Letter to the Editor

We the citizens of the ‘western democracies’ are in an abusive relationship with our own governments’. The yellow vests in France, the MAGA movement in the U.S., the Australian labor unions, the Canadian Truckers and now the Dutch farmers are the unstable tremors for global political shifts.

Former ACTU President Sharon Burrow addressed the WEF as long ago as 2000 ensuring Australia would be locked into the NWO

No no no, not the union organisation DJ, the rank and file.



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Unions are covid lie sympathetic and were globalisation incubators, now accelerators.

The United Nations Global Compact is leading Accelerators to embed SDG-aligned practices deep into business operations and across the value chain to accelerate progress and impact for the 2030 Agenda.


Their 2000 heart tugger, “No child will live in poverty by 2010” sadly, failed miserably and I’m hoping their UN 2030 agenda, evaporates like their politician’s promises.

from Peter,