Harry Palmer’s book of quotes and one liners, shared with Mal Davies, is yours for just $20 AUD. Click on the picture above to purchase your copy with instant download of your E-book.

In the year 2000 when the internet was cutting its teeth Australian activist, forensic investigator, computer scientist and engineer, Mal Davies started the “ Ïn Your Face” website SOS-NEWS offering an internet presence of the Victorian & NSW governments removing farmers grazing stock and lack of bushfire hazard reduction in National Parks.

SOS-NEWS pioneered activist websites targeting governments who had no idea how to handle the barrage of information they did not want you the people to know.

Harry Palmer took over as editor with backroom support from Mal Davies right up to the last publication in 2015.

Harry joined the Cairns News team, today, one of Australia’s most successful online independent factual new services with tremendous international recognition.

This e-book is a treasure trove of “Quotes and One Liners” started in 2000 by Mal Davies which remains a writers bible of Harry and Mal .

Samples from the -book

This organisation has more leaks that a submarine with a screen door and sunroof

And a happy birthday to you from Lord Dudley, the prince of Wales and all the other hotels in the area

As we of the mushroom world say …

We are heading into a moral and political ice age

If (Bill Smith) had a slightly higher IQ he would be a plant

Congratulation you have come through two days of intensive training and you are now a Police Officer.

Infernal affairs.

A goal without a plan is just a dream

Although Jesus was known as a carpenter he never sang on any of the albums

The travails (to engage in painful and laborious efforts)  and misdeeds of ambitious and pompous minister

You don’t have to smell this bullshit you can see it from a great distance.


Many original, some discovered gems, this e-book is invaluable when writing or compiling a letter requiring the cutting edge.

The publication is not catalogued or divided into groups, it’s as we use it daily.


Harry Palmer