Hi Everyone of our loyal readers.

The situation at Cairns News having a shortage of information on the site is a shortage of staff plus the editor has annual commitments taking up to 2 months away.

My retirement 6 months ago, that did not help although I have been looking after the site IT work.

I am back on part time basis after health issues you get when you hit 80. My 35 years at this activist job to return to the people from the political theft of Australia by a duopoly government gathered unprecedented momentum when we witnessed massive anti duopoly rallies across the nation leading into the last election and then the millions that marched again duopoly voted the corrupt dictators back into another term of dictatorship.

What can l can say. I have lived in Australia when it was run by the people that then could meet and phone politicians, when government politics worked for the people not politicians, and we  did not have a public service staffing greater than our national private enterprise staffing thus giving the Australian duopoly the international  accolade of the worlds most over govern country.

Well done to all the voters.

Have you noticed the trickle of information concerning cyber crime increased? As a specialist with computer hackers activities and an encryption developer with decades of experience, this was the sleeping lion that has awoken.

With today preference only to academic accreditation, and the overflow of phD’s flooding government and industry now find the certificates on the wall of the proud recipient is no indication to capable hands on accreditation and/or common sense or the power of thought outside the academic cocoon.

Senior management in government or private enterprise make the decisions on computer control software from presentation by their IT exerts as contractors or staff.

FACT – “The Boss Has Not A Clue What Is Going On”  so who is checking the codes for back door keys, etc ?

I am working on an investigation into cyber crime without the spin doctors, A report on our findings will be in the new year from a team of  aged hackers and programmers who have been there and done that.

A 12 year old girl from iceland, with no formal IT training, no phD, locked down in just 15 minutes  a government security system stopping all access to their whole network for 1 weeks.

More soon