Clif High bags out the Khazarian mafia in Ukraine and worldwide predicting a ‘Big Ugly’ soon to arrive

by Alexandra Bruce, US correspondent

After Clif High’s most important broadcast to date I have been able to crystallize and articulate thoughts that I’ve been having for the past several months, as I’ve beheld the dismantling of the institutions and the infrastructure of my civilization and the demolition of such basic Western values of critical thinking and science.

Alexandra Bruce, brilliant author and journalist

I was born and raised as a liberal in the Liberal World Order. I was inculcated in the misanthropic canons of the Club of Rome’s ‘Limits to Growth’.

During our collective bad acid trip in recent years, I’ve seen my once-powerful institutes and cities captured by idiocracy and I’ve been astonished to comprehend that many of my own long-held precepts were quite flawed.

And now, it appears that it’s our central banksters’ plan to make Russia nuke us.

All of this is what Clif High calls ‘The Big Ugly’ – and the ability to see it and to understand what it is, is GREAT NEWS!

As Clif says:

“Right now, we’re in the Big Ugly, because it’s still coming out, it’s still being exposed. It must be by both sides. The Khazarian Mafia, through the World Economic Forum is exposing it, because they’re trying to use those negative vibrations to inform and alter our behavior and change things and they’re basically throwing out an inherent expression of themselves…

“This is necessary, because we have to confront the Big Ugly to overcome it. We have to confront that ugliness within ourselves and then go on out and confront it in the Khazarian Mafia and those guys.

“The reason we have to confront it within ourselves is because they put it there. So first, we must cleanse ourselves of these thoughts, to understand that we are part of a giant, magnificent Universe-created Biosphere.

“We’re not some tenuous little ant colony of hominids, hanging on to a rock, spinning through space.”

It’s a relief, to understand how I’d been brainwashed by the Banksters’ death cult and to know that Heaven on Earth is on the other side of the imminent financial collapse and that also, there’s a very solid context in which to understand the errors of my thinking (programming) in the work of Russian scientist, Vladimir Venadsky, author of The Biosphere and The Noösphere, in which he proved, scientifically, mathematically and empirically that we humans, as active, living, thinking beings are an essential process in the life of our planet.

Obviously some religions also say this but what is extraordinary is that this is a matter of suppressed science.

Clif, again:

“All of life: grass, birds – every damned thing – microbes; microbes in the soil, microbes in the air, all of this stuff. Every little bit of life, written large is in the business of transporting horizontally and putting down minerals throughout the Biosphere.

“All of life on this planet, right this minute is moving all of this stuff that you see around me, everything out in the ocean, all of the little critters out there – the plankton, all the way up to the whales – we’re all moving materials through the Biosphere of the Earth, as a dynamic process.

“That Biosphere is so powerful, it is so large and is so massive, that if we were to take and go down 16 kilometers into the crust of the Earth and take all of that material, 16 kilometers deep, including everything on top of it, including the Himalayan Mountains, including all the ocean on top of that – all of that – if we were to take all of that material, down 16 kilometers into the Earth, it still does not equal the amount of material that’s moving throughout the Biosphere, in life, on Earth, at this moment.

“So, we are an integral part of the Biosphere. It is our job, as creatures within the Materium, as life (spirit animating matter)…it is our job to do this horizontal transport, to alter the rock that would be the Earth without life on it.

“And in doing so, we fulfill a great purpose for Universe. It creates the Biosphere, it creates us, in the Biosphere; to be active, to help in that transport, to alter the planet, to do terraforming, if you want to call it that…

“And so the Biosphere is a very, very, very powerful concept…and so, the World Economic Forum will never tell you that there’s books out there and essays that Vladimir Vernadsky had written. They won’t even mention his name.

“As far as they’re concerned, he should be thrown into a pot, like Christ and boiled for a thousand years in feces. That’s actually in the Talmud. That’s what they want to do with messiahs…

“The magnificence of what we can see in the Biosphere is so large, so great, that there’s no f***ing way in Hell that the Khazarian Mafia will ever, ever, ever win. They are just massively outnumbered in the energy transfer in the Biosphere. Their little bit that they’re trying to put out doesn’t even come close to being recognizable within the Biosphere.”

In the meantime, his web bots predict a major pivotal event occurring between now and the 17th and a complete collapse of our financial system likely before the end of the year, a collapse of the food supply, Antifa and BLM paid with our tax dollars by the intelligence community to riot for the next 2 years, followed by a 7-year period of recovery.

“Today is July 12th. I expect, from my emotional tension sampling routines, that we’re gonna run into a ‘something’ between the 12th and the 17th, that I’m calling the ‘Pivot Point’, the “Stumble’, the ‘Fall’, all of these things relating to the ‘Big Ugly’.

“Because we’re in that period right now. We’re in the Big Ugly period.

“And the World Economic Forum, as the face of the global Khazarian Mafia, Globalist conspiracy to take over the world and ‘eat bugs’ and ‘own nothing’; be idiots and slaves, that kind of thing, that movement has run its course.

“It always fails. It fails predictably. They get so far and then they crash, we’ve been doing this in waves for about 6,000 years, fighting this developing pattern, I guess; working out our karma, whatever is the reason for it. And we’re there again now.

“So, I expect between the 12th, between today and the 17th…there is a larger probability that it will be 17th than it is today but I expect we’ll run into a ‘something’, a pivot, where the social order will, in essence stumble into an exposure of the Big Ugly.

“Now, the Big Ugly is how I’m labeling the two competing masses, here. So, the Khazarian Mafia are adrenochrome-swigging, child-raping pedophiles that are also murderers and do all kinds of heinous acts, alright? So they’re truly the Big Ugly.

“But it’s necessary that those people that are fighting them at this point rmeove as many possible shields to that ugliness for the rest of the population, in order that that population might wake up.

“So it’s in the interest of the Self-Organizing Collective – the SOC, that is opposing the Khazarian Mafia – it is in their interest that we become very much exposed to all of the evilness that is within that Khazarian Mafia and within that organization and everything that they do.

“So, I expect from this point on, through the rest of this year, once we get to that Stumbling Point, I don’t know what it is, I don’t know what information will be released – this is an information war, bear in mind – we’re attempting to influence hearts and minds, here – so the SOC is going to go ahead and introduce this information, in such a way as to have the maximum emotional impact that will carry forward through the rest of the year, as they pile on more and more stuff and we get to a greater and greater exposure level of the Big Ugly that is the Khazarian Mafia. P/2

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. crisscross767

    Ukraine’s 8 years of war crimes

    Eva Bartlett reports how the Ukrainian army has shelled small villages almost daily since 2014, killing many people, including at least 30 children in one community. This is a deliberate policy, and it is one of the main reasons Russia finally stepped in to protect them last February.

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  2. crisscross767

    Interest –

    Borrow money at 5% and in 20 years you’ve payed back double –

    The difference between Sri Lanka and Australia at present is that Australia has more assets to hock.

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  3. Thanks crisscross767, Was also going to post this article.

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  4. crisscross767

    What Is The “Council For Inclusive Capitalism?”
    Brandon Smith

    “The idea that there is an agenda for global government among the financial and political elites of the world has long been called a “conspiracy theory” within the mainstream and the establishment media.

    And sadly, even when you can convince people to look at and accept the evidence that banking institutions and certain politicians work together for their own purposes, many folks will STILL not entertain the notion that the ultimate goal of these power mongers is one-world empire.

    They just can’t wrap their heads around such a thing.

    People will say that the establishment is driven by greed alone and that their associations are fragile and based only on individual self-interest. They will say that crisis events and shifts in social and political trends are random, not the product of deliberate engineering. They will say that elitists will never be able to work together because they are too narcissistic, etc.

    All of these arguments are a coping mechanism for the public to deal with evidence they cannot otherwise refute.

    When the facts become concrete and the powers-that-be admit to their schemes openly, some people will revert to confused denial. They don’t want to believe that organized evil on such a scale could actually exist. If it did, then everything they thought they knew about the world might be wrong…..”

    Read on –

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  5. crisscross767

    I am not a follower of Islam but this particular site will further your education.

    The Protocols of the Elders of Zion

    For a hundred years the Jews have been outraged by the contents of the Protocols and declared them as “forgery”. But seldom, very seldom, do they ever quote from them – so that outsiders – non-Jews – can see for themselves. But Radio Islam offers you that possibility, and we can be sure that you will be amazed how these Machiavellian Protocols – more than a century old – describe the Power Politics of the new millenium…


  6. RUSSIA SEIZES Ownership of $20 BILLION Sakhalin 2 LNG Facility from SHELL, MITSUBISHI & MATSUI
    181,040 views Jul 9, 2022

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  7. A History of Central Banking and the Enslavement of Mankind

    by Stephen Mitford Goodson

    In a ‘History of Central Banking and the Enslavement of Mankind’ ex-South African banker, the late Stephen Goodson explains how the Central Banking “scam” originated, and how those who run it have throughout history used their power to subvert governments, and manufacture wars that not only produced vast profits, but frequently to topple ‘regimes’ whose banking system was not under their control…………..


  8. Reserve Bank of Australia Governor Glenn Stevens | Meet The CEO #10

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  9. Clarke and Dawe on Glenn Stevens and the RBA

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  10. Reserve Bank Governor greets Clarke and Dawe

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  11. crisscross767

    Section 44: Disqualification

    Any person who:

    is under any acknowledgment of allegiance, obedience, or adherence to a foreign power, or is a subject or a citizen or entitled to the rights or privileges of a subject or a citizen of a foreign power; or

    is attainted of treason, or has been convicted and is under sentence, or subject to be sentenced, for any offence punishable under the law of the Commonwealth or of a State by imprisonment for one year or longer; or

    is an undischarged bankrupt or insolvent; or

    holds any office of profit under the Crown, or any pension payable during the pleasure of the Crown out of any of the revenues of the Commonwealth: or

    has any direct or indirect pecuniary interest in any agreement with the Public Service of the Commonwealth otherwise than as a member and in common with the other members of an incorporated company consisting of more than twenty-five persons;

    shall be incapable of being chosen or of sitting as a senator or a member of the House of Representatives.
    “It is illegal for an Australian company to hire a foreign official as its paid agent.” — The Reserve Bank of Australia and the Australian constitution

    The Reserve Bank is a foreign ADI. A “foreign ADI” means a body corporate that:
    (a) is a foreign corporation within the meaning of paragraph 51(xx) of the Constitution; and
    (b) is authorised to carry on banking business in a foreign country; and
    (c) has been granted an authority under section 9 to carry on banking business in Australia.

    Prior to 1959 the Commonwealth issued and printed its own money and had control of the printing of money. However after the 1959 Reserve Bank Act, the Reserve Bank was established as a stand alone independent
    foreign ADI, which took over the printing of money and lent the money it printed to the Commonwealth at interest. So instead of the Commonwealth printing its own money, we have a foreign body corporate printing our money and lending it to the Commonwealth which the Commonwealth needs to pay back!

    “RESERVE BANK ACT 1959 – SECT 77
    Guarantee by Commonwealth
    The Commonwealth is responsible for the payment of all moneys due by the Bank” (The commonwealth of Australia is paying money it borrows back to the stand alone bank)
    (Source: … 0/s77.html)

    “RESERVE BANK ACT 1959 – SECT 27
    Bank to be banker for Commonwealth
    The Bank shall, in so far as the Commonwealth requires it to do so, act as banker and financial agent of the Commonwealth” (The reserve bank is the Commonwealths banker and lender and the Commonwealth must pay the money back to the Bank!)
    (Source: … 0/s27.html)


    The below act shows how foreign coroporations have power of attorny over the Reserve Bank of Australia:

    Attorney of Bank
    The Bank may, by instrument under its seal, appoint a person (whether in Australia or in a place beyond Australia) to be its attorney and a person so appointed may, subject to the instrument, do any act or execute any power or function which he or she is authorized by the instrument to do or execute. (Source: … 0/s76.html)

    Foreign Agents in control of the Reserve Bank of Australia:

    Agents etc.

    In the exercise of its powers and the performance of its functions, the Bank may:
    (a) establish branches and agencies at such places, whether within or beyond Australia, as the Bank thinks fit;
    (b) arrange with a person to act as agent of the Bank in any place, whether within or beyond Australia; and
    (c) act as the agent of an ADI carrying on business within or beyond Australia.
    Letter to ADIs: Operation of foreign banks in Australia

    Under the Banking Act 1959, foreign banks are required to be licensed by APRA as authorised deposit-taking institutions (ADIs) in order to conduct banking business in Australia. APRA also authorises representative offices for foreign banks that otherwise wish to maintain a permanent establishment in Australia. Representative offices are generally granted an exemption under Section 66 of the Banking Act in order to use the restricted term ‘bank’ in connection with their activity in Australia. However, they must limit their activities to those prescribed by APRA for representative offices.1
    Over time, reflecting the global nature of banking business and the centralisation of many functions, foreign banks operating in Australia as branches have conducted some aspects of their local operations from offshore or outside the branch. In general, APRA does not have a fundamental concern with these types of operational structures but notes that they have the potential to lessen APRA’s ability to provide effective prudential supervision of the local operations.

    Recently, APRA has received a number of proposals from foreign banks wishing to conduct activities with Australian customers from their offshore offices. As a result, APRA is issuing this letter to clarify its policy expectations with respect to business conducted in Australia, or with Australian customers, by foreign banks.

    Consistent with the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision’s principles on home-host country supervision, APRA has generally taken the position that foreign banks soliciting and operating an active business in Australia should be subject to Australian prudential regulation and supervision, regardless of where the business is booked. However, APRA would not object to a foreign bank conducting business with Australian counterparties from its offshore offices provided:

    •the foreign bank does not maintain an office or permanent staff in Australia, including staff employed by another entity within the banking group that conducts business on its behalf;
    •the foreign bank is not soliciting business from retail customers in Australia;
    •all business contracts and arrangements are clearly transacted and booked offshore, and are subject to an offshore legal and regulatory jurisdiction; and
    •the foreign bank does not breach Section 66 of the Banking Act. APRA will not provide exemptions from Section 66 for foreign banks operating in Australia other than in conjunction with the limited activities of a representative office.



  12. crisscross767

    Putin tells US to stop ‘looting’ Syria

    The Russian leader also urged Washington to end its illegal occupation in the Middle Eastern state

    The US must stop “stealing” oil from the Syrian people, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned on Tuesday, after meeting with his Iranian and Turkish counterparts in Tehran.

    The three guarantors of the Astana Process also agreed that the US should leave illegally held land in the trans-Euphrates region, and cease making the humanitarian crisis in Syria worse with unilateral sanctions.

    “[The US has to] stop robbing the Syrian state, the Syrian people, exporting oil illegally,” Putin told reporters on Tuesday evening. He said this is the “common position” of Russia, Iran, and Turkey.

    Several hundred US troops are illegally present in Syria, mainly controlling the oil wells and wheat fields in the country’s northeast, controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) militia since the defeat of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS). The US-backed SDF has refused to reintegrate with the government in Damascus, which Washington wishes to see overthrown.

    Since 2019, the US has sought to punish anyone trying to assist the reconstruction of war-torn Syria via the ‘Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act’, accusing the government of President Bashar Assad of war crimes and blocking all assistance to Damascus………………….

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  13. crisscross767

    The American People, Unlike US Congress Leaders, Are Not United for Israel

    A Pew Research Center poll conducted in March indicates that Americans have rather evenly divided views in regard to the government of Israel.

    ……………….“The United States takes great pride in our ironclad bond with Israel,” proclaimed US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) in a May 4 press release concerning the anniversary of the Israel’s Independence Day.

    Meanwhile, in the House minority, Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) issued a February 21 press release touting McCarthy being on a trip in Israel with over two dozen Republican members of the House “to reaffirm the special relationship” between Israel and the US. Also visiting Israel at the same time were 14 Democratic House members. In his press release McCarthy proclaimed:

    America supports Israel. And Israel supports America.

    The story is much the same with top Democratic and Republican leaders in the US Senate.

    “Israel is a staunch and steady ally and we must work with our ally to ensure it has the means to sufficiently defend itself from deadly terrorist rocket attacks aimed at Israeli civilians,” stated Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) in a December 20, 2019 press release announcing the Senate’s approval spending a half billion dollars on weapons for Israel.

    Then there is Sen. Mitch McConnell, the Republicans’ leader in the Senate. McConnell made a May 17, 2021 post at Facebook including video of him praising Israel. The post started with the following printed statement by McConnell similar to some of McConnell’s comments in the video:

    I’m proud to support Israel. Let’s leave no doubt where America stands. The United States needs to stand four-square behind our ally.

    This statement by Sen. McConnell seems to well describe where he and his fellow congressional leaders stand, but it is not an authentic description of where the American people stand………….

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  14. Thanks crisscross767, Great video. Always a fan of Micaleff. ‘Tony Froth’ was almost channelling the late John Clarke (RIP).

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  15. crisscross767

    RBA is a Rothchild Bank.

    Debts cannot be paid, only discharged, as all money is issued as an interest bearing debt.

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  16. crisscross767

    More on Khazarian Mafia falsehoods –

    “You Can’t Fix Stupid”

    June 7, 2017

    Sit the students down and explain slowly: “According to the World Jewish Encyclopaedia there resided 2.4 million Jews in German Occupied Europe. After the war, 3.8 million Jewish ‘holocaust survivors’ were receiving pensions from the German government. Tragically, the
    remaining six million were lost.”

    Let us see if the students have been paying attention and now ask the class how many Jews died during World War Two.

    Six million, sir!”

    Okay, let’s start again: “Doctor Charles P. Larson, one of America’s leading forensic pathologists, in 1945 was assigned to the US Army’s Judge Advocate General’s department. As part of a US war crimes investigation team Dr Larson performed autopsies at Dachau and some twenty other camps examining more than 100 corpses on some days.

    Dr Larson confirmed that none of the autopsies he performed showed any evidence of death by poison gas. But, his conclusion was that death had occurred by typhus and starvation (as a consequence of USAAF and RAF saturation bombing).”

    Testing the students to see if attention is being paid, the question is again asked and the knee-jerk Pavlov response is, “Six million, sir.”

    It is exasperating, I know, but let us persist…………….”

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  17. Hi crisscross767, re: “Gravitas Live: 300,000+ soldiers to defend east Europe | US, UK, Germany bolster NATO’s defences.” They got nuthin. Only attempting to save a fraction of face.

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  18. crisscross767

    The Battle of Armageddon nears

    Gravitas Live: 300,000+ soldiers to defend east Europe | US, UK, Germany bolster NATO’s defences


  19. Regarding the above article, this is my comment as well:
    Hopefully, The Dutch/European farmers together with the whole world population wake up, and Name and shame the REAL Devils.” Not much time is left.
    “If you don’t recognize the one true enemy and join forces to fight him and his stooges, you and your children are doomed to slavery.”
    Gerard Menuhin is the son of the well know Jewish violinist Yehudi Menuhin.
    This book is in PDF, a short compiled part of history from before, during, and after WWII in Germany, Europe, and the world. Download the link after and is available free. Size is: 6.51MB Could take a while to load, 463 Pages. For more information – Gerard Menuhin – maintains his own org website.


  20. crisscross767

    U.S.-backed smear campaign created ‘debt trap’ narrative to defame BRI


  21. crisscross767

    CGTN documentary: The Warmonger’s Legacy

    Gerrys Gerry
    1 month ago
    Congratulations this is one of the best documentaries on the American War Machine I have ever seen, I wish everyone in America, and it’s equally complicit Allies had the courage to watch this Masterpiece.
    Thank you. Much love and respect from Australia

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  22. I don’t think Russia will ‘nuke’ America although I know drama queens like Alex Jones like to play on people’s fears.
    The winner doesn’t want a barren land.
    They just want the land.

    America is already going down without having to nuke it.
    Look at the signs in the coming weeks.

    Unlimited Bond Buying and Debt market manipulation.
    So the stock market rallies. So what. It responds that way to bond buying.

    The European Central Bank has just rolled the first dice.

    There will be more Inflation. Much much more.
    The global financial system (controlled by the USA private Federal Reserve and it’s daughter Central Banks around the world) is trying to hold onto an old order, a debt based one.
    The slave one.

    Stop this debt flow and the system will die.

    “Death of the current financial system will result in a “locking up” of the entire system, and ALL TRANSACTIONS STOP. Not only do all transactions stop, but people will lose their ability to access any of the cash in their bank accounts, savings accounts, checking accounts, money markets, annuities, stock portfolios, CD’s, etc. Inter-business lending also stops. The result will be pandemonium in the streets. People will then look to the same entities who allowed this to happen, by design, for help- and out of the ashes a new system will be introduced- a system of extreme control”

    Source: (USA)

    Our own Australian Treasurer says we are going to have some pain but it’s going to get better.
    The same Treasurer who just met at G20 with the Financiers around the world?

    On what basis is it going to get better?
    When he gives out the lollies?
    If you are a good girl/boy/he/she/it?

    I agree that a Committee of 300 or a ‘Club that we are not in’ does not have any right to rule the world.
    We have a right to be here.
    And free.
    We all recognise the bully in the playground.
    They look tough but only when they have friends around them.

    May they all break out in boils as they play in the dirty sandpit.
    (just sending the energy back from whence it came)

    I do agree with Clif, they will fail as they always have.
    The world is not theirs.


  23. Hi comeinspinner, The cargo plane’s destination was to “an established client” in Bangladesh (with 3 or 4 stops in between) but yes, “Hmmm” exactly! For starters, Meridian LLC are involved in all sorts of secretive spurious ‘stuff’. Carrying 11.5 tonnes of “dangerous, explosive material” or “munitions”. ? WHAT were they REALLY? Given that residents near the crash site were advised to stay indoors with windows and doors closed and that attending firefighters suffered “burning lips” – reporting “white powder in the air”…my guess would be chemical weapons. No doubt another frantic cover-up in progress.


  24. Sorry, this has nothing to do with Cliff , He is pretty wise thought.

    What I want to know is ,How come a Ukrainian plane was taking Serbian Munitions to Sri Lanka..It crashed in Greece.
    Hmm, does anyone smell a rat ? Just think, if it hadn’t crashed we probably would never have known about it..
    I thought The Ukrainians were begging for ammunition from everyone, They must have got too much, and decided to share it.


  25. Hi Lindsey she will do me for one of America’s foremost investigative journos after being chased from he home, deplatformed by the CIA a dozen or more times and 10 books later she has earned her stripes. Ed


  26. Hi there Fed Up! Thanks for posting this Tim Ballard podcast. Riveting. He remains one of the most awe-inspiring, dedicated and truly beautiful human beings around. Was unaware of Marisol Nichols – but who clearly is also a force of nature. Restores faith in the species eh!






  29. Credit: Australia One facebook

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  30. The ‘Khazarian Mafia’ of the Ukraine. Give us a break. The financial arm of the International Judenstaat – the Ashkhenazis OWN the Soviet Union and the US and the EUssr. These governments are captured states and bricked into the corporate infrastructure of Monopoly Capital. And now these power blocs OWNed as corporate infrastructure of Big Jew Bank are going to have another blockbuster. ‘The Big Ugly’ soon to arrive looks to be the genocide another White ethnic European nation. In this stupid Yiddish script, Jew Zelensky gets to be the shlemiel.

    Vlad – whose handler is Lubavitcher Berel Lazar, supposedly can’t have all that NATO weaponry next door. Well the US technology built the Soviet union – it was streamed to the USSR via Israel. So what does he reckon exactly is sitting next door in Alaska? Look up Lend Lease and Major Jordan’s diaries.

    This woman is not a ‘brilliant journalist’ she is on the Kremlin payroll. There is no difference between her version of the Daily Dugin and Novosti.


  31. The forecasts of the unique supercomputer Socrates have never once been wrong since its inception over thirty years ago.

    No human or human organisation has the collective brain power to process the inconceivable amounts of pattern recognition data that Socrates processes. The magnitude of its input data are on the scale of the Earth’s biosphere as outlined in the article.

    For a long time now, the computer has maintained its forecast that 2023 will mark the end of the Western [Socialist] World Order. This will lead to the all encompassing global collapse in 2032, marking the end of the natural ‘six-wave’ cycle. This Pi related cycle reoccurs like clockwork throughout history. For example.

    The next chart provides a detailed analysis of the last ripples of the culminating sixth wave [see above – right]. Here we can see that following the fifth wave in 2023/24 [probably the war zone?], authoritarianism will rise from 2028 until 2032, when the whole thing reaches its natural conclusion and collapses.

    Analysis of Russia’s forecast is also interesting, as here we can see, that when the Western world collapses in 2032, Russia rises and takes the baton, but only briefly, as the baton is then passed to China in 2037.

    I have followed Socrates for well over a decade, and can vouch, that its forecasts are vindicated every single time.

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  32. Bravo to Clif High. Precisely.


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