Enough is Enough for Harry

In 2000 I joined SOSNEWS.org a pioneer team of 3 who hit the young internet running when home PCs were starting to grow. The team was Mal Davies, Brumbyy (with2 y’s) and myself, Harry Palmer.

In your face comments and stories, the government did not want the people to know started a watching game by the people of Australia as to when we would be arrested. It never happened because we published factual substantiate material when government, politicians and bureaucracy were unskilled with computers.

Twenty-two years on, having covered state and federal elections trying to educate people on how to restrict the duopoly government of Australia only to see, and with monotonous regularity, ALP or LNP returned to dictatorial power.

This 2022 federal election showed the most promise over that time with hundreds of thousand Australians united as they marched on parliament and in the city streets, demanding their freedom and their parliaments be returned.

On election day that united Australia movement switched back to my personal Australia mode allowing, yet again, the duopoly government and GREENS to control the Australian parliament with unaccountable power. Further, a predicted greens senate voters have returned to be the government gatekeeper will now sanction a monopoly government without consequence.

Enough is enough. At 79, having enjoyed Australia before duopoly control, then to see my Australia allowed to further deteriorate by the very people being dictated to, I now remove myself from all internet activist duties. I have enjoyed my 10 years here at Cairns News and what a great team also of three the same number I started with at SOSNEWS. Cairns News is not closing down but keeping one eye open and a finger on the pulse

Today I move into caretaker mode in case divine intervention evolves and the intention of enjoying what time I have left thus removing that pain of banging my head against the proverbial brick wall.

Harry Palmer

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Great job well done Harry. You have inspired others. Cairns news is the best ‘paper’ in Australia if truth, freedom and rights are the criteria. You deserve a break and maybe it’s time for others to take the reign. Leaving that legacy can be more important than doing the job ourselves.


  2. Stephan Holle

    Good luck Harry
    Enjoy your quiet time. Thank you for your service despite the fact that Australians refuse to suffer self education.


  3. Thanks for the effort computers and phones have made people dumber critical thinking is gone. Go fishing mate you’ve done your best and I for one have much appreciated the info regards


  4. Michael Augustus

    I feel your pain…trust in God only…the Great White Throne judgement will deal with the forces of evil. God bless you…John ch 3 verse 16.


  5. Thank you, Harry, for all you’ve done. Banging your head against walls gets to be very tiring.

    I’m surprised that this COVID scam has lasted as long as it has. It just needed someone to ask the government for proof that there actually was a pandemic. Why has no-one even questioned the existence of the ‘pandemic’?

    A check of ABS death figures for 2019-2021 shows there was NO pandemic due to COVID-19. It’s a total fraud! Also, Virologists have shown that the SARS-Cov2 (COVID-19) virus has never been isolated. It doesn’t exist! The COVID-19 “vaccines” do not list a viral component (because it doesn’t exist) and therefore they are not vaccines. They contain a computer-generated mRNA genetic sequence which alters human DNA, causes the immune system to attack itself, creating spike proteins, causing blood to clot. Vaccinated people have created a spike in coronary heart deaths and deaths from strokes and many other blood clot related injuries in lungs and limbs, besides many other vaccine-caused deaths and injuries.

    All over the world, more vaccinated people are dying than unvaccinated people. The TGA would be well aware of this and is not transparent with Australian vaccine-related deaths. They continue to coerce people to vaccinate and now children as young as 5 years are targeted. This is pure evil! The government’s own figures show that young people are in no danger of dying from COVID-19 and, instead, face death and injuries from the ‘vaccines’ which are neither safe nor effective..

    The COVID-19 “vaccines” were hurriedly produced, given ’emergency authority’ to be dispensed with long-term safety completely unknown. The ‘vaccines’ are experimental gene-altering medications which violate the Nuremberg Code and gullible Australians, blindly trusting the government, have been used as guinea pigs without proper informed consent. Our government and Health Dept heads have committed treason and murder. Why have vaccinations not been stopped? Any other vaccine would have been stopped after 25 deaths, Covid “Vaccine” deaths are now over 700, possibly a lot more as the TGA is hiding the actual figures as ‘Covid deaths’.

    I have proof to back up my statements, and if this was exposed in a court, the government would have no legs to stand on. Current court cases have all started on the assumption that there is a pandemic and that the ‘vaccines’ are safe and effective vaccines. Coming up before Free Mason judges, we haven’t a chance!

    The mainstream media is strictly controlled as to what it can/cannot say and hence the majority of the public has no idea as to what is going on. It is only alternative news sites, like yours, which divulge this information. Generally dismissed as ‘conspiracy theory’, the truth will come out eventually, so, Harry, as difficult as it is, just know that you are needed and very much appreciated. We are fighting a conspiracy so massive and evil that it is unbelievable, and many refuse even to contemplate it. Time will show that it is true – but will it be too late then? Please everyone, help to expose this massive fraud being perpetrated around the globe.

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  6. Thanks Harry for all your devoted work over all these years. Just recently I saw an old link – sosnews – ‘We publish information Australian controlled media refuse’ – and so in honour to you Harry I post it here:


    With best regards and blessings upon your new caretakership.


  7. Good innings Harry – and I’m privileged to have shared a small part of your journey.

    This is an eternal conflict and we are simply links in a chain stretching deep into the past.

    As all of us here have inherited the baton, we must also pass it on, and despite our current situation, rest assured that new bearers are being forged.

    ‘The tree will die, but the forest shall live eternal.’


  8. I’m also 79, with I’ll health and shot lungs, due to my service in the Navy, and like you I’ve had enough. I was very young when I emigrated to here with my parents and brothers from war torn Germany in 1949. This was the first place (in my life anyway that we could call home and I was so very proud, despite being abused and told to go back where you came from.etc. I was happy to live in a country town where people helped each other, laugh at themselves and think nothing of it. Now….it’s full of brainwashed halfwits around have destroyed what was a wonderful country once. Relief at not having too much longer to go is very great.and those who destroyed it along with their morons are welcome to it, but I’m afraid that the fruits of their harvest will be very bitter indeed.

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  9. Harry, walk away with your head held high. You have kept the freedom ball rolling and even though it may not be going as fast as you wish of it, it is still rolling. It is now our duty to keep up the momentum and we know where to turn to for guidance and advice.

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  10. roland13021954

    I can relate . I spent 50 years on the tool,s in the building game . there comes a time when you just can,t do it anymore .Sadly.

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  11. A job well done. For that you can be proud.

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  12. debrabailingmailcom

    Harry, you are so very much appreciated, so sorry to see you go. Have a wonderful retirement, be safe be happy.

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  13. Hugest thanks for your fantastic contribution on behalf of all genuine Aussies! It’s a hard slog and you deserve a rest. But NOT a permanent one. 🙂

    I for one sincerely hope you might come back from time to time, kick some more arse and still keep making a nuisance of yourself whenever you can.

    Noble thoughts and spirits should never completely fade out! Best of the best to you, old timer!!!!!

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  14. I’m really sorry to see this..There was so much information that isn’t available elsewhere…As well I looked forward to the emails daily….Thanks for everything you’ve done Harry

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    Enjoy your R&R Harry. 🍻



    I think it was Aristotle or one of those real old buggers who said, ‘you need leisure time to think and if you haven’t any leisure time you’re not thinking.

    Enjoy your leisure time Harry.

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  17. :Franciscus :Verwimp

    Hi,Harry,thank you for all your efforts,i can only see 1 solution at the moment,we know what their plan is ,fines,intimitations ect,ect,we must realize we are dealing not with a gov but with a corporation[ see[ dun@bradstreet on the new york stock exchange,eg, you’ll find QLD Health on their amongst other agencies],so we just got a new ceo voted in,[Albonese]and we gave him some legitimacy by going to the polls.We need to extricates us from them as they no more then a MC DONALDS now.We all have to learn how to do some contract law to stay out of court,we do that with the pen as a living man or women,the best way to learn that i know of is with the backing of: Chief-Federal-Postal-Court-Judge, Post-Master-General

    :Mark-kishon: Christopher.
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    : Confidential-conveyance is by this :Chief-Federal-Postal-Judge
    &: Plenipotentiary-Judge:~AD-8051-5548-2GB: Mark-kishon: Christopher
    :Confidential. please check him out,so you have power for what’s coming https://www.mkchristopher.com/


  18. Thankyou Harry for all you’ve done! We need more of you but unfortunately Australia just isnt what it used to be and all the younger just dont get it. It makes me sad and exhausted. We all appreciate your effort and cairns news keeping an eye on things.
    God bless you,

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  19. Yep, know exactly how you feel; this election did it for me too.

    Leftist Labor/Greens & Teal climate change madness will send Oz to the wall. Which is where we deserve to be. ‘What goes around comes around’ applies at many levels and we are going to experience it at the national level. Buckle up. Sri Lanka here we come.

    And I no longer GAF. I’ll look after my own, as best I can and the rest can go jump.

    I arrived in Australia in 1970 and it was a fantastic country with endless possibilities.

    Now it’s a sh** hole.

    You’ve done your best Harry. Well done & good luck

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  20. Vic Sturgeon

    I for one am sorry to see you call it quits Harry,
    Thanks for all you have Done, I am 80 yrs old and I have been studying the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 as proclaimed and Gazetted, and in my learing process I discovered these Out of control politicians Judges and Police actually started to erode our Constitutional rights immediately after Federation starting with WA.
    Because WA came on Board with 60 clauses of their original constitution removed they negated the new State of WA as the State Constitutions were all set under letters patent of our Monarch Queen Victoria, only a Monarch can change them or remove them. so as WA was a rogue entity from the Start,No lawful Federal Elections could be held as the Constitution Act 1901 as proclaimed and Gazetted specifically that candidates for federal elections must come from all six States.
    As WA negated itself at Federation there became only 5 Constitutional States, Since then at various times the other 5 States set aside their original Constitutions which were all under letters patent.by doing so they negated themselves.
    This means there can never be any lawful States in Australia under thos conditions. then one by one they removed the Crown from their Judiciary acts which shut them down entirely. There is no lawful elections or governance in this country because of the above. we do not have to comply with their nonesense, but they force us to by the rule of the mercenary so called coppers guns.
    we are nearing the point of complete Slavery unless we stand up and fight.
    All the Best to you Harry and thanks for what you have done mate.

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  21. OH Mate, I completely understand your feelings and Echo your thoughts I’m 67 and I


  22. Harry – sorry to see you go but more sorry that Australians of today are not Australians of my youth either. I am just glad we are not at war for I fear we would find we have more cowards than heroes. Our ancestors would be turning in their graves at the ‘nanny state’ we have become. Thank you for your efforts and I will keep my eyes and ears open as well.

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  23. FreeYourMind

    Harry, stop mucking about mate.

    The sheep are (slowly) waking up, and I’m bloody sure Labor / Greens will wake up more over the next two years than the Liberal / National party did in the last two years.

    Up there, Cazaly
    In there and fight
    Out there and at ’em
    Show ’em your might
    Up there, Cazaly
    Don’t let ’em in
    Fly like an angel
    You’re out there to win


    In the words of Julian Assange

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  24. Thank you Harry. Your frustration is shared by many. You’ve done a great
    job indeed, and with you I hope we are both alive to see justice done
    and a proper government of the people returned. We can only hope.

    Thank you x


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  25. Aussie Veteran

    Devastated! Thank you for everything you and your team have done over the years.


  26. sorry to have you going but I fully understand the extraordinary frustration given the recent disastrous polling results of the sheeple. Although there were some encouraging signs, albeit dissipated because of the lack of any coordination or strategy among the minor freedom parties. I would ask that you hang around long enough to see a count of the senate quotas because quite a few people, including me, are putting pressure on the AEC to come clean and allow a legitimate count of the actual preferences rather than just hand them to the majors the way they always have in the past. All the best in your retirement wherever you end up deciding to call home. I know quite a few of us are thinking of emigrating to escape the forward march of global tyranny – pretty hard in the sunset years.

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  27. Thank you very much Harry for your tireless efforts to try to “educate” the Australian people!!!

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  28. Alida Engelbrecht

    Hi!How do we KNOW the election were fair and square honest???It seemed that the counting were done very quickly …like overnight. Monday morning Albanese were sworn in very early and had his cabinet up and running….How did he know he was going to win???What is going to happen with Scomo and his troops that implemented the mandates? and all the deaths of the injections? Are we just going to forget about it now???This is not over, not in a long shot!Kind regardsAlida

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  29. Hey Harry,
    Followed your work for quite a while – yes we get weary in our older years.

    Wish you all the best..

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  30. thanks for your help and dedication,you have made a difference,but it seems that some people are so thick/ignorant they don’t want to see our slow downward spiral as some fantasy land it seems they live in…..,

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  31. Thanks Harry. All the best!

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  32. Harry, C’est la vie, Merci …Adieu Mon Ami

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  33. Cecilia Elysee

    Thank you for everything you have ever done for the people of Australia

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  34. trickydick1@duck.com

    Terribly sad that you’ve decided to relax Harry as I know very well that you can’t talk to donkeys and expect a common sense reply. I have only recently discovered Cairns News and the reports you? and others I assume. A close relation was a nurse and I told her to NEVER GET THE BOOSTER! Said close relation decided to get the booster. The problem now is said relative has heart  problems.I was out for a push bike ride this morning and coming back over the River Murray on the punt @ Mannum S.A. and the driver told me about a fitness instructor at Mt. Lofty passed away with a heart attack in the middle of a class (I believe). I don’t buy the paper and haven’t seen the digital version so they must be keeping it quite. A POX ON THEM ALL!In the time that I’ve been following your posts I found them to be the most reliable and have unsubscribed from many other bullcrap sites.All the best and thank you Harry.Rick TwomeyMannum S.A.Sent from my Galaxy

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  35. Magda Palmer

    Harry, you have worked without rest for our freedom and to give truthful information. You have given us hope and encouraged courage. You are a brilliant wordsmith. Thank you is not enough, may I strengthen it by telling you it comes from the deepest part of my being. May the wind be always at your back and the road rise to meet you. Magda

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  36. Hi Harry
    At 76 I also feel the frustration – fellow Aussies getting the rough end of the “pineapple” and asking for mpre

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  37. I was very surprised that the independents and parties fighting for freedom did not get a bigger share of the votes and Teal independents did. There was a lot of censorship on Facebook, and a lot of lies spread. Still shows how complacent Aussies have become. The iconic “she’ll be right mate” doesn’t work in our favour any more! I feel despondent as well to see our beautiful Country going down the gurgler. Still I live in hope. Thank you for putting up the good fight Harry, you have educated a lot of people.

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  38. Brigitte Christel Kerrutt

    Thank you, Harry Palmer, for your honest report – I feel like you. Hopefully the over
    three million FREEDOM-VOTERS will not get discouraged by the result and dishonesty displayed. but do remember, if there will be another chance to vote… Brigitte

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  39. Hi Harry, you’re part of a team presenting the best and most accurate news available. You’ll be missed, but many thanks for all your time, effort and contribution to the ‘good’ side. Try not to be depressed despite the many reasons you have to be down. Recall Rome wasn’t built in a day, patience is a virtue and Benjamin Fulford may well be right about the KM now being on life support (the last of the almost-dead USD) but near death.

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  40. Sorry to hear that but we continue to pray for those who will continue the battle and may God have mercy on Australia and Australians.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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  41. Billie Hutton

    Dear Harry,
    I have been reading the Cairns Post for 7 months and find some of the content so interesting and newsworthy that I have a special “Cairns News” folder”. I also
    Live in Victoria. I don’t read the main newspapers or listen to the news because I feel I am wasting my time and don’t trust them. Cairns Post is the only one I trust.
    Maybe it is time for you to have time out. I wish you well in your retirement. As you sit back on a beach, in your garden or wherever your memories will be of a very fulfilled life with many achievements.

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  42. Ron Sandilands

    Harry, I understabd how you feel and I know how you would like to say, “I told you so’ to all those people who will do nothing until they are personally hurting; then it is too late!

    I saw the end of the depression and the end of WW2. That was bad enough but the future will we have in Australia is well beyond the imagination of the younger generations.

    Enjoy your retirement, stay healthyand keep smiling.

    Ron S

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  43. Eunice Ann Carr

    I don’t believe the people reverted back with their vote but DO believe we have been dudded yet again with a fraudulent count.No way did we change our convictions and vote in what has been harming us and our country for years. We voted sure, but our vote has been criminally discounted.! There are just too many of us who knew exactly what we had to do, and how we had to vote to rid ourselves of the vermin in power. We did the right thing for sure, and they knew we would, hence the criminal activity that destroyed our vote.

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  44. danielafuritane

    So sorry you must go Harry i enjoyed Cairns News immensely. Regards Daniela

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  45. Thanks Harry for all your work over the years. Yes the Selection was very disappointing and I for one did not think they would allow the people to have a fair say and so we have same results as the rest of the World with rigged selections. As some body wrote “Military is the only way” and now we all can see that they were right. All the best John

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  46. Thanks Harry for all your work over the years. Yes the Selection was very disappointing and I for one did not think they would allow the people to have a fair say and so we have same results as the rest of the World with rigged selections. As some body wrote “Military is the only way” and now we all can see that they were right. All the best John

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  47. Sad to see you go Harry, Thank you for all the countless hours you spent over your computers & I’m sure you have awoken many to carry on what you & your team started. & I’m sure you will live to see the day, the people of this country bring the government down to it’s knees & hold those to account. Thank You Good Buddy

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  48. Dear Harry. Thanking you from the bottom of my heart, for all the excellent work, that you have done. You deserve to have free time, to spend as you wish. Wishing you well in your retirement. My husband introduced me to Cairns News, not that long ago. Cheers; Sophie.

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  49. You deserve acclaim for your dedication to reporting the troubles evident in our system. I for one will miss your input.

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  50. Thanks Harry Palmer, this is one of the most interesting sites to go to for facts/ information on the corruption etc. that now pervades our society.

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  51. Please keep an observant eye at the ready as we need your site. I am not quite as senior as you & likewise love my country, but unfortunately only discovered your site a year ago.Since then I have told 200 people approx, how good your site is. But alas, I fear not enough of them listen. I am utterly convinced that the alternate movement did garner several million more votes than acknowledged & am shocked but not surprised at the terrible grave many pollies are digging for themselves & their country.

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  52. I’m a young 71 and have only known Cairns News since last year when I read an article on Nexusnewsfeed.com and from then I was hooked. I feel completely flat after the election and a bit lost. With all the effort put in by Pauline Hanson, the United Australia Party,Riccardo Bosi, I am dumbfounded as to why even though the freedom parties took 15% I think it was but sadly it looks like the Greens will control the Senate and with the Liberals in governemnt, how on earth will be now have any say.
    Anyway Harry, thank you for your contribution for so long and enjoy your quiet time.

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  53. Hi Editor When will we learn to read.?? Our Primary Law Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 as Proclaimed and Gazetted still has us in

    Clause 9—The Constitution of the Commonwealth,

    Chapter I—The Parliament,

    Part I—General,

    *Salary of Governor-General = pounds.*

    *each senator and each member of the House of Representatives = pounds.*

    *payable to the Queen = pounds.*

    *Ministers of State = pounds.*

    When was the last time the Governor-General and State Governors were paid in Pounds ?. Till the Governor-General and Commander-in-Chief and State Governors are paid in

    Pounds they are not within Our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 as

    Proclaimed and Gazetted, therefore are sitting in *Treason.*


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  54. Harry, I’m writing from NZ, and we are heading down the same apathetic track as Australia. Now is not the time for you to retire: Take a long and well-earned break or, at least, you must ensure the reins and handed on to fresh legs and minds. There is always hope as long as there is a heartbeat.

    Now, here’s the thing we, across the ditch, want to learn from you: How can we prevent NZ joining you guys (our elections are a year away)? Please share with us what you have learned.


  55. Keep on kicking arse, Harry!

    Ronald Bradley (also age 79)


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  56. thank you for your effort and integrity Harry

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