.

The Odessa ports have stopped loading operations as they lack power all the substations have been hit. The UK militants coordinating strikes on the RF on behalf of the UK government are active in the Ochakov area. These militants were responsible for coordinating the attack on Russia’s Black Sea fleet; some damage was sustained but nothing serious and a suitable response will be forthcoming. The RF has determined that the equipment used to attack the Black Sea Fleet was manufactured by the Canadians.

The Ukros can no longer swim across the rivers the water is becoming too cold their movements are being restricted by the climatic conditions. Our heavy equipment is better suited to these conditions the NATO equipment is getting bogged down making for great target practice.

Americas beloved fighting mercenaries “Akademia” will have quite the story to tell, assuming any of them make it back. They were lured into two villages and then thermal munitions were dropped on their positions from a total of 820 mercs, 120 remain alive. Mind you they did manage to take out a chopper with a stinger, perhaps a lucky shot!! The RF is no longer interested in any head on conflicts. The use of 122 White Swan bombers is now the preferred means of delivering messages. The messages are dropped from 10,000m and concrete bunkers are smashed to pieces and men vaporized. They carry payloads of 500 and 5000kg bombs. The targeting systems have been vamped up so the accuracy is deadlier than ever.

The RF hacked the much-lauded US Delta Command and Control Program used by the Ukrofascists. This program contains all data on friendly and unfriendly forces in the conflict. The RF has been fiddling with it for some time helping the RF encircle enemy positions while providing multiple targets, the RF found it extremely useful.

The RF has reinforced the military based in Pridnestrovia with an additional 2500 men. It seems Moldovia just can’t keep out of the fight. The Poles continue to dig themselves in at Lvov, the Romanians have more sense and seem to think that cheap Russian gas is much better than an expensive war.

Putin has instructed that another 50 industrial complexes be resurrected quickly so that they can start to produce essential items for the men on the front lines. Russia breaks with UN imposed sanctions against North Korea and resumes railway transport between the two countries. It would seem that North Korea is about to lose the UN shackles. The RF anticipates that the Northern Koreans are interested in joining the conflict as they have been preparing to fight the US for decades. Currently the RF forces are complimented with approximately 3000 Syrian fighters.

The RF presented to the UN Security Council proof of American biological war crimes. The US, UK, and France voted against and Russia and /China voted to commence the inquiry and 10 others abstained. Based on these irrefutable findings Russia would be justified in declaring war. Justice must be served upon the war criminals. The RF has commenced tribunals against 40 or so NATO generals captured in the early days of the conflict. The war tribunals are being conducted in the Moscow region.

Today I received news from the Kharkov front region. Our local Sakhalin fighters’ young reservists recently trained and sent to the front are due to receive honorary medals for valor, exceptional bravery. During the early morning hours, they took a reinforced bunker and managed to capture 46 mercs. This particular bunker was a tough nut, the group was led by the Cossacks.

It would appear that WWIII is picking up momentum.

Russia hits back after attack on Crimea bridge

By Cossack Colonel YURI KOMONYISKI
It was rather amusing, the first two days following the terror attack on Russia’s Crimean Bridge organized by the head of the Ukrainian SBU must have been highly amusing for the Ukrainians and their UK handlers. Russia’s response must have been even more amusing. Since then, there has been two solid days of RF long range caliber missiles (and various others) raining down upon Ukraine day and night with deadly accuracy.

We have taken offline many of their power stations, communication centers, military headquarters, internal gas supply lines, water plants and pumping stations, key railway hubs and bridges. A Caliber missile hit Ukraine’s Frankovski train manufacturing and repair plant, there happened to be a newly constructed train parked next the plant, I hear that all they were able to find was the rear axel. The Klitchko Bridge is a pile of rubble. Approximately 50% of Ukraine is without power, another 25% of the country has intermittent power. All gas supply via Ukraine has been taken offline.

Even though it was the head of Ukraine’s military intelligence that organized the attack on Russia’s Crimean Bridge, Kirill Budanov as part of the RF response the SBU headquarters was levelled mid-morning. Subject to footage released I believe six were able to exit the building in time.

These soviet styled buildings are generally large and provide office space for hundreds in this case perhaps up to 700. They would be better off setting up office in the nearby underground metro, having 30 meters of dirt over their heads might be more comforting and it might be easier to keep warm during the coming winter.

Ukrainian communications have been reduced to 40% of capacity, but we figure they don’t really need it as Kiev under the guise of western democracy has outlawed Ukrainians posting footage of the carnage currently engulfing the Ukraine, and if caught it’s off to Zelensky prison. But after all, all communications in the kingdom of Zelensky are now controlled by Microsoft on behalf of the Ukraine, presumably under instruction from NATO.

The newly appointed Russian general “Armageddon” voiced that it will take the equivalent of 22 tons of missiles to completely level Kiev, just by coincidence the same amount planted on the truck used to damage the Crimean Bridge. I might add that the general is not someone known for his sense of humor. Our missiles continue to fly but on an intermittent basis, that gives our boys a chance to take a coffee and cigarette between bombings.

Many Ukrainian civilians continue to flee but it seems that only the pre-Baltic states will accept them as they have overstayed their welcome in many of the EU countries. The Ukrainian men are prohibited from leaving.

In the Lugansk region, in the last 48 hours the Ukrofascists attempted four large counter offensives. They were repelled in each instance. In one event 200 Ukrofascists and their mercenaries are dead. In the other offensive 600 are face down in the mud. This group crossed the Ingulets River bridge. The bridge was blown, no retreat was available and the militants and their mercs were decimated on the river bank by RF Artillery, we sometimes refer to this as “Welcome to Russia”.

The west lauded the brief success of the Ukrainian offensive in the Kharkov region which now has come to an end. The Ukrofascists and their western NATO handlers grouped their reserves from multiple sectors up and down the frontline to attempt another counter offensive and to their chagrin and great disappointment they were blitzkrieged and have since re-entrenched themselves in their original positions. I’ll bet the western MSM haven’t mentioned any of this.

We have noticed the distinct drop in Ukrainian language in our intercepted communications. There seem to be more Romanian, Polish and American voices. They appear to be speaking NATO and “Hail NATO” is a common phrase.

In the Kharkov region all Ukrainian hospitals are overflowing, with the rail lines largely rendered inoperable. As there is no way to move such large numbers of wounded, many will die in these hospitals. All the bridges along the Dnieper in the Kharkov region have been hit, the enemy has no way to cross back over. We continue to cleanup these poor souls trapped against the river bank. I received a call from a friend whose origins are from that region and he tells me most of the population there eagerly and silently pray that the RF forces will take control of the area soon.

In the Krasny Liman region I thought I lost a number of good men, but yesterday I received news that 4 of them survived, that was a good day. In that area we have 4000 of our guys surrounded by the enemy, they are dug into a fortified position provided for by the Ukrainian tax payer and their NATO buddies. Lucky for us the Ukrofascists build these things with 4m thick concrete walls. I spoke to my lads there and they aren’t complaining they have provisions and munitions and they know that the RF will punch their way through to their current position.

In the Odessa region our forces have destroyed large munition dumps, fuel storage, howitzer munitions storage. The Turks have stopped carting grain out of the ports, as the Ukrainians have mined the marine routes again, hoping to destroy a Russian sub. The Turks have placed a net on the Basford channel shutting down marine traffic and renegade sea mines. Exporting grain may soon become a thing of the past as the EU has betrayed its word. The grain was meant for the starving peoples of the third world but the bulk of which mysteriously ended up in the EU, in violation of contractual obligations.

Recently the Ukrofascists re-attempted to take Europe’s largest Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) by force but another 40 Ukros are dead and 20 in PoW cages. Roughly two weeks ago a large concentration of approximately 4800 mercenaries located in a generalized area were hit, the convincing majority won’t be leaving Novo-Russia.

We have organized dedicated units for tracking down and exterminating mercenaries, particularly western mercs. Two tactical combat groups largely comprised of US/UK mercs while attempting to cross the Zherebets River in the Krasny Liman area (LPR) were repelled, 48 dead and 4 combat vehicles disabled they were permanently ploughed into the ground. In the Kharkov region a US chopper was destroyed carrying Ukrofascist saboteurs. The RF has also damaged an American spy plane – I believe it is called Orion. The RF teamed up with China to produce a new weapon able to impact satellites. It seems six US satellites have been critically damaged two are on their way back to earth one of which is heading for the EU.

As we are all aware the Nord Stream Pipeline was recently sabotaged and fingers are generally being pointed the Americans. Sweden, Germany and the Danish are conducting investigations separately while excluding the RF, the owner of the pipeline and the ones that will possibly one day restore the pipeline. Interestingly the 4th pipeline was left intact, perhaps a failed detonation – I can only speculate. In 2015 Gazprom found a marine drone, inactive under the pipeline and in response underwater audio recorders were installed.

Such a recording is now with the so-called investigators something they do not want the RF to access. The territory where the incident took place is common ground and no other regional nation can lawfully stop the RF from its own investigation but interfere thy can. This act of sabotage primarily benefits the US.

On a more somber note, we have our own purge ongoing in Russia’s heartland. It seems some of the Russian oligarchs have some serious commercial interests in the Ukraine that they weren’t keen to relinquish. As such they appear to have been influencing the military outcome of the SMO hence currently a brutal purge is ongoing.

Putin is now cleaning house one of the big-fish that seems to have been fingered is Abramovich, a Russian/Jewish billionaire. I hear his lieutenants are being rounded up and he has positioned himself overseas. Presumably the UK managed to take much of his enterprises dangling a few carrots before him or perhaps they found a way to twist his arm. We refer to such as the fifth column a clandestine group or faction of subversive agents who are attempting to undermine our nations solidarity, we believe there are others.

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