Did actress-producer Anne Heche get hit by deep state over pedo movie?

Crash victim Hecht (referred to by news chopper crew as “he”) moments after she undid the strap on the stretcher and sat up. Note she has no bandages or other medical equipment attached. Below, the scene crowded by five fire engines.

QUESTIONS are being asked around the alleged death by fire of actress-producer Anne Heche after a video of her alleged extraction from her burnt-out car shows what looks like a male figure attempting to get off the stretcher.

The person on the stretcher was supposedly Anne Heche, who was due to release a movie next month called The Girl in Room 13, on the theme of child sex trafficking. Social media posters are wondering out loud if the fiery crash was a hit job by some sort of team of operatives to traffickers.

In the news chopper video, the scene is absent medics or any sort emergency medical treatment being applied to the person on the stretcher – no burn bandages, no oxygen or IVF tubes, for instance. The scene is also crowded with five fire trucks with no police or medical unit present.

The very lively person attempting to get off the stretcher is taken hold of by the “firemen” and simply pushed into the ambulance without anyone attending to her as you would expect.

Reports surfaced claiming Heche may have been on drugs of some kind, but a selfie photo taken by salon owner Richard Glass about 20 minutes before the crash show Heche to be in good spirits, bright and coherent.

But according to police reports, Heche suddenly became agitated between then and her alleged crash into a home. Two front-door camera video clips showed a Mini Cooper station wagon like Heche’s travelling at high speed down a street, with tyres squealing and then the sound of a crash. Allegedly she had crashed into another home earlier but backed out and resumed driving at high speed.

Heche was hospitalized and reported to be in a coma since the crash in Los Angeles on August 5, but was later pronounced brain dead after family members took her off life support. According to a report in the Hollywood news site Deadline she is being “kept on a ventilator until it’s determined whether any organs not damaged in the crash and subsequent fire can be donated”.

“It has long been her choice to donate her organs and she is being kept on life support to determine if any are viable,” a spokesman for the family was reported as saying. “Anne had a huge heart and touched everyone she met with her generous spirit. More than her extraordinary talent, she saw spreading kindness and joy as her life’s work—especially moving the needle for acceptance of who you love. She will be remembered for her courageous honesty and dearly missed for her light,” the spokesman said.

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One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Hi Bliss, On conducting further research into vehicle cyberattack…
    “It isn’t just your data that is at stake here. Hackers could take control of your vehicle and make it obey them instead of the driver. They can use commands to activate or deactivate various automotive features that can lead to deadly consequences for commuters.”
    One only has to view the footage of the enormous speed at which Anne Heche was travelling, to ascertain that her Mini Cooper (although oddly on a straight, unweaving trajectory) was out of driver-control.
    Also regarding vehicle hacking and cyberattack risks, it was reported in 2019:
    “BMW has closed the hacking hole in their Mini Cooper and is patching 2.2 million cars via an over the air update.” Really??

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  2. Hi Bliss, If you haven’t already, have a listen to the 911 call made by a neighbour from the scene. There is also a transcript. Sorry, but am unable to post for some reason. It is truly bizarre – the operator asking the same questions repeatedly and numerous times – as if they’re stalling.

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  3. Hi Bliss, There most certainly is. Thanks for posting this link. It also backs up what I (and most others) have been saying about Halyna Hutchins’ cold blooded murder.

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  4. Hi Cairns News
    Seems there is more to this. Another fatal car crash the week before.

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  5. One can only hope that Lara Logan (who IS accredited) as the Producer of Selection Code – does not go the same way as Anne Heche.

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  6. Canberra Rally 2nd April 2022 – Adrian Wells tells his story of being trafficked as a child.
    August 14, 2022 – australiaoneparty.com/adrian-wells-tells-his-story-part-2/
    August 14, 2022 – australiaoneparty.com/adrian-wells-tells-his-story-part-1/

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  7. Prayer needed, says Dale, the host of the video below.

    KJV Psalm 138:
    7 Though I walk in the midst of trouble, thou wilt revive me: thou shalt stretch forth thine hand against the wrath of mine enemies, and thy right hand shall save me.

    8 The Lord will perfect that which concerneth me: thy mercy, O Lord, endureth for ever: forsake not the works of thine own hands.

    Watch video: Institutional Child Abuse & Cover Up in the NT – Mother’s Story



  8. You’re welcome.


  9. Whatever you say….

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  10. janicew37,

    Subscribing to any one of a number of preferred “theories” is susceptible to speculation and ideological fantasy, particularly if one dismisses the simplest form of the “Occam’s Razor” principle which many people swear by..

    So many choices, yet in Heche’s case so little substantive evidence for any of them. A simple “brain snap” in a troubled mind could readily explain the incident. When that can be readily dismissed as a probability the sky is the limit.

    “One theory claims she was taken out because of her part in the 2008 film Toxic Skies, which is about a conspiracy to kill off the population with a fake pandemic. Another suggests that because her upcoming film reportedly covers human trafficking—an obsession of QAnon devotees.”

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  11. Hi Janicew37, As we know, Anne Heche’s career included being a director, producer and screenwriter. Many actors (either cameo or lead) opt out of accreditation. This is commonplace – not only for controversially perceived works but also especially regarding the Independent production companies (eg BFI) – as it hugely reduces production costs and also (legally) bypasses the usual SAG (Screen Actors Guild) costing requirements.

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  12. Janicew37″Because she was the producer”

    Thanks Janicew37, but it appears not.

    Produced by
    Yvonne Chotzen … executive producer
    Tim Johnson … executive producer
    Stacy Mandelberg … executive producer


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  13. Hi Janicew37, Yes…as most of us were aware. Any issues she had stemmed largely from suffering prolonged childhood sexual abuse by her father. Her subsequent advocacy work (which conveniently, some don’t mention) made her a target for exaggerated tales, lies, and vilification by the media maggots – as per usual.

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  14. Because she was the producer and the movie was about child trafficking etc…

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  15. Why would Heche be “hit” for acting in a movie? What about the producer and director who are much more responsible for the movie? Wouldn’t they be more immediate targets?

    Heche had a history of personality flaws, serious psycho detachment issues and drug use. Such factors suggest alternative and more plausible explanations for the incident.


  16. Hi lindesymonds, Precisely right again. Case in point; the ‘archeological dig’ on Morrison – revealing ‘Portfoliogate’. Although unsurprising to US, what else is going to be unearthed? Soooo many buried bodies. Meanwhile he and the ministers involved (including Goebbels Dutton), are frantically attempting to weasel their way out with utterly nonsensical, ludicrous excuses – that simply ain’t gonna fly. And also begs the question, WHAT the hell exactly were we the Australian people/taxpayers unwittingly paying these ‘cardboard cut-out’ ministers to do? All will be revealed – as with poor little Gracie Hughes and her mother. I too, pray they have found safe harbour.

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  17. I am glad to see that you are switched on D. Johnston. Here in Australia there is an underground traffick through all institutions that have to do with children – especially Children’s Services, the Health System [now a complete Semashko], the police and the courts etc. We have a huge problem and in the comment of political parties and organisations the only one that is talking about it is Australia One, Riccardo Bosi and the messaging from the organisers.

    We have no idea how many children are being trafficked to the Paedo / Ghoul Elites at the top of the food chain of the Australian goy plantation. I realize this is difficult for our go along to get along pagans and materialists to understand, but the food chain has an Apex and it has a religion. They are believers. They worship Satan by many names – Ba’ al was the ancient god of child sacrifice who promised immortality to those who tortured / sacrificed children. This is in the The Bible. Their sacrament is adrenalchrome. It is a religion and is for the ruling Elite. They are all in on it. And they are running a world genocide on the leftovers from their Big Abortion / Big Bio-tech / Big Vax / Big Pharma / Big Organ Harvesting Combine.

    Now why on earth would there be a 600% increase in de-myelinating diseases like MS and Motor Neurone if fetal schwann cells of the PNS and oligodendrocytes were not adjuvants in these vaxxes and people were not making anti-bodies to these nerve cells as a foreign protein – thus attacking the schwann cells of the host?

    I see up in the Northern Territory, the police are chasing little Gracie Hughes and her mother. The child started talking in such accurate detail about the abuse she was suffering DAILY that of course the police and Children’s Services are after the mother who has gone to ground and please God she is able to stay there.

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  18. Hi lindesymonds, Thank you. You’ve got it in one! Although the totally myopic amongst us will still only see the queries and doubts raised as being vacuous ‘celebrity idolisation’. Which isn’t surprising, since they consistently fail to see the big picture on pretty much everything else. Or maybe, they are actually a part of the problem we’re working towards eradicating. Hmmm.


  19. The burns victim sitting up on the stretcher and struggling to get away from her captors is another one of the WTC-7 moments captured on live feed.

    No one believes the Official Narrative. Of great interest however is that podcast Anne was making on the paedo traffick by the Elites.

    The cult of Ba’ al worship has to do with the sacrifice of children. All over the world children are captured by the same institutions that are implementing the global genocide by the United [Communist] Nations and its member nation CoVID Regimes. They are tortured and violated for their blood and killed. This is the foundation of rule by the Judeo-Masonic power elite.

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  20. Hi ron, Thank you for your heartfelt comment. Yes, you are completely right – and yes I too wonder how much worse it has to get before reaching the tipping point. The big problem is I think people (even those who are awake), are becoming so over-saturated and desensitised – the longer they are exposed to (and bombarded by) all these chain reaction events. This results in people shutting down even more, or adopting the belief that everything is ‘staged’ anyway – (brilliant bloody choreography eh?!) – which is simply the brain’s safety mechanism of Denial.
    Maybe it all just has to run it’s course -while in the meantime we focus on living in the moment and grabbing every opportunity that can lead to us becoming stronger and more united. There are a great many positive, inspiring and triumphant events occuring right now, every day, that most of us are unfortunately missing. We need to seek them out and focus on those.
    I personally detest any form of shopping! but I’ve found (especially over the past 2 + years), that it can be turned into a joyful experience – by striking up conversations, having a few laughs, or committing a random act of kindness. People just totally light up and it’s a win-win morale boost for everyone. I think ‘jo’ posted a comment on here recently that spoke of much the same thing.
    Trying to look around corners before we’ve even approached them, is as unproductive as raking over the ashes of the past.


  21. Hi D Johnston – Yes I am proud of the work, got many things changed for the better.

    Yes, Princess Di. it took a long time to get her to Hospital, they had to stop on the way – suspect.

    There is only a minority in governments who are truly evil b,,,,,,s, but there are more than enough who do not speak up about the evil b……s and corrupted admin systems.

    Can I believe that people can be bullied, injured (body and mind) or pushed into suicide, or killed by actions of those who have control over others – yes I can, yes I do.

    I also believe that once things are let go too far the only way to take back control (for the people) is to fight, of course in a lawful manner.

    We are now very close to having let things go too far, trouble is – not enough people awake yet to push back.

    Am I on a crusade to prove anything against any individual or any entity – no.

    We are in a war that is nothing like wars that have been fought over the previous hundreds of years The majority of people just do not know that we are at war and exactly who we are at war with and why.

    There will be a lot more incidents that are suspect.

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  22. Hi ron, You have much to be proud of in your 25 years of selfless dedication towards helping others.
    Yes yet again, many conflicting reports and unanswered questions. It was reported that there were 59?! firefighters in attendance. Despite spending 30 minutes inside her burning car (and after her 90mph! crash), she was somehow “talking with firefighters.” ? I would like to know why/how that it was the REAR of her car which was completely totalled. ?
    All a little too reminiscent of that princess who was killed in a tunnel.

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  23. Hmmmm yes well Ellen ‘Degenerate’…besties with George W. Says it all really. Was punching well above her weight with Anne Heche. RIP.

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  24. I worked in a large (lots of violence) Hospital for 25 years, until recently mandated out.
    My job included a lot of hands on security work.

    When a patient is trying to (suddenly) leave an ambulance stretcher, the first concern is to safely restrain the patient, prior to then placing the patient and stretcher into the ambulance, under control – still using the help of additional assistants..

    The method used in the video appears to be utter panic by the fire officers. There was plenty of other assistance nearby to assist with restraint, for the safety of the patient.

    Could have been a different story if there were only two ambulance officers on-site – all alone, no other help available.

    There were many other (trained) emergency services persons in the immediate area..

    The way the supposed burnt, badly injured patient was handled was suspect.
    Then again I was not there doing the job at the time, could be all above board and job well done.


  25. Question: Did actress-producer Anne Heche get hit by deep state over pedo movie?
    Another question: Do Bears crap in the Forest ?

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  26. Ck this out

    God Bless you abundantly!!


  27. wow. they off’ed her because of that movie Girl in Room 13 that’s coming out on Lifetime. She probably broke up with Ellen because of her involvement in that mess. Hence the ankle bracelet she wore a few years back. smh

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  28. Hi Janicew37 and Gabriele, Exactly. This absolutely reeks of something that’s definitely rotten. As we know, Hollywood has long been rife with degenerates involved in pedophile/sex trafficking rings – a haven for them – (much as aged care facilities are a haven for sociopaths). Anne Heche was NOT one of them. Hence the reason she has been slandered and vilified for so long. She knew where all the bodies are buried. My theory is she was being persued and was desperately trying to escape.
    There is an alarming parallel here of Alec Baldwin’s premeditated, cold blooded murder of Halyna Hutchins. She had dirt on him regarding sex trafficking – and was working on a documentary that would have exposed him. Incidentally, it has now been confirmed he DID pull the trigger – despite all his vehement denials. Although you can guarantee he will weasel his way out, as he has with all his other evil deeds.
    He claims atm to have been a “pal” of Anne Heche. I reeeeally doubt that. He represents everything she was diametrically opposed to and fought against.
    Some may say I’m drawing a long bow here – but I think this could even go as deep as being politically engineered. And let’s face it, anything the Feral Beasts of Iniquity’ (FBI) are involved in is invariably suspect! We’re very close to having publicly revealed (by Gateway Pundit), Epstein’s client list. Just throwing that out there…..

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  29. me too. would not be surprised….


  30. Wouldn’t be surprised…


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