Russia hits back after attack on Crimea bridge

By Cossack Colonel YURI KOMONYISKI
It was rather amusing, the first two days following the terror attack on Russia’s Crimean Bridge organized by the head of the Ukrainian SBU must have been highly amusing for the Ukrainians and their UK handlers. Russia’s response must have been even more amusing. Since then, there has been two solid days of RF long range caliber missiles (and various others) raining down upon Ukraine day and night with deadly accuracy.

We have taken offline many of their power stations, communication centers, military headquarters, internal gas supply lines, water plants and pumping stations, key railway hubs and bridges. A Caliber missile hit Ukraine’s Frankovski train manufacturing and repair plant, there happened to be a newly constructed train parked next the plant, I hear that all they were able to find was the rear axel. The Klitchko Bridge is a pile of rubble. Approximately 50% of Ukraine is without power, another 25% of the country has intermittent power. All gas supply via Ukraine has been taken offline.

Even though it was the head of Ukraine’s military intelligence that organized the attack on Russia’s Crimean Bridge, Kirill Budanov as part of the RF response the SBU headquarters was levelled mid-morning. Subject to footage released I believe six were able to exit the building in time.

These soviet styled buildings are generally large and provide office space for hundreds in this case perhaps up to 700. They would be better off setting up office in the nearby underground metro, having 30 meters of dirt over their heads might be more comforting and it might be easier to keep warm during the coming winter.

Ukrainian communications have been reduced to 40% of capacity, but we figure they don’t really need it as Kiev under the guise of western democracy has outlawed Ukrainians posting footage of the carnage currently engulfing the Ukraine, and if caught it’s off to Zelensky prison. But after all, all communications in the kingdom of Zelensky are now controlled by Microsoft on behalf of the Ukraine, presumably under instruction from NATO.

The newly appointed Russian general “Armageddon” voiced that it will take the equivalent of 22 tons of missiles to completely level Kiev, just by coincidence the same amount planted on the truck used to damage the Crimean Bridge. I might add that the general is not someone known for his sense of humor. Our missiles continue to fly but on an intermittent basis, that gives our boys a chance to take a coffee and cigarette between bombings.

Many Ukrainian civilians continue to flee but it seems that only the pre-Baltic states will accept them as they have overstayed their welcome in many of the EU countries. The Ukrainian men are prohibited from leaving.

In the Lugansk region, in the last 48 hours the Ukrofascists attempted four large counter offensives. They were repelled in each instance. In one event 200 Ukrofascists and their mercenaries are dead. In the other offensive 600 are face down in the mud. This group crossed the Ingulets River bridge. The bridge was blown, no retreat was available and the militants and their mercs were decimated on the river bank by RF Artillery, we sometimes refer to this as “Welcome to Russia”.

The west lauded the brief success of the Ukrainian offensive in the Kharkov region which now has come to an end. The Ukrofascists and their western NATO handlers grouped their reserves from multiple sectors up and down the frontline to attempt another counter offensive and to their chagrin and great disappointment they were blitzkrieged and have since re-entrenched themselves in their original positions. I’ll bet the western MSM haven’t mentioned any of this.

We have noticed the distinct drop in Ukrainian language in our intercepted communications. There seem to be more Romanian, Polish and American voices. They appear to be speaking NATO and “Hail NATO” is a common phrase.

In the Kharkov region all Ukrainian hospitals are overflowing, with the rail lines largely rendered inoperable. As there is no way to move such large numbers of wounded, many will die in these hospitals. All the bridges along the Dnieper in the Kharkov region have been hit, the enemy has no way to cross back over. We continue to cleanup these poor souls trapped against the river bank. I received a call from a friend whose origins are from that region and he tells me most of the population there eagerly and silently pray that the RF forces will take control of the area soon.

In the Krasny Liman region I thought I lost a number of good men, but yesterday I received news that 4 of them survived, that was a good day. In that area we have 4000 of our guys surrounded by the enemy, they are dug into a fortified position provided for by the Ukrainian tax payer and their NATO buddies. Lucky for us the Ukrofascists build these things with 4m thick concrete walls. I spoke to my lads there and they aren’t complaining they have provisions and munitions and they know that the RF will punch their way through to their current position.

In the Odessa region our forces have destroyed large munition dumps, fuel storage, howitzer munitions storage. The Turks have stopped carting grain out of the ports, as the Ukrainians have mined the marine routes again, hoping to destroy a Russian sub. The Turks have placed a net on the Basford channel shutting down marine traffic and renegade sea mines. Exporting grain may soon become a thing of the past as the EU has betrayed its word. The grain was meant for the starving peoples of the third world but the bulk of which mysteriously ended up in the EU, in violation of contractual obligations.

Recently the Ukrofascists re-attempted to take Europe’s largest Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) by force but another 40 Ukros are dead and 20 in PoW cages. Roughly two weeks ago a large concentration of approximately 4800 mercenaries located in a generalized area were hit, the convincing majority won’t be leaving Novo-Russia.

We have organized dedicated units for tracking down and exterminating mercenaries, particularly western mercs. Two tactical combat groups largely comprised of US/UK mercs while attempting to cross the Zherebets River in the Krasny Liman area (LPR) were repelled, 48 dead and 4 combat vehicles disabled they were permanently ploughed into the ground. In the Kharkov region a US chopper was destroyed carrying Ukrofascist saboteurs. The RF has also damaged an American spy plane – I believe it is called Orion. The RF teamed up with China to produce a new weapon able to impact satellites. It seems six US satellites have been critically damaged two are on their way back to earth one of which is heading for the EU.

As we are all aware the Nord Stream Pipeline was recently sabotaged and fingers are generally being pointed the Americans. Sweden, Germany and the Danish are conducting investigations separately while excluding the RF, the owner of the pipeline and the ones that will possibly one day restore the pipeline. Interestingly the 4th pipeline was left intact, perhaps a failed detonation – I can only speculate. In 2015 Gazprom found a marine drone, inactive under the pipeline and in response underwater audio recorders were installed.

Such a recording is now with the so-called investigators something they do not want the RF to access. The territory where the incident took place is common ground and no other regional nation can lawfully stop the RF from its own investigation but interfere thy can. This act of sabotage primarily benefits the US.

On a more somber note, we have our own purge ongoing in Russia’s heartland. It seems some of the Russian oligarchs have some serious commercial interests in the Ukraine that they weren’t keen to relinquish. As such they appear to have been influencing the military outcome of the SMO hence currently a brutal purge is ongoing.

Putin is now cleaning house one of the big-fish that seems to have been fingered is Abramovich, a Russian/Jewish billionaire. I hear his lieutenants are being rounded up and he has positioned himself overseas. Presumably the UK managed to take much of his enterprises dangling a few carrots before him or perhaps they found a way to twist his arm. We refer to such as the fifth column a clandestine group or faction of subversive agents who are attempting to undermine our nations solidarity, we believe there are others.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. This is off point.. but similar thing… drums of war beating with China… People everywhere should watch this.. China’s Social Credit System is a big lie invented by the US… I have long believed it was a load of rubbish and have read articles that say what the man on the video says – who by the way is well worth following, he is very good and a truth teller. Please watch.


  2. DJ – Yes you did post the link on UK, forgot about that. The grain deal is dead now, Russia put it hold indefinitely, but not cancelled or broken the deal they made. I think they will find another way to get the grain to Africa since the EU was stealing most of it. Russia will also inspect all Black Sea ships.. but you have probably read this on RT news already too.

    The superpower is in its dying days, but no doubt they will go out kicking and screaming til the end – but the end it will be. Most of the world do not support them and are sick and tired of their bullying and rules-based international order – which is a dominant one and used to condemn all nations who do not comply with its system of values and practices. Albanese has used that catch phrase too ! And it is a phrase much hated in the bulk of the world’s nations – and is to be distinguished to the more widely accepted concept of ‘international law’. (last few lines quoted from an article by James O’Neill)

    We live in interesting times..

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  3. Yeah Jen, the UK/Nord attack was in that “**Breaking**” RT link I was so excited about the other day haha – actually posted it 3 times under different headers lol. Now it seems it’s the UK once again, behind the drone attacks on the grain ships in the Black Sea. So that one is on filthy little schemer Ratsh*t’s watch! Grain being shipped to feed starving people – used as military targets to harm Russia. A whole new height of evil. But which has also backfired bug time. Think that Washington has so much dirt on UK – that is why they are carrying out their bidding. And since ‘lettuce Liz’ had served her purpose, it was time to bring in the long-intended ‘implant’ Ratsh*t. (And as an aside, now Brazil has also been ‘implanted’ with convicted criminal da Silva – via a stolen election. So that is now Italy; UK and Brazil – who have fallen in rapid succession!)
    Re the using of nukes – if the West was stupid enough to go there – yes Russia would still win. They have the highly sophisticated Perimeter or ‘Dead Hand’ automatic nuclear weapons control system. So instantly (pretty much seconds), all of the nuclear silos would open and expel towards the enemy….End. Of. Story.


  4. DJ – Thanks… watched that link you attached. He is so good isn’t he.. I think since that interview it has now been discovered it was the UK who did the dirty on Nord – there was something on Telegram about it. Apparently Russia got into Liz Truss’ emails going back a long time and there was a lot of stuff re Ukraine and UK intelligence in there which really spilled the beans about a lot of stuff, troop deployments, etc – maybe that is really why she got the sack.. lol They say she said ‘It’s done”.. after it happened.

    What I found disturbing in the 30 Oct video with Macgregor is what he said at the end… that the US may do the unthinkable rather than lose.. i.e. nukes. And they are losing now, and are going to lose, according to Macgregor. He said in the September video you posted, that they cannot back down now…and I would say their egos are too huge to accept losing face like that. Personally, I think if they did the unthinkable Russia would still win.. !

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  5. Hi daviddd2, Yep exactly. “Coalition of the Willing” ?! Reckon “A Confederacy of Dunces” is far more fitting. (That was a great book btw). Like “The War on Terror”; The Axis of Evil”; WOMD… sure there’s plenty more – but where do they get these 4 word moronic catchphrases from? Yeah don’t answer that lol.


  6. I give ALL credit to Jen for posting the Col. MacGregor interview – which was so inspiring and made me ravenous for more! Here’s another great analysis with Charlie Kirk…


  7. You’ve gotta appreciate the fairy tales they gaslight us with. Foreign Nukes on Australian soil is an invitation to put a target sign on the back of every Australian. What for? For us to fight for global “democracy” like we did in Vietnam?

    As for Ukraine, seems that America is desperate to organise a “Coalition of the Willing” to assist Zelensky because the Ukrainians are “winning”! rotfl

    How stupid do they think we are?

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  8. Outstanding analysis by Col McGregor. 100% on the mark and indisputable given the background facts and observation. One of the comments in the comment section is spot on too…

    “Three great grifts running simultaneously: Covid grift, Climate Change grift, and the proxy war against Russia in Ukraine grift.”

    Of course, the morons buying into the incessant MSM brainwashing and gaslighting still don’t get it. But then again, they’re not supposed to. lol

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  9. Thanks Jen. A brilliantly insightful un-pack by Col. MacGregor. Regarding those bombers…”obsolete”…yeah well one would assume so eh?! Can’t imagine they would still even have parts for them. Will probably crash and burn on take off. May as well send us bows and arrows lol. Xi must be practically wetting himself in fits of hysterical laughter.


  10. Good description of those bombers.. its just all for show, they will be hopelessly outclassed.. they must be nearly obsolete..

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  11. DJ – Here is a great interview 30 October, with Col. Macgregor – He tells it like it really is re Ukraine/Russia – Ukraine are in trouble… A must watch for everyone.

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  12. Hi Jen, re:….”Is Australia going to be used as a proxy against China just like Ukraine is being used???” YEP you got it! As per usual, Washington says “jump” and it’s Australian/NZ forever kowtowing vassals ask “how high?” Albeit it sickening and embarrassing – it is also utterly farcical. REALLY?! B-52 bombers??!! 😂🤣
    The following regular commentator on RT encapsulates it perfectly…
    “Are we still in 1960 ? Bombers, big, slow, massive radar signature flying tuna boats which can be shot out of the air 1000km before they reach their target. The US really is backward and primitive. Have they spent all their military money on golden toilet seats and diamond cup holders?”


  13. DJ – and everyone else… BREAKING NEWS….Is Australia going to be used as a proxy against China just like Ukraine is being used ??? What is our government doing, are they mad??

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  14. Thanks Jen, never got around to posting this. Another masterful speech eh! Each one seems to further excel on the previous.


  15. Here’s another usual expert analysis by Scott Ritter…


  16. lol So they want Putin to talk to Zelensky who refuses to talk.

    Well, they talked in Minsk and made an agreement including France, Germany, Russia and the Ukros as guarantors of its provisions. Lot of good that did as France, Germany and the Ukros have been spitting on that Minsk agreement since 2014. Same applies to NATO who were not going to expand to the Russian borders. Lot of good that did too as NATO spat on that agreement also.

    Any agreement is going to be spat on again, so where does that leave Europe? Pretty much fkd, as is the original intention of the whole show. Europe will be demolished one way or another, until its entirely in the hands of the High Priests of Mammon. At the moment, it still has too many dissidents in the population. They need to be converted and there’s no better way than fear, destruction, death and chaos.

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  17. daviddd2 – Interesting take on that ‘nuclear umbrella policy’… makes sense..


  18. Well, well! America threatens nuclear strikes half way across the world to protect its interests but Russia is forbidden to protect its own border. Exceptionalism running rampant. lol When did America become so “exceptional”?

    “US vows to protect Asian allies with nuclear weapon”

    “Washington has said it would use its full military capabilities in defense of Seoul and Tokyo

    The US military will unleash its full arsenal, including nuclear weapons, to protect South Korea and Japan from attack, a top State Department official has said, also blasting Pyongyang for its “dangerous” and “destabilizing” weapons tests, while vowing “ironclad” cooperation with allies in Asia.

    Speaking ahead of multiple rounds of talks in Tokyo with her South Korean and Japanese counterparts on Tuesday, US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman said Washington would deploy its “nuclear, conventional and missile defense” forces should the two allies ever come under attack, emphasizing the US’ ‘nuclear umbrella’ policy.”

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  19. Hi daviddd2, re: “He’s no cuckold, they’re distant “cousins”. lol” Now it all makes even more sense!… dating back to the Neanderthal – named from the Neander Valley in Germany no less. Eeeeew


  20. Jen, re: “Looks like Europeans are waking up..” Ya know what, personally I very much prefer them asleep…as in permanently asleep…as in frozen stiff and dead kinda asleep! They had their chances to choose good over evil. They made their choices – and subsequently they have the blood of millions of innocent people on their hands. So in REALITY, who needs or even cares about them!!


  21. DJ – I hope you are wrong.. maybe it will be the dam bombing which will kill thousands.. and Putin will do his thing. Kadyrov (Chechnia) told Putin to just level the lot.. lol T

    The US is desperat though because they know they are losing yet another war .. but they will make mistakes. Too many people are wise to them now.


  22. “Zelensky turning on his false air raid alerts to impress the cuckholded moronic German President”

    He’s no cuckold, they’re distant “cousins”. lol

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  23. Yes Jen, It’s all rather comedic atm… ie until it’s not! Zelensky turning on his false air raid alerts to impress the cuckholded moronic German President; US denials of the existence of a ‘dirty bomb’; and especially the recent US deployment into Ukraine of their so-called ‘101 Elites’. I mean seriously!.. these clowns have consistently had their asses handed to them from their very inception – back around Normandy/Battle of the Bulge. They were even totally smashed in the desert conflicts by fighters wearing sandals and using Toyata pickups LOL. However, with just under 2 weeks til the Mid-terms, the O’Biden regime are becoming manically frantic – they’re going to do absolutely ANYTHING to disrupt them and to prevent their imminent loss. That is the looming danger. They will stop at NOTHING. Even with all the stringent measures in place to eliminate voting fraud – including the thousands of courageous volunteer vigilantes (through Clean Vote USA etc) guarding polling locations – (with countless Demonrat minions already caught red handed) – NOTHING unfortunately can prevent a major false flag. Even one on par with 9/11. And that is definitely not being melodramatic.


  24. DJ – Yes, they are shooting themselves in the foot I think… Many countries are neutral to Russia now – almost all of them screwed over by the West in the past – and there a lot of them ! – They number far more than those wanting the OWO..

    Yeah, its a given they will blame Russia, but at least he has gotten in first with the heads up warning – and also re the dam the Uke nazis are trying to bomb.. Will they be that brazen? – they seem to think they are invincible, bad mistake I think.


  25. Hi Jen, Essentially the screws are being tightened on all those countries who are allied with Russia. This foolish tactic will undoubtedly backfire. As for the ‘dirty bomb’ saga – Russia has got out in front of this by addressing the possibility. Not that it makes much difference – as once again, they will still be blamed if it eventuates.


  26. DJ – does Russia still have a base there? I hope so. The world is becoming aware of what is afoot and are waking up to who the real terrorists are. Hopefully all these criminals will get their due.

    In other news Putin has written a letter to the UN voicing his concerns Ukraine is planning a ‘dirty bomb’. He also spoke to UK, US and France but they have vehemently denied this and say that it is Russia that is planning a false flag- the rag, Guardian, has also said this. I have no doubt that Putin’s concerns are real because the West is crazy enough to do this as they are getting desperate now… but at least its out in the open and maybe that was Putin’s intention. In spite of what is said in MSM, Russia is still winning..and if a dirty bomb is detonated by Ukraine, there will be no place for them to hide !!

    Aussie Cossack has some good inside news on his site on Telegram.


  27. Meanwhile, Israel is being ordained/sanctioned by O’Biden/NATO to rain missiles down upon Russian ally Syria. And of course, again, all we hear from the weasel West is crickets. They are idiotically stomping around on very thin ice now haha.


  28. Hi daviddd2, Yeah I had always mistakenly viewed Starmer as the threat, but he was simply the red herring. BoJo’s interference and his overt bullying of Mordaunt not to run against Sunak, was all part of the plan. Now with his total inexperience, opinionated rigidity and massively over inflated ego, Sunak will be the proverbial bull in a china shop. That will be his undoing.


  29. Makes no difference who the cons put in, they already tagged Keir Starmer, the other con, as PM.

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  30. Well Blisskitt, There goes the freakin neighborhood aka the UK. As feared, EU/NATO puppet Sunak has been successfully ‘implanted’. NO way he won fair and square against Mordaunt. Daddy’s billions or someone else’s maybe. However, he has even less chance of cutting it than ‘lettuce Liz’. So he shouldn’t unpack too many boxes at No.10. (Poor Larry 🐈). To be continued…….


  31. Hi Blisskitt, Although this not under the relevant topic – in answer to your question…the “coloured lad” is 42 year old Rishi Sunak, who is actually of Punjabi Indian descent and who first gained prominence serving under Theresa May. And Thatcheresque in his ideologies. He hasn’t just appeared overnight. Now thanks to moronic BoJo ‘s meddling in the candidacy race, he may just have cost Penny Mordaunt from being selected as PM. Save for that assholes unnecessary interference, she would win hands down – but the sheeple panicked fearing a BoJo Mach 2 and therefore reluctantly began switching to Sunak. Believe me, we better hope to God that Mordaunt still comes through regardless. Ps… Would avoid the MSM maggoty Daily Mail! As toxic as the ‘cathode nipple’ aka TV.


  32. And for all of you in the know, mainstream reporting says Johnson not standing. Tipped is a coloured lad, Sunak???


  33. Thankyou David. I have read one, getting to the other. TonyRyan43 clove oil is easily obtained from a chemist, or health store, but guessing you can brew your own from cloves. It is a good old fashioned remedy for tooth ache and ulcers, numbing! I wouldn’t think it would be at all pleasant in the eyes.


  34. daviddd2 – Spot on. None of it would have ever happened. This is something they will come to regret but will they ever admit they were wrong and walk back from it? They have no honour and no integrity so I think not. Thankfully many many people around the world know the real story, censored or not..


  35. blisskit,

    Here’s a further article which explores the notion that the “destabilisation” of the Ukraine region is merely a step in a long series of steps in dismantling Russia, since Napoleon’s days even! Live, read and learn what you’re not supposed to know. Wolves in sheep’s clothing. 🙂

    “The US-Nazi Connection Since World War II: From Inspiring the Third Reich to Supporting the Neo-Nazis of Ukraine”


  36. Jen,

    The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth is embodied in the following comment by the writer. The Mammon Money Changers have their war. War and conflict is their lifeblood. And as long as they have treacherous fools like Zelensky to do their bidding and MSM poltroons that can wave their flag, the shows will roll on.

    “In other words, we can naturally deplore and condemn the Russian attack. But WE (that is: the United States, France and the European Union in the lead) have created the conditions for a conflict to break out. We show compassion for the Ukrainian people and the two million refugees. That is fine.

    “But if we had had a modicum of compassion for the same number of refugees from the Ukrainian populations of Donbass massacred by their own government and who sought refuge in Russia for eight years, none of this would probably have happened.”

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  37. daviddd2 – That link is an excellent summation of events in Ukraine and everyone should read it and share it.

    Meanwhile Zelensky is accusing Russia of using a ‘dirty bomb’ in the near future, methinks this will be a false flag operation by Ukraine..


  38. blisskit: “Call me the fool but I wish to be educated on what I really know nothing about. I read all posts.”

    It’s a treat to see people wanting to find out what’s really going on rather than relying on the daily presstitute services supplied to us by the brothel keepers.

    Here’s a Swiss observer’s understanding of what the Ukraine show is about and why Russia intervened. And it’s a whole lot more real than we’re used to getting.


  39. daviddd2 – He is a nut job with an oversized ego.. and he is a nobody..

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  40. “Zelensky calls on ‘world’ to strike Russia
    If Moscow launches a nuclear strike against Kiev, the world should hit Russian decision-makers, the Ukrainian president said.”

    WTF! The lil pipsqueak gnome is more off his face than even Biden! lol Don’t they have to pass some sort of psychiatric test before they’re given buttons to play with? The boy is blatantly off his face, he needs replacing ASAP!!!!!

    And to think it all could have been avoided if he hadn’t reneged on the Ukrainian Minsk Agreement with France, Germany and Russia and stopped bombing Donbass.

    We might note that France and Germany also quietly welched on the Minsk Agreement over the last 8 years and in fact did the exact opposite by supplying arms to Ukraine.

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  41. Bradley: “Haha, so this is where all the Russian supporters are hiding.”

    Missed your meds, did ya, Brad?

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  42. Bradley… You sound like you support the nazi dancing queen..

    As for Putin caring about us, he seems to care more than any other government that is currently bending the knee to the globalist NWO.. so of course any thinking person, not taken in by propaganda, is on Russia’s side.

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  43. Plant indeed… Happening in Thailand also…


  44. DJohnston: “how soon she also expires before the shelf life of a melon eh?! Lol.”

    Doesn’t take long to figure them out. lol Always start by assuming they’re liars working for their mentors and you can’t really go wrong. Once their cover is broken they’re done. 🙂

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  45. Right. Was that sarcasm or realism I can’t always tell? Call me the fool but I wish to be educated on what I really know nothing about. I read all posts.


  46. Hi daviddd2, re: “Meanwhile, Italy’s Meloni shows herself to be a planted establishment stooge …” Yes, as was glaringly obvious to most of us from the get go – way before she was even ‘implanted’. As always, only the gullible uninformed sheeple fell for her act. And now we’ll see – just like her UK counterpart ‘lettuce Liz’ – how soon she also expires before the shelf life of a melon eh?! Lol.


  47. Meanwhile, Italy’s Meloni shows herself to be a planted establishment stooge …

    “Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has reportedly claimed that Kiev triggered a conflict with Russia by reneging on a peace plan for eastern Ukraine, a tape provided to the media suggests.

    “In an apparent response to the leak, Giorgia Meloni, who has been tasked with forming a new Italian government, stated that people who do not share a pro-NATO stance would have no place in her coalition.”

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  48. Landslide PM victory for Larry! Finally…looks, intelligence, integrity…


  49. Brief outline.


  50. Blisskit, re Liz Truss.

    Here’s a nice lil conspiracy theory doing the rounds! 🙂 Liz Truss got the sack because she foolishly declared herself a huge Zionist, with much fanfare. The fact that she is a Zionist would not rate as an issue for those to whom it matters, but lifting the lid is anything but kosher.

    Liz’s promotion of her gefilte fish diet was probably considered an unforgiveable gaffe and an instance of very poor judgement, recklessly casting light on shadows in the dark. Tsk, tsk…


  51. I always admit I understand little of all this you all seem so educated in. Hence I rarely comment however, I see there has been no mention of the resignation of the 45 day old PM Liz Truss in the UK. Surely there is more to this. Guessing you will all know an enlighten.


  52. Haha, so this is where all the Russian supporters are hiding, cookers believe Klaus is the puppet master, others waiting for Putin to come rescue them from the “tyranny” of their elected government (because Putin REALLY CARES about YOU, right?!)


  53. Yes: Ukraine is the chessboard, – but not the chess pieces.

    Not only has the EU hollowed out its military resources, but the energy crisis within the heavy industries sector, now makes it extremely difficult to replace these losses.

    This is a modern version of bombing the Ruhr, whilst moving your own factories beyond the Urals.

    Whilst people were preoccupied with eastern Ukraine, a few hundred miles west, Europe was being economically bombed to smithereens.

    The bigger picture will eventually reveal itself.


  54. Russian history began in 1920. Click.

    Russian history began in 1920. Click.

    Russian history began in 1920. Click.

    Russian history…


  55. Editor – for Australia the reversal on the recognition of Jerusalem as ‘the eternal capital of Israel’ is bigger than Ben Hur.

    Australia is lining up with the RF / Vlad ‘threw the Rothschilds out of Russia’ schtick and the whole shlomo of : the ‘RF is the big anti-Zionist power challenging the NWO’ operation of perception management.

    This is political theatre.

    As the leader of the Communist Bloc Russia can be as ‘anti-Zionist’ as it wants and still be the No. 1 Support of the International Judenstaat, its monolithic racial collective and its new world order/soviet project for a universal goy plantation . Bolshevism, Marxist-Leninism, Zionism, ZOGism are just power blocs within the permanent world-wide Revolution.

    The Brett Sutton WEFfie nwo – Satanism, Big Brother, crime, chaos, corruption sistema is the decoy nwo. The real deal is Eurasia as the centrepiece of the world soviet. Eurasia has the promise and Moscow the undertaking from the WEF to be centre of the 4IR. And Vlad may well have thrown the Rothschilds out of Russia and maybe they are all over there is Israel kvetching about how persecuted they are. This is neither here nor there. The Central Banking Crime Syndicate (of which the Rothschilds are only one private Owner – along with the Seifs, the Montefiores, the Lazzards etc) – still owns Russia, as it does every other member of the United [Communist] Nations.


  56. An important point Dr. regarding the Z Operation. I think the Soviets have taken Ukraine with a mere expeditionary force. Whether people writing and reading here agree with this opinion or not, your point about the strategy is a good one.

    Strategically it looks like a ‘Nimzo’.

    Ukraine and the Visegrads are the centre of Europe. I think the strategy to look at would be the World Chess Championships at Reykjavik 1972 – July 11-Aug 31. The Russian chessmasters love that play and Spassky opened with it at Reykjavik.

    Spassky was defending his title and Bobby for the United States was committed to the Championships – but he arrived late. [Maybe he wasn’t too happy with his chess ‘script’] We’ll never know. But Spassky opened with the invitation, Bobby took him up on it with a knight’s move, thus drawing the game to the centre. Not exactly a signature move for him as Bobby’s game would characteristically open up the centre.

    This tends to make me think of the J-Factor. This was always the big One, for Bobby in Master Chess – Those Who Own the Game were scripting the Game.


  57. Good thinking, 99! It is clear that Putin had no intention of taking over all of Ukraine. He’s drawn a boundary where most of the 10 million Russian Ukrainians have lived for centuries and prevented the Ukros from cleansing them.

    Further, he’s secured the Crimean hinterland to prevent any attacks on Crimea. Given that Zelensky has been instructed behind the scenes to sacrifice untold numbers of Ukrainians with ZERO prospect of evicting the Russian Ukrainians, Putin has put the Ukros on notice that they will pay a very heavy price for any further assaults.

    In other words, he’s told the Ukros that they had overstepped the mark by not proceeding with the Minsk Agreement and that if 10 million Russians must be eliminated then they are not going to be eliminated from their centuries old land without a fight. And certainly not with the rest of the Russian population idly sitting and looking the other way!

    The fact that the “West” and its sycophants in Europe were prepared to look the other way because of American pressure is a civilisational tragedy which they are paying for with their own sanctions and inevitably serious destruction which is to come.

    Collectively, the Europeans in most European states are obviously gutless, stupid and have learned NOTHING from being suckered into WW1 and WW2. They are being led over the cliff, bleating like sheep about European values, democracy and freedom. Go figure!

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  58. Yes: future historians may well regard the SMO as a modern Battle of Cannae.

    Position your weak forces at the centre, and draw them in.


  59. Dr – Interesting concept – and Putin is an excellent strategist and runs rings around most world leaders in the brains department. He has said many times he does not want to conquer Ukraine or take it over – and I think he has moved carefully and strategically in order to minimise civilian casualties also, but at the same time he is not going to be pushed into a corner – hence the retaliation.


  60. It has been clear for quite a while now, that Russia’s Special Military Operation has been deliberately holding back in all areas. After the bridge incident, Russia immediately took out Ukraine’s SBU headquarters and other military control points. This could have been done at the offset of the campaign, but was not.

    I am coming round to the idea, that Russia is playing a very different game to what most realise. Conquering Ukraine will not change anything [its a small third world nation], and it will not change the balance of geopolitical power in Europe or the World.

    It seems clear in my mind, that Russia ‘want’s a protracted war.’ As an ongoing conflict will force the West to exhaust its military and financial resources: as its been doing. This is why Zelensky is always asking for more hardware.

    Already, Germany and other major European countries have no more heavy equipment to offer, – it’s all gone. They’ve stripped down their own militaries and sent it to Ukraine, where it’s been destroyed piecemeal: often before reaching the front. They have been bled white.

    Without people realising it, a small Russian ‘task force’ has virtually destroyed Europe both economically and militarily.

    This is seriously advanced military strategy.

    People are missing this elephant in the room.

    Only when the EU has been economically destroyed [partially or fully] and lacking an effective military, can Brussels be brought to the negotiating table to accept its new role in a multipolar world.


  61. lindesymonds: ” ‘Hail NATO’ This is very funny.”

    Yes, it is. Glad you picked up the sarcasm alert lol

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  62. In war, signals are crucial to operations. Yuri’s account of NATOspeak sounds like a Russian joke. ‘Hail NATO’ This is very funny. Not as funny as Vlad’s KGB jokes – but funny.

    The American military does not speak in this way. ‘SNAFU” is an example of American militaryspeak. The Romanian and Polish militaries – from nations brutally invaded by the Nazis – do not use terms like ‘Hail NATO’.

    Yuri and the Z Force Ruskies need to work on their dysinfo. If they keep up with the ‘Hail NATO’ business, the Americans might just red rover, red rover send a passel of Jews from LucasFilm company right over to script some good battle droid lines for the Americans that Z Force can use in its propaganda.

    Roger Roger


  63. daviddd2 – Well said..


  64. Why would anyone with a functioning synapse or two not understand…

    1. A harmonious relationship between Russia and the EU is not in America’s interest.

    2. A conflict between Russia and the EU is very much in America’s interest.

    3. Any conflict between Russia and the EU will result in a catastrophe for both.

    4. A catastrophe for both the EU and Russia is a Merry Xmas to America!

    So are the Europeans demented enough to recycle their devastation of WW1 and WW2? If they’re not demented then they must be captive slaves to their own idiocy and their treacherous political stooges and MSM propaganda czars.

    Liked by 1 person


    Sounds like Russia will be taking severe action in Kharkov to clean out this rat’s nest..


  66. And the winner of the ‘Greatest Dumb Ass Misspoke of the Year Award’ goes to Ukrainian official Sergey Pashinsky! when he admitted:
    Kiev coordinates its military operations with Washington and stated that “as soon as you tell me that the US approves the destruction of the Crimean Bridge, things can move forward,” adding that “I only need a verbal confirmation.”


  67. The progress on the rehabilitation of country 404 delivered with a dry sense of humour.

    Godspeed Yuri

    Liked by 1 person

  68. LMAO …or those poor overlooked Ukrainian Syrians!


  69. Lol daviddd2, “Would that classify as their “rules based international order” too?” Yeah exactly.


  70. aapkoning: “Well, The Jew Zelensky wants Ukraine to be a ‘Big Israel’ ”

    Oy vey! The Ukrainian Palestinians won’t like that.

    Liked by 1 person

  71. Hehehe… I wonder what Elbow and Pong think of Israeli “sovereignty” being unilaterally extended beyond Israel’s 1948 founding borders? Would that classify as their “rules based international order” too?

    Liked by 1 person

  72. Hello alexakaktpgcomau

    More Re your: WHO BENEFITS ?????

    Well, The Jew Zelensky wants Ukraine to be a ‘Big Israel’

    The Jew Putin wants Russia to be a ‘Big Israel’

    They are both working together with the ‘American Jews’ to make the world a ‘Big Israel’.

    “Yes, The Great Reset”. Klaus Schwab is smiling.


  73. alexakaktpgcomau, WHO BENIFITS ????? “The ones that always have been funding the wars in the past and today… Just look at who controls the world banking system? Jew Banksters…
    Yes it is very said, “The Goyim fighting the Goyim, this has been going on for years, when will the Goyim Wake – up?


  74. Another astounding demonstration of blatant hypocrisy by Dumb and Dumber aka Albo and Pong. Maybe finally seeing the italics on the wall regarding Israel’s imminent comeuppance/Karma – yet still blindly and abhorrently supporting and assisting Ukraine. Well maybe that too will have to be ‘reversed’ after November 8…if not sooner, given the way Russia is progressing toward Ukraine “capitulation”.


  75. Hi daviddd2, re: “Makes you wonder why the Israelis are being noisy considering their seizure of Syria’s Golan Heights and their repeated bombing of Syria.” Yes, it certainly does. Based more upon fear than just blatant hypocrisy? Maybe they have come to the realisation that with all their antics, they’ve weaseled their way in between a rock and a hard place? Even they can’t be that stupidly naive to believe their revered US puppet masters would not hesitate to hang them out to dry should the necessity arise. And sure as hell, no one on the planet is ever going to come to their rescue!
    Maybe the following remarks, made by Chevez back in 2010, were more than a little prophetic. Maybe that “someday” is fast approaching…


  76. Meanwhile, a MAJOR ACT OF INTERNATIONAL TERRORISM, the blowing up of integral energy infrastructure in Europe, Nordstream, appears to be of little interest to the Europeans and the MSM. It doesn’t even rate an international investigation let alone cooperation. So much for the “Western” war on terrorism!

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  77. DJohnston, rumours are afoot that Putin is purging some of Russia’s 5th columnists, including some of the Abramovitch type oligarchs and “underperforming” generals sitting on two stools. To be continued.

    Meanwhile, an Israeli minister’s call for condemnation of Russia and export of weapons from Israel to Ukraine has been met with a stark warning from Medvedev. Makes you wonder why the Israelis are being noisy considering their seizure of Syria’s Golan Heights and their repeated bombing of Syria.

    That sort of hypocrisy and treachery is unlikely to be welcomed by the Russians and millions of the Russian Jewish diaspora in Israel, is it? Go figure!

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  78. An encouraging statement by General Surovikin..
    “I don’t want to sacrifice the lives of the Russian soldiers in a partisan war of hoards of fanatics armed by NATO. We’ve got enough power and technical means to lead Ukraine to total capitulation.”


  79. Flatten the entire western part of The Ukraine!


  80. alexakaktpgcomau THE GLOBALIST Devide and concer


  81. christians killing christians, muslims killing muslims , christians fighting muslims muslims fighting christians … WHO BENIFITS ?????

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