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Quotable quotes and great one liners

Harry Palmer’s book of quotes and one liners, shared with Mal Davies, is yours for just $20 AUD. Click on the picture above to purchase your copy with instant download of your E-book.

In the year 2000 when the internet was cutting its teeth Australian activist, forensic investigator, computer scientist and engineer, Mal Davies started the “ Ïn Your Face” website SOS-NEWS offering an internet presence of the Victorian & NSW governments removing farmers grazing stock and lack of bushfire hazard reduction in National Parks.

SOS-NEWS pioneered activist websites targeting governments who had no idea how to handle the barrage of information they did not want you the people to know.

Harry Palmer took over as editor with backroom support from Mal Davies right up to the last publication in 2015.

Harry joined the Cairns News team, today, one of Australia’s most successful online independent factual new services with tremendous international recognition.

This e-book is a treasure trove of “Quotes and One Liners” started in 2000 by Mal Davies which remains a writers bible of Harry and Mal .

Samples from the -book

This organisation has more leaks that a submarine with a screen door and sunroof

And a happy birthday to you from Lord Dudley, the prince of Wales and all the other hotels in the area

As we of the mushroom world say …

We are heading into a moral and political ice age

If (Bill Smith) had a slightly higher IQ he would be a plant

Congratulation you have come through two days of intensive training and you are now a Police Officer.

Infernal affairs.

A goal without a plan is just a dream

Although Jesus was known as a carpenter he never sang on any of the albums

The travails (to engage in painful and laborious efforts)  and misdeeds of ambitious and pompous minister

You don’t have to smell this bullshit you can see it from a great distance.


Many original, some discovered gems, this e-book is invaluable when writing or compiling a letter requiring the cutting edge.

The publication is not catalogued or divided into groups, it’s as we use it daily.


Harry Palmer

Enough is Enough for Harry

In 2000 I joined a pioneer team of 3 who hit the young internet running when home PCs were starting to grow. The team was Mal Davies, Brumbyy (with2 y’s) and myself, Harry Palmer.

In your face comments and stories, the government did not want the people to know started a watching game by the people of Australia as to when we would be arrested. It never happened because we published factual substantiate material when government, politicians and bureaucracy were unskilled with computers.

Twenty-two years on, having covered state and federal elections trying to educate people on how to restrict the duopoly government of Australia only to see, and with monotonous regularity, ALP or LNP returned to dictatorial power.

This 2022 federal election showed the most promise over that time with hundreds of thousand Australians united as they marched on parliament and in the city streets, demanding their freedom and their parliaments be returned.

On election day that united Australia movement switched back to my personal Australia mode allowing, yet again, the duopoly government and GREENS to control the Australian parliament with unaccountable power. Further, a predicted greens senate voters have returned to be the government gatekeeper will now sanction a monopoly government without consequence.

Enough is enough. At 79, having enjoyed Australia before duopoly control, then to see my Australia allowed to further deteriorate by the very people being dictated to, I now remove myself from all internet activist duties. I have enjoyed my 10 years here at Cairns News and what a great team also of three the same number I started with at SOSNEWS. Cairns News is not closing down but keeping one eye open and a finger on the pulse

Today I move into caretaker mode in case divine intervention evolves and the intention of enjoying what time I have left thus removing that pain of banging my head against the proverbial brick wall.

Harry Palmer

APRadio Political prisoner threatened by enforcers

Harry and Mike bring this message of political incarceration of Phil Galea has escalated in his solitary confinement cell at the Laverton prison in Victoria where his lawyer is concerned over his communication with Mike Holt is jeopardising his day in court he is yet to have after 3 years without even trumped up charges. Australia you …

CLICK HERE to listen to this podcast

APRadio 26-09-2019 Podcast


Australian Patriot RadioHarry and Mike discuss the weekly exposure of corrupt Queensland Police officers. Morrison government is planning the sale of Australia’s health system to China. A big change is coming as the public now have really had enough of the dictatorship.  Reintroduce peace officers ready and available now from the ranks of Australian people. NSW train delivering water to mining company and none for the farmers. Road speed camera’s proven not calibrated in court ramifications, and more. Click HERE to listen

APRadio government ready to referendum for local govt again

Harry reports in June there was a meeting of all 573 local councils across Australia who voted to lobby federal government to have another referendum to make them legal local government being a fourth time after three previous attempts were voted down by the people. Mike and Harry discuss this in depth ….

Click HERE to listen to podcast

APRadio Podcast 25-10-2018

Australian Patriot Radio

This APRadio podcast with Harry Palmer and Mike Holt is a review of street interviews conducted by Mike on the sunshine coast in Queensland. He asked the question of what people thought of our government with different opinions but ALL do not trust government or politicians that confirms the rumbling on social media and in the streets want their Australia back in the hands of the people not party politic dictatorship….

Click [HERE] to listen

APRadio update interview with Dick Yardley and Mike Holt

Harry Palmer joins Mike Holt and Dick Yardley well known respected researcher in relation to the validity of true de-jure governments of Australia and their foreign quasi political parliament and government right under your noses removing your freedom, land rights and judicial common law. The team review our last podcast with Dick Yardley covering how today political hold by the establishment has on your life and how they engineer this control of we the people. This is a three part podcast all Australians need to hear.

Listen to this podcast [HERE]  …. NOTE: This link is now working sorry about the delay-have fixed it.

APRadio podcast 18-09-2018

Harry Palmer speaks on Port Arthur massacre new information to come – How new Australians once laughed at themselves until political correctness was forced on us by the establishment that stiffled our freedom we enjoyed. Bob Katter divides the House of Reps in parliament over the TTP with his voting power since Turnbull spat the dummy. Harry and Mike Öz Chat”covers very explosive topics exposing again the establishment controls they violate our space with now.         Click HERE to listen

APRadio podcast 10-09-2018

Harry Palmer comments on Prime Minister Morrison’s move to stop the projected 70 years of age to receive the aged pension when his government condones the  welfare Juggernaut Centrelink employments agencies cash in on the over 40’s inability to obtain full time employment from the academic fiction engineers – Harry also covers the climate change  fiction machine exposed yet again by Viv Forbes. Mike and Harry this week dismantle the Wagga Wagga by-election 29% annihilation of the NSW – LNP by an independent showing the establishment they are under threat from people who have had it with duopoly dictators.  Ben Robert Smith our VC winner had a chat with Mike regarding the unfounded allegation of war crimes out there initiation from the GREEN camp,.. Take note WE do not condone the non payment of fines but let the courts know you are aware they are violating your space …….

CLICK HERE to hear the podcast.

APRadio podcast 05-September 2018

Harry and Mike continue their “OZ-CHAT” weekly podcast that opens the Pandora’s box our establishment thought was nail shut. They discuss a series of videos called-“War Castles” exposing how parliament engineered control, how they use those created tools to manipulate Australian’s unchallenged. A brief mention of the pantomime in Canberra we the voters had no say with or control over that disgraceful display of combine arrogance without accountability….

[Click Here] to listen to podcast

APRadio podcast 30 August 2018

Australian Patriot Radio
APRadio podcast logo Harry and Mike continue their “OZ-CHAT” weekly podcast that opens the Pandora’s box our establishment thought was nail shut. They discuss a series of videos called-“War Castles” exposing how parliament engineered control, how they use those created tools to manipulate Australian’s unchallenged. A brief mention of the pantomime in Canberra we the voters had no say with or control over that disgraceful display of combine arrogance without accountability….

To listen to this podcast – [CLICK HERE]

APRadio News Flash plus Harry and Mike chat

Australian Patriot Radio
EWA Police BadgeRichard Swift,is a CPO (Commonwealth Public Official) has been arrested under NO CHARGES in Western Australia and is being held in the orientation unit Hakea Prison as Mike explains the situation on this podcast.

Time to put the pressure on this unaccountable WA government endemic corrupt system and phone the prison (08) 93666333, introduce yourself  – “I am a human rights observer seeking a wellness check on Richard Swift being held under duress”. Lets flood the prison with calls of concern and get Richard out.

Click on link: –


Harry & Mike chat

Harry Palmer introduces a great patriot song you all need to hear. Harry and Mike continue their “OZ-CHAT” weekly program that smarts the eyes of our Establishment masters who do not control this media to the people. They discuss the solitary confinement of Phil Galea in a Victoria jail held in solitary confinement with no charges laid for speaking against their agenda to dictate. The burning of Christian churches in Australia by Muslims to then erect Mosques, and more …

Click on link: –


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