ACTU involved with WEF up to is neck

Letter to the Editor

We the citizens of the ‘western democracies’ are in an abusive relationship with our own governments’. The yellow vests in France, the MAGA movement in the U.S., the Australian labor unions, the Canadian Truckers and now the Dutch farmers are the unstable tremors for global political shifts.

Former ACTU President Sharon Burrow addressed the WEF as long ago as 2000 ensuring Australia would be locked into the NWO

No no no, not the union organisation DJ, the rank and file.

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Unions are covid lie sympathetic and were globalisation incubators, now accelerators.

The United Nations Global Compact is leading Accelerators to embed SDG-aligned practices deep into business operations and across the value chain to accelerate progress and impact for the 2030 Agenda.

Their 2000 heart tugger, “No child will live in poverty by 2010” sadly, failed miserably and I’m hoping their UN 2030 agenda, evaporates like their politician’s promises.

from Peter,


About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Tony is back. Now we know you are alive and we assume, well.ED


  2. A bit of perspective… the ACTU has been a globalist organisation ever since Bob Hawke became its President.


  3. ” Sharan – all the very best for the next stage of your career, leading the International Trade Union Confederation.

    We’re proud you’ve been given the honour of a leadership position on the world stage, as you continue to fight for social justice and the rights of working people.

    On behalf of the ALP and working people across Australia, I thank you for your dedication and commitment to the great Labor cause.”

    Yep as a good little citizen & enthusiastic unionist you have the right to starve standing up, sitting on the ground or lying in the dirt. [ to misquote David Ireland – Unknown Industrial Prisoner]

    Aren’t we little people lucky to have such “Stewards” as Sharan & Julia looking out for us!

    Who would have thought that our ” Gurl Powa Blue Collar Heroes” would turn out to really be City Lackeys after all…………………?


  4. Alison said – “I don’t think scripture supports “the False Prophet (Islam)” since the false prophet will make an image to the beast – see Rev 13:14 – images are contrary to Islamic practice.”

    This is an intelligent & logical observation, and IMO spot on target.

    Anne Catherine Emerich (now Saint) stated that the Muslim and Christian peoples will ultimately unite to fight the Antichrist.

    The Muslims are not our enemy – never were. Our real problems are much closer to home.


  5. I think women should only be judged on how capable they are and yes, some are useless. So are some men.

    The issue is not the women, it’s the Corporate structure they sign up to.
    It doesn’t matter if it is a woman or a man, your only qualification is to be hard nosed, and love money and understand the word ‘driven’.

    Some women don’t want to stay home and change dirty nappies.
    There is a role for women to not do that if they so choose.
    There is no prerequisite for women to remain a breeding machine or have their uterus fall out at the age of 60.
    Who made that rule up?

    Feminism was born out of a male dominated expectation that a woman would put on her lippy and bring him his slippers when he got home.
    Men who still want that need to get a dog.

    To blame women on the woes of the world is incorrect.
    Psychopaths and useless leaders come in all breeds.

    I do think the main issue is that women get together for drinky poos and hold hands when walking to the toilet. From there, the all important networking is achieved.
    Before you know it, the organisation is just one big girls day out and in that scenario it’s hard to get a look in. Add to that any woke ideology of thinking that they can do it better, and the world becomes their oyster.
    Just as it is right now.


  6. I don’t think scripture supports “the False Prophet (Islam)” since the false prophet will make an image to the beast – see Rev 13:14 – images are contrary to Islamic practice


  7. Women in power. Here is a very unusual female politician NOT ALLERGIC to truth speaking about the state of consciousness in European politics.

    “The majority of MEPs, for whatever reasons unbeknown to me, obviously support oppression of the people while claiming shamelessly to do it for the people’s own good.” Christine Anderson, (AFD) MEP (Member European Parliament for Germany)

    and another one that Aussie “Pow(d)ered women” in Politixs would never dare to do at HOME in the crooked & beamed up to Khazarian space fantasy OZ Parliament:

    “Anderson accused Trudeau of openly admiring the Chinese basic dictatorship and called out the prime minister for trampling on “fundamental rights by persecuting and criminalizing his own citizens as terrorists just because they dare to stand up to his perverted concept of democracy.” She ended her speech by telling Trudeau he is a “disgrace for any democracy. Please spare us your presence.”

    As one can see, there are good women out there in the world of international politics and here at CN that are proud of themselves while “sticking” to truth in a world that has sold its spiritual soul to the opposition. Thank you comeinspinner for your feminine wisdom and presence at CN!

    There are many “revolutionary grannies” alone and isolated from their once loved ones and hide lonely behind their smart phone/computer screens trying to teach the world what is wrong with it, while their grandchildren have been psychologically perverted and have lost much of what was necessary for a decent upbringing for a harmonious future life. Plenty to teach here, if the “runaway” grannies weren’t too busy saving the world! May peace be with you. You will need it!


  8. I have seen this argument – that the conformist physiology of women has assisted in our capitulation to the scumbag apparatchiks – i see merit in that argument.


  9. To understand what has happened to labour unions, log onto You’ll learn a piece of history that you’ve been denied too if you’re in Australia or the United States of America.
    I added to the literature with the above link as the main source from which my research came didn’t know what I knew.
    Arlene Johnson
    To access the rest of my work, which is also top secret history that’s internationally acclaimed, and free to the world, click on the icon that says Magazine.
    To access 46 posts exposing coronavirus, log onto


  10. Part of PM Julia Gillard’s Burrow fairwell speech:

    “Friends, under Sharan Burrow’s leadership the union movement has moved forward into a modern era, contributing deeply to community debates on issues like paid parental leave, the rights of working women and on CLIMATE CHANGE.”

    In 46 yrs of paid work in multiple vocations, never, has climate change been brought up as a cause of grievances or disputes, in toolbox meetings, stop work meetings, safety meetings, inductions, mentioned in safe work method statements, job risk assessments, risk matrices, or wages and conditions negotiations.

    Climate change (global warming) is not a workplace concern from my experience.

    I watched some of the Port Adelaide v Melbourne AFL game from Alice Springs this Sunday arvo.

    The tv commentator who mentioned the 25 °C = 77 °F was uncomfortable for the players, will officially mention the unbearable working conditions to the AFL, no?

    Above 35°C might have a legal case…should he drop a note in the suggestion box, suggesting night games in The Alice?

    From an article dated July 15 2022:

    ‘The Northern Territory locale of Alice Springs has seen its thermometers sink below 0C (32F) for twelve consecutive mornings now, which, according to the Bureau of Meteorology –in books dating back 81 years– surpasses the previous longest streak of below-zero days set in July 1976 (solar minimum of cycle 19).

    The frosty nights aren’t set to abate just yet either.

    “There’s every chance you’re going to smash the record and set a new one each day,” said BoM senior forecaster Billy Lynch, who added: “It’s been below average for so long — I’m sure some people might just appreciate some average conditions for a while.”’

    Today had a low of 0°C,’s minimum temperature forecast for Alice this week, Mo 1°C, Tu 6°C, We 4°C, Th -1°C, Fr 0°C, Sa 2°C.

    Appearing in Gillards fond farewell speech the words “International Trade Union Confederation”, based in Brussels, Belgium, of which Sharan Burrow is presently General Secretary.

    Subheadings from the ITUC home page link, their Frontline Campaigns:

    1. Democracies for people

    2. A new social contract for recovery and resilience

    3. Climate – and employment – proof our work with just transition

    And from their news articles:

    “Trade unions call on the HLPF to show the ambition needed to “rescue” the SDGs” – the common shared goals, linking unions to the Globalist’s UN 2030 agenda in the above article.

    When the 5th ITUC World Congress meets in Melbourne, this November, the rank and file should deliver a message to the WEF, controlled scum, by resigning on mass.


  11. This act of treson to the union members by the ACTU is bloody dispecable I hope you all rot in hell.


  12. This act of treson to the union members by the ACTU is bloody dispecable I hope you all rot in hell.


  13. Sharon Burrows, boring.The whole lot of it a pile of words achieving nothing worthwhile.
    I too am sick of women in power. I was told many years ago , how much better it would be when women ran the world. As far as I can see they are being put into positions of power, and the world is a bloody big mess. I am a woman and feminine .For the life of me I cannot understand way so many women are called feminists when they act more aggressively than most men.

    Oh yes I know many strong women who are strong , and heaven knows they need to be , and yes many are mothers and damn good wives.

    It is my belief the Unions have been selling us out for years, My memories go back to the 90;s when I worked for Telecom. The workers at Givoni ‘s got sold out, and they sent our sewing machines to China,How about that ?
    Do you reckon Setka was sticking up for our workers Last Year? Not on your Sweet Nelly.

    When are we going to get more people in power who care more about Australia than they do their pay packets and prestige ?

    Yes I am P….d off .

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  14. Christ, I Revelation says it like this ” all men went after the Beast for they said to themselves” who is like unto the Beast and who can withstand it” ?
    ” These followers of the Beast and the False Prophet (Islam). Shall be cast into the Lake that burns with Fire and Brimstone (sulphur)”. There to be tormented day and night, for ever and ever.”
    Don’t envy them, don’t hate them and above all don’t join them.
    Doesn’t make all the rewards promised to them by Klaus Slob seem that attractive does it. Judas got a better deal from the Jew Sanhedrin in comparison. Thirty pieces of Silver in the hand at the time was a few years wages.

    J. Madison


  15. “They changed the people. Now they change the laws and the arrest procedures for those that do not comply.”

    There is a reason WOMEN never ran civilizations in the past and always took care of a functioning family. We’re seeing that reason now with our very own eyes. “Women” like Gillard, Burrow and especially those on both sides of traditional Australian politics, not forgetting more “fine female species and supporters of feminism and the LIBERTY to be what wants to be” including, transgenderism, gender equality etc, etc, have lost their “womanhood” and natural attractiveness to men and exchanged it for an illusion pretending to be an “equal” alpha male in a female body while residing in an isolated and grotesque society pretending to care for men and children equally while in fact destroying them.

    The once natural beauty and attractiveness of the female has become an unattractive female organic structure that feels at home in politics but not with a loving male partner and their children. One can blame Klaus Schwab for it or just simply look into ones own mirror of “femininity” and make a choice – unless one is too busy fighting for ones own freedom in a very selfish manner.

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