Letter to the Editor

I listened to Adam Green on Khazar Theory Debunked, Khazarian Mafia Disinfon Exposed:
Adam criticises, denigrates and sneers at a large number of people on youtube and rejects their opinions but doesn’t provide a coherent alternative explanation for what he believes. Adam is partially right in that he says the “Jews” (both their leaders, the Talmudists and their ignorant ‘followers’) pretend to be victims when they are, to varying degrees, perpetrators.

Hatonn spelt out the background to the Khazarian issue in the Phoenix Journals

Arguably he is totally wrong in saying that Jews are not of Khazarian (Mongol/Turkic) extraction. Hatonn says in the Phoenix Journals that they are. Hatonn also says the Khazars took over Talmudism from the Pharisees.
Adam totally misdirects himself when he denies that President Trump is coordinating with Putin in the take-down of the Talmudists. Moreover, Russia’s SMO is an integral part of that take-down. That’s why the SMO is slow slow and careful and not a satanic blood bath sacrifice which typifies the Khazarian Mafia controlled wars by the Anglo-US empire. The truth of these matters should become obvious in the near future as Universe Management resumes control of this planet.

Some Analysis:
I disagree with a lot of the views of commentators like Fulford and the rabbie(s) Green features in his video. Also I don’t accept some ofl the views of many others. I think that people like Mel Kay and many others who say or think that they are Jews falsely believe they are “Jews” because they have been mind controlled, often from birth, to accept that status. Moreover, I think that huge numbers of those who think they are Jews although they are not Talmudists and haven’t been indoctrinated into Talmudic ideology, actively promote their “Jewishness” because of the social, educational, vocational, financial and political advantages they accrue from that status. In other words, as Hatonn says in the Phoenix Journals, most “Jews” are not guilty of the crimes of their Talmudic leaders.

In this regard I think that the large portion of the general Jewish population that are either not sayanim or hasbara, or even if they are, they only ‘go along’ with the orders of their Jewish leaders in order ‘to get along’, just as, for example, most Australians fund via taxation, and ‘go along to get along’ with Oz leaders’ invasions and other war crimes in foreign nations on the other side of the world. Arguably most people ‘know not what they do’ but they are still culpable for their ignorance and cognitive dissonance although not consciously murderous or ‘satanic.’

But I digress.
Arguably most people who profess to being “Jews” don’t realise that they are not genetically descendants of Shem but rather most of them have Khazarian genetic origins. A much smaller number of people who think that they are “Jews” have Separdic, i.e. North African Arabic ancestral origins. It is widely accepted today that virtually no people who say they are Jews actually have significant Shemite DNA; nor were their ancestors Hebrews or Israelites. Most “Jews” don’t know that let alone understanding what it means.

Hatonn spelt out the background to the Khazarian issue in the Phoenix Journals. The subject is complex, especially as the Pharisees (while they existed as such) and the neo-Pharisees, i.e. the Khazarians who, in the 8th century embraced the Talmud and Torah and the trappings of the Pharisees’ tribal religion in order to pretend that they were changing their murderous and barbaric ways.

Their culture was essentially devious and deceptive before they converted to Talmudism and nothing changed thereafter. BUT to avoid the overt wrath of goyim societies, they redoubled their deceptive efforts to pretend to be religious and to seem like the rest of humanity while merely going underground with their blood thirsty, cannibalistic and satanic behaviours. Thus today, 75% of Jews are atheistic and the remainder worship a jealous, vindictive, genocidal entity that is no god at all.

To survive and carry out their plot to seek vengeance on Christians and all non Khazars, the Talmudists, i.e. the neo-Pharisees, have not only hidden the truth about themselves but also they’ve embarked upon a successful millennia long campaign to conceal and falsify not only the teachings of Christ Jesus but also they have successful concealed and falsified virtually all of our planet’s history just as the Pharisees had previously distorted and hidden the truth about Christ Jesus’s divine revelations by influencing Roman emperors to create the Christian religion. Jesus didn’t incarnate to establish a religion and didn’t. He came to teach divine truths lost and corrupted over millenia by Pharisees and others. In recent centuries the Christian religion and especially the Catholic Church, has been a prime neo-Pharisaic mechanism for destroying human spirituality and knowledge. That doesn’t mean that many Catholics, and religious people generally, are not spiritual and moral any more than that many non Talmudic “Jews” are not spiritual and moral people.

The Khazars converted to acceptance of the Talmud and Torah because it plausibly mirrored their murderous barbarism while cloaking it in pseudo religious rituals.
They had to do that to placate their neighbours, the Rus, the Muslims and the Byzantine Empire, because their overtly murderous empire was no longer being tolerated and faced invasion if they didn’t. Their barbarity and bad faith continued however and so the Rus (the nascent Russian empire) and the Byzantine empire combined to eliminate the Khazarian empire in the 10th and 11th centuries. The Khazarian ruling class dispersed heading north west towards modern day Poland and Germanic lands where they morphed into the Askenazis that, because of their ethno-centric nepotism and hatred of the Christian Rus and Byzantines who destroyed their empire, lived in in apartheid shtetls and enclaves which enabled their leaders (rabbis) to mind control and hence control their Khazarian masses from cradle to grave. That tyrannical collectivist ideological mechanism has become apparent in our wider world as the Ashkenazis have morphed it into various ideologies notably, Capitalism, Communism, Bolshevism, Fascism and Nazism which they have imposed on various areas of global society.

Before Khazaria was dissolved they were known ln Europe and Asia as the name stealers (See eg: The new jew question https://clifhigh.substack.com/p/the-new-jew-question?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=cta
And: Space Aliens – https://clifhigh.substack.com/p/space-aliens?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=cta ) because they used to provide hospitality to travelers from both the east and the west, learn all about them and their business and then murder them, steal their belongings and pretend to be them and carry on their trade and defraud the murdered traders’ contacts in neighbouring lands.

Because of their trading skills and knowledge, and because they harboured fierce hatred for all non-Khazars, and because they lived apart in tight knit shtetl communities repelling and pillaging outsiders, Khazarian leaders were able, over centuries, to mind control the ordinary members of their communities. That enabled them to act cohesively within other societies such that they became very distinctive (the Pharisees’ goyim and related terminolgy and collectivist ideology greatly facilitated this tribal indoctrination and enabled their leaders to become rich and competent in the manipulative arts which they then practiced on Christian and other non-Khazarian societies.

Their ethno-centric lifestyle, distinctive customs and averice, and their tendency to parasitically exploit every society in which they lived, made them very distinctive and caused resentment and hatred by those they exploited. As a result they were expelled from well over a hundred societies and countries.

Never-the-less they persisted and their dominance in trade, ‘money changing’ and banking has enabled them to dominate societies, countries and empires.

The Pharisees were not Hebrews, Israelites or Jews, they were Indumenas who had usurped the tribal temple religion of the Judahites and Benjamins in Judea and were extorting their wealth, a habit that was continued by the neo-Pharisees. The Khazars accepted the Pentateuch written by Levites as a societal control mechanism prior to the tribe being conquered and taken to Babylon at the end of the 6th century BC. In Babylon they wrote (plagerised) the Torah. Rabbis then started writing the Talmud (a vicious, albeit camouflaged anti-goyim series of 63 books) in Babylon around 500 BC. They continued adding to it until about 500 AD. There are two versions – Babylonian and Jerusalem – but the Babylonian text is dominant.

The neo-Pharisees didn’t adopt the name ‘Jew’ unti around 1775 when they started their overt campaign to dominate Europe and the whole planet. Hatonn tells us that the term did not exist prior to that time.

The Hebrews, Israelites, Gallieans, Benjamins and Judeans didn’t call themselves “Jews” and Christ Jesus wasn’t a “Jew”, a Judahite, an Indumean or a Pharisee. His mother was of Sumarian stock and his father’s seed was provided by The Gabriel, the Administrator of the Nebadon universe while Christ Michael Aton was bestowing himself on Urantia by overshadowing the physical body of Esu Immanuel, i.e. Christ Jesus.

Arguably Adam Green doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Much more can be said but this is the guts of it.

Peace and Blessings,
Ron Chapman