By Colonel Yuri Komonyiski
Recently the Russian media broadcast the antiwar rallies that occurred throughout Australia, it seems 70,000 Australians are antiwar and somewhat pro-Russia. Its nice to see so many Australians care about that which is transpiring in the Ukraine. That’s why it saddens me to have to inform you that a few days ago in the Kharkov region the RF enticed so called Australian “mercenaries” into a trap 80 of them are now dead and six bushmasters destroyed. (Note: Cairns News notes only three Australians have been officially announced dying in Ukraine since May 2022 – Medic Jed William Janahay, from Queensland, humanitarian worker Michael O’Neill, 47, of Tasmania and mercenary Trevor Kjeldal, 40, of Queensland.)

The money would have been better spent on the education of Australian children. Recently in the Kharkov region the RF identified two large groups of Canadian militants which were subsequently decimated, some were captured. The exact number of dead Canadians is to be ascertained.

In the Mariupol area Zelensky was bragging about how he was pushing out the RF. So, the RF played along and retreated allowing the Ukros access. During the night the RF returned to the previously held positions and soon after conducted a coordinated strike on the Ukros and their mercs. As a result, 850 enemy militants are dead and a significant amount of equipment destroyed tanks, armored vehicles, transport vehicles, buddies etc. The RF has encircled several Ukro groups in the Nikolaevka area it won’t be long before they are either dead or surrendered. The amount of NATO equipment that has been recently destroyed in this area is phenomenal.

Along the central portion of the frontline the fighting has paused both sides are digging in, building fortifications. The Ukrainian logistics lines have been paralyzed. The grain transport corridor has been shut down as the Ukros were using it to bring in weaponry and that grain was not going to the poorest countries as per the original deal. Much of the grain ended up in the wealthier EU nations and Africa went without – perhaps African children don’t need to eat. The interesting thing here is that Poroshenko/Zelensky have sold off the majority of the Ukrainian grain producing regions to transnational corporations run by the likes of Monsanto, Soros, Rothschilds etc., in other words the globalists commonly referred to as the New World Order.

About 80% of Ukraine is without power, there are no more regular services, energy supplies are intermittent at best. There are reports of Ukrainians cooking food inside of microwaves using candles as a heat source. The RF Minister of Defense Shoigu stated that if Starlink doesn’t remove its satellite’s then the RF will use S500’s to remove them. Most of the country is now running on diesel generators. The diesel was being delivered to the conflict zone care of Turkey/Romania and then via Moldavia through a tunnel system which the RF has since destroyed.

The RF has mobilized two large groups of trained and equipped reservists comprising roughly 350-400,000 personnel each. One group is now based in Belarus the other was sent to Crimea. The Ukrofascists simply do not have such numbers their lines are starting to fracture. The more recent Ukro mobilizations are now comprised of 60% women fighters the age limit for the men is now capped at 60 years of age. In the interim the RF has stopped its mobilization as sufficient manpower has been acquired.

The Odessa ports have stopped loading operations as they lack power all the substations have been hit. The UK militants coordinating strikes on the RF on behalf of the UK government are active in the Ochakov area. These militants were responsible for coordinating the attack on Russia’s Black Sea fleet; some damage was sustained but nothing serious and a suitable response will be forthcoming. The RF has determined that the equipment used to attack the Black Sea Fleet was manufactured by the Canadians.

The Ukros can no longer swim across the rivers the water is becoming too cold their movements are being restricted by the climatic conditions. Our heavy equipment is better suited to these conditions the NATO equipment is getting bogged down making for great target practice.

Americas beloved fighting mercenaries “Akademia” will have quite the story to tell, assuming any of them make it back. They were lured into two villages and then thermal munitions were dropped on their positions from a total of 820 mercs, 120 remain alive. Mind you they did manage to take out a chopper with a stinger, perhaps a lucky shot!! The RF is no longer interested in any head on conflicts. The use of 122 White Swan bombers is now the preferred means of delivering messages. The messages are dropped from 10,000m and concrete bunkers are smashed to pieces and men vaporized. They carry payloads of 500 and 5000kg bombs. The targeting systems have been vamped up so the accuracy is deadlier than ever.

The RF hacked the much-lauded US Delta Command and Control Program used by the Ukrofascists. This program contains all data on friendly and unfriendly forces in the conflict. The RF has been fiddling with it for some time helping the RF encircle enemy positions while providing multiple targets, the RF found it extremely useful.

The RF has reinforced the military based in Pridnestrovia with an additional 2500 men. It seems Moldovia just can’t keep out of the fight. The Poles continue to dig themselves in at Lvov, the Romanians have more sense and seem to think that cheap Russian gas is much better than an expensive war.

Putin has instructed that another 50 industrial complexes be resurrected quickly so that they can start to produce essential items for the men on the front lines. Russia breaks with UN imposed sanctions against North Korea and resumes railway transport between the two countries. It would seem that North Korea is about to lose the UN shackles. The RF anticipates that the Northern Koreans are interested in joining the conflict as they have been preparing to fight the US for decades. Currently the RF forces are complimented with approximately 3000 Syrian fighters.

The RF presented to the UN Security Council proof of American biological war crimes. The US, UK, and France voted against and Russia and /China voted to commence the inquiry and 10 others abstained. Based on these irrefutable findings Russia would be justified in declaring war. Justice must be served upon the war criminals. The RF has commenced tribunals against 40 or so NATO generals captured in the early days of the conflict. The war tribunals are being conducted in the Moscow region.

Today I received news from the Kharkov front region. Our local Sakhalin fighters’ young reservists recently trained and sent to the front are due to receive honorary medals for valor, exceptional bravery. During the early morning hours, they took a reinforced bunker and managed to capture 46 mercs. This particular bunker was a tough nut, the group was led by the Cossacks.

It would appear that WWIII is picking up momentum.